How to Tell a Real Channeler from a Fake

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There are many who believe that all channelers are fake and therefore refuse to listen to or read channeled information. If you fall into that category, you are missing out on tremendous amount of empowering information.   Some examples of profound channeled materials include: “A Couse in Miracles”, “The Law of One”, “Bringers of the Dawn”, “Conversations with God”, “The Indigo Children”, the Seth Materials, “Keys to Soul Evolution”, “Conversations with Laarkmaa: A Pleiadian View of the New Reality“, all of the Abraham-Hicks works on the Law of Attraction, the works of Edgar Cayce, and many more.

Nonlocality of Quantum Consciousness Proven by Science

Science has proven quantum nonlocality and quantum consciousness via experiments by showing that the signals of two human brains can synchronize, even when one of the two people is sequestered inside a Faraday cage, which is impervious to electro-magnetic signals.  Read what quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, wrote about one of the quantum nonlocality experiments:

“Quantum objects are able to influence one another instantly, once they interact and become correlated through quantum nonlocality…

“Grinberg, in 1993, was trying to demonstrate quantum nonlocality for two correlated brains. Two people meditate together with the intention of direct (signalless, nonlocal) communication. After twenty minutes, they are separated (while still continuing their unifying intention), placed in individual Faraday cages (electromagnetically impervious chambers), and each brain is wired up to an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine. One subject is shown a series of light flashes producing in his or her brain an electrical activity that is recorded in the EEG machine from which an “evoked potential” is extracted with the help of a computer upon subtracting the brain noise. The evoked potential is somehow found to be transferred to the other subject’s brain onto the EEG of this subject that gives (upon subtraction of noise) a transferred potential (similar to the evoked potential in phase and strength)…

“The experiment demonstrates the nonlocality of brain responses to be sure, but something even more important–nonlocality of quantum consciousness. How else to explain how the forced choice of the evoked response in one subject’s brain can lead to the free choice of an (almost) identical response in the correlated partner’s brain?”

How to Tell a Real Channeler from a Fake

Science has established the possibility for channeling (the evoked response in one subject’s brain can lead an almost identical response in the correlated partner’s brain).   For certain, we have been blessed with numerous profound, channeled materials from intelligent, multi-dimensional beings.  That said, I do not believe that all alleged “channeled” materials are authentic.

One way to determine authenticity is to measure the brain waves during a channeling session.  See: “Brainwave Activity During Beloved’s Channeling.”  Another way, albeit much less scientific, is the gut check.  What does your gut tell you as you are listening to a channeler?  Does what they say ring true or is it unbelievable?  Is the information beyond general knowledge or just common sense?  Is the information detailed and specific as opposed to shallow and vague?

Examples of Authentic Channelers

I didn’t become interested in channeling until two years ago, when I met three channelers within just a few months of one another: Denise Laberge (who channels Adama), Jill Mara (who channels Simion), and Wendy Kennedy (who channels The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective).   Then, last summer I met Cullen Baird Smith and Rebecca Smith Orleane (who channel Laarkmaa).  They have all become good friends and I have had multiple personal channeling sessions with each.

In addition, in the last six months, I have had the opportunity to see both Darryl Anka channel Bashar and Lee Carrol channel Kryon.  They were both incredible!

Just one week ago, I met a wonderful lady named Nora Herold who often partners with Wendy Kennedy.  Click here to watch their impressive and highly informative video that was recorded at the Conscious Life Expo the day before I met Nora, titled “Wisdom for the 2012 Shift.”  And, just last night I watched their amazing, and professionally produced DVD titled “Illumination Matrix: Shifting into a New Dimension.”  I found myself repeatedly stopping and replaying sections of the DVD to take notes.  Here are just a couple of the many pearls of wisdom that I jotted down:

  • When you start to worry, put yourself in heart center.  In the heart center, there are no distortions and you can see clearly the process of co-creation.  On the other hand, the mind has the mentality of victim-perpetrator, whereas in the heart center, it’s co-creator.
  • How to get heart centered: think of something that makes you smile – preferably an animal or a place.
  • Remember that you wanted to be here.  You were excited to incarnate here at this time. You did not come here to complain about the human condition.  You came here as beings of light to wake up and remember who you are and to love more and more.
  • We encourage you to view things with the mindset of a child:  fearless, believing everything is easy and effortless because it is.  It’s the mind makes things hard or complicated.

Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America

A great resource for both an introduction to channeling as well as terrific channeled information is the excellent documentary film titled “Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America”, which profiles six channelers: Wendy Kennedy, Darryl Anka, Lee Carrol, John Cali (who channels Chief Joseph), Shawn Randall (who channels Torah), and Geoffrey Hoppe (who channels Tobias).  You can watch on YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Note that “Tuning In” was uploaded in nine parts to YouTube.  After finishing each part, find and click on the next part that appears in the list below and to the right of the video.

Jill Mara appears in the sequel to Tuning In: “Tuning in Two: Spirit Channelers in America.”  Here’s the trailer for the film:

YouTube Preview Image

You can purchase the DVD of “Tuning in Two” from Jill’s website:

My Experience with Laarkmaa

Last summer while on vacation in Mount Shasta, I was fortunate to be invited to sit in on a channeling session by Cullen Baird Smith and Rebecca Smith Orleane who channel a group of Pleadians called Laarkmaa.  Before they began, they explained that they both channel simultaneously the exact same message, so as to ensure that the message is not filtered.  They hold hands during the session, and Rebecca provides the voice to the message that they receive, simply because her voice is more pleasing.

They began the session with a brief statement about the current conditions in our world and what it means to us as individuals. They then opened up for Q&A.  It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that Rebecca and Cullen were authentic. Everything they said was believable.   The information was very deep, detailed, and much of it was far beyond common knowledge – and often profound.  In addition, whenever they finish answering a question, Laarkmaa (via Rebecca) always asks: “Did that answer your question?”  I’ve never heard anyone say no.

Listen in and Do Your Own Gut Check

You have the opportunity to hear the wisdom of Laarkmaa, ask Laarkmaa questions, and do your own gut check.  Rebecca and Cullen provide a free international call nearly every Sunday at 11 a.m. Pacific (check their website for the current schedule).  You can participate via phone or Skype. If you want to learn deep truths and get your most pressing questions answered, then participate in the call.    Here’s where you can get the call information:

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  1.' Greg says:

    Hello, I was skeptical when I fell upon Bashar,but I kept going back to his videos on you tube,I can say now that my life and mindset has greatly improved and as a hardened skeptic,I would not hesitate to endorse Bashar to virtually anybody, children included, however,many people will just not accept that he is the real deal just because of how we view channellers in general here in our western world,Daryl Anka is a very centred and genuine man,thank you for this fine article that you posted,

  2. I am pleased to announce the availability of my new book that includes much material on channeling:

    Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension

    Published by CreateSpace: An Amazon Company. Available on-line and through bookstores/libraries. Soon to be available on Amazon U.S. and Europe.


    For more information and previews click on:

    From the early reviews:

    “Profound and simple teachings on how to connect with one’s own divinity, as well as the Divine Beings who guide and help humanity, are cast throughout the book. Regardless of the amazing transformation we are experiencing en masse, the simple practices of serving and loving others, going inward and meditating, and seeing God everywhere are what all humans need at any time in history. Cook eloquently states the importance of such practices, while inspiring awe and wonder at the diversity of God’s creation with its many dimensions and legions of Divine Beings who are here to help us fulfill our divine destiny.” John Walsh, LMT, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

    “…Aeons serves as much more than just an entertaining read: it is a guide to self-development, and I recommend it to others regardless of your standpoint on New Age literature. This book is not just for those who are interested in spirituality; it is for everyone, and the experience of reading it from start to finish will leave you transformed. Aeons is a book designed to assist readers in progressing to the next level of consciousness beyond the third dimensional world, and in this regard, it succeeds on all levels.” Skylar Newman,

    “Richard Cook draws our attention to the chapter on Monetary Metaphysics, in which he says we do not know what kind of economic system will prevail when the old world is swept away and a new world of love and compassion comes into being. The new economics will likely include free energy which would allow for tremendous decentralization of economic productivity to the local and individual levels. Perhaps the New Earth will not require money at all, foreseeing a future where people produce what is needed simply for the love and joy of making quality products and serving their fellow human beings.” Guardian Political Review of New Zealand

    •' Alcyone says:

      Hi Richard,

      It is fine to plug your books in our comment section on occasion, but please make sure your comments contribute something to the conversation beyond an advertisement.

