I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate

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Update 1/12/2013: CLN has received a takedown notice asking us to remove this article on the basis that “It is libelous and utterly false” from someone claiming to be a legal agent of Above Top Secret’s parent company. We are currently investigating and will post status updates as they become available. The original thread now appears to have vanished from Above Top Secret’s website.

Update 1/17/2013: We have requested clarification regarding the takedown request and have not received a response. We will provide updates on any new developments.

Update 4/3/2012: Above Top Secret’s legal agent never responded to our request for clarification of their takedown request. The original thread has now been moved to the “Hoax” category of the website, as ATS claims the author admitted it was a hoax in a private exchange. To the best of our knowledge, this private exchange or the details thereof have not been posted publicly to substantiate this claim. Regardless, we believe that covert operations to manipulate online opinion and debate do exist (and indeed have been publicly acknowledged in many of the supporting links below). Whether this specific case is true or not, it remains a valuable and provocative dialogue still worthy of consideration.


CLN Editor’s Note: The type of propaganda strategy described in the article below occurs across a wide range of topics and is employed by various corporate, political, and governmental groups to promote a variety of agendas. It is called astroturfing, and it is far more common than most would imagine. 

This post is not about Israel, and it is not partisan. It is simply an illustration of the mechanics of how online debate can be manipulated. As this is an anonymous post, we have no way of verifying the information contained herein, and it is presented only for your consideration.

Our intent in posting this is not to spread paranoia or incite shill witch hunts, but merely to encourage readers to view what they read and engage with online with a more discerning eye.

This alleged confession is presented verbatim from its original thread to preserve its integrity. As such, you may notice some minor typographical errors.

For more information on this important topic, see:

  • Revealed: US Spy Operation That Manipulates Social Media
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– Alcyone @CLN


I Was a Paid Internet Shill


internet-shillBy Ex-Shill, Above Top Secret

I am writing here to come out of the closet as a paid shill. For a little over six months, I was paid to spread disinformation and argue political points on the Internet. This site, ATS, was NOT one that I was assigned to post on, although other people in the same organization were paid to be here, and I assume they still walk among you. But more on this later.

I quit this job in the latter part of 2011, because I became disgusted with it, and with myself. I realized I couldn’t look myself in the mirror anymore. If this confession triggers some kind of retribution against me, so be it. Part of being a real man in this world is having real values that you stand up for, no matter what the consequences.

My story begins in early 2011. I had been out of work for almost a year after losing my last job in tech support. Increasingly desperate and despondent, I jumped at the chance when a former co-worker called me up and said she had a possible lead for me. “It is an unusual job, and one that requires secrecy. But the pay is good. And I know you are a good writer, so its something you are suited for.” (Writing has always been a hobby for me).

She gave me only a phone-number and an address, in one of the seedier parts of San Francisco, where I live. intrigued, I asked her for the company’s URL and some more info. She laughed. “They don’t have a website. Or even a name. You’ll see. Just tell them I referred you.” Yes, it sounded suspicious, but long-term joblessness breeds desperation, and desperation has a funny way of overlooking the suspicious when it comes to putting food on the table.

The next day, I arrived at the address – the third floor in a crumbling building. The appearance of the place did not inspire confidence. After walking down a long, filthy linoleum-covered corridor lit by dimly-flickering halogen, I came to the entrance of the office itself: a crudely battered metal door with a sign that said “United Amalgamated Industries, Inc.”

I later learned that this “company” changed its name almost monthly, always using bland names like that which gave no strong impression of what the company actually does. Not too hopeful, I went inside. The interior was equally shabby. There were a few long tables with folding chairs, at which about a dozen people were tapping away on old, beat-up computers. There were no decorations or ornaments of any type: not even the standard-issue office fica trees or plastic ferns. What a dump. Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

The manager, a balding man in his late forties, rose from the only stand-alone desk in the room and came forward with an easy smile. “You must be Chris. Yvette [my ex-co-worker] told me you’d be coming.” [Not our real names]. “Welcome. Let me tell you a little about what we do.” No interview, nothing. I later learned they took people based solely on referral, and that the people making the referrals, like my ex-colleague Yvette, were trained to pick out candidates based on several factors including ability to keep one’s mouth shut, basic writing skills, and desperation for work.

We sat down at his desk and he began by asking me a few questions about myself and my background, including my political views (which were basically non-existent). Then he began to explain the job. “We work on influencing people’s opinions here,” is how he described it. The company’s clients paid them to post on Internet message boards and popular chartrooms, as well as in gaming forums and social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Who were these clients? “Oh, various people,” he said vaguely. “Sometimes private companies, sometimes political groups.”

Satisfied that my political views were not strong, he said I would be assigned to political work. “The best people for this type of job are people like you, without strong views,” he said with a laugh. “It might seem counterintuitive, but actually we’ve found that to be the case.” Well, OK. Fine. As long as it comes with a steady paycheck, I’d believe whatever they wanted me to believe, as the guy in Ghostbusters said.

After discussing pay (which was much better than I’d hoped) and a few other details, he then went over the need for absolute privacy and secrecy. “You can’t tell anyone what we do here. Not your wife, not your dog.” (I have neither, as it happens.) “We’ll give you a cover story and even a phone number and a fake website you can use. You will have to tell people you are a consultant. Since your background is in tech support, that will be your cover job. Is this going to be a problem for you?” I assured him it would not. “Well, OK. Shall we get started?”

“Right now?” I asked, a bit taken aback.

“No time like the present!” he said with a hearty laugh.

The rest of the day was taken up with training. Another staff member, a no-nonsense woman in her thirties, was to be my trainer, and training would only last two days. “You seem like a bright guy, you’ll get the hang of it pretty fast, I think,” she said. And indeed, the job was easier than I’d imagined. My task was simple: I would be assigned to four different websites, with the goal of entering certain discussions and promoting a certain view. I learned later that some of the personnel were assigned to internet message boards (like me), while others worked on Facebook or chatrooms. It seems these three types of media each have different strategy for shilling, and each shill concentrates on one of the three in particular.

My task? “To support Israel and counter anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic posters.” Fine with me. I had no opinions one way or another about Israel, and who likes anti-Semites and Nazis? Not me, anyway. But I didn’t know too much about the topic. “That’s OK,” she said. “You’ll pick it up as you go along. For the most part, at first, you will be doing what we call “meme-patrol.” This is pretty easy. Later if you show promise, we’ll train you for more complex arguments, where more in-depth knowledge is necessary.”

She handed me two binders with sheets enclosed in limp plastic. The first was labeled simply “Israel” in magic-marker on the cover, and it had two sections .The first section contained basic background info on the topic. I would have to read and memorize some of this, as time went on. It had internet links for further reading, essays and talking points, and excerpts from some history books. The second, and larger, section was called “Strat” (short for “strategy”) with long lists of “dialogue pairs.” These were specific responses to specific postings.

If a poster wrote something close to “X,” we were supposed to respond with something close to “Y.” “You have to mix it up a bit, though,” said my trainer. “Otherwise it gets too obvious. Learn to use a thesaurus.” This section also contained a number of hints for de-railing conversations that went too far away from what we were attempting. These strategies included various forms of personal attacks, complaining to the forum moderators, smearing the characters of our opponents, using images and icons effectively, and even dragging the tone of the conversation down with sexual innuendo, links to pornography, or other such things. “Sometimes we have to fight dirty,” or trainer told us. “Our opponents don’t hesitate to, so we can’t either.”

The second binder was smaller, and it contained information specific to the web sites I would be assigned to. The sites I would work were: Godlike Productions, Lunatic Outpost, CNN news, Yahoo News, and a handful of smaller sites that rotated depending on need. As stated, I was NOT assigned to work ATS (although others in my group were), which is part of the reason I am posting this here, rather than elsewhere. I wanted to post this on Godlike Productions at first, but they have banned me from even viewing that site for some reason (perhaps they are onto me?). But if somebody connected with this site can get the message to them, I think they should know about it, because that was the site I spent a good 70% of my time working on.

The site-specific info in the second binder included a brief history each site, including recent flame-wars, as well as info on what to avoid on each site so as not to get banned. It also had quite detailed info on the moderators and the most popular regged posters on each site: location (if known), personality type, topics of interest, background sketch, and even some notes on how to “push the psychological buttons” of different posters. Although I didn’t work for ATS, I did see they had a lot of info on your so-called “WATS” posters here (the ones with gold borders around their edges). “Focus on the popular posters,” my trainer told me. “These are the influential ones. Each of these is worth 50 to 100 of the lesser known names.”

Each popular poster was classified as “hostile,” “friendly,” or “indifferent” to my goal. We were supposed to cultivate friendship with the friendly posters as well as the mods (basically, by brownnosing and sucking up), and there were even notes on strategies for dealing with specific hostile posters. The info was pretty detailed, but not perfect in every case. “If you can convert one of the hostile posters from the enemy side to our side, you get a nice bonus. But this doesn’t happen too often, sadly. So mostly you’ll be attacking them and trying to smear them.”

At first, like I said, my job was “meme-patrol.” This was pretty simple and repetitive; it involved countering memes and introducing new memes, and didn’t demand much in-depth knowledge of the subject. Mostly just repetitive posting based on the dialogue pairs in the “Strat” section of the first binder. A lot of my job was de-railing and spamming threads that didn’t go our way, or making accusations of racism and anti-Semitism. Sometimes I had to simply lie and claim a poster said something or did something “in another thread” they really hadn’t said or done I felt bad about this…but in the end I felt worse about the possibility of losing the first job I’d been able to get since losing my “real” job.

The funny thing was, although I started the job with no strong opinions or political views, after a few weeks of this I became very emotionally wedded to the pro-Israel ideas I was pushing. There must be some psychological factor at work…a good salesman learns to honestly love the products he’s selling, I guess. It wasn’t long before my responses became fiery and passionate, and I began to learn more about the topic on my own. “This is a good sign,” my trainer told me. “It means you are ready for the next step: complex debate.”

The “complex debate” part of the job involved a fair amount of additional training, including memorizing more specific information about the specific posters (friendly and hostile) I’d be sparring with. Here, too, there were scripts and suggested lines of argument, but we were given more freedom. There were a lot of details to this more advanced stage of the job – everything from how to select the right avatar to how to use “demotivationals” (humorous images with black borders that one finds floating around the web). Even the proper use of images of cats was discussed. Sometimes we used faked or photo-shopped images or doctored news reports (something else that bothered me).

I was also given the job of tying to find new recruits, people “like me” who had the personality type, ability to keep a secret, basic writing/thinking skills, and desperation necessary to sign on a shill. I was less successful at this part of the job, though, and I couldn’t find another in the time I was there.

After a while of doing this, I started to feel bad. Not because of the views I was pushing (as I said, I was first apolitical, then pro-Israel), but because of the dishonesty involved. If my arguments were so correct, I wondered, why did we have to do this in the first place? Shouldn’t truth propagate itself naturally, rather than through, well…propaganda? And who was behind this whole operation, anyway? Who was signing my paychecks? The stress of lying to my parents and friends about being a “consultant” was also getting to me. Finally, I said enough was enough. I quit in September 2011. Since then I’ve been working a series of unglamorous temp office jobs for lower pay. But at least I’m not making my living lying and heckling people who come online to express their views and exercise freedom of speech.

A few days ago I happened to be in the same neighborhood and on a whim thought I’d check out the old office. It turns out the operation is gone, having moved on. This, too, I understood, is part of their strategy: Don’t stay in the same place for too long, don’t keep the same name too long, move on after half a year or so. Keeping a low profile, finding new employees through word of mouth: All this is part of the shill way of life. But it is a deceptive way of life, and no matter how noble the goals (I remain pro-Israel, by the way), these sleazy means cannot be justified by the end.

This is my confession. I haven’t made up my mind yet about whether I want to talk more about this, so if I don’t respond to this thread, don’t be angry. But I think you should know: Shills exist. They are real. They walk among you, and they pay special attention to your popular gold-bordered WATS posters. You should be aware of this. What you choose to do with this awareness is up to you.




