New Footage Shows Gorilla Holding Hands With 3-Yo Before Being Killed [Watch]

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Amanda Froelich | True Activist

By now, everyone has heard about Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla who was shot and killed on Saturday after a 3-year-old toddler fell into the exhibit. After much debate, zookeepers chose to execute the silverback ape because he was reportedly being violent toward the toddler.

What the media failed to share, however, was that the 400-pound gorilla was attempting to care for the young boy. As True Activist reported yesterday, Harambe pulled up the boy’s pants before dragging him away from the shouting and screaming crowd, likely frightened and/or agitated by the ruckus.

Now, a new video has surfaced showing that Harambe was also holding the boy’s hand prior to being shot.

Enraged activist are demanding that the boy’s parents be held accountable for the death of the gorilla. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also criticized the zoo’s lack of a second protective barrier around the gorilla exhibit.


Is this more evidence that zoos should be shut down completely?

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498 Reader Comments

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  1. Poor Amusement animal life of confined existence . Only fed for amusement of the paying customer.

  2. When I watched the video the gorilla seemed to be trying to protect the little boy. He could have easily killed that child with one blow, but it looked to me like he was trying to help him, not hurt him. It’s sad that Harambe had to die.

    • Eves Tangy Eves Tangy says:

      I agree. I thought the same when I watched the video.

    • I wish zoos didn’t exist.?

    • Mikkia-lyn Michelle I think they are alright when they are rescuing animals from certain death, but to have animals breed & then give birth to babies in captivity & then for them to grow up & die in captivity isn’t right.

    • Saadiqah Cynthia Scherr I completely agree there!

    • Looked that way. No way of knowing for sure, though, right?

    • And why are animals still be captured and caged for human entertainment? When do we progress?

    • and this is why people who dont’ know anything about gorillas should not make comments like this. Gorillas are known for sizing things up to make sense of what it is before deciding whether to attack or not. That fact alone is reason enough to be concerned for the child. As unfortunate as it is the right decision was made. Sad but true 🙁

      •' Mark says:

        Actually, I know plenty about gorillas. I’ve been studying them up close and personal for more than thirty years. Children have fallen into gorilla domains in the past and never has a gorilla harmed the child, but in many cases actually aided the child. After watching this video many times it was obvious to me that Harambe meant no harm to that child and only became agitated because of the crowd. This was a senseless killing. The zoo (unlike most others with great apes) was not prepared for such an incident, despite it’s reputation. No fire hoses were in place (to which most other zoos would have used as a deterrent.) also, candy, food, toys could have been thrown in to get the gorilla away long enough to use a tranquilizer. Gorilla keepers were coming up with a plan but the zoo “official” called for a shot instead. A typical zoo official usually has no actual life time experience with animals and are all about the bottom dollar. Fearing a lawsuit made them pull that trigger.

    • Why not sedate him instead of killing him ?

    • Julie Dawn Gillett sedation isn’t instantaneous…shooting him with a tranquilizer would give him enough time to freak out and accidentally injure/kill the boy or fall on the kid, crushing/drowning him to death. Harambe could have also drowned himself. The right decision was made, as sad and tragic as it was. A woman who worked with gorillas wrote a great FB post about this. The boy was likely going to die, despite any hand holding that went on. Harambe was whipping him around in between calm hand holding, he was not being gentle. Or perhaps he was being as gentle as a 400-lb gorilla with the strength of 10 men could be. Sad. Perhaps we should work on banning zoos or zoos should forego the unrestricted views in favour of enclosures built to keep people out.

    • Agree with you Peter Hodor Jones and Chantel Winney

    • i don’t think so the gorilla try to protect the kid. If you can see in the videos it shows how the gorilla drag that boy 3x ah.

      •' Mark says:

        He had a hold of the kid and though it looked fast and furious, gorillas are very careful especially with young ones. The fact that the child was holding his arm, not crying and not even afraid tells the whole story. The only reason the gorilla fled with the child as he did was because the overwhelming crowd upset him. After the gorilla brought the child up the cliff he sat in front of him and was checking him over – thats when the zoo took their shot.

    • Julie Dawn Gillett sedate takes minutes , you can’t save the life of a kid.

    • Billions of people. Endangered gorilla. The answer for me is simple.

    • Are you f ing kidding with that comment ? Billions of people BUT that was a 4 year old boy. WTF lady, are you for real ?

    •' Scott Bevilacqua says:

      I don’t think that gorilla knew that if he dragged him though water he could have hit the babies head on a rock or broke bones or kill him .thats why killed the gorilla .they knew he was really trying to be gentle to the child ..But who knows what would have happened if they let it continue .why take that chance after dragging him that way.

    • If one more person ask why they didn’t sedate him!!!

      •' Mark says:

        Actually they could have sedated him by throwing a distraction in there. food, candy, toys, fire hoses, get him away from the child and then hit him with a sedative would have worked. Also, they could have put some in yogurt, fruit, a drink and threw it out to him and he would have drifted slowly into a relaxed state, enough for a gorilla handler to go and get the child. They DID have time, the gorilla wasn’t going to hurt that child, especially once he was atop near his enclosure door where they took the shot. The truth is – the zoo was totally unprepared for this type of incident. Others zoos has had this happen and the gorillas never harmed the child.

    • What is your simple answer Lanie Lovey LaRoux. Because you sound very simple minded!!!

    • Lanie Lovey LaRoux Fucking idiot.

    • You said what? Dragging of that little boy, does the gorilla cuddle in that manner? Think again Saadikah Cynthia scherr had it been your child , relative or brother .

    • Francine Llerena if that were her little boy she would be singing different tune

    • Avari Bass Avari Bass says:

      Lol billions of people, Endangered gorilla your answer pretty simple? Lanie Lovey LaRoux well shit do us all a favor along with the rest of the people that think like that and decrease the numbers by removing yourselves. No? Ok, thought so quite down with that ignorant mess (y)

    • Better the animal than The child.

    • Lanie Lovey LaRoux you’re terrible to say that. Shame on you

    • You people need to lose the anthropocentric views. Any member of an endangered species is more valuable than a 4 year old human with shitty parents..

  3. Chelsea Campos..Haley Haley Rose

  4. Omg. Omg. OMG

    Fynelle Fristoe

  5. Animal imprisonment needs to stop!

  6. Nic Smith Nic Smith says:

    Tear tear… It’s code for all zoos with dangerous animals because tranquilizers take too long to work. The media just posts this stuff to evoke an emotional response for things that will never change. Desensitizing people to change things in their lives.

  7. I would choose to take the life of an animal over the life of a child any day. I believe they done the best that could be done in that situation. I don’t hate the keepers or the mum. It is a tragic accident. The mum probably took her eyes off him for a second or two. Especially if she had other children to look after as well. I know my toddler can run like the wind if he wants to. Fact is the zoo should’ve had better fences around the enclosure to prevent it happening.

    • Why choose an animal over a human?

    • Vincent Bentivegna because I have children

    • If it was a rapist or terrorist then let it kill them but not a child!!!!

    • What would u want to happen if that had been your child?

      •' Mark says:

        I would have let the gorilla handle him until someone could get to him. I know gorillas up close and personal. and I know for a fact that even a male silverback would not have harmed the child. This has happened in other zoos and the gorillas never harmed the child. Quite actually, a gorilla, even a male, would take better care of that child probably more so than his so called parents. Harembe had that child for ten minutes and there were absolutely no injuries to the child except for the few bumps and bruises he got when he initially fell into the pit. If the gorilla wanted to hurt the child he had ten minutes to do it, and it wasn’t happening. a few more minutes would have all been need to coax him away from the child with food, candy, etc – fire hoses – and then sedate him while away from the child. Gorillas have a bad rep because of movies and comic books and tv but the fact is no human being has ever been killed by a gorilla, ever. The fact is – Everyone screams horror, danger, over the gorilla, but a common house dog is more apt to do harm or even kill a child than a gorilla.

    • I think you may have worded your comment incorrectly. It looks like you are saying you’d chose to have the animal live over the child.

    • Christina Irvin haha. Yep i see it now! You can see what I mean from the rest of the comment though. Thanks for pointing it out. ?

    • The gorillas life is inherently more valuable in my eyes. There are plenty of kids who’s parents don’t watch them or take care of them, who grow up and commit crimes etc… This gorilla is of an endangered species. Should have used a tranquilizer or just hoped for the best. If anyone deserved to die it was the boy, at the fault of his parents. Not an innocent gorilla.

    • Amber Lyn Amber Lyn says:

      That kid should not have been able to get in that area at all it’s the Zoo’s fault. The Animal most likely would have killed that child.


      •' Mark says:

        Do you see children playing around common house dogs? Well I know for a fact that dog have harmed and kill children – there has never been a case of a gorilla killing anyone, ever. Kids have fallen into gorilla enclosures before and the gorillas never harmed the children. In fact in some case they aided them. Gorillas a gentle-natured vegetarians and Harambe probably would have done a better job taking care of that little boy than his obviously defunct parents. The only reason he became upset at all was because of the crowd. Once he was atop near his enclosure he simply groomed and examined the boy. The child was even holding his arm. Not crying, not afraid at all. The gorilla had ten whole minutes to harm that child and he didn’t. Not a scratch. The only injuries were bumps and bruises from the fall into the pit. I can only imagine the horror of that child when his big hairy protector was suddenly killed.

    • Can’t believe your comment Matt Shield! The boy deserved to die?! I hope you aren’t a parent.