      Thank you for respecting our comment guidelines.

      - Alcyone @CLN

  3.' Seeema joshi says:

    I dont know much abt being a channel but i hv been a channel as indian dieties use to spk to me.. As there energies use to enter my soul.. And answers were correct… Hwevr nw it nt hapng.. Hwevr if u can help me know how can i tune in again that would be grt! Also how to keep myslf protected and inculcate ths belief strong in my mind body n heart!

  4.' Andy says:

    I too am very pleased with what I am hearing from channellers like Bashar.
    But I have one or two nagging questions.

    1. Why have channelers in the first place, when the scriptures tell us that it is possible to intuitively tap into soul powers and get the answers we need through quiet prayer and meditation? Why not go the direct route rather than via a middleman?

    2. How can we be sure that what channelers are tellings is genuinely good for us and not just pleasing to our egos? Do not forget that genuine spiritual insight is often painful, especially to those used to a wordly or materialistic life. Many of us have difficulty accepting blunt truths that assail us from time to time.

    •' Brian Steere says:

      The why question is like the why not answer – it does not open to the what.
      To listen within in a true willingness to receive, does not set conditions as to the forms in which the revelation of answer or guidance will come – it is open to God/Creation/Self
      Or would be open but for the conditionings which our current beliefs set. That God knows the way to find me – regardless of where I think I am or what is or isn’t real – is indeed as simple as to allow and accept and abide in truth. Not simple if we insist on protecting our self-investments, and avoiding transformation!
      As to your second part. It is easy to collect a set of ideas and weave an Emperor’s set of clothes with them – but if in truth the ideas are not congruent with our being – then we have attempted to ‘add to ourselves’ rather than seeking first the truth and letting all things be added thereby.

      However, guidance in the way of this can mean the difference between opening a direct trust and suffering a long and painful path of self denial.

      However, one still has to pass through fear, but one doesn’t have to reinforce fear’s perspective while doing so.
      And yes – at first we don’t pass through, because fear controls our thinking without us realizing it is so.
      You know how to test for truth. You stay present and you listen and feel the nature of the fruits. You get wise to the ways you hide or avoid so as to give no hiding place. But I am writing to the one who truly cares. If one who doesn’t truly connect with Life wants to persist in an illusion of their own private creation, then they will do so with or without channeling, spirit-guides or spirituality – because to such a mentality, all forms are given meanings that ‘please’ the ego.
      I feel to accept it as a given that the ego is active as a habit-momentum of conditioning and be wise to not feeding or reinforcing it. Not giving it too much attention. The false is dissipated by disregard or non-reaction. But the realization of the false is not our judgment but the discernment of what I call the Holy Spirit. One has to connect or receive or join with – rather than apply a template or method from a presumed self reality.
      I felt something in your post that moved me to respond. Is that not the way the Universe works – whether apparently within us or apparently outside in the world?

  5.' Eljaay says:

    Bashar is a bullshitter.

  6.' BogusBashas says:

    Watch the Bashar illuminati video on youtube. When the interviewer asks questions about fema camps and other plans in the governments take over agenda Bashar rattles on with his psycho-pseudo esoteric jargon. You’re constantly switching in and out of billions of earths? He says the only way the government or these ppl can affect you is if you let them or belive they can…so if martial law is in place and i dont believe they exist or think they can affect me im gna magically be spared when they come to haul off ppl to the fema camps? Right. This guy is full of shit.