Conscious Life News does not implicitly agree with or endorse the views of the individuals expressed in this article, but we do believe that they have something valuable to add to the conversation.

As with all things, apply your own discernment. Fact check and verify where you feel it is appropriate. And most importantly, take the information that resonates with you, and leave the rest behind.

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  1. kkepart@kakiabuck.com' johnny says:

    I stopped reading at half your story…
    you describe exactly what GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) is all about… infiltrating social networks and websites to distort people’s mind. they’re like an army and one or many people use many different pseudo to make you think many different people are talking in the discussion.

    What i would recomment to you now is go on a quest for truth, and i’m sure your views of the world would definetly change. you’d see that all what you think about Israhell is all false… I was kinda pro-israel too before… before i was awoken from the matrix….

    It’s a painful, but necessary, process
    Wish you to find the truth after you’ve been spreading all those lies

    • hwbob@hotmail.com' bob says:

      the perfect example

      • kentavr@armory.com' Crissa says:


        The names on the sites I post on are so well-known, as some of them change their diction every once in awhile. And some are just known as ‘the latest so and so’ for how their knowledge and tactics match a prior (but not usually banned) poster.

    • mc@boyakasha.zzn.com' Mark says:

      After contemplating this for a few minutes, I, too, have decided to quit my shill job, as the author of this piece has. Please, disregard my prior post, as I have today began my life anew, and I have even sworn off stealing from communion baskets, also.

      • jackfenn311@yahoo.com' jack fenn says:

        Perhaps you know something about first principles. Those who do, also know what “occam’s razor” is, and of the famous quote of Hannibal Lector–“Of any one thing, ask, what is it, in and of itself?” “What does it DO?” If someone knows how to THINK, then industry and political shills will never be able to convince them of anything. Sadly, most modern college students have no idea of how to hold two opposing viewpoints in their mind’s at once. We autodidacts call this the process of “reasoning”! I am so lucky not to have had my brain addled and ruined by something called a “college education”.

      • mariamagic50@gmail.com' Maria Dowler says:

        respect to you Mark, I wish you the best in your future endeavours Maria Dowler ( gold )

    • anneonetruth@gmail.com' AnneTruthe says:

      It’s absolutely not necessary and quite frankly it should be illegal. Actually I think it is illegal. Unfortunately I believe even your comment could be the same thing.
      This really isn’t new at all. Every major social network that you use is running similar experiments right now. Facebook has quite a few active class action lawsuits concerning privacy rights and your computers, phones, and tablets are being spied on. I would suggest folks deactivate their internet connections, location services, audio, and cameras while not in use and even when in use I would be weary. God is coming soon I just wish he would hurry. The quicker these foolish people push their ideals and terrorize the world the closer we will be to the end. Christians can take a little comfort in knowing that no bad deed goes unrewarded and that’s not a good thing. The end is near and everything will get worse. Nothing anyone can do about it except let it happen. Financial crisis, famine, terror, and even the planet itself will start to fall apart. Keep a close eye on world news for the next decade or so possibly even sooner. You will see the signs. I’m praying for us all, even atheists.

    • generalpurpose@sigaint.org' Mu-Sm says:

      “Awoken from the Matrix?” The sad fact about the movie franchise you name is its status as one episode in the episodic regurgitation of sign memes in cinema itself one locus of international commercial media, one worth 10 billion dollars per annum at last check, and one of the most potent private ideological machines on the planet. Poor K. Dick; and have you compared it to the second of the original Superman movies, or 2002’s Minority Report? Besides, awoken to reside where – in Zion?

    • venb@hotmail.com' ben says:

      Israel has little support, and it is currently losing its only ally. I’m very skeptical about this testimony (unless it’s the reverse of that) because I happen to believe that pro-Israel stance is good based on the research I have done.

      Here you have a little country the size of a pimple surrounded by vicious nations that publicly say everyday about how they want to EXTERMINATE Israel from the world map, and don’t hesitate to fire rockets at it, and this guy is worried about pro-Israel sentiment?

      • Eman33ike@yahoo.com' Pissed off says:

        You’re brainwashed. Israel has NEVER been attacked by terrorists, NOT ONCE!!!! Zionist Israel did 9/11…and Zionist Israel uses the United States as their puppet to fight wars to achieve their “greater Israel project”. Israel is commuting GENOCIDE in Palestine right now and Palestine is Defensless…they are being dragged out of their homes and slaughtered and then their homes are bulldozed over for new Israeli settlements. When will people wake the fuck up and stop supporting Zionism!?!!!

  2. grimjim@rocketmail.com' Grim says:

    ExShill, maybe you actually thought you were playing your role off well. Sorry to have to break it to you, there are idealists who are fully aware of the games being played. We can spot you without fail instantly, we know all your plays.

    You were a useful idiot. How does that make you feel?

    Maybe now you will start digging to find out what motivates those of us on the opposing team who do it for idealistic reasons and not dirty blood money.

    You were an unwitting sayanim. You were recruited by some arm of the Hasbara network. A mere dupe, a fool.

    The only good you did was to confuse some idiots on forums that never mattered to begin with. Useful idiot? Useless idiot.

    Here are the methods the “self-chosen” and their slaves, like you, employ when confronted by facts which they cannot handle and facts which they cannot afford to be unleashed on the public:

    Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

    Regardless of what you know, don’t discuss it — especially if you are a public figure, news anchor, etc. If it’s not reported, it didn’t happen, and you never have to deal with the issues.

    Become incredulous and indignant.

    Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the ‘How dare you!’ gambit.

    Create rumor mongers.

    Avoid discussing issues by describing all charges, regardless of venue or evidence, as mere rumors and wild accusations. Other derogatory terms mutually exclusive of truth may work as well. This method which works especially well with a silent press, because the only way the public can learn of the facts are through such ‘arguable rumors’.

    If you can associate the material with the Internet, use this fact to certify it a ‘wild rumor’ from a ‘bunch of kids on the Internet’ which can have no basis in fact.

    Use a straw man.

    Find or create a seeming element of your opponent’s argument which you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent to look bad. Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your interpretation of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weakest aspect of the weakest charges.

    Amplify their significance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fabricated alike, while actually avoiding discussion of the real issues.

    Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule.

    This is also known as the primary ‘attack the messenger’ ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach.

    Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as ‘kooks’, ‘right-wing’, ‘liberal’, ‘left-wing’, ‘terrorists’, ‘conspiracy buffs’, ‘radicals’, ‘militia’, ‘racists’, ‘religious fanatics’, ‘sexual deviates’, and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.

    Hit and Run.

    In any public forum, make a brief attack of your opponent or the opponent position and then scamper off before an answer can be fielded, or simply ignore any answer.

    This works extremely well in Internet and letters-to-the-editor environments where a steady stream of new identities can be called upon without having to explain criticism reasoning — simply make an accusation or other attack, never discussing issues, and never answering any subsequent response, for that would dignify the opponent’s viewpoint.

    Question motives.

    Twist or amplify any fact which could be taken to imply that the opponent operates out of a hidden personal agenda or other bias. This avoids discussing issues and forces the accuser on the defensive.

    Invoke authority.

    Claim for yourself or associate yourself with authority and present your argument with enough ‘jargon’ and ‘minutia’ to illustrate you are ‘one who knows’, and simply say it isn’t so without discussing issues or demonstrating concretely why or citing sources.

    Play Dumb

    No matter what evidence or logical argument is offered, avoid discussing issues except with denials they have any credibility, make any sense, provide any proof, contain or make a point, have logic, or support a conclusion. Mix well for maximum effect.

    Associate opponent charges with old news

    A derivative of the straw man — usually, in any large-scale matter of high visibility, someone will make charges early on which can be or were already easily dealt with – a kind of investment for the future should the matter not be so easily contained.) Where it can be foreseen, have your own side raise a straw man issue and have it dealt with early on as part of the initial contingency plans.

    Subsequent charges, regardless of validity or new ground uncovered, can usually then be associated with the original charge and dismissed as simply being a rehash without need to address current issues — so much the better where the opponent is or was involved with the original source.

    Establish and rely upon fall-back positions.

    Using a minor matter or element of the facts, take the ‘high road’ and ‘confess’ with candor that some innocent mistake, in hindsight, was made — but that opponents have seized on the opportunity to blow it all out of proportion and imply greater criminalities which, ‘just isn’t so.’

    Others can reinforce this on your behalf, later, and even publicly ‘call for an end to the nonsense’ because you have already ‘done the right thing.’ Done properly, this can garner sympathy and respect for ‘coming clean’ and ‘owning up’ to your mistakes without addressing more serious issues.

    Enigmas have no solution.

    Drawing upon the overall umbrella of events surrounding the crime and the multitude of players and events, paint the entire affair as too complex to solve. This causes those otherwise following the matter to begin to loose interest more quickly without having to address the actual issues.

    Alice in Wonderland Logic

    Avoid discussion of the issues by reasoning backwards or with an apparent deductive logic which forbears any actual material fact.

    Demand complete solutions

    Avoid the issues by requiring opponents to solve the crime at hand completely, a ploy which works best with issues qualifying for rule 10.

    Fit the facts to alternate conclusions

    This requires creative thinking unless the crime was planned with contingency conclusions in place.

    ***That is just a taste to show you and all the readers that I am far from just blowing smoke. I, we, know all this and much, much, more.

    • dutchs@uwgb.edu' Steve D says:

      And 17, use pretentious phrasing to say things that can be said with half the syllables.The passive voice is especially effective.

    • thomasrliddle@gmail.com' Blue Monkey says:

      Me too man, me too.

      They want us to give up. We have jobs, real lives. It’s hard to compete with people who spend 8 hours a day or more just messing with us.

    • bobbyboynys@unseen.is' Bobby says:

      Grim, I really appreciate your truthfulness; we are of one kindred spirit. The difference is, I am a newbie at this, while you are really solid. Using logic and psychology to fight for truth and justice is much more decent than misusing them to deceive and mislead. I am a truth-lover, somewhat elderly, and I have been watching this deception develop over my whole lifetime. I recently read THE OVERTON WINDOW and THE EYE OF MOLOCH, and the cold realization came to me, they not only use television, but also our own Internet, to ensnare us. Please connect. bobbyboynyc at yaho is my facebook, and I printed out your whole extensive, detailed “shill” comment for my own study. I want to stand up for natural health and against what I see as medical tyranny.

      • perfectinghumanhood@yahoo.ca' Mariane Eriksson says:

        nice to meet you, will look you up on Facebook. It’s a year later, and things are worse! 🙂 God bless, speak soon

    • generalpurpose@sigaint.org' Mu-Sm says:

      All the tactics you describe are surely well-established as those of the mainstream press, media and propaganda in theory and practice anyway, applied to the subversion of social media. The internet as free social and political zone, as information access and empowerment, is a great mis-assumption of the digital age, in my view, in practice a technology whose manipulative possibilities are enhanced by the perception of choice, privacy, anonymity, and the absence of commercial control, digital space otherwise privatised and adapted to the requirements of mass-commercial media that were already pioneering the colonisation of realworld social space for commercial and private or governmental interests as long ago as the 1930s (Edward Bernays, et al, the fathers of propaganda). The extension of that practice into the increasingly ordered mass of mass-media, entertainments media, into the cyberzone and into proliferate citizen thinking, behaviour and self-publicization is assumed. Upon reflection, in fact, the possibilities of the net as an ideal medium for mass-control, a social space with the advantages of invisibility, are too obvious not to be endemic.

    • perfectinghumanhood@yahoo.ca' Mariane Eriksson says:

      Stark honesty, but as well Compassion, are key. We do not know the circumstances of these astroturfers. I used to react to some of their “slimy-ness”, but then it occurred to me that some may very well be “permanent workers” (basically slaves) who really have no choice, literally threatened/blackmailed into it, financially at their mercy (which is not “greed” exactly when you have dependents and no other prospects), or themselves brainwashed… who knows? WE, the unpaid, working for our conscience are the HIGHLY fortunate ones. Never forget that! Be truthful, but try not to overly judge their souls. It can only suck to be them.