    • Sean North Sean North says:

      Christina Irvin no it says i would choose to take the life of an animal over a human

    • Sean North Sean North says:

      Amber Lyn lol animals arent as cruel as people are. wouldve killed the child? how do you know that? you have no clue what youre talking about.

    • The gorilla didn’t do anything wrong; the boy and his parents did. Thus if a life had to be ended, it should have been the boys. The gorilla is more valuable and innocent in this case. Break out of your shell and stop being so anthropocentric. We locked this “beast” in a habitat, and killed it when it for getting to close to an intruder? Yes there need to be better fences… But if parents can’t watch their kids, animals shouldn’t end up dead…

    • I just hope this boy appreciates his life and makes something of it. Doesn’t end up some low life scum. Needs to cure cancer or something to make up for this really.

    • But I guess most of you probably eat dead animals on a daily basis anyways.

    • Taking the child’s life wasn’t on the table. Preserving both lives should have been the priority. End of story. If a life is lost when you’re doing the actual right thing it’s a tragedy. In this case it was murder based on speculation of what could maybe kinda happen if things went just so…

    • Matt Shield what comes round goes round. You should never talk like that.

    • Matt Shield….I am assuming you eat dead humans on a daily basis, right?

    • Brandon Philbrick….check into what the EXPERTS say was actually going on with this animal’s actions instead of assuming that you are some kind of expert that can see what is happening. The people who study these animals know that the boy was not being lovingly cared for by the animal….no matter what your eyes think they watched. It is very inaccurate to assign human attributes to the actions of an animal. That animal is not capable of thinking in human terms as your reasoning seems to imply.

    • Oh I get it Matt Shield….you are on this thread because you think it’s Comedy Hour. You had me going there for minute thinking you were a true nut case…Jeffrey Dalmer-people eating type nut case. No. You are just trying to be a funny funny guy. Big fail.

    • I’ve blocked him as what he says is just troll behaviour.

  8. Does anyone fucking care that there are millions of starving children across the world this very moment dying of disease and famine or if they’re lucky, working in a factory? All of you self righteous assholes need to get off the media bullshit and re-align your fucking perspective before you go talking shit

    • And what do you do to help these children?

    • Megan this one is the pot calling the kettle black. “Self righteous” lol.

    • you sure got the point, I know what you mean and from what you are talking about and I agree what matters that also much children on the whole world starving and die and have to much bad live circumstances, its a big shame! Let us all do more against together, but in this case here I understand that ppl are angry about that fact that something like this here was happend and it was not in need, sure not! Animals dont belong in a zoo and if, than ppl have to searve therfore that a child not can fall in the area from the animals! Ppl dont talking shit here, they say what they think about and that is the right from everyone, the same as you do, but with to scold all ppl out badly and dont behave, you will not make the world a better place! It will change nothing in its fortune, on such a insulting way to offend all ppl here, what will you not make a better human being in any case

    • Hurrr durr my name is paladin gunny I’m obviously a troll account just trying to piss people off because I’m a douchebag and I don’t have shit to do with my time. Go fuck yourself faggot, honestly I don’t give a shit about starving kids when we’re talking about killing endangered species I’m sorry that that logic is just too far of your head I guess you’re just completely fucking retarded.

    • Amanda Philpot, he runs to social media to be a hero here. That’s what he does to help the starving children.

  9. Karen Hart Karen Hart says:

    He was dragging the boy by his hand! They had no choice. Would people really rather watch a video of the boy being torn limb from limb? Because that’s how it COULD have gone down. Of course it’s a shame that a beautiful majestic animal had to lose its life. Maybe we humans should quit putting these beautiful creatures in cages so we can gawk at their suffering? Hmmm

    • You’re absolutely right if that gorilla had wanted to he could have ripped that child in into pieces immediately, but he didn’t. Have you ever seen what a chimpanzee can do to a human being? Because it’s awful they’ll rip your whole face off but harambe didn’t do any of that. Male gorillas don’t watch children in the wild he has no instincts on what to do in this kind of situation and he still stood between the crowd and the boy he dragged the boy away from all those screaming people and as we all know no animal likes to be around people that are yelling. He even goes to the back of the enclosure which is generally where zookeepers feed animals when they live in captivity. Quit making excuses this is a fucking travesty there’s less than 800 silverback gorillas estimated to be left in the wild and we just killed a 17 year old one that could have been bred for no fucking reason except that his shitty parents didn’t watch him, and before you come at me with that bullshit yes I have a kid and I would never ever let him fall into a fucking gorilla enclosure at the zoo because I’m not an idiot. Keep trying to make excuses to justify the killing of this beautiful majestic creature that was in an environment that was supposed to keep him safe. Honestly what the fuck is the point of putting endangered species in zoos if we’re just going to shoot them.

    • The kid deserved to die more than the gorilla. And it is definitely the parents to blame for not watching their son. I still don’t get why a tranquilizer was not used…

    • Sean North Sean North says:

      thats what gorillas do with their young. they drag them like that. that kids life wasnt in danger with that gorilla. but decisions have to be made, whether it was the right 1 or not, thats not for us to decide.

    • Carla Noon Carla Noon says:

      There’s been two other incidents where children fell into gorilla exhibits and both times neither child or gorilla was killed. I think that’s why people are so upset . Also we’ve all seen those space cadet parents that let their children run a muck in public places with no care in the world and this was one of those parents . The parents need to be held accountable for their actions.

    • You have so much hate in your heart. You need love, sorry if you were neglected as a human. I think it is best for you to run into the wild and be free. Play with the Silverbacks, bears, snakes, and wolves. Gosh, this is where you should be to see exactly what love is ???????

      •' Mark says:

        Mitsy, I think you are asleep. Look around you, read a newspaper, a magazine, Look at the internet, read these comments – violence, rape, murder, pollution, devastation, starvation, destruction of everything, greed, torture by the billions! These are humans. These are suppose to be the “enlightened” ones. If you really believe that, then you need to get a cosmic alarm clock and see the truth.

    • Nick Gordon take a bow! That was fantastic! You said it perfectly!

    • Maybe we humans should be more careful with how we live on this planet so others aren’t compelled to destroy habitat of other crestures. Humans are the most destructive and invasive species on this plant. We need to own this and do something about it.

    • Nik Lunar Nik Lunar says:

      How about the zoo keepers, that worked with this animal, paid a little attention to what was frightening Harambe (the crowd above) and eliminated the threat accordingly. O wait, they did eventually remove them, so they could shoot the animal! Why were they able to coax the other 2 females and not be able to coax Harambe…..hmmmm maybe he was scared for himself and for the child that he felt was his duty to protect. If you’re charged with protecting a person, you never leave it.

    • What they cannot control is the crowd screaming and the behaviour of the gorilla. The gorilla was strong he could easily kill the kid intentionally or unintentionally by just simply dragging him around. What could they possibly do other than kill the gorilla to save the boy? You can blame whoever you want but someone’s life was in danger. If the video being shared were about the boy being torn limb from limb, would you say “nice. That’s how it should be”?

    • Matt Shield a tranquilliser was not used because it is not instant. The gorilla quite possibly would’ve gone crazy in that situation. Which is why they shot it dead.

    • Nick Gordon pretty sure mom didn’t ” let” the child in the exhibit. If by accident you ” let” your child in with a 400 lbs gorilla you’d be singing a different song , idiot.

    • Nik Lunar pretty thought out explanation on what a gorilla might be reasoning, except they don’t think like humans. Because it’s an animal!!!!

    • Peva Paul Peva Paul says:

      Let it play out. Darwinism.

      It sounds mean but who’s at fault here…? not the gorilla.

  10. “Harambe dragging the child through the water. This type of behavior is common. Adult gorillas commonly do this to one another and to their offspring, in which case the infant gorilla typically climbs up the adult to avoid the ground. A human child would not know to do this.”

  11. No choice. Had to be done. Enough about this already! Human>Animal.

    • People like you are the worst kind of people. There’s over 7 billion of us there’s estimated to be a little over 800 silverback gorillas left in the wild. Maybe you are okay with the idea of your children growing up in a world where hundreds of species have been wiped out in between you and your child’s life time but I am not.

    • Hahahaha. Sounds like you’ve been pounded up your ass a fee too many time.

    • Vincent, I will always choose a human life. Good post

    • You have so much hate in your heart. You need love, sorry if you were neglected as a human. I think it is best for you to run into the wild and be free. Play with the Silverbacks, bears, snakes, and wolves. Gosh, this is where you should be to see exactly what love is ???????

    • I’m going to laugh when these stupid Republicans elect Trump and your bitch ass is deported back to whatever third world shithole South American country you came from Vincent Bentivegna you’re calling me a faggot lol dude your last name sounds like somebody telling you to bend over to get fucked. Choke on a dick you fucking cunt.

    • Vincent Bentivegna i bet your wife divorced you because she found you sucking like 8 dudes dicks while some big black dude was fucking you in the ass. You can call me if gay all you want cuz I don’t really care lol i guarantee my girl is infinitely hotter than whatever fucking fat ugly mexican bitch thay was dumb enough to have sex with you. I feel bad for your kids it must be really hard to realize at the age of 4 that you’re more intelligent than your father ever will be.

  12. So sick of seeing this. stop, our country is going to hell in a handbasket and we are worried about an ape? Seriously?????????

  13. How sad… Where the f was the parent, honestly it’s the parents fault…they should have shot the parent instead of the gorilla

    • Typical loud mouth dumb ass.

    • I bet it wasn’t the gorilla who pulled the kids in….dumbass

    • Seriously Michael no need for name calling and you call urself an adult? To me u look like the loud mouth ???? ??? Have a great day

    • Well, well Maria sounds like they have dumb asses all over the world. Go away little girl.