    •' Brian Steere says:

      Perhaps one has to be very very careful about what one is focussing on because by focussing, we give value and significance, and if we allow fear to distract and unseat us, we can take a mad ride through hell.
      The lure of being a warrior against the evil is the very first CON. ControlMentality needs conflict to seem to persist. I have no doubt you can find many horrors in the world to magnify a crushing sense of evil – but pause and ask if you are seeking them or asking them to find you.
      Resonance and attraction work both ways. Yet because you are aware of the craziness of ControlMentality in the world – you CAN use it to recognize your own mind. THIS is NOT what the ‘powers of the world’ want you to do – because like a computer bot-net, they depend on guilt and fear being installed in your mind unnoticed amidst the protective and assertive distractions that keep it too busy to notice!
      Rather than try to wrap a brain around concepts that cannot be really described, notice that this moment IS a moment of your focus and your acceptance. And THIS one also. And in any distraction in which fear blinds, that you notice amidst its conditioned reaction – check to see if what is going on in your mind in your name is in truth what is your heart’s focus and direction.
      If there are things to deal with and respond to or even simply not meet with, in the world, then one needs to be awake and aware enough to notice and feel for the way of being with it.
      If fear really is the god – then how can ControlMentality not be your truth too? THEY are just more powerful than you! THEY exclude or override YOU. ControlMentality is a game we learn when we learn to cry in infancy and we develop a range of strategies that justify our self-assertions and coercions upon others or upon life – to our own thinking. It’s an addiction!
      But is it such a fun or rewarding game? If you are still reading it is clear that you are at least partly open to a better way of living… whatever the ‘world of others does or does not do.

  7.' The Messenger says:

    You talk about fake vs. real channelers, and then you go on to name some of the biggest fakes “Bashar” as being legit?? Are you nuts?

  8.' Rudy says:

    Just because someone can be scientifically proven to be channeling, doesn’t automatically mean that they are providing truth or wisdom. A lot of channeling is deceptive because people have no discernment and accept everything that’s coming through. I don’t doubt that this guy is channeling a being called Bashar, I just am not sold on the message. Even Delores Cannon (who isn’t a channel, but gets her info through hypnosis) has said before that sometimes she hears the same thing from several different people, so “it must be true”. Wow, is that naive. That is an easy way to be deceived. No discernment there. This is where logic and critical thinking have been thrown out the window. When people start getting hooked by all the mushy fluff talk, they seem to start losing their reasoning mind. You need to use both hemispheres of your brain. School indoctrinates you to only use the left while some of this new age fluff wants you to only use the right. Balance comes from using both, otherwise you are easily deceived.

  9.' Andy says:

    Hey, I’m pretty new the whole idea of channels and always thought of them as not to be taken seriously or even laughable as entertainment. I’m going to check out the others mentioned but I have thoroughly looked at hours of Bashar’s footage and I have no reason not to believe he’s doing what he says. He’s not selling something (at least not back in 1987) or forcing anyone to “believe” anything other than in vibrational energy and love for ourselves and the prospects of peace throughout time and space. To me people only do that when the message is real and they have no reason to try and trick you or waste your time. It’s your choice, and that is the message too. Why anyone would just go out of their way and denounce one of these channels is beyond me. Who does it hurt to listen to another point of view? I’m really thankful I randomly stumbled upon Bashar at a time when it really made sense that I needed to. Hmmm….he mentioned that too, how everything will find you when you are ready. Strange how it all works out if you stay positive!

    •' Brian Steere says:

      If our investment is in fearful and vengeful defence against a hated enemy, then any spiritual communication is either going to be rejected, or distorted so as to support one’s ‘war’.
      While we may find ‘enemies’ and adversities’ in our lives, the core issue lies in our own consciousness as a self rejecting self denying – dare I say it – self regard!
      Not everyone is ready or willing to ‘look within’ for their defenses are immaculately working to avoid exposure – just as the ‘conspiracies of control’ in the world reflect.
      The key is not to reject the rejectors – IE: not to let fear and judgment be contagious. Each of us has a freedom to grow and learn by our choice/experience as well as a freedom to communicate or relate from their current sense of themselves.
      The test of truth might look to external aspects – but one cannot use those instead of testing against truth in oneself. There, I said it – truth in you.
      If there were not truth awake or alive in you, you could not recognize it in ANY form.
      When we doubt our own truth, we seek to convince others! But to rest in it allows embracing others – even those who seem to reject.