    • all4mail101@yahoo.com' ally says:


      ‘ Question the motive ‘ is NOT a shill tactic, though it can be used as 1,…but an extremely good way to expose SHILLS.
      I’ve done this plenty of time and many of these damned shills gotten their bubble burst.

      It is after all, in order to get to the bottom of the truth, is it the MOTIVE / AGENDA that is their driving force? And when this is exposed, whatever they deceptively are pushing for is pointless.
      The entire shill game is to PUSH an AGENDA without being exposed…and if it is, what’s there to push as people already call you out for who you really are anyway.

    • hypern0va@yahoo.com' AlexCKent says:

      here’s one source: a few months ago it was discovered that the Clinton campaign was using paid trolls. Not only that but the American gov’t itself was outted when HBGary was hacked by Anonymous and showed the carnal connection between the Gov’t and Bank of America.

  3. I couldn’ta wrote a better piece myself. Without a name, it’s not worth the photons it was written on.

    • thomasrliddle@gmail.com' Blue Monkey says:

      Not true. Without a brain, all the fancy atomic words in the world won’t make you look intelligent.

      This person has clearly gone on to more productive endeavours and would naturally be concerned with besmirching their good name and also fear of reprisal.

  4. beverins@gmail.com' beverins says:

    I love the description of the ratty place with old computers. Unfortunately, while the description evokes myriad movies, shows and novels that attempt to describe “gritty reality”, the real truth is that stuff like this happens anywhere. You don’t need to be holed up in a ratty shithole in some gloomy crumbling building. Sip your lattes in a Starbucks on your laptop while typing in your agenda into message boards. You don’t need a balding, pudgy manager patrolling over you as you type into “an old computer” (one bit of description you forgot was the color of the computers? Maybe you remembered the OS? Yet you remembered the flickering halogen (?) lights) because monitoring software can easily be placed into any machine to make sure you are “working”.

    So, while your story in general isn’t false (paid shills posting to influence opinion) I would say your specifics sound made up, pandering to the imaginations of the people that frequent the boards you post on.

    China has a similar system – they have people monitoring all communications , and the presence of the mods is noted by a little animated character that appears in the corner of your screen – a cute little anime-styled policeman or policewoman that smile at you sweetly… if you post something you shouldn’t, it reprimands you and your post disappears…. some of them do their work in large rooms with banks of computers (all modern up to date things, nice seats, nice lighting, nothing seedy about it) and some do it from their homes if they have access.

    • ssmithbadaxe1000@gmail.com' Steve Smith says:

      Agreed,….. I also picked up a few things that didn’t make much sense.
      In one sentence he says that his mentor / teacher would only be working with him for 2 days but the turns around and says that after 2 weeks he started becoming attached to his work, to which his mentor / teacher replies that it is a good thing. Did she teach you for 2 days or 2 weeks? The whole description of the place was WAY over the top, and now,… of course,… the place is gone so nothing can really be done about it. It seems awfully convenient to me that it has moved away just after you have a change of heart and can actually do something or inform someone of it.

      • seilertechco@yahoo.com' tjoe says:

        Now it’s done by a new “app” ran by shinbet and IDF…..www.act-il.com….where they claim to be able to summon thousands of Israel supporters to attack a site, comment board or article from anyplace. Technology has replaced the basement dwellers with snakes that slither in the light. But they are still there and they still are HATE filled and they lie lie lie….most calling themselves with true blue American names.

  5. jonbcaliman@yahoo.com' jbw says:

    Hmmmm, let’s see, the ‘Company’ was “pro-Israel”, you say? Disgorged “Antisemitic!!” epithets at will at those who disagreed? You don’t say?? Hmmm, tryyyyyying to put my finger on it…gosh, just WHO COULD be behind this ‘work’, hmmm….so HARD to figure it out….Welllll, God, I know it’s a stretch, buuut, well, gosh, MAAAYBE they’re the same cocksuckers who blow up American naval ships, run over peace activists with bulldozers, and collect billions of dollars in ‘insurance’ after their skyscrapers ‘fall down’…??? Gee, I dunno, just throwing it out there as a wild guess…HELP ME someone!! Just tryyyyyyying to figure this out….

    • calevx@gmail.com' Nick says:

      Lol, awesome comment.

    • bobby_boy_nyc@yahoo.com' Bobby says:

      I didn’t know they were behind the attacks on our ships; are you sure? I do know the other allegations to be stone cold facts, truths that will never appear on the air or in print, because you-know-who owns all the mass media. Why do you think we vote for criminals and their puppets all the time?

    • olgatrott@mail.com' Kyke Hunter says:

      Holland to discuss joining Syria air strikes ‘within days’
      The Dutch cabinet will discuss a U.S. request to join coalition air strikes against jihadists in Syria within “the coming days”, Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said, amid speculation a decision may come as early as Friday.

      “The cabinet will now decide. We’ll discuss it in the coming days,” Koenders told Dutch news programme Nieuwsuur late Tuesday night.

      Late last year the Dutch government received a request from its allies the United States and France to broaden its campaign of air support against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group from Iraq into Syria.

      After weeks of dallying, the junior partner in the ruling coalition, the Labour Party (PvdA), Tuesday finally agreed to back an extension of air strikes into Syria, apparently ensuring there is now a parliamentary majority in favor of such a move.

      Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3yZIHPx3s

  6. adamevenson1@gmail.com' Adam Evenson says:

    Wow, Grim, your comment is pretty detailed. You and I are quite alike. I spot shills almost from the flavor of their handles. The other way is just plain old noting that they are willing doggedly, day after day, month upon month, to support the asinine, the absolutely wrong, and the utterly fantastical as compared with cold, hard truth and reality that even young chilrden can detect. Anybody that does it is a shill, paid or not. The 9-11 official fantasy story comes quickest to mind here.

    • kentavr@armory.com' Crissa says:

      …Because bulldozers in your neighborhood are armored up more than any in the world and operate inches from occupied homes and are surrounded by protestors pointing out the people in the way…

      Oh, wait. Yeah, you’re the guy, aren’t you? It’s so anti-semetic to oppose bulldozing someone’s home.

    • bobby_boy_nyc@yahoo.com' Bobby says:

      Of course you are right, and I would like to ask you for references on this “growth industry”, as I am researching it. I already have the GCHQ/NSA Powerpoint presentation, and I want to see who is implementing these deception protocols on the behalf of toxic industries.

  7. beddlefdfdffan2000@gmail.com' JADR says:

    I feel no sense of guilt whatsoever.
    I love being a Zionist shill.

  8. seokungfu@seokungfu.com' SeoKungFu says:

    Did you … swallow as well ?

  9. abinico@gmail.com' abinico warez says:

    I’m really a dog.

  10. asddd@naxui.com' lol says:

    lol, alot of your co-workers comment here 🙂 keep it

  11. grimjim@rocketmail.com' Grim says:

    Really? You can’t figure it out? really?

  12. standup@yahoo.co.uk' The Stand says:

    The Entire Human Race is a Failed Experiment. I can only hope murderous space aliens wipe the planet clean

  13. ministryoftruth666@gmail.com' antiwar says:

    This is funny. Aren’t ALL pro-Israel people paid shills? We give them $3B a year to wage war don’t we?

    • bobby_boy_nyc@yahoo.com' Bobby says:

      Yes, wage war, allright. Our armament industry needs war, needs enemies, and that’s where a lot of them come from, apparently.

  14. ministryoftruth666@gmail.com' antiwar says:


  15. grimjim@rocketmail.com' Grim says:

    Criminals? So anyone that doesn’t bow down to Zion is a criminal?

  16. centaurirepublic@yahoo.ca' Shauna says:

    I’d be willing to do this for a living. Shill for hire, and I’m Kosher baby.

  17. tlenajade@yahoo.com' H. Erica says:

    Interesting how many of these comments use the same techniques (long, rambling posts, personal attacks, tangents, etc) that are described in the article. I think from now on I will assume that anyone who resorts to those is a shill, and simply discount their opinions.

    • BlueEvent@aol.com' Huss says:

      Perhaps, but some people are just verbose. Still, now you can see why CNN has discontinued their comment boards, as all comments are suspect.

  18. manuminas@gmail.com' Manu Costa says:

    Some news that’s not allowed for us(U.S.) to have & not found on Censored Never News. There has to be a reason that the entire world knows but us(U.S.). Everything’s in place says the ‘puppet'(Obama) to the puppet master(Rothschild Zionism). It’s all about the $’s & control. What happens overseas is a precursor for us(U.S.) There is only one solution.(2 Cor.6:16,17; Rev.18:4,5…23,24)

  19. r.a.danny@gmail.com' Danny says:

    They guy is well paid, but the company is in a run down building with a dirty office in a crap neighborhood. The thing of film noir legends.


  20. only_myschly@hotmail.com' Michael says:

    First I read about the amount of bullshit with facebook-group operators profiting off of linking to eachother and the hi-jacking & extortion that goes on in that world, then this shit?

    The old “that hot chick is really a fat guy in the basement”-image of the internet needs to be changed to “if it’s not a person you know, that opinion might as well be an advertisement in your brain”.

  21. wastrelway@hotmail.com' Wastrel says:

    I could do this job. I’m more or less free of the moral restraints that made this guy quit. Please give me a call.

  22. arctan.pete@gmail.com' Peter says:

    I know the Mormon do this, on a voluntary basis. I didnt know you could get paid for it

  23. monkeyonglue@yahoo.com' WhereDoISignUp? says:

    where do I sign up I need a job.

  24. genericid90210@yahoo.com' Marshall Cypress says:

    “It is called astroturfing, and it is far more common than most would imagine. ”

    You misspelled “trolling”

  25. kazikian@gmail.com' kazikian says:

    Opinions on the internet are like assholes. I guess there’s a big a market for assholes.
    Stop paying attention to shit you read online! Get off the computer and do some work in your own damn neighborhood.

  26. klinerj@abakos.com' john kliner says:

    How much does it pay?

  27. glencoebud1@gmail.com' ElBarto says:

    You have to wonder how many of the posters Ex was dealing with were working for a similar company with the opposite viewpoint. The snake eats its own tail.

  28. Alcyone says:

    This post is inherently unverifiable. That is why it is presented with a disclaimer. As stated in the introduction, it is simply an illustration of how online conversation and debate can be manipulated.

  29. rstulgin@gmail.com' R says:

    Grim needs to chill. If you can’t recognize when someone’s trolling you, you almost kinda deserve the headache that ensues an argument with one.

  30. dagobastard69@yahoo.com' Lese Majeste says:

    Astroturfing? More like ASSholeturfing.

  31. Lolz……You can instantly spot a shill in any forum discussion. Just reading the crap they produce might be good for regular old sheeple.

    Anybody with half a brain can see all the BS they post. They always show up at the “correct” time. lolzcat-

  32. newbean@gmail.com' New Bean says:

    I find it very funny that although the author said that promoting Israel was only one of the positions this company was using shills for, it is the one all the commenters are focusing on. Yes, it is the one this particular ex-shill was working on, but he was one cog in a machine full of diverse cogs. And it isn’t even just politics. Focusing on the Israeli issue is missing the point of the article. The point of the article is that paid shilling is the new form of online marketing. It is the ultimate in advertising.

  33. toggle@operamail.com' Toggle says:

    If any of what you say is true….you are well and truly fooked. They won’t trust you anymore…..we never did trust you. You shills really aren’t as smart as you think you are. You’re future appears to be quite short at this point. My advice to you is suicide.

  34. lo_teamati@gmail.com' Logan says:

    I only read the first few comments but I bet they’re all stupid.

  35. m.cusumano@hotmail.com' Matt Cusumano says:

    Give me a break. Syria is NOT a theocracy. The Baath party was started by a Christian to keep radical Islam out of government. You call Israel a Democracy? What about the Palistinians…do they get much say? You’re probably a paid shill operating out of a dumpy office building, trying to earn converts!