    • Well well Mikey I’m guessing you like the word dumb ass….and how bout you take urself away and cheer up grumpy old man???

    • You know what I’m better than that I didn’t mean to call you grumpy old man I take that back? cheer up Mike and be nice ok bye

    • Kim Idette Makar….Where the f WERE the parents? Uhm, the story I heard was the parents threw the effing kid into the cage so they could go f in the bushes. It was all just a diversion from their own monkey business. Of course, I wasn’t there so I can’t say that’s a fact. ?

    • Maria Kolovrat….maybe he was here hoping YOU would go cheer him up. You failed.

    • Teresa, this is not the first time a child has been in a cage with a wild animal before. Millions of people go to many zoo’s with children all the time & usually when something bad happens it is because the parents were not paying attention to there child or the parents actually did something stupid. I just feel an innocent gorilla was shot & killed because the parents were neglectful. It happens every day & not just at zoo’s, that parents are neglectful. I also don’t think Maria failed, that gentleman was just plain rude with his comment & just plain likes negative, you can be kind & polite all you want, but it won’t get you anywhere with a man like that. I am done feeding into any more silly hate comments. But tell me….who was watching that kid? It looked to me like the gorilla was doing a better job. Have a great day all. ?

  14. There’s a lot of things wrong here and it should of never came to this poor animal being killed but what I find strange is why neither of the boy’s parents didn’t think to jump in too and save their son…as a parent it would be really hard for me to just stand there and watch my child petrified getting dragged by a gorilla, it’s just strange

    • They were stopped by other onlookers.

    • She has other children with her

    • There was both the mother and father there if watching a couple children is that hard for those two adults then the police need to be questioning their parenting ability

    • And what good would that have done… You think she could have talked him out of it?

    • I would have jumped in so that the rest of my kids could watch their mother be torn to shreds right along with their brother. The crowd would have loved that spectacle! You just don’t get to see such raw carnage at the zoo everyday! Hello. The child was safer without an adult in there too because an adult would have been more of a threat to the animal. This thing is no snuggle bunny. His life wasn’t doomed when a child fell in his cage, it was doomed when he was put in a zoo.

    • At this point it’s not about where the child was safer because he wasn’t safe with his parents to begin with but wow that must have taken some deep thought to just stand there watch your child get dragged. I think any “good” parent knows it would be an automatic reaction to go where my child is than to just stand their and watch but I know some don’t think like this which is why we have parents that don’t watch their kids and leave them in cars and shit like that

    • Yea she could of talked him into handing over her son… Fought the gorilla … ? Which would you have done SMH she did the right thing and how do you know she didn’t try? For a world full of sinners everyone is soooooo Holy

  15. Eva Wilson Eva Wilson says:

    Zoos are innately immoral and cruel. Put people in mobile cages and drive them through a preserve where rescued animals are allowed to be free. A bear behind bars is not “natural”, a gorilla in a stone pit is not “majestic” and a giraffe bound by fences is not “beautiful”; suffering is Not entertainment.

    The loss of Harambe is tragic but, in no reality is it acceptable to choose the life of an animal over a human child as some have commented.

  16. Shoot the monkey. Save the kid. This topic is getting old.

  17. It’s a fucking gorilla people! C’mon! It’s an animal!

  18. This is so sad, where was his parents, don’t they keep an eye out for where there kids are, and the gorilla had to be shot. I sure hope the parents will be charged

  19. Yea well the ape took him by the arm and drug him also so I feel it was justified

  20. He’s far from hurting the kid saw the video smh stupid people

  21. He could’ve been showing protective behavior and STILL accidentally killed this 3 year old child. They did what they had to do to save the life of a child.

    • It should be the parent’s fault. Nobody has to die or be at risked if they’re looking after this child. Why the hell would you leave a child or toddler with an animal alone? And then shot the animal for fear of being harmful?

    • I agree with that. You can’t take chances with a 400 pound animal. It was also a male, which would have been more capable of even accidentally killing the child due to the ruckus from the crowd.
      When it comes down to it, if it were my child, I’m taking the word of the zookeepers and those that work with gorillas, not regular citizens. However it may have looked, many people that have worked with gorillas agreed that the animal was agitated, and tranquilizers would have agitated him further.
      I don’t put sole blame on the parent. Because, it as just as much a parents job to keep a child safe as it is a zoo’s. An enclosure should not be penetrable by a four year old, period.
      What makes me most upset is the fact that they would have shot the gorilla whether the child lived or not.
      If you can’t contain an animal in a state of emergency, regardless of the circumstances, without killing it you shouldn’t have it held captive around children.

    • This is not an isolated incident. Other children, teenagers and adults have penetrated an animal enclosure, and not just a gorilla enclosure. The zoo should have had more foresight on the issue, due to previous incidents

    • Why is one life worth preserving although the other is a truly endangered species?

    • Avari Bass Avari Bass says:

      It isnt that one life is worth more than another its protecting your own. Regardless of how you look at it. I’d shoot an animal over letting another human being hurt and possibly die any day with no hesitation. Shit for all you know this child’s future could be very beneficial vs those that continue to destroy.

    • Ofcourse that’s why you have the Tranquilizers! 🙂

    • Avari Bass Avari Bass says:

      ..dont know if you know it or not but as they stated it wouldve took a while to get the correct dosage for the heavy ass gorilla and on top of that, tranquilizers take a min to kick in and it was a high chance it would anger the gorilla being an aggressive male which would have made him even more protective and unintentionally harm the kid while doing all that extra shit he was doing and/or straight up attack the kid which they did not want to risk….this is not a cartoon where you hit something with a tranq and it falls peacefully immediately…so sorry facebook professional that is actually not why we have tranquilizers they wanted to eliminate all possibilities of the kid being harmed. ..rather a relative of not that kid is still one of our own you inhumane fucks forget the gorilla. Quite sure if it was your kid or someone you knew being drug about and especially under water as seen in the video you wouldve wanted him shot too so the real professionals made the right decision.

    • Exactly. Finally someone with common sense! The whole thing is pathetic-Close down ALL zoos..keep sanctuaries & healing centers/hospitals alive. Back to earth.Peace.

    • Avari Bass for all you know that kid could grow up to be the next Ted Bundy or Charles Manson. What the fuck does that have anything to do with anything? And that child wasn’t anyone who killed the gorilla own anything. He was another human that’s it. A tragedy is when something terrible occurs and people are doing the right thing. No one did anything right in this situation and therefore killing the gorilla to make up for gross amounts of human negligence is fucking despicable.

    • The Zoo is responsible for keeping an endangered species safe and protected so they can work towards repopulation. Humans however have no imminent threat of extinction. In fact our entitlement to irresponsibly reproduce and consume makes it so that the entire planet is in danger. Humans are cancer not some superior species. At this point in our evolution we are a disease.

    • Good evening peeps…..I’m just gonna leave this right here for any who are interested….
      This is an eyewitness account

      This is copied from Sandra Davidson eye witness
      If you have the time, read an actual eyewitness account…not my own but…This is what an eye witness had to say. My family and I decided to go to the zoo yesterday after visiting my niece at Cincinnati Children’s hospital. For those of you that have already heard, there was a terrible accident there yesterday. And since every news media has covered this story, I don’t feel bad telling our side. This was an accident! ! A terrible accident, but just that! My husband’s voice is the voice talking to the child in one of the videos. I was taking a pic of the female gorilla, when my eldest son yells, “what is he doing? ” I looked down, and to my surprise, there was a small child that had apparently, literally “flopped” over the railing, where there was then about 3 feet of ground that the child quickly crawled through! ! I assumed the woman next to me was the mother, getting ready to grab him until she says, “Whose kid is this? ” None of us actually thought he’d go over the nearly 15 foot drop, but he was crawling so fast through the bushes before myself or husband could grab him, he went over! The crowed got a little frantic and the mother was calling for her son. Actually, just prior to him going over, but she couldn’t see him crawling through the bushes! She said “He was right here! I took a pic and his hand was in my back pocket and then gone!” As she could find him nowhere, she lookes to my husband (already over the railing talking to the child) and asks, “Sir, is he wearing green shorts? ” My husband reluctantly had to tell her yes, when she then nearly had a break down! They are both wanting to go over into the 15 foot drop, when I forbade my husband to do so, and attempted to calm the mother by calling 911 and assure her help was on the way. Neither my husband or the mother would have made that jump without breaking something! I wasn’t leaving with my boys, because I didn’t trust my husband not to jump in and the gorilla did just seem to be protective of the child. It wasn’t until the gorilla became agitated because of the nosey, dramatic, helpless crowd; that the gorilla violently ran with the child! And it was very violent; although I think the gorilla was still trying to protect, we’re taking a 400 lb gorilla throwing a 40 lb toddler around! It was horrific! The zoo responded very quickly, clearing the area and attempting to save both the child and the gorilla! The right choice was made. Thank God the child survived with non-life threatening, but serious injuries! This was an open exhibit! Which means the only thing separating you from the gorillas, is a 15 ish foot drop and a moat and some bushes! ! This mother was not negligent and the zoo did an awesome job handling the situation! Especially since that had never happened before! ! Thankful for the zoo and their attempts and my thoughts and prayers goes out to this boy, his mother and his family.