  10.' Brian Steere says:

    “It takes one to know one”.

    Human society colludes to make its judgments real and then lives as if reality has been determined. This is a way of not having to actually dissolve our egoity by actually checking in with Reality.

    This tacit conspiracy is the ‘denial of the Onenness of God’ in which adventures of a particular kind of sepration-consciousness can be ‘explored’ or played out in experience.
    One could say the in such a mode we are channelling denial – and that fear, division, conflict, guilt – and all the reactivity of trying to overcome that or escape it or pretend it is not there – is a channelled experience.
    But what exists by the act of denial depends on what it denies to have even a seeming existence – and so Truth is not only not lost – it is present in every moment of every appearance or event, real or imagined.
    The shift from channeling fear to channeling love is not the act of a separate one, but the revealing of an underlying truth. To recognize and desist from the fear-driven allows Unified Will to rise to awareness and share.
    Dis-integrated will, seems to be fragmented in separate conflicting persons or aspects of Our Being. The rising to awareness of Unified Will is a resonant shared mind or purpose which unites and then transcends apparent difference.
    Different strokes suit different folks and at different times in different ways. One does not need to understand what is not resonant/relevant to what is alive in oneself now and to do so is simply an indicator that keeping life covered over in such preoccupation is the current purpose.
    Nor does receiving help no matter how deeply felt, mean that one is obliged to any form of realtionship with what seemed to be the helper. Indeed it is truly help that awakens that capacity to help ourself. Not in a private cut off independence – but as a fully cooperating Individual Expression of Life.
    In all things we can wonder if truth or deception is at work. As long as we sit on the fence we play with keeping BOTH. To embrace with trust and enter the flow is to open the qualities of discernment that feel the flow and need to know. There is nothing wrong with mistakes. One is not damned by having to change course in life.

    •' Melvin C says:

      I totally agree with yeah on that one man. Also folks, if you have ever listened to what Bashar has said in the past that,You do not have to believe what he is saying. The information is for anyone’s use and how you use it in your everyday life. If it works and makes your life better, then good for you, but if not then just move along. Just remember folks, never have expectations of things, you’ll just end up upset in the end. Peace :D

  11.' Gustavo says:

    Channeling, huh? Well, let me ask a some useful questions what we all can ask a “channeler”:

    Why no “channeler” ever gives a single useful and applicable proof of concept of their “knowledge”? (And by “proof of concept”, I mean real and verifiable data anyone in the world can confirm without a shadow of a doubt).

    Why their claims about the conditions of their planets or origins are almost always unverifiable data, or when is verifiable, is ludicrously innacurate?

    Why nothing they say is useful in the “real world” we live everyday? (Ok, we all can see the people “feel good” around this guys, like others are in the presence of a priest or any other religious figure that “wish well” and “pray”, so it looks like the only thing this “beings” are accomplishing is “making believers feel good”).

    If they are real “advanced beings with great knowledge”, why aren’t they telling us some secrets that can lead us to new technologies or developments, helping us to improve the condition of people in need?

    How can you tell a real “channeler” from a fake? The answer is simple: There are no real “channelers”, because they are all FAKE.

    All this guys uses their poker faces to lie, and the believers just don’t ask for the truth, they just hear what they want to hear. No useful single proof whatsoever was produced by anyone “channeling” a “multidimensional being”. Period.

    If you really think there is a single proof of any of the claims of any of this charlatans anywhere, show it to me. Enlighten me, please!

    •' Rob Gauthier says:

      There is no proof. Proof is relative to what one can accept. You cannot accept that it is real so no matter what “proof” someone could show you, will never change your heart. That is ok too. Love to you.