  36. m.cusumano@hotmail.com' Matt Cusumano says:

    anti-semitism=Evil…what a joke! anyone who questions the apartheid government of Israel is “evil”….oh me, that’s a Howler!

  37. anon@suremail.info' anonymous says:

    Article sounds like fiction.

    Still, if you believe Israel doesn’t really do this; you are, aha, a schmuck.

    • thomasrliddle@gmail.com' Blue Monkey says:

      It’s not just Israel. It’s every PR company in the world, this is business as usual. It’s pretty scary to think average citizens might engage in thoughtful, constructive dialogue without interference, that could lead to real social change. If you’re profitting off the current state of affairs, the last thing you want is the proles to unite and advance together in harmony. No one makes money off that, and money is all that matters.

  38. rmae@shaw.ca' Bob says:

    Seriously, dude… You actually adopted the position they were asking you to sell? While your victims can, indeed – ought to be forgiven for buying into your posts, you, for being suckered by your own propaganda, can only be described as a complete and utter fucking moron. I’m sorry to have to say it like that but anything less would just not be appropriate for the degree of stupidity you have displayed here. I am really, very sorry but there is no way around this one.

    • Thanks for that. Hard empirical data makes for more reliable predictions. There is a deliberate and conscious “willing suspension of disbelief” by the performers on the theater stage or in the video “fiction” as much as on the part of the audience. That’s what makes for a believable performance: denial and rationalization. Hence the legal meaning of “actor”.

  39. gragor@hotmail.com' gra gor says:

    You’re right Nadine. We do all that business with Israel and we also invest our Canada Pension plan dollars in Israeli armaments for example.

  40. david@toothygrinsstore.com' david says:

    I suspect there is a lot of truth to this story. I remember one time I posted factual comments on a news / magazine’s website bout a certain country based on personal experience and I was shocked by the reactions (almost violent) that I received. I never expressed anger just calm facts and personal experience. Their arguments were illogical and nonsensical and did devolve to personal attacks – I refrained from stooping to that level. Even at that time I had the feeling that it was a job for them. Who has the wish to act so stupidly in their personal time? About a week later, I found that my profile was no longer able to make comments on that site any longer. I thought it was really strange. I only spoke based on facts and personal experience. (equivalent experience, I am sure the commentors did not have)

    I always wondered how was it that I got banned and not them for their behavior.

  41. M8R-y565xj@mailinator.com' An Anon says:

    This post will be probably deleted but if you want to know about how to use propaganda and how it works look here:


  42. uiqqjlhw@sharklasers.com' Aaron says:

    The narrative of this post is much, much too convenient for me to believe in it. I can believe in the existence of internet shills, but I find it hard to believe that this particular person is anything but someone who likes writing stories. The office environment is much too stereotypical, and statements like “I wanted to post this on Godlike Productions at first, but they have banned me from even viewing that site for some reason (perhaps they are onto me?)” (Godlike Productions can keep you from using a different IP address/deleting your cookies/posting under a different username? What magic is this?) give me pause. This isn’t interesting until CLN can provide some form of basic fact-checking without fobbing off all the journalistic work with a disclaimer at the bottom of its articles.

    • Seriously?!

      Who cares if his actual story is 100% accurate? What matters is that Internet shilling is a very real phenomenon no one really discusses.

      Hell, in 2009 one such shill who had been making my life hell since I started developing an encrypted P2P communication app said that “he” was really a “she” who worked in a “group of 5 to 7 people” from around Europe, who were paid to harass me by, she thought, the U.S.

      Now, I don’t even know if I believe that, but it sure meshes w/ how I knew they always had different IPs from many different countries, knew when I’d posted anywhere on the net at any time, and seemed to make it their full time job to attack every word I said online.

  43. bigmos69@yahoo.com' NoRaisegUy says:

    How much does it pay? I got no raise HD insurance, and do not want -7 dollars in my account anymor

  44. hahano@thisisntgonnahappenreally.com' Jobless Guy says:

    I need work more than I need self respect. How can I sign up for this?

  45. sophie_roginsky@hotmail.com' Nick says:

    Yet, he remains “pro-Israel”. Who do you think is spreading this propaganda? Idiot

  46. SheilaHolt6@gmail.com' Sheila says:

    I’m sadly, not very shocked at seeing so many willing to lie, deceive, harass, mislead, scam and attack another for money. The blatant lack of any integrity, principles and honor is appallingly all too common. The fact that I’ve has children and would set that kind of example is inexcusable. You may think you’re too good for menial work, even if it takes two or three jobs but at least it’s honest work.

  47. ru486yesiamsir@gmail.com' logan says:

    Jennifer, angry that you got exposed?

  48. floridasqueezed@gmail.com' FLSqueezed says:

    I’m of two minds on this piece… On one hand, we all know that these people MUST exist somewhere. If you’ve ever been attacked by a group of trolls like the Digg Patriots, you know that they are real. On the other hand, this piece is a little too perfect and tidy to strike me as truthful. Also, some more information would really clear things up – What was the address of the office you went to? What was the real name of your so-called friend who basically sold you into the online version of human trafficking? See – something doesn’t quite add up here. I would not be shy at all about exposing people who made such an ass out of me and ruined my prospects of ever being trusted again… You see where I’m going with this?

    • becca.smith123@gmail.com' Bex says:

      Trying to dismiss the meat of the story by giving the opinion (without referencing it as such) that the story is too “ideal”.

      I think the story is being dismissed as it makes a lot of assertions, without any hard proof. Why not supply the address of where the office was? There’s nothing there now, so why the omission? At least then people could do a little of their own fact-checking.

  49. Mustaphamond1@yahoo.com' Dave says:

    If you are still pro-Israel, yet other pro-Israelis indulge in this deplorable act, this presents an interesting syllogism, wouldn’t you agree?

    • jumaftw@gmail.com' Juma says:

      Maybe he just wanted to avoid the easy and usual ” BEWARE ! ANTISEMITE ! HATEFUL PERSON SPOTTED ! ” answer from the shills/zionists… Or he never really researched the subject (or cared to do so… after all, it is a depressing subject when we understand the extent of the problem) or he’s just a victim of his own propaganda… ideas stick in your head whether you agree with them or not (and he did say that he didn’t have a particular opinion initially). Look at Derren Brown’s methods of you want an example of that.

  50. millerdc122112@aol.com' DC says:

    yea the fact that he said he’s still pro Israel really threw me off,i mean i can see the point in being brain washed by the propaganda he’s memorized ,but if the conditioning was that strong- then he wouldnt have made this post going against it.dont get me wrong I deffenitly believe this type of thing goes on & it was a good read …just the fact that you bite the hand & then still ask for seconds -throws me off

  51. aebemacgill@gmail.com' aebe says:

    Eric Holder,our fine upstanding attorney General,had discussed doing the very same thing.Great stuff getting your mind boggled by the same creature that gave us ( And Mexico ), Fast and Furious.Along with hundreds of murdered folks.
    Government and private entities have always tried to control what people think or want,the WWW has just made their job easier.

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

  52. WisDem@noemail.org' WisDem says:

    There is nothing wrong with this! I am one of four paid staff at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin who work on social media. Meme patrol, posting on multiple sites, trolling news sites under multiple names, these are all critical to advancing our cause. You may call it “shilling”, it is actually heroic. It is also can be fun, especially when you redefine opponents on Wikipedia. Technology allows us to defeat Big-money.

  53. idomind@yahoo.com' Theo Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and making people aware of this. Very Interesting. Essentially they are paying people to lobby for them. This goes on at the White House and it considered “respectable” politics there so do not beat yourself up. There are people, as you can see, who get on the net and become abusive for no pay, only because they like to dabble in sadism.

  54. floweratomic@yahoo.com' Kayla Malone says:

    Horsman is repeating the Israeli big LIE! LEBANON IS the FIRST and ONLY REAL democracy in the region. Unlike Israel, it wasn’t built on the theaft, murder and exile of it’s initial inhabitants the Palestinians and doesn’t have an apartheid system governing it. In addition, Lebanon houses some half a million Palestinian refugees who lost their homeland after the Israeli hordes violently attacked them. On the other hand, when a theocracy works well, such as in Jordan and the UAE, there is no need for this “democracy” bullshit!

    • thomasrliddle@gmail.com' Blue Monkey says:

      A clever fib sir, if you have no idea what’s going on over there. “Palestinians can move around”. Like when Israel flattens their villages and builds new settlements while illegally changing the borders? At least they can move around. Cuz not being able to move would be a human rights travesty.

  55. If only you had permamarked the ATS page!!

    I have permamarked this page, especially since it may be taken down. The PermaMark server is way outside of U.S. jurisdiction (unlike this server) and is not subject to the DMCA or most other copyright claims, as it is a historical mirror.

    See http://www.permamarks.net/grabbed_urls/OQhBYg/consciouslifenews.com_228.htmlz

  56. Alcyone says:

    I will repeat this point because many people seemed to have missed it:

    CLN Editor’s Note: The type of propaganda strategy described in the article below occurs across a wide range of topics and is employed by various corporate, political, and governmental groups to promote a variety of agendas. It is called astroturfing, and it is far more common than most would imagine.

    This post is not about Israel, and it is not partisan. It is simply an illustration of the mechanics of how online debate can be manipulated. As this is an anonymous post, we have no way of verifying the information contained herein, and it is presented only for your consideration.
    Our intent in posting this is not to spread paranoia or incite shill witch hunts, but merely to encourage readers to view what they read and engage with online with a more discerning eye.
    This confession is presented verbatim from its original thread to preserve its integrity. As such, you may notice some minor typographical errors.

    Following this is a list of multiple sources you can check out for yourself to see that internet shilling is by no means an exclusive club. Governments, corporations, and political groups employ it to. The specific example in this article just happened to be about Israel, and at no point even suggested that the coordinated shill operation was commissioned or paid for by the Israeli government.

  57. thomasrliddle@gmail.com' Blue Monkey says:

    After following this thread for one day, in my humble opinion, that takedown notice should be ignored.

    Israel is a contentious issue that many powerful people have a lot riding on, but it is simply an EXAMPLE. Environment, contraception, the economy, and politics generally are ALL equally contentious issues with equal amounts of astroturfing in play. We even have a comment claiming to be an employee of the democratic party who does the same job, and the republicans have them too. It is a method of moulding public opinion. There is a monopoly on the news media, which discourages public discourse, so these conversations move online. Naturally that is where the battle for legitimate free speech moves to.

    The point is not what we individually think about these issues, there are bound to be differences of opinion. However, I think we can mostly agree that people should be able to freely engage in open dialogue on public forums without paid representatives of special interest groups skewing the discussion, sabotaging dialogue by stooping to ad hominem attacks and misrepresenting facts in the hopes that the average citizen will not take the time to research every ‘casual’ statement.

    Those of you who engage in this are disgraceful. You are feeding your children by poisoning the well. The well your children will also drink from. You are traitors to humanity, every one of you.

    • thomasrliddle@gmail.com' Blue Monkey says:

      Seems the post by the guy/gal who claimed to be one of 4 head office shills for the democratic party was removed within hours of my responding to him/her. Too bad. It was an honest post written by someone who believed in what they were doing, but I called them on their methods. So if it seems like earlier I quote something that doesn’t exist.. well, I do. But it was here, swear to god. o.O

  58. kirby4d@yahoo.com' Real Israel supporter says:

    I didnt miss it and it is about Israel, as well as every other topic that uses this tactic. This is like saying “Its not about chocolate. Im hungry.” while munching on a chocolate bar.

    • blakehamilton20@yahoo.co.uk' Blake says:

      How can anyone who has a conscience support “Israel” ? Where are the thoughts for those languishing in refugee camps because of this sinister entitlement to their land by outsiders?