    • Perhaps you guys aren’t aware, but regardless of how cute you think harambe was, he would have smashed your head in second if it was between you and his own.
      Gorillas are actually very dangerous. But, people watch a video, and all of a sudden they are gorilla experts and think gorillas are harmless.
      The main problem here is that enclosure shouldn’t have been penetrable. If anyone really cared about endangered gorillas, they wouldn’t have had them in an accessible enclosure for entertainment.

    • You guys think risking a child’s life is okay, because it wasn’t your child. I love animals, but I’m not just going to take my chances with my child’s life being in the hands of a male gorilla.
      The gorilla had to be shot, and ultimately that was the fault of the zoo.

    • True, the gorilla unfortunately trusted humans, if he had known the truth he would have left the kid to.drown in the moot where his parents got him and he would be alive now

    • Brandon Philbrick Avari Bass is making complete sense of it all no one wants the animal dead? but had they tranquilised the Gorrilla and torn the kid in piece’s every dog and his horse would said they should of shot him dead and the child wouldn’t of been torn to his death! Funny how we all try become such clever people with our comments yet if one things logical about it I that love animals would of shot it dead if that was my child regardless of how shit parent I might be

    • Well it wasn’t the parent that saved the kid. It was the zoo whose job it was to protect the gorilla. If they can’t keep the gorilla safe in case of an emergency they shouldn’t have the responsibility or the privilege. Personally my opinion wouldn’t change unless it was my child. They should without question have been been trying to save both lives.

    • I don’t have kids I have lots of dogs. I save dogs that have abused, fought or generally failed by humans all day. I see what heinous things people do to animals every fucking day. And a gorilla falling on a child because it was tranquilized or accidentally injuring the child while behaving naturally is much less horrifying than what people do to animals. Wake the fuck up. We are a super vicious species to ourselves and the world around us.

    • That is shit the kid falls in and the animal gets stuffed over. They didn’t put the animal to sleep while it’s not harming the kid. People should wake up and see the problem could of been delt with another way before a sudden reaction by people

    • The only way to have no one get hurt in a situation like that, would have been for the zoo to have been smart enough not to put a gorilla in a penetrable enclosure for entertainment purposes. Breeding endangered species doesn’t require that.
      You guys are so fixated on crucifying the parents that you aren’t seeing the REAL issue here.
      Even just for lawsuit purposes alone, any business run properly would go out of its way to ensure the customers aren’t capable of getting hurt.

    • Lose the anthropocentric views. Human life is not more valuable than that of an endangered species… Especially not when the human is an intruder of the shelter created for the gorilla. Sad that any life was taken, but they should have let it play out (or used tranquilizers). That boy better cherish the fuck out of his life. And grow up to cure cancer or something. Otherwise it was a waste.

    •' Mark says:

      If he didn’t do it within the ten minutes he had him, I doubt any harm would have come to the child after that.

  22. That’s where we go wrong. Its just a human .If we where in danger of being extinct in stead of 7 Billion people around the world. So YES A GORILLA LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A CHILD. I know many people will not agree with me. I do value all life and wished that this had not happened at all.

  23. He was trying to protect the kid , it s obvious

  24. Harambe lost his life and now the people won’t let him rest in peace. It is done. Let it go! Rip Harambe:-(

  25. Americans are animals that shouldnt be allowed have guns!

  26. What happens with the trainer of this kind of animals, why they don’t come down and rescue the kid!. I think Harambe should be know his trainer from the zoo !. What a hard decision, just I can tell!. ANd for this mother should have a penalty!. Thanks God the baby is okay!.

    •' Mark says:

      The keepers were trying too, but the zoo “officials” stepped in and took charge. Just like any place else – management botched everything up and puts
      the blame on the lower end.

  27. Anil Goel Anil Goel says:

    Why they didn’t use dart ?

  28. The zoo should have had better protocols and the shouldn’t have been snh way that any human other than keepers could get into that enclosure. If they say they want to save these creatures, then do it. We’re seeing it over and over agsin, its crucisk for their survival to keep ignorant HUMANS out if those enclosures.

  29. Disgusting the way we humans treat other animals. Who decides whether a humans life should come before an animals.

    • You have so much hate in your heart. You need love, sorry if you were neglected as a human. I think it is best for you to run into the wild and be free. Play with the Silverbacks, bears, snakes, and wolves. Gosh, this is where you should be to see exactly what love is ???????

    • How does she have hate in her heart? Because she cares about the life of animals, just as much as humans? It’s fucked up to kill an animal because the parents are ignorant pricks that can’t properly watch their child.

    • I hope you would decide that if you or your child’s life was in danger.

    • Marysa LaVone Shepherd so we just let a child die? The kid has a Concussion. He was dragged around the enclosure for 10 mins, banging his head on the concrete.
      And yes the gorilla could have killed him if he wanted to. Which is exactly why they had to do what they did.

    • Its not about that. My point was that some people see no problem what so ever in killing the animal and that i think is wrong.

    • Where were the parents? That also run a freaking daycare. But can’t keep an eye on their own child? The Silver Back appeared to be acting as if you don’t want this child give it here I’ll take it. But still the right action was taken. But part of me really believes the parents helped it happen. But we have to value the innocence of child’s life. Yes humans can be savage too. But it was handled right. A tranquilizer would’ve taken way too long.

    • Uh really Lubna Farhan? Was that a REAL question? I guess you are correct. You should be rounded up and thrown in a cage so an animal in a zoo can go free. Humans are above other animals in the natural order of things. That really ought to be common knowledge.

    • Please go and watch Plant of the Apes. You may learn something. Its just your ego talking.

    • Lubna Farhan…..if you fell accidentally of course into a monkey habitat, should we shoot the monkey or you?

    • As i said, the problem i have is where i have read peoples comments and people feel no sadness for the animal at all when i think that is wrong.

  30. Gorillas are a lot like us and in the same situation we as a human would of picked the child up and give them back and I believe that is what this magnificant animal was doing, in my mind, he was helping. Stupid Humans dont understand animals……they feel like us, they hurt like us and they should never be caged…..never.

    • Well since there are STUPID HUMANS, there are other less stupid humans who have studied these animals in great detail so that they could educate we more stupid humans that this animal was not at all exhibiting human actions towards this child. Google is your friend. Google what the trusted well-known animal experts say about what was truly happening with the animal. Then maybe you can be a step less stupid about the whole matter.

  31. It was a sad event dat did occurred in a split of minutes, but d safety of d boy ? is paramount, i would like d zoo keepers 2 enhance the fence network, so dat such tragic scene won’t repeat itself. It was a sad event dat did occurred in a split of minutes, but d safety of d boy ? is paramount, i would like d zoo keepers 2 enhance the fence network, so dat such tragic scene won’t repeat itself.

  32. The whole thing was an accident. Even if the gorilla was holding hands with the child, there is no guarantee that he wouldn’t hurt him. I think everyone agrees that it’s sad, but there was no ill will by anybody.

    • We should not kill animals in the habitat we cage them to. The gorilla had more right to life than the child in this situation. The gorilla did nothing wrong; the child and his parents on the other hand…

    • Wow Matt Shield. So in your estimation, the kid fell in the cage so he should die? What kind of sick in the head are you? I guess that’s what your parents would have done to you? What a sad existence you must live when a monkey is more valuable than you.

    • I agree Teresa. If the authorities would have waited and the gorilla would have killed the child, accidentally or otherwise, everyone would be screaming that someone should have done something sooner.

  33. Lazy fat mother feeding her face instead of tending to a busy 3 yr old. The boy told her he wanted to go in the water and she paid no attention! This beautiful animal paid for her negligence!

  34. Let it go. It’s over.

  35. What can we learn from this #1 how did that child get into the enclosure. #2. We’re there tranquilizers to use or distractions to divert the attention of the gorilla. #3 what can we learn so this never happens again. Glad the boy is safe

  36. Hang on there’s terrorists in the world and your more concerned about weather it was right or wrong that this gorilla was shot, it’s happened very sad but it’s happened so deal with it !!!!!!

  37.' Asif says:

    World is wierd.People will believe in comics(jungle book) but not in real world.
    Its not fair,killing it.Why cant they give drug to it instead of killing.

  38. Kath Moss Kath Moss says:

    The smartest mammal in that stuarion was Harambe! RIP dear being ?

  39. It was just a tragic accident. The Zoo should’ve insured that before they display these animals, that securing the perimeter of the cage whereas no one get in and they don’t come out should’ve been tested and retested and 100% full proof, then assume because it’s a certain height, one can’t do either. A little kid got in for godsake, I say that’s test enough. Time to fix that!

    I don’t really know all the details of how he got lose enough to climb that wall, parent/s or guardian must have gotten distracted by some other kids. You know little boys at that age are overly active and are into everything everywhere always on a new discovery and you know how distracting the zoo is. Shit happens, although we wish certain things never happens but then they do.

    I choose not to judge the guardian of the child.

    Thank God the child is safe and RIP to the gorilla.

  40. I saw a filmclip of a similar incident where a child fell into a gorrillas den at 18ft the boy was unconsious and the gorilla picked that little boy up ant took him up to an opening where he put the child at an opening where zookepers could take him to get help gorillas treat small children like they are their baby i dont believe Harambe would have harmed the child at all

    • He had already tossed him around like a rag doll and gave the boy a severe concussion before this. What’s your version of “harm”? It wasn’t protecting, it was alpha make posturing common in gorillas.

  41. Dont think he would have harmed the child gentle animals

  42. That’s how those primates do with their young ones, they rough house with them. They still need to investigate the parents.

