Photographs of Orbs Taken in Broad Daylight

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I have another paranormal experience to share that occurred in Mt. Shasta – my favorite, magical location.  In August of 2011, in the early afternoon, I was on a long hike on the Bunny Flat trail in Mt Shasta.  The sun was out and the weather was a bit hot, as I started snapping pictures of the beautiful scenery with my new Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera.

Blue orbs appeared in some of the first photographs that I took.  In order to figure out if the orbs were paranormal or a camera glitch, I  took a series of new photographs in a short amount of time.  I found out that whenever the sun hit the camera lens, a blue orb appeared in the picture.

Later that evening, while I was scanning though a few dozen photographs that I had taken and transferred to my computer, lo and behold, I saw a bright, white orb in the center of one of my photographs that appears to moving with a rainbow shooting out of it.

Scratching my head, I was wondering how this could occur in broad daylight.

Usually, one is lucky if they catch light orbs in pitch darkness.  It’s even more difficult to photograph  a light orb in broad daylight, outside, and in nature.

So, I analyzed the picture to see if the background was out of focus or another camera anomaly.  It was not. See the two photos below; the second one is zoomed in on the orb.

Orb in front of trees on Bunny Flat trail in Mt. Shasta

Orb in front of trees on Bunny Flat trail in Mt. Shasta

Zoom of orb in front of trees on Bunny Flat trail in Mt. Shasta

Zoom of orb in front of trees on Bunny Flat trail in Mt. Shasta

My second paranormal photograph happened on the way back home from Mt. Shasta, when my boyfriend and I walked through the beautiful Muir Woods redwood forest in Marin County near San Francisco.  The time was approximately 5:00 pm and there was plenty of daylight.

Many people were taking turns photographing the ancient redwoods and while waiting my turn, I quietly said out loud how thankful and grateful I was for the nature elementals who helped to create and maintain such a breathtaking, gorgeous place.

The feeling of walking among these old trees was magical and mysterious.  I envisioned elves and fairies hiding from us humans, yet would come out at night after everyone left the park.

There was one particular tree that I really loved, so asked my boyfriend, Ross, to stand in front of it so that I could take a picture.  The first picture came out slightly blurred and I was just about to delete it, when I saw another solid, bright, white orb near the left side of the tree a couple of feet above Ross’s head.  See the photos below.

Ross meets orb elemental in Muir Woods

Ross meets orb elemental in Muir Woods

Close up of orb in Muir Woods

Close up of orb in Muir Woods

I laughed with joy because this was the second time in one week that I had caught a picture of an orb in the day time.  I concluded that we are NOW able to see the other dimensions at all times.  We no longer have to walk around in complete darkness to catch light energy orbs, because they are now visible both day and night.

My wish is that one day I will be able to see the true, divine form of orbs with my naked eye and not just spherical light through a digital camera.


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11 Reader Comments

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  1.' Greg Scott says:

    There are orbs seen by farmers right before a crop circle is created. They are also in ghostly haunted places, hence are all orbs entities, animated objects, or hyperdimensional upwelling of something else?

  2.' Mai-Li says:

    I was reading another web-site of a gentleman who attracts entities to him—He said that orbs are energy “beings of light” using our Earth energy to manifest themselves into our dimension. Meaning that our energy molecules are round so this is why the orbs are round… something like that? Water or dust orbs usually do not produce light and are transparent.

  3.' Kylie Brown says:

    Magic!! Wonderful Mai-Li how blessed you are to finally have your very own real experience! Along with the Indian Joe pic. Thank you for sharing. These pics produced a huge smile on my face! There without a dought elementals, love the rainbow energy – they have such lighness & fun around them 🙂

  4.' Earle Wysong II says:

    first time reading from this sight hope to recieve more news . However wanted to say thanks for the pics of light orbes . I don’t understand them , would like to have my own experiance . I belive “we” are in a historical time period and am thankful to the God of my understanding to have given me the opertunity and awarness to experiance this . Thank You !

  5.' Ruchi says:

    I saw the similar thing today, and, the thing is none of my friends did

  6.' ven says:

    I have pics of the one like u have above, When I get up in the morn the morn sun shines directly in my room on me on my bed. So I took some pics to see what was in the sunlight and behold, they were awesome. Blue orbs, other strange shapes i have never seen before and those red looking petals. If you would like I can send u a pic

  7.' ven says:

    One of the shapes is like a fish, there was red orbs, and like a blue orb in a vortex like shape, you will have to see it.

  8.' JJ says:

    I get orb lights around me on occasion, and I want to know more about this occurrence but would like to share picture because one particular time, it was’ just an orb but also rings of rainbow colors and a light that was pinnacle in shape,, like a toy top.
    Where can I share pictures?

  9.' Sandra says:

    This is a blue orb that appeared on a photograph in daylight taken yesterday. I didn’t see these until I got home. (Was trying to catch the humorous tennis shoes up on the wire and say-if I posted it—“one of the great mysteries of the universe” as to how they got up there. But instead I got a real mystery with the orbs appearing in two of the three photos. The even stranger occurrence I had about two months ago, however, was one of an AMAZING dancing white light show in the sky one Nov night. Those orbs were very faint white feathery light. Diffuse. At times you could see a bolder, clearer and brighter white light within like an orb shape but more oval. But mostly they were two feathery white lights moving in a very random pattern in the sky, moving around each other, sometimes melding with each other and sometimes (what appeared to be in a very delightful funny way) bouncing off each other. Like repelling and coming together. They truly looked like they were dancing. Someone finally pulled up in a car and these two guys saw them too. We all said we had never seen anything like it in our lives. They then followed me home walking my dog and all the way to my house and stayed outside my house across the street in the sky for another couple hours. They were subtle. They darted in and out of clouds and were very light so you had to be looking for them, although when I first noticed them, they made themselves very clear. I saw them one more time on another. I guy walk and never again. There are videos of them from the UK that are very similar except theirs did not seem playful. More boring soaring around the sky. I caught some very grainy bad footage of them but they can be seen. I took these that night to be a very special message for me because I am going through a twin flame journey/experience and separated at the time from him. I felt it was telling me that we would reunite as with the repelling and attraction that the lights were doing and they seemed SO happy! Later that same month, he reached out to me for some communication. Now two months later I see he blue orb. One fact is that each time these lights/ orbs originated at a very mystical park or above the park. It is a place where Mississippi Era natives had a thriving mounds and town society. They vanished from the Cumberland River and along TN 1000 years ago but there are many mysteries of these people and their remnants. That is all. Sorry for long story as now I’m wondering if I’m going to see these orbs now for real and not just on photographs. (The blue ones as I really did see the white for a long long light show of a time…) Also, when a friend came to town, she took a picture of me with my dog in this same park and she said there was an odd light blurb in them surrounding us. I haven’t seen those but will check with her.

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