      • kirby4d@yahoo.com' Real Israel supporter says:

        The question should be “How can anyone with a conscience support the Arabs?” The Arabs have been racistly and xenophobically opposing Jewish residence in Israel for decades and centuries before Israel was refounded. The Arabs are the ones who keep their own in squalid refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Gaza, WB, etc. When the refugees try to build homes, the Arab governments destroy them. They need to have the refugees to bash Israel around with so they can hope one day to send them to Israel and eliminate it demographically. This is the only group of refugees in the world which are not permitted by their host countries to resettle. This is the only group of refugees that is inherited. Do some research, bud. There was a palestinian on reddit awhile ago who said you have no idea what youre talking about. Also, look up Khaled Abu Toameh. Arabs have a better deal in Israel, Gaza, and WB, than anywhere in the Arab world. All thanks to Israel.

        Oh and lets not forget that Israel just saved hundreds of palestinian lives from floodwaters due to recent storms. The latter thanked the Jews by pelting snowballs at them.

        • t3rdiopen@hotmail.com' Synagoge of Satan Killer says:

          Save a 100 kill a 1000. Let’s ask a simple question. Do you think that the USA should give back the lands to the Indigenous people of the Americas? If you say no or it’s not the same thing, then you are a hypocrite and a liar. I think the so called “jews” in Israel should go back and resettle to where they came from. You’re all Europeans and you know it. Your Torah is not a deed and you also know that it’s not really your Torah. If you look up Semitic in the dictionary it will tell you a mixed race or black race. Why are these “jews” white? If Moses was white why did his brother Aaron beg not to cursed with white skin? Why does Solomon refer to himself and DARK in complexion? Why did Judah claim his skin was as “Black unto the ground”? How can you be a Semite? If you look up semite people one of the first people included in that race is ARABS. Tell me “jew” boy, why should pick you over those people who’ve been there for a few thousand years?

      • blakehamilton20@yahoo.co.uk' Blake says:

        It has nothing to do with who or what they are , it’s about basic human rights. A simple case of RIGHT OVER WRONG to anyone with morals and ethics. On May 14, 1948, a European Zionist Jewish state was SELF proclaimed in PALESTINE. It’s on stolen land. It’s on 78% of historic Palestine. International law affirms the universal right of return. It’s not negotiable.

  59. jumaftw@gmail.com' Juma says:

    Palestinians (remember, they used to be Christians, Muslims and a few Jews living in peace in the pre-ww2 world) are Semitic people. Most Israelites come from AshkeNAZIm descent : they are not Semites but they persecute the Semites.
    One of the most wide-spread methods for discrediting people and giving unwarranted weight to your arguments is to call the other party exactly what you are and accuse him of doing exactly what you’re doing.
    “Hate” and “Evil” are their two favorite words (besides “antisemite”); one has to wonder why 🙂

  60. chillmike@live.com' cmtrue says:

    i was actually a paid “shill” for a penny stocks guy, as well as seo, and other work he did for online clients. i would never do such a thing for political issues, or anything having to do with people’s opinions or the way they think, but for retail and e-commerce and things like that, i figured it wasn’t as bad to do, since i hadnt had a job for a long while beforehand as well like the OP… thats the only reason i did it, was because i thought it hung on okay side of the line of morality, since i wasnt influencing public opinion on anything, and just trying to get them to buy stuff, just like any tv commercial or online advertisement would be doing anyways….

  61. similicure@yahoo.co.uk' Kaviraj says:

    I have a screenshot of a shill who admits to get paid $3.50 per post of a minute.(takes a minute to type) If he “wins” the debate – i.e. if the other person stops dealing with the moron – he gets a bonus of $7. Many give up soon and others not so soon. The guy makes a good 3 grand a week.

  62. madmanmikel@netscape.net' MADMANMIKE says:

    This explains why there are always several “thumbs down” ratings on every Youtube video…

  63. su.allen50@gmail.com' Susan A. says:

    I’m very disappointed in Care2. I’ve had a funny feeling about Wanda from the moment she first showed up on the site. Another one I feel might be a shill is Matt, but he could just be an actual nut. Wanda, on the other hand, was just always all about “facts.” I got real tired of the gun threads and although I was reading a lot of the posts, I wasn’t posting unless it was some humorous link. Anyway, what can we do? Any ideas? If you do, but dont want to post, just say yes and I’ll email you. I’ll help if I can. Has anyone else contacted you? Good luck.

  64. seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but it appears Kevin, the resident historian, has a bit to do with it too. I tend to want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he has said that he teaches law, then argues that it’s OK for him to ignore conceal weapons laws in states he does not like the law. I can hardly see a law professor argue the semantics of knowingly breaking states gun laws and claiming it’s OK because it’s a “silly” law. My profs never made laws out to be silly.

    I would not have taken that gun thread so far, except to challenge the shill Wanda. Send the email and I’ll copy my word page with some good examples, and we can communicate directly, not in a public forum.

    I took a risk posting my email but we only live once.

    Perhaps you can pass on this to Dotti Lindon or get her linked here. Michael Dewey is another I’d like to get word to. My emails are safe, but I have absolutely no communications thru c2.

    Real people at c2 should know what is happening and that it’s happening with the sites blessing and help. This article describes it exactly. Very important.

    Please consider supporting “The American Corruption Act” to help stop some of this BS.

  65. seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

    Susan, see in the above confession where he explains that some stay on the sites while others leave. That’s for effective control and one can about pick them out when watching.

    I think c2 probably has about the 8 people described above, with four or five that blend in with real people, yet always seem to pop up with a contrary (usually GOP) position.

  66. seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

    Susan, please send a message to Carla V. @ c2 with a link to this site or my email. Thanks very much…with all of my efforts to warn persons…you are the only one who got the message. Anazing how effective it is when management is involved.

    • su.allen50@gmail.com' Susan A. says:

      Today, I’ll try to get messages through to the 3 names you gave me. Will let you know. I copied the msg I got with your email. I’ll send that to them, along with some other info. Oh wait, personal messages are limited. I will get some word to them though and will be in touch through email.

  67. anmrone2@yahoo.com' A&E says:

    Democratic Underground is crawling with these types, jumping on anything and everything that smacks of “Liberalism”, and pumping their conservative third-way agenda.

  68. pomeroo@verizon.net' Ronald Wieck says:

    Silly liar, nobody gets paid to post on the internet. I really wish I were wrong.

  69. seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

    Exactly, that’s what makes it a “conspiracy”. But my guess is you will never see the names or real identity of the top shills… but Carl Rove does I bet and one would think AIPAC does. They have people to manage people to manage people to keep their lists of people that post.

    Where do all those campain donations get spent??? The above “job” would explain a lot.

    I wonder if this shill “employment” is considered in the GDP and employment statistics, since these organizations most likely pay payroll taxes and give w2 or 1099 forms (many would be “independant contractors”).

    I support the American Anti-Corruption Act as a starting point to bring integrity back into government.

    • dbrogs@gmail.com' DayBro says:

      Toby, I have never been much into conspiracies. However, there is so much information on supposed conspiracies that I felt it was my civic duty to educate myself so that I can make an informed decision about government and business. It took several months but I have had to conclude that there is vast conspiracy that reaches far back into history.

      As such, a large part of manipulating events has involved manipulating opinion. These manipulations originate from the tops of corporations, banks, governments. I have no doubt that the origin of many of these chat rooms, news providers, etc are put in place by those who manipulate opinion in order to control us. This opinion manipulation is the very bedrock by which they accomplish their goals. There is truly a huge information war raging as we speak and the very soul of our country and our planet is at stake.

      So I encourage you to keep up the good fight and don’t let it bother you too much, these lost relationships. In a war there are casualties and this is no exception. There are people who are dying, as we speak, because of their opinions. The forces behind the disinformation are murderous and care little for human life. The work of defending the truth is a noble one. So hang in there brother.

  70. Nataliehuggard@hotmail.com' Nat says:

    I don’t doubt that this happens, but this story seems a bit suss with all the colourful descriptions and cliches. Reads like a cheap thriller and doesn’t ring true for me.

  71. kw6238b@yahoo.com' Frank says:

    Nat, I was thinking about that myself. His introduction has that dramatization but then he drops that language when he gets into the details. It’s a strange post.

    I will say that I keep up with some pro-Palestinian web sites and they have had stories about things the Israelis and their supporters do to promote Israel, and it sounds a lot like this. It’s become more urgent to them as the Palestinians and their supporters get more adept at getting their side of the story out and as support for the Palestinians grows. One thing I remember was that some group had organized an effort to get people to qualify to put content on Wikipedia. And there was something called the Hasbara Handbook that was made up by a supporter of Israel in the US. It had all kinds of talking points and ways of influencing public forums. If you Google that term, Richard Silverstein has a good expose on it. But it includes using tactics like character smears.

    Electronicintifada.net has done some stories on these kinds of things.

    • seilertechco@yahoo.com' Toby says:

      Here is a gun shill post on a “healthy and green living” site directed at me. My problem was that when I stood up to the shill, I was banned. That leaves me believing they are paying some sites, as well as the shills.

      ” that is the thing with BIGOTs against ‘Assault’ (BLACK) things like you do and say to feebly attempt to take the spot light of your BIGOTRY. Maybe we should start following your example and label anything BLACK we want to BAN with the word ‘Assault’, it seems to justify your modern day profiling. *tisk* *tisk*, there was always something off with you with all the violence and insults you always make towards others here who have been respectful.”

      I never spoke of a gun color nor advocated violence, confiscation or any policy, but when called a racist…it went toooooo far.

      ” I am sorry I don’t talk to those who are racist against “assaults” (Blacks) color like you. You really don’t have too much ground to talk about integrity. Maybe you should go back on race hating those evil “Assault” (Black) colored things again. “

      • anneonetruth@gmail.com' AnneTruthe says:

        RACIST AND BIGOT are the words used by these folks that are getting paid to comment. It’s like the PEE WEE Herman show, if your old enough to know it, where everyone screams when they hear the daily word. If you see obnoxious comments repeatedly throughout an entire thread using these two words especially in the same sentence you can just about bet it’s a paid representative.

  72. Mmartin@gmail.com' Melody Martin says:

    To be fair, the anti-Israel side does this as well. The Palestinians paid $60K a month to Washington DC PR firms Quoris and Bell Pottinger to “manage social media”. Wink, wink. Nod. Nod. Say no more

  73. kw6238b@yahoo.com' Frank says:

    Melody Martin, you’re misrepresenting that or you’re misinformed. The Palestinians did not pay anyone $60k a month to “manage social media.” They contracted with the PR firm Bell Pottinger in advance of applying for UN membership in 2011 to help them get their message out about that. As part of the plan BP laid out for them they did say they’d “manage social media” for the Palestinians, but that was only one part of what they did. Other things were “Strategic Communications Advice,” “Message Development,” “Congressional Affairs,” “Media Relations,” and “Grassroots Mobilization.”

    This is all standard stuff a PR firm would do for anyone, a company, a country, a celebrity who’s received some bad publicity. I know of no PR firm Quoris.

    It was openly done and in fact they had to inform the US State Department of it, which is why it is known. It’s not very much like the secretive goings on at the organization the “shill” in the post wrote about.

    Anyone who has followed Palestine realizes they are not good at public relations and need help with it. They are decades behind the Israelis in that regard. The PLO went from being a gorilla organization to being in charge of the Palestinian Authority, and they need help with that, too. None of this affects the legitimacy of their cause. It just is.

    The things I mentioned aren’t exactly like the shill’s post, either, unless you count planting propaganda in Wikipedia, which is pretty nefarious, and the character assassination taught in the Hasbara Handbook, which is what the shill engaged in at times. But the things I mentioned differ from simply hiring a PR firm on a short term basis for such an important event in Palestinian history, and I mentioned those things off the top of my head and in the context of me and another commenter wondering aloud about the possible legitimacy of the shill’s post.

    You can take issue with me for not taking the time to look everything up at the time, but it’s not being “fair,” to use your term, to equate the Palestinians hiring a PR firm for a single event, and the propaganda that’s steadily and expertly come out of Israel at least since the time Golda Meir declared it “A land without people for a people without a land,” when Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism, knew full well that Palestine was fully populated when he launched the Zionist movement .