  43. On 16 August, 1996 a 3 year old boy fell 18 ft into the gorilla enclosure at Brookfield Zoo and was knocked out. Unconscious, with a broken hand, and a gash to his face, visitors began to scream as they thought the boy would be attacked by the gorillas. Instead, 8 year old western lowland gorilla, Binti Jua, picked up the young child and carried him 59 ft. to the entrance where zoo staff could retrieve him. She growled at the other gorillas who tried to get near the boy. This is a clear example of apparent altruisim and empathy in animals.

  44. Oh stop it. They were not holding hands, anyone who thinks this is living on fantasy island. The story keeps getting more ridiculous by the day

  45. ya like we can really tell that he just wanted to hold hands… anyone who believes that this Gorilla was trying to protect that child is a FUCKING MORON!!! its easy for cowards to pass judgment when its not them… i’ve seen lots of comments from people saying that the gorilla was trying to be friendly as well as people commenting that its the mothers fault and that the child should have been left to die to “teach the mother a lesson”. ITS FUCKING SICK!!!

  46. Every zoo has cut corners to save money from the very beginning. 3 major zoos in Ohio have had this happen in last two yrs. Strange? I don’t think so. Most exhibits SMALL CHILDREN CANNOT SEE THE ANIMALS. What these zoos built years ago around these exhibits, no longer qualifies as safe. Bigger crowds making harder for small ones to see unless held up by parents. Arms get tired, set kid down, take a drink, look down, they’re gone. They are not bad parents. The zoos have been counting on parents to PROTECT their kids from the zoos shabby work years ago and it has finally jumped up and bite them in the ass. Then they want to drag the parents through the court system,, slander their names and life style for the next year. I’ll bet the zoo is working right now to seal the SECURITY RAILS ETC properly. These will be the pictures the court sees. Hope this family took pictures right away. It’s their saving grace.

  47. More kids in the world than Gorillas. Humanity is so twisted.

  48. Bev Chung Bev Chung says:

    This is a no brainier! Do everything to save the child. Who cares why it happened.

  49. Terry Rice Terry Rice says:

    what pisses me off more is jack hanna the trader to what he says he loves.he says the had the right to kill Haraambe.really? you take the right to freedom and then his life?where were his rights you two faced loser!

  50. They did the right thing. The end. Fix that damn zoo so this doesn’t happen again.

  51. This makes me so angry why wasn’t the mother watching her child and letting him
    Climb the cage now a indangered animal shot dead

  52. Why didn’t they shoot Harambe with a tranquilizer to save both lives?

  53. Mikay Po Mikay Po says:

    In my own opinion its better to save the life of a child.After all theres no guarantee that the gorilla will not hurt the child.Its Sad to know that its the only way to save life of the child is to kill the gorilla.

  54. The zoo is totally to blame, if a little child can get into an encloser with a potentially dangerous animal, then that proves how negligent they were, I’m so glad the boy is fine, but I feel so sorry for the loss of a beautiful animal…

  55. Would you should the child if the gorilla walked into the child’s home ?

  56. Bullshit. He was brought there because he is so gentle with the the ladies and babies! He was petting the boy and the boy was petting him. He was clearly protecting the child. Best day of kids life till they shot his friend.

  57. This shows how gorillas have a sensitive side and people don’t know the whole truth when they kill and if I’m not at the end

  58. I am sorry that the Gorilla was shot and killed. I am sure the management of the zoo question their action, whether publicly or not. I know there are a ton of opinions being shared on both sides… Guess what, it WILL NOT change ANYTHING! The gorilla is still dead, the boy lives and the parent is still an idiot! As long as there are zoos that have sub standard barriers due to outdated codes, poor designs, dumb people climbing for better views and inattentive parents this WILL happen again!

    Why are we still talking about it!!! Why not do something that actually change the world for the better!!!! Oh wait that would require something called work! SO DONE WITH THE DEAD GORILLA!!!#

  59. No one can guess what Harambes intention would be- a rational decision was made to save a child

  60. Maybe the gorilla thought the humans were trying to kill boy and he wanted to get him away from them

  61. He’s posturing ..checking the boy out…if he was going look after the boy he would have scooped him up to his chest as he would do and infant gorrilla and take off….not drag the boy by his foot through the water. When have u ever seen a gorilla drag an infant gorrilla around in a wild life documentary??? Never.

  62. I’m a committed vegan and have been for a few years but strongly believe that human life should always come before animal life. If I had a four year old little boy I would wish that his life was prioritised over a gorillas. I believe the right action were taken, I don’t blame the parents, it’s difficult to supervise an active four year old.

  63. So sad zoo should have had enclosure safer then this couldn’t have happened .

  64. My heart aches for Harambe.

  65. Nola Brown Nola Brown says:

    More important than YOUR child?

  66. Dee Dee Dee Dee says:

    This whole thing just makes me want to cry 🙁

  67. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    That child’s only threat is from the neglectful parent…. Had she paid attention to her child, this wouldn’t have happened.

  68. Jeff Vo Jeff Vo says:


  69. No matter what a babies life is far more important than an animal period.

  70. There was no need for him to get shot. Why???

  71. Wow !! Are you trying to make me tear up. That creature was only trying to help. Not once did the gorilla show any threat at all. I bwt the child was even disappointed with the way they handled the situation.

  72. ? come on people? this is just ?sad?

  73. Cat Conlon Cat Conlon says:

    He was dragging the boy through the water like a rag doll. He could have been drowned, or had a broken arm. I don’t condone shooting the animal, he should have been tranquilised and his parents were negligent. Meanwhile thousands of orangutans are killed daily from deforestation to make palm oil. Get outraged over that, fools.

  74. This gorilla was raised as a baby by humans I highly doubt he would have killed him but because of his strength may have accidentally hurt him so that is what they worried of

  75. I’m just worried that Trump or Hilary could be President.

  76. the boy was severely hurt

  77. The mother needs to go to jail, be charged with Child Neglect, lose custody (and not reproduce again), and pay restitution to the zoo.?

  78. It’s done. Stop bringing it up. Neglectful parents. Poor kid will have nightmares for years to come and when he finds out it was his parents fault… Who knows?

  79. Zoos need to be changed or stopped. It started out as an accident and became a tragedy.
    People screaming sure didn’t help.
    But, bottom line, who the fuck do we think we are locking up other creatures and using them for entertainment? Then murdering them if theres a problem. Treating humans as more valuable than all other life is getting ridiculously old.

  80. What is the Zoo doing in order to make this impossible to be repeated? How could a 3-yr old get in the ditch?

  81. Beth Reoch Beth Reoch says:

    he’s dead, im not sharing any thoughts, just pissed

  82. A Human life is always definitely above an animals life. No question!

  83. Guess who is the beast?? Clue, not the gorilla :'(

  84. to sad please move on from this

  85. This is so stupid . If it was my kid that somehow fell into this gorilla pit I would be trying to be the first one trying to find a gun to shoot the animal .. For the love of god if that animal hurt the child what would we be saying . Stop being stupid the poor kid was face to face with an Animal please just stop being stupid . Go talk about something more important you did not care about this gorilla before last week and you know what you really don’t care about him now but a little kid has a life to live . Stupid ass people sometimes .

  86. The zoo should have tranquilized him. What do veterinarians say? We will never know the answer will we.

  87. He was protecting the little boy from the noisy crowd. 🙁

  88. A couple thousand left of an innocent species… Vs the life of a virus species 7.5 billion strong… Just saying why does the child of a moron take precident??? … All life is precious… but the human race doesn’t respect that at all… So why do they get to live vs the animal dying… We are disgusting… Self entitlied sickos… Shoot We kill our own kind over money and oil… Heres just another walk in the park I guess …
    The fact this creature was already a prisoner then is murdered to save one ignorant persons child… Is all a sad sad story

  89. Licenses should be required to have children ~ that’s one solution to a rampant problem in our country ~ too many reckless & careless parents. You don’t take your eyes off your children @ a public place w/so many strangers, especially with a toddler. There are books and videos that cover the basics of parenting 101.

  90. It’s so sad-zoos are disgusting!

  91. Peggy Boyd Peggy Boyd says:

    Take it off the internet that is enough.

  92. Delis Alms Delis Alms says:

    From another meme not me). “i am going to try to clear up a few things that have been weighing on me about Harambe and the Cinci Zoo since I read the news this afternoon.
    I have worked with Gorillas as a zookeeper while in my twenties (before children) and they are my favorite animal (out of dozens) that I have ever worked closely with. I am gonna go ahead and list a few facts, thoughts and opinions for those of you that aren’t familiar with the species itself, or how a zoo operates in emergency situations.

    Now Gorillas are considered ‘gentle giants’ at least when compared with their more aggressive cousins the chimpanzee, but a 400+ pound male in his prime is as strong as roughly 10 adult humans. What can you bench press? OK, now multiply that number by ten. An adult male silverback gorilla has one job, to protect his group. He does this by bluffing or intimidating anything that he feels threatened by.

    Gorillas are considered a Class 1 mammal, the most dangerous class of mammals in the animal kingdom, again, merely due to their size and strength. They are grouped in with other apes, tigers, lions, bears, etc.
    While working in an AZA accredited zoo with Apes, keepers DO NOT work in contact with them. Meaning they do NOT go in with these animals. There is always a welded mesh barrier between the animal and the humans.
    In more recent decades, zoos have begun to redesign enclosures, removing all obvious caging and attempting to create a seamless view of the animals for the visitor to enjoy watching animals in a more natural looking habitat. *this is great until little children begin falling into exhibits* which of course can happen to anyone, especially in a crowded zoo-like setting.

