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I recall as a child while working with my mother in the garden, I wasn’t particularly interested in planting seeds, or tilling the soil, nor pulling the weeds.  And so, I didn’t do a terribly good job at it.  Frankly I was pretty careless in my gardening duties.  My mother would remind me – pay attention and be mindful of what you are doing.  If you want a good harvest, you’ve got to put the work in and you’ve got to properly plant the seeds.

It wasn’t until years later that I began to contemplate her message both metaphorically and literally.  By this time, I had spent countless hours delving into spiritual and metaphysical concepts.  Prominent among them was the idea that consciousness creates form; that thought creates reality.

Many readers of esoteric material are familiar with “Seth,” the discarnate “energy personality essence” channeled by Jane Roberts.  Seth’s work delivered a myriad of intricate and thought challenging philosophies.  Many consider his material to be perennial wisdom and perhaps set the stage for metaphysics in the modern age.

Those who have taken to Seth’s acumen are no doubt familiar with his postulate: “You create your own reality,” often referred to as the acronym, YCYOR!  Among the volumes of material that Roberts produced on behalf of Seth, this is clearly the pervading theme throughout.  YCYOR is a powerful edict; one that most certainly gives pause for thought.  And pause we should, if thought is truly the rainmaker of our physical reality and circumstances.

Early on I had become quite enamoured by such a prospect.  Could it really be so that reality as we know it is but a construct of the human mind and do we have the ability to consciously shape our own reality?  If this is truly so, that would mean that circumstances do not happen to us, but by us.  An awesome prospect, indeed.

Funda-Mentals of Thought


mindfulnessimageWhen you think about it, even on the most fundamental level, before anything can materialize, it has to first originate in thought.  For instance, you go to meet a friend for dinner.  How did the reality of having dinner with a friend make its way to a physical event?  First the thought enters your head.  Initially, having dinner is an option.  Then you imagine what the evening may be like:  Great food, ambience, stimulating conversation.  The thought begins to gain more momentum, which gives birth to imagination.  Then you settle on the idea that you would indeed enjoy having dinner with your friend and so you proceed to take the physical steps to make it happen: a phone call to see if your friend is free for the evening, another call to make reservations at a favorite restaurant and of course the act of playing out the thought – dinner with a friend.  Where did it all begin?  In the mind of course.  For if the event was not first planted in our mind it wouldn’t have ability to play out.

Of course, this is a simplistic illustration of how thought creates reality and furthermore, we are speaking of conscious thought.  There are other layers – more subtle layers that can be incredibly powerful in creating our reality.  And in fact, this process may be the most potent form of reality creation.

“We are like ‘Iceberg Beings’ – Most of us is beneath the surface.”

-Michael Talbot (author of The Holographic Universe)


The subconscious can’t take a joke.


The terrain beneath our conscious awareness is often referred to as the subconscious.  Some have referenced this sub-terrain as the repository for the thousands or even millions of bits of information that are not normally processed by the conscious mind.  This information is always there and can be called up to the surface using certain modalities. It also seems interesting that one mode of accessing the subconscious information database is through repetition of words.

Here’s a thought provoking illustration as to how the subconscious became a faithful manifesting agent.

In Joseph Murphy’s classic book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, originally published in 1963, he tells of the true story of a man whose daughter suffered from a debilitating form of arthritis and an incurable skin disease.  With an intense desire to see his daughter healed from the pair of chronic and painful conditions, he would repeat the phrase “I would give my right arm to see my daughter cured.”  This he would reiterate consistently for a period of about two years.

One day while he and his family were out in their car, they collided with that of another car resulting in a terrible accident.  The father’s right arm was torn off at the shoulder.  In a strange but miraculous twist, shortly thereafter his daughter’s “incurable” conditions suddenly and permanently cleared up!  Murphy says, “Remember that your subconscious mind cannot take a joke.  It takes you at your word.”

The bottom line on this rather tragic but miraculous story is that it seems that our subconscious can act as a faithful servant; bringing to fruition that which it is told, especially when the commands are repeated and delivered with passion!  Metaphorically speaking – it has brought the fruits of its labor!  Despite the fact that the father used a common phrase within the modern vernacular, he did not realize that the literal message he was feeding to his subconscious would result in an actual reality he would experience – this is the power of suggestion!

Fertilize the sub-terrain with conscious thoughts.


If this is the matrix for which reality creation on the physical plane works, imagine what one can do by directing conscious messages to the subterranean levels of the mind?

Being the habitual creatures that we are phrases we use and the behaviors we exhibit are often the result of learned responses.  Further, we live in a world where messages of “lack and limitation” unfortunately predominate in our daily lives.  It can therefore be difficult to train the mind chatter to turn from “I can’t” to “I can.”  However there are techniques in which we can plant fertile seeds in the mind in order to germinate our desires more effectively.

Planting new thought seeds


Prior to going to sleep, think of a phrase or affirmation that represents something you would like to see manifest. “All of my relationships are healthy and whole.”  Or “I am so happy that I am now financially independent.”  Whatever the phrase, make it genuine –  one hundred percent organic.  And make it short and sweet!  Say it out loud and then gradually as you begin to get drowsy, take it down to a whisper, until this is the only phrase occupying your mind.  The temptation to retreat back to that other voice that’s saying “you can’t” or “you know this isn’t true,” may feel intractable but be insistent on feeling the reality of the phrase you are saying.  Pull the weeds of self-doubt out of the soil and replace them with good seeds!  Your conscious mind is receiving the data and once you fall asleep, that data will then sink into the subconscious– doing its best to see to it that proper seeds sprout.  It pays to be persistent in this pursuit.  Remember, we are training our minds to think in a different way and thus dig up the weeds that have become far too overgrown!

Now that we’re approaching spring –  a time when we prepare to plant new seeds in hopes of a fruitful harvest, let us not forget the what we plant in the mind will spring forth in perfect accord, just like the buds we’ll soon see peaking through the soil.  The good news is we are the gardeners and we have the ability to create a reality brimming with the fruits we’ve so desired as long as we’re mindful that what we are planting is what we truly wish to see!

springbudAs a post script, upon taking a brief “respite” from writing this article, I decided to stretch outside in the fresh air for a moment.  And there it was, amid the dry weeds of the season past, I noticed the first little green bud, sprouting from the dirt as if reminding me of the perennial wisdom of nature and how our thoughts manifest what we’ve been focusing on!  Amazing Indeed!





Alexis BrooksAlexis Brooks is the author of Conscious Musings – A Collection of Contemplations About Life and Potentiality and is a frequent contributor to Conscious Life News.

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