    Here’s a link to an article about the Palestinians hiring Bell Pottinger:


    And here’s a link to a pdf of a letter from Bell Pottinger to the PLO laying out what they were going to do for them.


  74. not@matter.org' does says:

    not only is the original article on the ATS website gone now, but seeing as that site is a forum, the whole THREAD is gone – some 15+ pages if the cache i’m looking at is correct.

    removing a whole forum thread is a big no-no, even if the original article is a huge lie, the forum serves to allow members to dispute – that the entire thread has disappeared should be worrying to those in the know

  75. orphia.nay@gmail.com' Orphia Nay says:

    Hi Alcyone.

    I’m not sure what you mean. Who is impersonating whom? SkepticGuy is the owner of ATS. He posted that comment at the JREF Forum. I’m just letting you know what he said.


    • orphia.nay@gmail.com' Orphia Nay says:

      I can pass on a message to him if you like.

      Orphia Nay.

      • Alcyone says:

        We received the following email on January 10th.

        From: Mark Allin
        Date: Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 11:02 PM
        Subject: [Contact Us:] DMCA Take Down Notiofication/TM Infringement
        To: Conscious Life News

        The content located on your site here is libelous and utterly false:

        Please remove it.

        You can reach me at mark@theabovenetwork.com for further information or clarification. My phone number is LAW FIRM PHONE NUMBER — REDACTED FOR PRIVACY and my mailing address is LAW FIRM ADDRESS — REDACTED FOR PRIVACY.

        I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

        I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that I am the copyright/Trademark Owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

        Mark W. Allin, COO

        According to this, Mark W. Allin is the COO of The Above Network, the parent company of ATS. I also contacted the law firm (a rather large one) at the phone number listed in the takedown notice and verified that they are the legal counsel for The Above Network.

        We responded asking for some clarification and never received a response. I personally love ATS and found this request very surprising. It is in no way my intent to impugn their reputation. But I hope you can understand how after receiving this takedown request while simultaneously finding that a thread that had been up for months, with hundreds of comments, had been suddenly removed from the site, we felt it necessary to take the request seriously.

  76. f8te@hotmail.com' f8te says:

    “This post is not about Israel, and it is not partisan. It is simply an illustration of the mechanics of how online debate can be manipulated.”

    Yeah what a cowardly way of avoiding the “joo” stigma. It’s all about israhell you cowards! Grow a pair for chrissake!

  77. winning69@gmail.com' me again says:

    you gotta pay the toll, the troll toll…

  78. long9875@yahoo.com' Ralph says:

    The top government shill is Cass Sunstein. Just google “Sunstein + Cognitive Infiltration”

  79. PTBrules@yahoo.com' PTBrules says:

    This is creative writing. No one would be hired for any job especially this sort of job without a background check. PT rules.

    • seektress@seektress.info' LorieK says:

      That is an absolutely false statement. These creeps are under the radar (on PURPOSE) and having had over 13 years experience with them, I’d put every penny I have in savings, not much but there’s some, up against that statement. Background check! HA! Get real.

  80. seektress@seektress.info' LorieK says:

    As one of the founders of the Yahoo group Chemtrail Tracking USA in 1998, I can say for certain this is a long time practice. We were even able to document people posting in different forums with the same nickname with time stamps that made it impossible for one person to do it. It is well known, and for a very,very long time, by people in alternative media and action groups/forums that Godlikeproductions and Above Top Secret are compromised. That’s why you don’t see many posts from the serious researchers. This is a wide spread problem and should make people wake up that they are being manipulated in SO many ways. You think they’re not watching, and reading, and posting and lying to your face? Here’s a page I put up on my site at about 10:00 pm on January 7th. Is just at 4 hours, the DHS was there and you can see other early hits on the page. http://seektress.com/goodcop.htm ANd need I point out why the previous link is about THAT individual? Hmmm? This is not your grandpa & grandma’s America anymore, folks. Wake the heck up.

  81. whygivemyemailaddresstobecorrelated@hushmail.com' J Thomas L says:

    What are the two main ideas that the average decent person will take away from this article?
    1. the shills make commenting a distasteful grind
    2. “pro-Israel”

    Now, doesn’t that serve our enemy’s agenda?

    He leaves open questions at the end, which the ignorant person will answer with “Whites in power in the U.S. government, CIA, etc.” — which is WRONG.

    Beware the supposed “confession.”

    James T. Laffrey (my real name)

  82. nothanksfuckemailsseriouslyfuckem@fuckem.fu.ck.com' it's a hoax dude says:

    If he was a shill and wanted to expose it all, make the address of the workshop known. That and the dates of employment will allow public record searches to determine which company was behind it. Not providing those things makes me highly suspicious of the entire thing. If he wanted to take it all down he could just give out those kinds of highly relevant facts.

    Now, I’m guessing the more paranoid readers will accuse me of being paid for asking the obvious questions.

  83. seilertechco@yahoo.com' Toby says:

    Actually hoax dude, you didn’t ask a question.

    Paranoid…hardly. I’ll repost a couple of comments of a shill named Wanda and you tell me if they fit the profile. Make a guess at who she is working for… and it’s not Nymphomaniac Reasearch Associates ??

    “You have been talking bad about those evil killer ‘Assault’ (Another word for BLACK just like ‘you people’) weapons.”

    “but that is the thing with BIGOTs against ‘Assault’ (BLACK) things like you do and say to feebly attempt to take the spot light of your BIGOTRY. Maybe we should start following your example and label anything BLACK we want to BAN with the word ‘Assault’, it seems to justify your modern day profiling. *tisk* *tisk*, there was always something off with you with all the violence and insults you always make towards others here who have been respectful. ”

    “This article is pointed at that deep hatred you have on that “Assault” (BLACK) color. It is obvious it is the COLOR because you don’t even know what a “Military ASSAULT RIFLE” is other than it is “Assault” (BLACK) color type. Let it out, late the hate flow from you to those rifle DARKIES that you loath so much.”

    ” I am sorry I don’t talk to those who are racist against “assaults” (Blacks) color like you. You really don’t have too much ground to talk about integrity. Maybe you should go back on race hating those evil “Assault” (Black) colored things again.”

  84. nothanksfuckemails@fuckemails.fuck.fu.ck.com' it's a hoax dude says:

    Toby, you did nothing to address the points I raised. His story lacks the kinds of information that would expose who was behind it, which indicates that his story is probably a fabrication. Whatever gave you the idea that some random comment by some random weirdo was evidence of a big conspiracy? Dude, get a grip.

    You should be asking yourself why this article doesn’t have the key information required in order to find out who was responsible, not using bizarre quotes from some random nut. Her ranting is utterly irrelevant, you see? Crazy rantings do not make a shill, know what I mean? You could make some crazy rant, it wouldn’t make you a shill just for that.

    You are coming across as paranoid however. You are claiming that Wanda is not just a nut but a paid nut, paid by presumably the same people this article is referring to. That is not at all backed up by any evidence, but then considering how little skepticism you have shown for this article I guess I shouldn’t expect you to have any respect for evidence in the first place.

    Let me be frank. I don`t care what Wanda or any other random weirdo on the internet said. I care about a story like this being backed up by the relevant facts. All this guy has to do is give an address and a date, its that simple. Not giving out that information prevents anyone from finding out who is responsible for the shills, but you don`t seem to care about finding out who they are.

    Hey, you know what.. that might be the kind of behavior one would expect of a shill! You are trying to change the topic from relevant things to crazy rants, after all. I`m pointing out obvious things here and all you have is rants about some weirdo named Wanda.

    Ask yourself why someone would write this and then not give the slightest information to truly expose the people. No address, no dates, nobody gets named. I hope you actually care about this enough to want names and dates and locations. Expose them if the story is true. If the story is fake then expose that too.

    • seilertechco@yahoo.com' Toby says:

      You have a lot of credibility asking for details when you don’t even use your name. Perhaps you didn’t read the article since it says he didn’t really even know who he was working for. What, you don’t think a lot of campain contributions go to this type of deception? Take your head out of the sand “dude”. If you do a bit of research, there is a lot more that confims this has become a common practice. One can hire an internet whore for about any purpose…all it takes is money.

      • nothanksfuckemails@fuckem.fuck.fu.ck.com' it's a hoax dude says:

        Toby, if he has the address and the date a public record search as well as asking questions of the landlord would be a way to determine who was renting the place. I don’t get why you would ignore that. Are you saying that unless I use my real name my questions don’t matter? Bull. You should do some research. Take your head out of the sand. This story is completely unreliable because ANYONE who wanted to expose them would have given out that information. It’s a hoax, smarten up.

        Do you see my denying that there are paid shills on the internet? No. I am asking for the kinds of information required to track down who these people are and you trot out some nonsense and then come back at me for wanting to know who these people are. You aren’t being rational. If you want to know who is behind these shills you should be asking for the date and location of the place of employment. You are not, so you don’t really want to know who these people are…. or if you do, you sure are going about it wrong.

        Smarten up. The story is a hoax. If you really care about this you would be asking some questions, so you don’t. You want to accept these claims even when they are fake, so you don’t care about the truth.

        Ask this hoaxer for the dates of employment. The address he worked at. A simple online record search ought to show what company paid the rent. Another record search will show who owned that company.

        The fact that you don’t want to know those things would indicate, to a more paranoid person, that you might be a shill trying to hide the identity of the shills. Why else would you try to derail honest inquiry? See my point? You are acting as if you were one of the people you want to expose.

        Smarten up. Ask the obvious questions. If you take all of this crap at face value you will be tricked again and again and again.

        • seilertechco@yahoo.com' Toby says:

          I don’t care if you don’t believe it. I do and so do a lot of others. And the examples I gave fit the profile exactly. Additional research has given me a lot more information, but there is no reason to post it here.

          I think you are extremely foolish to think that this is not happening and that it can be destructive and a distraction from real and beneficial discussion.

          Honest inquiry???…no “dude”, you seem bent on insulting me.

          So no, I don’t see your point.

          • fuckemailsfuckemall@fuckem.fuck.fu.ck.com' it's a hoax dude says:

            There is no reason to post additional research exposing paid shills online? Really? You have more information but there is “no reason” to post it? Are you now claiming to be able to expose more shills but unwilling to do so?

            Bull. That is a total lie. If you care as much as you are pretending you will expose those shills every single chance you get. Instead, you just make stuff up. If you care at all about this you would be asking for the sort of information that could be used to expose them for what they are. An address, a date. How hard is that for an honest person to provide?

            Are you even reading my comments? I have said that there are internet shills and that I want to expose them by having this author present the kinds of information that people can use to expose them. Are you seriously unable to comprehend that?

            If you have information, expose it. If you don’t, stop lying about it. You come across like some guy pretending to have proof of Bigfoot but hey, it just isn’t worth showing that proof. That isn’t the kind of con job that will go unchallenged.

            Your attitude is so detached from reality that I don’t expect any rational response. If you can pull your head out of your rectum long enough to accept that people who want to actually do something about this could use the address and date to expose the shills if this particular story is true then you really ought to get off the internet and into kindergarten, because little kids show more integrity than you have shown.

            You don’t care about exposing them at all. If you did you would ask for the information required in order to, you know, expose them. Don’t you think there are groups online that would love to have a way to expose them? Don’t you think they would love to have an address and date, a starting point to expose the company behind this story? You are out of your mind if you can’t figure out how important that would be.

            Don’t come back with a lie, don’t pretend not to get my point. Only the stupidest people wouldn’t understand my point by now.

          • Alcyone says:

            The article itself is completely unverifiable. To play devil’s advocate, this could be a guy with something heavy on his conscience that he wanted to get off, but was not willing or able to go further to actually expose these people for fear of retaliation. Then again, it could all be complete BS.

            The value of this article is that it illustrates how an operation like this could work. Most who have researched controversial topics of any sort online has encountered these people at some point or another. I view this article as a useful internet exercise in how an operation like this might be executed.