    I have watched this video over again, and with the silverback’s postering, and tight lips, it’s pretty much the stuff of any keeper’s nightmares, and I have had MANY while working with them. This job is not for the complacent. Gorillas are kind, curious, and sometimes silly, but they are also very large, very strong animals. I always brought my OCD to work with me. checking and rechecking locks to make sure my animals and I remained separated before entering to clean.

    I keep hearing that the Gorilla was trying to protect the boy. I do not find this to be true. Harambe reaches for the boys hands and arms, but only to position the child better for his own displaying purposes.
    Males do very elaborate displays when highly agitated, slamming and dragging things about. Typically they would drag large branches, barrels and heavy weighted balls around to make as much noise as possible. Not in an effort to hurt anyone or anything (usually) but just to intimidate. It was clear to me that he was reacting to the screams coming from the gathering crowd.

    Harambe was most likely not going to separate himself from that child without seriously hurting him first (again due to mere size and strength, not malicious intent) Why didn’t they use treats? well, they attempted to call them off exhibit (which animals hate), the females in the group came in, but Harambe did not. What better treat for a captive animal than a real live kid!
    They didn’t use Tranquilizers for a few reasons, A. Harambe would’ve taken too long to become immobilized, and could have really injured the child in the process as the drugs used may not work quickly enough depending on the stress of the situation and the dose B. Harambe would’ve have drowned in the moat if immobilized in the water, and possibly fallen on the boy trapping him and drowning him as well.
    Many zoos have the protocol to call on their expertly trained dart team in the event of an animal escape or in the event that a human is trapped with a dangerous animal. They will evaluate the scene as quickly and as safely as possible, and will make the most informed decision as how they will handle the animal.
    I can’t point fingers at anyone in this situation, but we need to really evaluate the safety of the animal enclosures from the visitor side. Not impeding that view is a tough one, but there should be no way that someone can find themselves inside of an animal’s exhibit.
    I know one thing for sure, those keepers lost a beautiful, and I mean gorgeous silverback and friend. I feel their loss with them this week. As educators and conservators of endangered species, all we can do is shine a light on the beauty and majesty of these animals in hopes to spark a love and a need to keep them from vanishing from our planet. Child killers, they are not. It’s unfortunate for the conservation of the species, and the loss of revenue a beautiful zoo such as Cinci will lose. tragedy all around.

    *me working (very carefully) with a 400+ pound silverback”

  93. if that gorilla was bad he directly beats him or push him very hard but he seem like he think for what to do with the baby. and hold his hand and take him with him bcs he hear the people screaming so he afraid… i live gorilla! in my own country madagascar we have monkey family gorilla maybe??? #rip_harambe

  94. My question is , why did she not have the kid in a stroller ? Your at a zoo , not the park !

  95. they shouldn’t had put the gorilla on the cage, leave them alone on their habitat and we as humans should take care of each other instead of killing each other.

  96. And just like that half the country gets thier double masters in zoology and large primate behavioral science .

  97. why not just sadate the Gorilla so so sad

  98. In my opinion this was a NO WIN situation. If it went the other way & the boy died there would be an uproar over that!! How bout don’t keep these magnificent animals in captivity in the first place. Sad situation no matter how you look at it.

  99. We could’ve done with one less human , for the sake of the gorilla

  100. Get your paws off me you damn dirty ape!!!

  101. Anna Nimas Anna Nimas says:

    Zoos are prisons for animals. 20 years ago another similar thing happened where a child fell into an enclosure. The female gorilla had been trained to bring dolls to the keepers so that when she had a baby she would bring it to the keeper for inspection. She brought the child to the waiting keeper. I would have all zoos abolished if it were up to me. Since they exist, why aren’t exhibits made fall-proof? All they need to do is put an externally facing top piece on their outer rim. Also – Why is that return-the-doll training not standard in all zoos?

  102. Rest in Peace! Blame the the mother.

  103. Oh good lord enough already. It was a tragic situation and to say things like it looked like the gorilla was holding the childs hand but you can’t pinpoint how much pressure was being applied. Also, you don’t see the part where he started throwing the child against a wall. I’m horrified by the video footage, I’m saddened that we lost a silverback lowland gorilla but I’m so glad that little boy lived. We have become a nation of finger pointers.

  104. The boys life was in danger He was too strong He could have killed the child even trying to save him. It’s not that hard to understand why they shot him. Sad but necessary

  105. Pulling him round like a rag doll I see , it’s not jungle book and they all start singing child’s life . Wee can’t blame parents . Zoo should have safety measures looked at

  106. Mae Mae Mae Mae says:

    How did the little boy fell in there in the first place?

  107. It’s the responsibility of the zoo to be absolutely sure that little ones cannot enter the enclosures in any way. At home we take care to childproof, with plastic plugs for electric outlets, child-proof locks on cabinet doors, gates on stairways, and so on. Zoos welcome families with small children, who are excited, active, and unpredictable. The zoos are responsible for care of the animals, and are responsible for the safety of the children. I feel deeply sad about the death of Harambe, and think that at moments it appeared to behave in a caring way. But the strength is so great, that one small move could kill the toddler. I would recommend that all enclosures be absolutely childproof, because we’ve seen so many times that children are curious and will find any weakness available in the enclosure.

  108. As they say with all sensationalized news, what other news are they keeping from us?!!
    I do feel though that the gorilla was protecting the boy. I saw no aggressive behavior from him outside of dragging the child away from the screaming people.

  109. who knows what was in his mind this was an unfortunate conclusion is how the f—k did he get in ?.and can it happen again

  110. Ok I have to comment on this…If you choose a gorilla over a human something is seriously wrong with you. Let that be your child and then see how you feel about it, just sayin’

  111. I don’t suppose it occurred to the zoo staff to attempt to quiet the screaming crowd that was understandably making the animal agitated.

  112. People it is sad! But when an animal meant to be in the wild don’t listen to a command what the hell do you expect the Zoo to do! The parents are the problem! She should have less kids If she cannot watch them ! It is crap to be upset with Zoo. If they did not kill the Gorilla the media would have complained! I don’t blame anyone but the parents! Period! Direct the anger in the correct direction

  113. It is obvious that the animal held the child by one foot and swept him through the water now in doing that the child could have been seriously hert or even lose his life…it is really sad that the animal had to die but given the circumstances quick action had to be taken in favor of the poor child’s safety… People saying they should tranquilized the animal but anyone with common sense would know that the tranquilizer would take time to set in so any thing could happen while we wait for that to happen…come on people we are sorry for Haramde but be happier that the child was not hert

  114. It was a crime against that animal.

  115. Did the zoo mistake the gorilla for the mother? Surely they should shoot the parents, not the animal.

  116. Its sad a magnificent creature had to lose his life over negligent parents.

  117. Mal Knight Mal Knight says:

    Animals shouldnt be held captive in zoos…its cruel.

  118. I really don’t know what to say about the situation if it was my child I would be so scared of course I would want nothing to harm him but then you think of animal and you don’t know what it’s thinking it just sad in all kinds of ways 🙁

  119. Why arent any of you mad and fighting the fact that this gorgeous wild animal was caged? So its ok to let him rot his wild life away in a zoo? He was taken out of his prison misery if you ask me…

  120. People cannot control themselves. Therefore, the outcome was devastating for all.

  121. Just for curiosity… Who write these , have any children ? I think the answer it’s NO ! And same answer for more then a half , for those who comment here

  122. Gorillas have more compassion than people, that is why this happened this way.


  124. Unless you are a skilled and knowledgeable gorilla expert, keep quiet!

  125. I’m sad about Harambe and that he had to be killed, however…don’t judge the Mom if you have never been in charge of little kids.Little kids are escape artists and can dart off in a second. I’m a mom of 4 and 7 grands. I also don’t like zoos. The crowd screaming made it all worse. What a shame..woulda coulda shoulda.

  126. Some Real Live Nut Cases on Here?!!

  127. People, you are out of your minds. That gorilla was aggressively dragging that kid around.

    Take 1 minute and look up gorillas acting aggressive in nature. You’ll see astounding similarities.

    Stop being so emotional and start doing real research.

  128. Gee Rosato Gee Rosato says:

    Pray for that gorilla that he forgive us humans for taking him out of his real home, putting him a cage to be mocked and gawked at, then finally due to the stupidity of bad parents as he was comforting their child we murdered him in cold blood.
    I pray he can find it in his heart to forgive the human species.

  129. I keep seeing d same thing. He was trying to protect him. But either way, couldn’t a tranquilliser come in play instead of killing him? Bwoy, those parents. How d child fell in? What or where were d parents. I just can’t see how they could allow that to happen. I hope d child is on though.

  130. Fred Zee Fred Zee says:

    He also dragged him across the yard. Watch the video. I hate shooting animals but they made the right call.

  131. Mati Mali Mati Mali says:

    Personally i think it was a mistake firstly by his parent, her mother is guilty. Secondly by zoo officials whom dicided to kill Harambe, if he would hurt the boy he would done before took the shot.

  132. It is always easy to kill a animal with the help of a gun ………… But is it was necessary to do that ? So much quick response was really necessary ? Whose life is precious ? Whether the child or the Gorilla caged in prison to entertain the human beings ? Who is the intruder ? Who is the judge to deceide ?

  133. Yep silverbacks instinctively know how to dress children ?!?!? He just wasn’t letting that child go !!

  134. Yeah, if it was your child, uh let me think for a minute,,,,would you actually say no wait and see OR save the child? How about banning the law that allows these animals from being in captivity?