  12.' Rob Gauthier says:

    I am a Channeler who has worked with Wendy Kennedy. I Will also appear on Tuning In 3. I am so grateful you made this article. Unfortunately there is no way to show others what we channelers experience during a channeled state. All we can do is share the messages n hope they resonate with others. Love to you and thank you very much for sharing this with the world.

  13.' Chris Fargo says:

    Jamillah A. Shabazz is the first African American Channel. She channels Light Energy John Christopher.
    Google/Youtube her.

    Her web site

  14.' Christiane says:

    You forgot to mention Chico Xavier who wrote many psychographic books that where channeled to him from “the spirits”. In a quote attributed given to him from spirits, Chico wrote, ‘Although, no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start now and make a new end.’ – Chico Xavier. Xavier never admitted to being the author of any of his books nor did he accept money from any of his books which sold more than 50 million copies in Portuguese; with translations into English, Spanish, Japanese, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Mandarin, Swedish, Braille, and others languages. In addition, He also transcribed around ten thousand letter from the dead to their families. The letters were declared legitimate by the families, and some of the letters were used as evidence in six trials.[7] Chico Xavier granted all the copyrights to charity institution since the first book. During mediumistic trances, electroencephalograms showed that Chico Xavier presented common characteristics of epilepsy, but clinically, he was never epileptic. Now, I don’t know if the channelers you speak of on your site are the real deal…but I do wonder, do they give all the money they receive from their books, films, etc. to charity? Chico was the real deal…

    •' clnews says:

      Thanks Christiane. Do you have any links to his works online (in English)? I am very interested in finding out more. I agree with you that someone who does not accept money is much more likely to be authentic. However, I don’t think you can discount all of the others because they take money for the efforts. It’s an energy exchange. People need to live.

  15.' Jan says:

    I am happy, to find this thread and see the multitude of opinions. Thank you all for those.

    I will try to express a bit of mine.

    I have been studding mediocrity, channeling and connection to the source both theoretically and practically for some years. In last few years I have seen some real mediums. That have channeled some higher beings, mostly during some form of deep trans (for example during shamanic work). And it always has some common element.
    -the medium is not in control
    -it is really physically demanding
    -the medium does not even try to convince anyone about anything
    -there is never a personal attitude of superiority towards someone, yes a jest may be played, but it is to teach not to mock.

    So Id like to comment on two mediums>
    Bashar is an interesting channel because he only claims to channel him self in an other “parallel” life and his is sharp and can answer great deal of issues with no preparation. Great work regardless of who he is channeling and he is doing it well.

    Lee Carroll “Kryon”

    I would love to hear him answer a single real question with real not superficial information. For example “you advocate exercise and the body likes to exercise” How often do you exercise?

    Why do you laugh at those that do not agree with you?

    How many of you predictions about year 2013 have cam true? For example where you and “gaia” talk of places been shut for renovation only of course implicating some disasters?

    Why was it never mentioned that nothing came to be?

    Why was there never a Q&A that you would answer, all mediums do so?

    And love the one where he talks of energies in the room and that those who can see energies do see them. Which fantastic manipulation, because if you see nothing, you just can not seem or it is just not your day. And because most of us are sure that the channel and his friends and fans are more skilled to see the great energies. We do not act when there is no positive energy present, because we are made to feel inferior. Great manipulation it is, is it not?

    Oh yes, why do you have to ask for support with feeling the channeled energy? Do you not know what are you channeling, do you see Bashar asking audience if they believe or not?

    I have seen a guru manipulation before and just because somewhere is a strong energy it does not mean that it is the same one as there was many years ago or that it is a positive energy at all. Well stagnation is the most cunning way to keep people to fall back, because it is hard to detect and in really you go back not just stay on spot, because everyone else goes forward while you stay.