            Just my $.02.

            – Alcyone @CLN

          • seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

            I’ve dealt with this issue long enough… believe whatever you want, I really don’t care.

  85. Cinbrewer@yandex.com' Cynthia Marie Brewer says:

    Weather or not this is true is irrelevant. It happens time and again. There are absolutely trolls making every attempt to destroy the credibility of people injured by the programmers of the system.

  86. monkey@m4.cn' monkey says:

    that would explain why there are so many anti-China comments all over the internet

    • bon@net.com' Bonnie says:


      And they should be!, China is a vile Communist country!

      • That’s a bit harsh. The majority of the Chinese population are decent, ordinary folk like you and me, who just happen to be living in a vile Communist country.

        • seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

          I won’t go near that far… in describing China, as a “vile” Communist country. Their leader has stated a peaceful policy is desired and I hope that his wife will keep him happy.

          The traitors seem to be our own government that have sold us bogus, self serving policy, saying that we can be “consumers” and not producers and the magical FED monetary system would accommodate it. China is doing what is in China’s best interest, but to call it vile, is too harsh and not accurate, I believe.

          I would suggest modest, low import tariffs to balance some of the effects that our government supported move of production to China has upon our “former” employed, however!

          AND…I support the “American Anti-Corruption Act” to prosecute those who choose money and power over public office duty.

  87. orphia.nay@gmail.com' Orphia Nay says:

    ATS moved the “I was a paid internet shill” topic to their ‘worse than hoax’ subforum, “Ludicrous Online Lies [LOL]” subforum:


    The OP has been edited to say, “Thread is close and hoaxed. The author admitted in a private exchange that the entire story was fabricated.”

    Time to update the CLN article.

    • silertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

      Your right Ed, most are not in the same power circles nor have the same wealth as the Zionists who do have such “control”. Like Rothchildren, Bernanke and the FED (and many others as the author in your article clearly recognises).

      Perhaps I would never have even noticed or began research until I found my stolen steel materials at a local scrap company and had a couple of other business dealings with the owner. He was able to keep most of it and profit from my loss, whereupon I realised the greed he displayed and little caring for those with much less. No, he lives in a mansion, his family each has significant wealth on display. His daughter has a few Cadilacs (she gets a new one each time her hubby is found in bed with another woman). They care only about themselves and exhibit extreme greed.

      I realise there are many who are even worse off than I, but not in my small community (that I know of). Instead I see greed and profit from my loss.

      Perhaps if you read the Protocols and some of the writings of “True Torah Jews” we could have an educated discussion, rather than just your snipe at me. Truth is, many innocent Jewish persons suffered greatly that had nothing to do with what some of their leaders did. Google “The Zionist Role in Causing WWII” and read the unsanitized history, if you dare.

      Never have I advocated anything but educating oneself to public sentiment that existed before both WWI and II. Because without such education, like simply dismissing a growing public sentiment as “anti-semite”, we are much more likely to repeat history than avoid it peacefully and for mutual benefit.

      FYI, I regularly stand against hipocracy in my (former) Christian church, where wrongdoing is part of the elders culture…and have paid a significant price for it.

  88. Al3arabian@gmail.com' An Arab says:

    How do we know there aren’t shills right now trying to derail the focus of the readers from the article in the comment section? Ive always known of such a manipulation and frankly it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing these shills can do to hide the truth. Their efforts are vein.

    • queer4ever@yahoo.com' An Arab's Arab AND A Jew's Jew 2 says:

      Of course, the ex-shill is STILL a shill. Still ‘Pro-Israel’. She, he & it are merely a double agent now. Pay packet increased; NOW this shill lies and inverts lies to cover up lies. ‘Pro-Israel’? Ha ha. Not even many Israelis are Pro-Israel any more, that’s mostly left to the Shills.
      Death to ALL Nations AND the NWO, let’s get back to wandering and being nomads, like all the great, old time Arabs & Jews! And lettuce Walkabout like the great, Australian Aboriginal…

  89. invincible.macedon@gmail.com' Al P says:

    The attempts to deny the reality that this story represents is part of the agenda. A story like this weaken the effort to manipulate public opinion. All one needs to do to verify the veracity of this story is read the comments posted by obvious Pakistani agents in virtually every Indian news site.

    Not only are they flooded with shrills the media sources themselves, be it cnn, yahoo, TOI, etc all delete reasonable comments and allow outrageous posts calling for murder and debasing Indian society in general

    • seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

      Yes Al P, you are exactly right. They have much more effect than people want to believe. I disagree An Arab, that their efforts are in “vein”. They derail so many discussions that truth can be hard to discern, even when one knows they are shills.

      Discussing this issue and exposing them has me banned from the site that claims “largest site for healthy and green living” called Care2. It’s not only the paid shills, the site owners are part of it.

    • queer4ever@yahoo.com' An Arab's Arab AND A Jew's Jew 2 says:

      You are a little correct, the rest is your paranoia. You MAY just have a Pakistani sympathetic moderator, but I doubt even that. You have merely forgotten that India is a terrible country, like most or all countries (are terrible).

  90. info@bedbug911.ca' Jim says:

    Whats this talk about wasps? Someone please call pest control to moderate the comment section…

  91. shellytheproducer@yahoo.com' shelly says:

    this may constitute further proof of the operations and their origins:


  92. rhondastull@gmail.com' Rhonda says:

    It’s in reality a great and helpful piece of info. I’m
    happy that you simply shared this helpful info with
    us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  93. Roy_Andrade@gmail.com' gay forum says:

    That dude sounds about as much fun as a wet raccoon trapped in an outhouse.

  94. drudge@gmail.com' cyan says:

    There are a lot of shills in the indie game market. Apple has legions of shills at its disposal.

  95. merciajew@yahoo.com' Steven Giles says:

    “The OP has been edited to say, “Thread is close and hoaxed. The author admitted in a private exchange that the entire story was fabricated.”

    Ok, so does someone want to just highlight that?

  96. Ke6wnh@verizon.net' Marty says:

    Thus online shill stuff might explain why we never see any negative reviews of online dating services… think about it, they’re run by people whose purpose in life is to rob lonely people.

  97. harrisonmegan7@gmail.com' megtronic says:

    I totally agree!!!

  98. macekiplacki@o2.pl' macek677:YT says:

    Interned is flooded with those shills. Forums, chat rooms, even more ‘distant’ web sites.
    Now we know why they need NSA, GCHQ and so like. They are mining metadata which is our psychological background. That can be sold or rather provided for those shills to work on it. I can prove that I meet shills even in online computer games. Why do you think NSA has their employers in most popular games like World of Warcraft? Now we know. Data mining.

    In my opinion this went too far. There is no way to take back control of the internet. How about starting to ‘pack up’ slowly and moving on, leaving it behind? I’m already working on that.

  99. veksMURDERFACE@gmail.com' disturbin'thebe@st says:

    Woww. Came into this article a little late, read all the comments. Again, Woww. What a mess!
    We read in Daniel where it is told to us that the TRUTH will be stamped to the ground. I’m guessing that the “shills” are playing a role in this, whether they know it or not. I prefer to call them “trolls”. ..
    Most are easily spotted (for me), some have slightly more talent than others…
    Although the article might be completely made up, the information was indeed highly accurate, based on my experience. Kinda like Orwell’s, 1984 book or something. Storybook, but absolutely real. It’s insane.
    All I’m saying is this. Keep in mind that part of the illuminati plan is to SLOWLY leak this information out until it becomes common knowledge so that by the time a real major event comes along (by their hands of course) the people are callous to it and it quickly becomes a thing of the past. And with despotism on the rise, they are sure to get even bolder, and even quicker.
    They would love nothing more than to keep us in the dark until they’ve converted or killed us, one of the two…
    These are children of the night and darkness. Not children of the light or day. ..
    I can’t say ii really even blame them. I pray for them.
    They serve their father the Devil, and ii operate under the authority of my Father YHVH.

    It bothers me when ii see good Christians falling for the schemes of the trolls.
    Bickering back and forth, trying to disprove them or cast judgements. Trying to slam them with the full on meat of the word when they are yet babes and can hardly handle the milk.
    The only way they will ever get to know the real love of YHVH, is if WE show it to them unconditionally as HE continually shows us.
    Then, maybe, they might decide to give that guy EMMANUEL a try for once.
    Yes ii know, we call Him Jesus too… sometimes.

  100. Cet article est vraiment rempli de conseils

  101. murinarpanterac03@gmail.com' The Anonymous Patriot says:

    Well aren’t you just the complex communist idiot though?
    Thanks for the screen shot by the way.

  102. jarnold0607@yahoo.com' jay says:

    Nothing in this article is surprising. Anyone who actually took the position of believing in any of the fabricated non – sense I set out to debunk at every turn, including my first was and is a fool. My only regret is that the nonsense continues and you all are OK with it. My position of Not sacrificing liberty for false security has been consistent since before I volunteered to help my fellow citizens.
    My cause is and remains nnoble paid informants and propagandist are enemy’s of the State and our Constitution.

  103. sirius.1111@yahoo.com' eevie says:

    Yes, i know. I have fought you and others of your ilk for many years now. I do not stop, i do not give up and i will see all you bastards pay for the lies. Support Israel……the lying murderous fucks that have ruined the planet with their greed, hate and avarice. They are evil. Do you see where you stand with people like me…..We take down your sort every day….every nite…..I use my milab abilities against traitorous fucks like you every day, every nite. We do not stop. Do you hear me…..Confessions mean nothing to us.

  104. sirius.1111@yahoo.com' eevie says:

    I posted on the story and my experiences with these damn shills and it never posted.

  105. sirius.1111@yahoo.com' eevie says:

    ahh there it is…finally…..=)

  106. sagejordan13@gmail.com' TemplarJLS says:

    Yes, and I’m a lion who’s running Windows 10 with a 8 Terabyte per second internet connection. I’m a former CIA agent tasked with the job to hide our aliens, called the Daleks, and stop them from taking over the earth. We’ve been doing this for 10,000 years.

    See how easy it is to make claims like this?

  107. paula.@gmail.com' Paula says:

    If you are able to click on the person’s profile, like Facebook, you will see that most of them don’t have a real profile picture and if you look at their friends, most of their friends don’t have profile pictures either.

  108. jjwalach@hotmail.com' jan says:

    this article doesn’t make much sense. Why would you need to fake support for Israel in USA?
    If that was done in Arab world or in Russia I can understand, they’re anti-Israel but in USA?
    Give me a break, it is like faking american who supports USA. Most of people in US understand that Israel is America of Middle East. C’mon.

    • seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

      Because if the Talmud teaches these things, we have good reason to be understand the religion that says:

      “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)
      “‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)
      “What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

      What, you expect us to believe you have the USA and it’s large non Jewish population, a large Christian population that take offense to these teachings about Christ and gentiles, in your best interest…NO WAY.

  109. People accuse Israel and Jews of making the world
    a worser place, but, I just don’t see it. In fact, I see the opposite. It’s kind of uncanny the way I very naturally dislike Israel’s and Jew’s enemies, and naturally like and respect Israeli’s and Jew’s for their hard work and moral characteristics. Israel and Jews make the world a better place as far as I can tell, and their critics are the people who make things worse.


    • seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

      That natural dislike is because you are a fool and do not understand Jesus teachings…or who killed him and why.

  110. poopy@poopypants.com' Poopy says:

    Lol.. you are a shill… writing a comment about an ex shill… I cant stop laughing

  111. aburnett63@gmail.com' strummer says:

    ‘And I know you are a good writer,’ What gave her that idea?

  112. KJH86xr@wavecable.com' TheBigOne says:

    While some may say we are having *corny* capitalism we haven’t really had any capitalism since the 1930s where competition was encouraged rather then one company owning it all!

    Due to agreements stemming from both WW1 and 2 US Government and private business the lines have been more and more blurred.

    So in a way we really do have broken capitalism shattered to a zillion pieces but not because of what you think!