  135. Whose to blame….. stupid fecking humans! Honestly worst species on the planet! Don’t shoot the gorilla but it’s ok to lock it up for life n point n laugh! Stupid humans

  136. From Zoo experts seeing him have him by the hands is the exact opposite of what we think as humans, he is protecting his females and his having his hand, positioning him is a display, he yanked him around as he would with branches, toys, aggressively showing his dominance, sadly per what I read from several zoo, ape comments there was no way he would have let the child go, and also that trying to tranqulize him could have caused major harm or death to that boy for many reasons…I have my thoughts but do believe the experts from Jack Hanna to others know more than myself

  137. They should shot him with tranquilizer instead of killing him.

  138. Mom at fault for not having the kid in a stroller if she can’t keep up with her own kid…the gorilla was probally dragging the kid by the sounds of the crowd…other than that didn’t seem to harm the kid to me…if the gorilla wanted to harm the kid…the gorilla had plenty enough time to do so…lesson to be learned…watch your kids…animals have a life too

  139. They could of just put him to sleep instead of killing him.

  140. I wish everybody would show this much concern about these Police who are killing innocent young black people on videotape and getting away with it smh Fuck that Gorilla

  141. Harambe had been raised by people, he didn’t grow up in the wild. Jane Goodall is the expert of all experts, I would take her word on these creatures above all else. They rushed to judgement. The fault lies with both the parents and the Zoo. The mother knew her son wanted to go in, she argued with him. She should have taken him by the hand away from the exhibit, knowing what he wanted to do. This is a tragic situation, with plenty of fault to go around.

  142. why they hav to kill the animal they could have just put him to sleep then save the boy.

  143. LUBNA FARHAN ~~ When your child. { if you’d ever be granted to sire one} when your child is in that position, beg mercy & have your own child come second to an animals life. You sub-human heartless piece of ?‼️

  144. You can’t take chances with a 400 pound animal. It was also a male, which would have been more capable of even accidentally killing the child due to the ruckus from the crowd.
    When it comes down to it, if it were my child, I’m taking the word of the zookeepers and those that work with gorillas, not regular citizens. However it may have looked, many people that have worked with gorillas agreed that the animal was agitated, and tranquilizers would have agitated him further.
    I don’t put sole blame on the parent. Because, it as just as much a parents job to keep a child safe as it is a zoo’s. An enclosure should not be penetrable by a four year old, period.
    What makes me most upset is the fact that they would have shot the gorilla whether the child lived or not.
    If you can’t contain an animal in a state of emergency, regardless of the circumstances, without killing it you shouldn’t have it held captive around children.
    This is not an isolated incident. Other children, teenagers and adults have penetrated an animal enclosure, and not just a gorilla enclosure. The zoo should have had more foresight on the issue, due to previous incidents.
    It was a terrible incident, all around. An endangered animal lost it’s life due to the negligence of the zoo, and a child fell into a traumatic situation.
    Hopefully people will learn from this, but something tells me they won’t.

  145. Don’t think this world just belong to humans only..other creation of god also has the equal rights..what we are doing is very wrong n we have to answer god oneday..

  146. I noticed this right away

  147. It’s only a tragedy if the zoo actually made efforts to preserve both lives and one was lost. The zoo made no effort to save or protect Harambe starting with piss poor habitat safety design and culminating when they murdered him.

  148. Tin Tin Tin Tin says:

    Human are the biggest animals.

  149. sana pina2log na lng nila imbes na pinatay.

  150. Leah Marie Leah Marie says:

    Has the mother been prosecuted? She should be for child neglect I

  151. Regardless this demonstrated two things about being human 1) our inability to protect our own, by the zoo & the hysterical mother & 2) our inability to protect the animals we imprision for our “entertainment”.
    Zoo’s are draconian & past their used by date if deadly force is our only “natural posturing” response to such situations. Despicable.

  152. I’d like to see footage of the mom when she wasn’t watching hkm

  153. The mom is basically at fault. The gorilla shows parenting skills. The mom was like oh let video a baby in the cage. Oh shit that’s my kid. Dumb bitch. Social Services should take your kid

  154. This just keeps getting worse.

  155. It did appear that the gorilla meant no harm in parts of the video but some witness claim that shortly after that he was no longer acting that way. Regardless it wouldn’t have taken much for the gorilla to kill or do serious and permanent damage to the child. I have kids, they are quick and shit happens. So tired of hearing people say, they wouldn’t blah blah blah. I said the same crap until reality slapped me in the face with real life.

  156. Animals don’t belong in zoos.

  157. the pictures show the boy far from a scared fetal position like a child would go in. That says a lot too.

  158. So tired of this… Mom is ?% at fault!! She should be charged for neglect. The zoo could’ve taken the kid out if they wanted to. They didn’t have to kill Harambe. A poor innocent gorilla lost its life due to a stupid mother!

  159. Tell us WHERE WAS THE MOTHER!!!! the perfect scenario to get rid of a kid.

  160. Shoot that kid’s parents, release the wild animals to where they belong and close the zoo (s).

  161. Ceci Dodd Ceci Dodd says:

    I’m honestly wondering though what are some other things they could have done to help the child without harming the gorilla?

    • It’s hard to know, because he was already agitated. A tranquilizer would agitate him more and possibly make him aggressive and potentially drown him and the child. Luring him out didn’t work. They couldn’t just send a zookeeper in, as gorillas are considered class A (most dangerous) and are grouped with tigers and other predators as far as safety is concerned. I hope the parents are criminally charged for child endangerment, at least, but this is a tough situation all around.

    • Ceci Dodd Ceci Dodd says:

      yeah i read your post about it. I guess the problem was that the zoo existed tbh

    • Yeah. I’m all for wildlife centers that rescue animals and work to save endangered species, but zoos are different. If you keep animals locked up long enough something like this is bound to happen

    • Ceci Dodd Ceci Dodd says:

      yeah just like the movie blackfish they go insane

    • I can’t bring myself to watch that

    • Ceci Dodd Ceci Dodd says:

      duudde you have to though. educate yourself don’t choose to live in the dark xP its really enlightening and great movie

  162. Well, as human beings are not dying out, i would have accidentally shot the kid and left the poor gorilla out of it. Not his fault the parents didn’t look what their kid was up to. It’s a tragedy and we are to blame.

  163. Duh holding his hand to throw his stupid ass around the moat you animal lovers are Fuckin stupider than this kids mom

  164. Mel Borca Mel Borca says:

    There’s a lot of things going on.. My opinion is that the mom should’ve kept a closer eye on the child and the zoo should’ve had a more protected barrier where no one will be able to fall in or get in.. It doesn’t matter if the gorilla has been in there for so many years and never had an incident the zookeepers should be able to protect onlookers no matter if they are a child or adult.. So both are at fault..

  165. Yes, do justice since you have the proof… How can anyone shoot and not trying to understand the movements and behsviour of the Gorilla when idiots above are screaming and throwing things at him. There are so many true incidents where humans were taken care by Gorillas. That careless mother and Zoo authorites should be replaced in that enclosure for better entertaient ..,

  166. I’ve got one question, what would you do if it were your child? and by asking this I’m not condoning cruelty to animals I love them.

  167. They should not have killed him it was not harming the child and it’s the mother and father’s fault but this gorilla lost his life because they couldn’t watch their child and I really don’t care what anybody else’s opinion is of my opinion because I am a mother of 3 and I have been to the zoo and everything else and I didn’t lose my children because I actually was responsible and watch them

  168. The ONLY one at fault here is the ZOO! Why the fuck can a small child get into a gorilla pit or any other enclosure!

  169. fuck humans who did this. Who decides a human life is of more importance than of this animal? Fuck zoo’s too.

  170. Do they kill there young, he was protecting him, maybe they should of used another distraction for the gorilla like food or something to coax him away from the child, then someone grap him.
    The zoo didn’t want to be held responsible so took one of there own! Gun happy! They should of known the gorillas personality and their behaviours!
    The mother must a not been paying attention for quite a while for him to go over two or three barriers, this is not a common acutance the rules should be explained to children before entering the zoo as a precaution and signs explained to them! Being a responsible parent.

  171. Razia Sela Razia Sela says:

    the child’s parents should be held accountable for this tragedy!

  172. The male gorilla’s job is to protect his territory and his group. As terrible as it is that this gorilla was killed, it’s also terrible that the boy was even able to breach the barrier intended to protect both the enclosure and the public in the first place but can you imagine what it would have been like if the gorilla had actually ripped the boy apart? As unfortunate as it was for the gorilla, I believe the right decision was made, especially since the child was in the process of being removed from view.

  173. Paul Baker Paul Baker says:

    Sterilise the parents

  174. Wilfred Sandow….show mommy

  175. Maybe that little boy has had his heart touched in ways others could not imagine. And who knows, as a result he may become the reason or even the person that causes zoos to close down, which would be a good thing. I hope a blessing comes from this very sad event

  176. This happened with a child in another zoo. The gorilla SAVED the child, who had fallen and broken his arm and cut his head. The ape WASHED the blood from his head and cradled him until human help arrived. THIS IS THE NORM IN PRIMATE BEHAVIOR! Killing this ape was a BARBARIC SENSELESS TRAGEDY. I have NO Doubt the ape was attempting to help the child. The MOTHER is the one who should’ve been shot! The ape could have been tranquilized had he not surrendered the child – which he most certainly would have done.

  177. I aint no Dianne Fossi but my guess would be the silverbck had just foiund himself a new toy and wasn’t gonna harm the boy !

  178. Yes, I think thisgorgeousgorilla wasprotective and am so sadened that he was killed. At 3yrs old, the parents SHOULD have not let this child out of their sight!!!