    All the best. Jan

  16.' John Nilsson says:

    I have gullibly followed any channeler that came along, now I’m just not sure; Basham did create some resonance, but, even then, I could not be absolutely sure, although I did “want” to believe. Sheldon Nidle claims the lost flight 370 is in Hollow Earth, taken by Et’s after it went through a rift in the space-time fabric (Like the Bermuda Triangle lore); Matthew Ward (through his mom) says 370 is on another planet in another dimension rescued by Ashtar and The Federation of Light. Another channeler says it, is in another dimension having been put there, also by Et’s, after a “secret government” attack on the plane, to show Putin a “thing or two”! Dr. Kathyrn E. May, and company, says the plane is in hollow Earth, as well, but what raised a red flag on this stuff was when, “The Who Needs Light” people, channeled Santa Claus, during the Christmas season, and actually said, “Ho, ho, ho, and that Mrs. Claus was in the kitchen making cookies. Say what they will, but would old Saint Nick be sayin’ that? There are so many others with the stink of snake oil about them; the Fox Moulder in me … still wants to believe, but the Skully way of looking at things says … what about the homeless and the fracking of sweet, Mother Earth. Real problems need real solutions

  17.' Brian Steere says:

    Channeling could be said to be the nature of consciousness, (as a sender/receiver), but if you channel through negative self-definition, you will receive negative outcome.
    You clearly indicate self knowledge : gullibility, uncertainty, lack of commitment to your own resonant being, demand for absolute safety and assurance from external sources – ans so you scatter and adulterate your knowing for a bunch of stories that you approach as if they were to tell you who you are and what is going on, and then focus on discrepancies and contradictions that actually serve as a perfect reflector of your own decision.
    You may recognize your self in any way you choose, so if you choose to validate your fear as a way of protecting against a true recognition in which fear would be dissolved, then you will use the world of relationship to confirm your fear to you – yet balance it with the wish to love or have love be real.
    But this is an attempt to substitute your own segregated imagination for the power and nature of love, that you are, whether you currently recognize love or not. This is what makes fearful; an act of substitution or mask, given priority over truth, and believed/defended.
    You notice things about yourself that can be curious and helpful observations, if allowed to be owned as your noticing rather than fear’s judging. If you want, you can allow the certainty you feel you desire and lack, but it is not ‘out there’ so much as youe abiding in the focus of awareness within.
    Listening in the heart is simply a term for undefended acceptance of your own consciousness rather than a coercive sense upon consciousness. Notice when you employ the mind without honoring and feeling your connectedness, the presence of you, and be willing to pause and be curious of your own patterns of self-definition.
    Animating fears and doubts and divisions is a way to delay knowing – a way to keep you from You. If your current beliefs set this course, then use it as a way to become more honest that that is where you are at just now, but with a willingness to uncover these beliefs.
    What you call ‘real problems’ might be what your fear wants real so as not to be exposed to greater fear. Or perhaps the real problem is that it cant be seen because it is masked with layers of decoy and defense?
    If we see the real problem, we will be right where the real answer is.
    Fear is love in disguise and a wishful substitute for love is fear in disguise. Trying to overcome fear with merely another form of fear cannot work excepts as a way to persist longer in fear without waking up to the act.
    Believing that love is something different, other or separate from you is a choice to think alone and express a disconnected and split mind – and make it your own even though it is an act of self-rejection.
    When you run out of juice, you have the opportunity to re-cognize the choice you chose to focus within.
    If you are still focused in the world, you are still cashing it in for juice – to feed a fear-habit; a choice you didn’t know you were making… until you do.
    No one else and nothing else MAKES you choose – unless you choose to believe and thus limit your awareness.
    Love is the integral capacity to choose what you are, as a gift of experience that is given to the Heart of One.
    You don’t need to change to be wholly embraced by love, but you may need to change any belief that insists that that cannot be true if you are to receive and extend such embrace.
    The presence that is uniquely you can relate in practical and unifying ways to situations of fear and division in the mind that dreams the world. It really is up to you to feel, know and own your own knowing – which is not a weapon or a shield so much as an Is. If you try to make a weapon or a shield out of Is, you make Life seem like a Was, and use that as a Wannabee. Just put the gun down and breathe for a while. You cannot lose your being. But you can seem to pick up something else and run with it, and become so distracted that you have no ears to hear and no eyes to see – until you release the self-certainties which cost you the knowing of your being and become as a child again.

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