  113. KJH86xr@wavecable.com' TheBigOne says:

    In fact it is not over yet! Those pieces of free market are being broken into more microscopic pieces which nobody is bothering to clean up.

    • seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

      Estimated 10,000 Israel “students” are being paid $2000 cash grant for spending 5 hours a week on social media doing shilling for Israel. Britain said hiring 600 regular army for internet social media.

      More shills than real people…that is the goal. And direct the conversations or distract them, so individual voices are not heard.

  114. splintered_man@hotmail.com' james says:

    Selling to tons of shills…get a few people to read and repeat is the ultimate

  115. morgan.dask@hotmail.co.uk' Novak says:

    Without names, phone numbers, address or any other form of identification, this is just a poorly written espionage story.

  116. amandaliberty76@yahoo.com' AL says:

    I don’t know why, but I find this subject absolutely fascinating! Please, please if there is an internet troll desperate for money reading this right now.. Please write a tell all book. I will so– order that shit on Amazon.

  117. commonsense@aol.com' H. Munster says:

    So, you quit your job as a shill for israel? Sounds like your still a shill, now your just a shill for the marxist/progressive/LGBT crowd. Sorry for your luck.

    • genecorpus@yahoo.com' genecorpus says:

      yes I do agree with you….I believe this story is actually designed on purpose by the anti Semites….and the leftist who are generally the same people…..to psychologically make people go against israel subliminally as a reverse psychological strategy……to give israel a bad name….yes this is very clever….but only those who truly have the truth living in them can see right through the smoke screens…and clever deceptions……

      what this person just did was sacrifice their own secret strategy by telling us that this is the very strategy they use…..but revered the origin of using israel while in fact it is the very opposite…….

      it is very obvious that the people behind this clever scheme are the liberals….and the muslims…….

      • seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

        Gene, is having a discussion of what is being said about Talmudic teachings… the hate and loathing of Christ and Christians…. too “anti-semite? Because it seems all of us should be paying attention and understand basics of every serious religious teaching. I do see why you would not want them to know, as the Talmud, if Rense and many others are correctly interpreting, explains it begins with Christ boiling in excrement in hell for eternity and goes downhill from there. Like the Charlie parody that has Christ on the cross in a vat of urine…that is called “free speech”. It’s okay…they similarly insult Muslims.

        I look at the fruits of the middle east wars, clearly pushed by Israel, the Jewish state, and see Christians being subject to genocide in EVERY country we have participated in the “7 country in 5 year” plan. 5 of which we have destroyed secular society and replaced it with Sharia law.

        I say to myself…WTF…this is not for America, it is for Jewish Israel to expand their (religious) control and by making chaos, killing and EXPANDING religious wars (war on terror) everyplace. No thanks to intentionally destroying all middle east secular society and making mayhem for Israel, the Jewish state that apparently hates Christians. Go to youtube and watch how Jews treat Christians in Israel (away from the tourist traps).

        So yes, I think my tax money is used to fund propaganda like he describes and even if not real by the author here…is truly happening.

  118. genecorpus@yahoo.com' genecorpus says:

    hey…why is there no editing options here….???

  119. vince1080@y7mail.com' Vince says:

    Ho do we know this is a genuine “ExShill” it could be a Shill doing the ultimate Shill, Shilling while pretending to come clean pretending he regrets having done whatever it is he feels guilty for his dirty little secret if you will?
    I must admit it would be cool if you were a real Shill and got away with this fooling the sheeple again but this time in a Dr Evil kind of way (insert evil laugh) no that laugh should be for him not me anyhoo maybe we are being Shilled people just keep that in mind OR maybe I am the Shill trying to Shill the former now reformed Shill this could get quite confusing and boring so I’ll stop.

    Note – If there are any Shills reading this that need to recruit another Shill I’m up for it. This is a real email address … totalbs35@gmail.com … its a throw away account for obvious reasons but please use it as I am genuinely interested. The reason I don’t feel bad about this or think its a crime is you’re basically trolling but on a professional basis and you would be fighting for a cause that someone deemed important enough to have this done, whoever funds these operations (if its at all true) must be well organised and feel passionately about a certain topic to put hard cash out for their cause so I doubt it would be about something frivolous or detrimental to an individual or group of people that wouldn’t make any sense. Speaking of the West Bank any Grammar Nazi’s back off I’m half asleep as I write this.

  120. idontgiveadamn@bitme.com' Kek says:

    How do I become a shill? I really want to get paid.

  121. anneonetruth@gmail.com' AnneTruthe says:

    I’m really not convinced that this article in itself isn’t propaganda. I knew people were doing this because I have spent 1,000’s of hours counteracting this bullfeces with truth. Here’s the thing. I used to let this stuff get to me but now it only gets to me a little. I could care less about the propaganda. I care much much more about the people who are being hurt by it. I am a Christian and I am PROUD TO LOVE GOD. I think it is important for readers to know that all of these things that are going on in the world right now are in biblical prophecy. Although I keep most of my commandments as much as any human being is able the thing I find the most important right now is telling the world about prophecy and about God and about the wars and threats to the 1st amendment because that is what is next. I care sooooo much about people it hearts my very soul. I am literally crying right now just thinking of all the people out there that have no idea what is coming next. My prayer from the bottom of my heart for everyone Christians and atheists alike….Please make sure you seek the truth at all times, if you don’t believe in God you owe to yourselves to find out for yourselves. Don’t go by a blog post, don’t go by what your parents have told you, don’t go by wise tales or he said she said. Go seek the truth for yourselves please. Hard times are ahead and if you don’t know what’s coming there is no way you can be safe. No I am not a nutball. I own my own company, I have a normal life, I am not a racist or a bigot, I don’t care about your sexuality or the kind of music you listen too, none of the above. I used to be a hardcore atheist and now I am not so I understand both sides. I know God is real and I will always and forever until the end comes pray that everyone will find the truth. The REAL truth. If you are in fact looking for God other than prayer which you can do on your own at any time any place no matter who you are I can also share a link with you. If your interested please reply. I will not just post it because I do not want to come off as forcing my views on someone but I am happy to share this resource with anyone who wants it.

    • jairhartog.export@live.com' Jerry says:

      So were does one find the truth with all the shills out there…?

      • seilertechco@yahoo.com' tjoe says:

        Veterans Today, Consortium News, Russia Today, Russian Insider to start with….although they all get hit by the propagandists in the comments so look behind the curtain when possible. Remember a wise saying;

        “While their hatred may be concealed by trickery, their wrongdoing will be exposed in public” and
        “A lying tongue hates its victims’

  122. trigon62@yahoo.com' Dave says:

    Take a guess who funds these pro-Israel,propaganda boiler rooms (as if we aren’t force fed enough of these lies)?
    The US tax payers!
    No longer will any comments supportive of Israel be considered authentic.

  123. These paid shills are mentally handicapped, and no one should fear putting them in their place.

    They don’t have the truth of right on their side.

    All they have is childish schoolyard bully tactics.
    They use name calling and insults because they don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Not one of them can win an argument.
    So, if you are bored and want to have some fun, enjoy kicking their asses.
    I do!

  124. illuminatidevilchurch@gmail.com' James Smith says:

    BENEFIT… We want you to know the initiation items which will be use to initiate you will cost you $150USD okay immediately you pay for
    the items we will get them and proceed immediately with your
    initiation into the Illuminate 

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    Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD $19,000.00 A Dream House bought in the
    country of your own choice One Month holiday (fully paid) to your
    dream tourist destination. One year Golf Membership package A V.I.P
    treatment in all Airports in the World A total Lifestyle change Access
    to Bohemian Grove One Month booked Appointment with Top 5 world
    Leaders and Top 5 Celebrities in the bWorld. your speed and adequate
    quick response is needed

  125. nflfan1980@yahoo.com' Billy says:

    I would just like to say that I have seen tons shills all around yahoo and YouTube. They are like cockroaches waiting for the lights to go off. Both those sites I believe to be run by shills and those who do not believe in free speech. Yes they write articles and let videos be posted, but the manipulation of views, comments and thumbs up are obvious.

    The whole flat earth topic is a prime example. Just look into that and watch the fireworks fly! I have done so much research on it and I can’t say for sure what its shape is 100 percent. What I can do and all of you should do as well, is to use capable thought reasoning and question everything. Let me ask you something? MANY of the Native American tribes believed the earth was disc shaped, why do you discredit them? Because they didn’t believe in made up math equations? Do some research on what the man who pretty much invented every single piece of technology we use today had to say about Einstein, gravity and relativity. His name was Nikola Tesla. He basically called it all hogwash!

    So many people on here arguing about Israel, about Christianity versus Judaism. Based on my research, let’s just say that I am not a big fan of Israel. I live in the U.S. We give Israel so much money and for what? Estimates are around 3 billion a year going back a long time. That money could have cured so many problems that we have in OUR OWN country, it is quite easy to see who really runs our government. Tick, tock,tick,tock,tick,tock…

    Last but not least, in my studies I have also come to the conclusion that the people controlling us go WAY back. Secret Societies have written The Bible, both old and new testaments, the Torah and Talmud and even the Koran. Full well knowing what would happen. Please don’t be afraid to read the book, “The Christ Conspiracy.” Every Christian should do so. I was raised in the faith and saw many inconsistencies myself. That book was the final nail in the coffin for me, Jesus the man never existed and the Jewish faith is also just stories indeed. All based off of old re-hashed stories from Sumeria, India, Egypt and even Roman folklore. The Koran is just so easy to see thru. Even if that book (TCC) was written by Satan himself, you CANNOT deny the mounds of information it brings up on the subject. The woman who wrote it knows more about the Bible than any priest or person I have ever read or met, and I have been studying for a long time. READ IT!

    Ask yourself, if the “illuminated” ones who rule the world and have access to all the ancient scriptures, original versions of the Bible under the Vatican and all that, then they must know Jesus is real? Why would they risk a few measly years of life on earth with wealth and power for certain eternal damnation?

    Nikola Tesla wrote much about the aether. That is where we all come from, where everything comes from. I do believe in God! The God of Good! The God of pure energy. We are ALL sons and daughters of God. I believe that those who are truly evil will have their energies completely wiped out when the time comes.

    To the rest of you, SEE YOU IN THE AETHER!
    signed, “self illuminated”

  126. siezines@gmail.com' Ann says:

    You know Palestinians do not have to pay anyone to be on their side. Something to think about.

  127. alphabeta@hotmail.com' Ralph says:

    I think the ridiculous part is that there are plenty of people who will do this kind of stuff without getting paid for it.

  128. m_saulys@yahoo.com' Mark Saulys says:

    That business about the author admitting the story was a hoax in a “private exchange” is a likely story. Or maybe they black mailed him but they probably couldn’t get him to issue a retraction so they’re just saying that.

  129. m_saulys@yahoo.com' Mark Saulys says:

    Of course, it’s a hoax, that NEVER happens!

  130. m_saulys@yahoo.com' Mark Saulys says:


  131. edwardjohninc@gmail.com' Edward says:

    My b.s. meter pegged out when I got to the part about “bonuses” being paid to convert ‘hostile’ posters to ‘friendly’… Come on. It would be really easy to make unlimited cash if any such payscale agreemenr was struck. So.. I did not continue reading. If this was a legit story, then this guy is an idiot for not quadrupling his pay before quitting.

  132. Sheila.texeira@yahoo.com' Sheila says:

    I want a job like this. Can you send me info?

  133. fgrodgers@hotmail.com' Frankie says:

    So you didn’t write this as a thinly veiled way of making Israel look shady then. I think you did and that you are an unpaid, not very effective anti Israel shill working under your own steam and with your own misplaced sense of being a political justice warrior.

  134. shameonyoushill@mailinator.com' shameonmeshameonyou says:

    Damn shill, I don’t get it for whom you are writing for…

  135. seilertechco@yahoo.com' toby says:

    A very informative site for the non-believer. Unfortunately Obama has his mouth full of Nat dong.

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