  179. why is this incident raising so much dust, the gorrila may not have meant harm to the kid but at the same time the decision of the keepers to kill it was a wise one, at least I watched the footage the way the gorrila drag the kid and made a speed move with kid under water, that enough can suffocate the kid. nothing is worth more than human life.

  180. Yes, that is what I will do, I will go down slowly and tell my son clam down and tell him slowly walks back to me. Will try my best…… at least do something, if my fault too…

  181. I would have killed him too. Sorry but the life of the boy is just more important.

  182. Yes, that is what I will do, I will go down slowly and tell my son clam down and tell him slowly walks back to me. Will try my best…… at least do something, is my fault too… not the silverback gorilla… not him… shouldn’t shoot him……. ?

  183. This is a lessen for all mam they should take care of children because of they are care less it leads to kill Harambe

  184. come on,,,, he was dragging the little guy around like a rag doll

  185. Que lastima que tuvo que morir el gorila por la irresponsabilidad del ser humano !

  186. ❣?❣? I really wanted, wished, hoped, this beautiful silverback gorilla still alive…… ?

  187. Zoos should be non–existent! What barbarians have we become?

  188. Deb Hannam Deb Hannam says:

    An unfortunate outcome but it had to be done. Give the mother a break too she would have been terrified.

  189. the zoo should suew the perants for the loss of this buetifull animal if had wanted to hurt the boy he could have done in the blink of aneye stupid perants

  190. Typical american way to solve problems:”Shoot to kill”.. And if that don´t solve the problem, reload and shoot again….

  191. The parents should be fined, the zoo should be compensated for Harambe’s life by the parents of that child. Such a needless, senseless tragedy.

  192. She said it best: Got dammit ppl, him being a toddler doesn’t excuse the negligent mother. You all keep saying that’s what toddlers do, they run away. Well rapist rape ppl, but does that make it ok? No, someone is to blame and in this situation, it’s the mother. True enough they run around, but them running around while you’re paying attention, is totally different from them running around and you’re not paying attention. Had she been watching, all this could’ve been prevented. There would be no dead gorilla, an injured child, or a lawsuit against the zoo. #NeverTakeYourEyesOffYourChildrenInPublic

  193. Lisa Ann Lisa Ann says:

    Where we the boy’s parents?

  194. It is only a human mistake, the animal is not guilty of anything, that gorrila should be in a jungle not in a Zoo….

  195. How many ways do we have to re read the same story. Enough already



  198. Moral of story. The Parents of the child should have been more attentive to a three year old child and this unfortunate accident would never have happened. Again. child neglect!!!

  199.' Linwell Magpatoc says:

    Why Should they Kill Harambe?I mean why should they use a killing gun well they can use a sleeping gun. And What Kind of parents that just let there son/daughter run around a zoo am i right?

  200. I noticed that the Gorilla was seeming to try and hold the boys hand..what an utter disaster, and terribly sad.

  201. I dont understand why people argue whose fault why the gorilla was killed or it is the parents? Why no one argue if it is right that we should put all these different animals in cages and deprived them to live where they belong? Im just wondering what if we are put in the zoo and all of a sudden a lion appeared and widly attacking us,who will be the first victim?i am not an animal activist but i never been to any zoo just to watch them and told myself how cruel we are.

  202. I was just wondering why they didnt just give an anaesthetic bullet to the Harambe not shot him dead

  203. Shocking. We are so cruel. We move what belongs in nature. We capture destroy freedom. Then when a animal attempts to help we kill. Shame on man kind. Shame on us all. We are in fact so week and scared of being shown our true colours like this act of murder.

  204. Ken Tucky Ken Tucky says:

    i dont know about these so called “experts” giving lame excuses

  205. I believe the first thing that the zoo officials needed to do was clear the viewing area (except for the parents). Every article I’ve read has mentioned that the “screaming” caused agitation to Harambe. Next thing to think about: What if that had been YOUR CHILD???

  206. Zoo’s should not be allowed in the first place and seeing as this beautiful animal had to die for our mistakes this is proof we should just leave them alone. Seriously hate mankind some times. We just need to leave things alone some times.

  207. Much worse tragedies in the world like human farming consumerism oligarchy of all household products brainwashing and starvation etc. Etc. Idgaf about this God damn monkey.

  208. Harambe should have walked away and let the kid drown in the moot, but he thought he could help. Had he walked well away the responsibility would have rested on people, by trying to help he was used as a scapegoat for people’s negligence and entitlement. The zoo didn’t have the right tranquiliser in stock, that could have knocked out Harambe in seconds, (they do exist) and did not protect Harambe with adequate shields against the bad behaviour of the public, they also didn’t intervene in shooing people from the spot so that everyone screaming created a panic mob situation. A shambles of human cruelty

  209. Obviously the zoo failed at making sure nothing can enter an animal’s cage. Unmaintained fencing? Who knows. Way to go. ??
    The gorilla was a wild animal, yes, but it is a shame he was killed. The child’s parents should have had their boy in sight at all times. What were they doing??? Way to go. ??
    The zoo and the parents failed at their responsibilities, and now an endangered animal is dead. Another example of humans fucking up the earth once again.

  210. Ok could someone tell me how the child got there in the 1st place ? ,does the child have parents ? ,why were they so irresponsible if he has parent ?

  211. To those who think he was protecting the boy, the first gorilla in this video (Jambo) was protecting the boy. According to gorilla experts, Harambe was putting the child on display, not protecting. You can see the difference in their behaviours.

  212. And the gorilla who carried an unconscious boy to keepers in 1996, that was protective behaviour.

  213. Cindy Toh Cindy Toh says:

    zoo personnel should have used sleeping tranqualizers alternatives instead of shot him dead…..R. I.P Harambe..

  214. Hahn Davis Hahn Davis says:

    It was sad and his parents should hold fully responsible and pay a hefty fine and pay for another gorilla too

  215. Animals shouldn’t be in a zoo.

  216. The child is black. There are ALOT of people that valued this gorillas life over the life of the child. Not trying to start a riot, just stating facts.

  217. Imogen Rae Imogen Rae says:

    How would you feel if it were your child? It had to be done, end of story.

  218. If the zoo has an animal they don’t have a person trained to go in and get the child or whoever gets in there without killing him they shouldn’t have that animal..

  219. I never liked zoos or circuses I would cry for the animals

  220. It is such a tragedy of the highest sort. We are supposed to be conserving these rare and lovely creatures…not just using them to make boatloads of money. I have seen many videos of animals getting shot with a tranquilizer guns, and they were in Lala-land in a few seconds. There seems that emergency protocols should be in place…to prevent the shooting of these poor creatures, pacing and flabby in their cages or outdoor “natural” settings. I am very happy the little boy was rescued but at what cost? That Silverback was young, intelligent and appeared rather protective toward the boy. Maybe use stronger tranquilizers! What is the worse case scenario, the gorilla dies? This is starting to become a pattern of killing zoo creatures to save drunk ppl, determined kids, and even workers. It is so sad.

  221. Lee Rivers Lee Rivers says:

    Dragging the child the way that it did, could’ve killed him. I know he was trying to protect the child, but he could’ve been seriously hurt. I still feel that there should have been another way to get the child out safe.

  222. I thought they supposed to have sleep bullets there

  223. We are animals who contain other animals for our amusement. I boycott all Zoo’s and would love to see everyone of them shut down. Kids can learn about these animals in books and be taught why it’s wrong to keep them in captivity.

  224. This was an organised hit. Someone had it in for harambe! So sad

  225. That gorilla wasn’t going too do anything. All the past ones did nothing.shit the kids mother should be in jail for the death of the gorilla. She she thought it was funny till he fell.also in jail for child endangerment .My kids would have never got the chance too go on the opposite side .Im a parent and know bye feeling that something could happen.I would have sayed where u going get back here.They where forced because they would have bin too blame for that bitch.If I was a judge I would have got her for attempted murder.also for her stupedness and failure of a parent should have jumped down there and sayed take me Im stupid lol.

  226. When I see a dead animal on the street I stop and it saddens me. I feel I have to do something, alot of people don’t feel that way they walk on pass. This is the attitude of some that think only human life matters. Why not just walk pass when you see a human dead in the street? Everything is life and to try and pick and choose who’s valued and who has a right to live is difficult because all life is valid.

  227. Deb Sbg Deb Sbg says:

    I’m angry that they killed him. They were supposed to protect him. Stupid Mother should of been watching her child, not letting him run around.

  228. Deb Sbg Deb Sbg says:

    That Gorilla could have killed that boy way before they shot and killed him. And that mother saying I’m here. …where the fuck was she when he ran off

  229. I agree with Saadiqah Cynthia Scherr.

  230. If I ran the zoo by everyone on the internet

  231. Guess people working at the zoo don’t have the Tarzan gene, unguawa. Or a Kung Fu episode, Caine jumps in with his shaolin, training, there is no need to fear…a decent mother would have jumped in and been peaceful, ” aren’t you so sweet… we have to go now…”

  232. Dam if u do dam if u dont … if it was ypur son wpuld u take the risk ???

  233. What if the boy was a black child???

  234.' N567ash says:

    If it was my child being pulled around in such a manor I would want them to do anything to get him out of there. It begs the question How did this little boy fall in, in the first place? What were the parents doing?? Why was there not better safety barriers?? Fault lies with zoo and parents of the child. The gorilla lost his life though negligence on both their parts… So so sad! I do hope the child is ok and I am deeply saddened by the completely avoidable loss of this beautiful animal’s life. Human negligence

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