New Battery Design Could Help Solar and Wind Power the Grid

Written by on April 28, 2013 in Eco-Friendly, Technology with 3 Comments

new-battery-wind-solar( Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have designed a low-cost, long-life battery that could enable solar and wind energy to become major suppliers to the electrical grid.

“For solar and wind power to be used in a significant way, we need a battery made of economical materials that are easy to scale and still efficient,” said Yi Cui, a Stanford associate professor of materials science and engineering and a member of the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences, a SLAC/Stanford joint institute. “We believe our new battery may be the best yet designed to regulate the natural fluctuations of these alternative energies.”

Cui and colleagues report their research results, some of the earliest supported by the DOE’s new Joint Center for Energy Storage Research battery hub, in the May issue of Energy & Environmental Science.

Currently the electrical grid cannot tolerate large and sudden power fluctuations caused by wide swings in sunlight and wind. As solar and wind’s combined contributions to an electrical grid approach 20 percent, energy storage systems must be available to smooth out the peaks and valleys of this “intermittent” power – storing excess energy and discharging when input drops…

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Image: Matt Beardsley, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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3 Reader Comments

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  1.' Winston says:

    Grids are stupid! Don’t keep supporting a monopolistic ideology that keeps us supporting central control for economic slavery! I use less electricity each year as I buy more efficiently-designed replacements and turn off old technologies such as TV and cable. God bathes us in energy, don’t let Lucifer sell it as his! A simple home unit underneath my panel box and I can pull that dumbass SmartMeter that thinks it can be a broadcast antenna on the side of my house just so the power company can know what to charge me per month. F#@&k their mind control technology! Self-inducing mag motors are great, brown gas could run generators cheap, but keep it simple with solid-state electronics. No maintenance, no fuss, just connect and walk away. An antennaed capacitive-inductive re-generative loop with high capacity capictors instead of battery backup for surges. Tesla put a 12 volt one on an electric car and it kept the battery charged fully while driving.

  2.' Luther says:

    Great ideas Winston – now, where to find out more so this can actually be done? What do you have in mind for self-inducing mag motors or antennaed capacitive-inductive re-generative loop with high capacity capacitors instead of battery backup for surges?

  3. What if all we needed was the air that we breathe to love the Earth? And what if the air that we breathe is all that we need to fuel our engines? What comes out the tail pipe of an air-powered vehicle? Air! How does this relate to what’s happening in the Amazon and an oil company? Even the need for ANY toxic waste dumpage can be avoided all together, by switching over to using the ambient air as our fuel source!
    When a people start shifting their financial attention more toward empowering their household family unit, then this archaic technological nightmare of using coal, oil and gas will be decommissioned. An unlovely state, such as this, will whither up and die for want of attention! Until then, people unwittingly keep shoveling fuel into a runaway train by paying into a PHILOSOPHY on how to get things accomplished. And by far it is not the only philosophy in town on how to get the job done. If a power system is centralized and too large, as power grid systems are, then much environmental damage occurs.
    Empowering the family unit includes each household acquires the ability to do practically everything that they were doing before, plugged into the grid. Though now, this energy-producing infrastructure can now shift through the localized use of ‘solar thermal storage’. This system can also create electrical through its convection process, running a small in-line turbine.
    The heat exchange storage process becomes highly efficient, and no longer just wasted, dissipating out to the ambient air. Instead it is gathered and stored in insulated vessels. If you have stored heat, you have a type of battery. No caustic chemicals or toxic substances necessary. There is always a balance required when work is needed to be accomplished. And really a full-cycle balance can only be achieved by decentralizing the energy-production to each household.
    Edison pursued this with his nickel-iron battery technology. Still one of the best battery designs ever conceived of. Though, I have my focus set upon a compressed air system, which requires no caustic electrolytes. Compressed air is really just another form of solar energy. Something to ponder when considering that the ocean of air that we are at the bottom of, is FILLED with solar heat. Extracting it in a self-sustaining way, that is the question!
    Remember in grade school when we learned that, “Cold is the absence of heat.”? For many centuries it was believed that cold and heat were actually substances. Obviously, this created a constant air of confusion over the actual physics of all, that is. But, when it was finally grokked that ‘heat is energy’ and that ‘cold is the absence of this energy’, was when the industrial age was born…when an AHA! of understanding occurred, and when the rather large, yet semi-efficient steam engine was invented.
    So, in our engines, it is a heat differential that is rhythmically sustained, which make our automobiles go. Here, you can try this at home in the driveway. With the car running, raise up the hood, and feel all that heat radiating out from the engine. All that heat escaping is wasted energy! And a LOT of it, too! Then, the radiator pulls even MORE heat energy out from the engine, just to keep it from overheating! And all this wasted energy just dissipates out into the ambient air, for… ‘cold attracts heat’. This is what insulation is for. To trap in the heat! If we store the heat, then our engines will require only a FRACTION of the fuel that they presently use!
    Here is a background info fascinating read on how the modern-day automobile radiator came to be: This link tells more about the evacuated, tubular heat -exchanger, that traps the incoming solar heat, and a double-walled vacuum insulation tube means much less dissipation of the heat! The overall unit can now be made much smaller than usual, due to this tube’s high insulation qualities.
    The ‘back-and-forth’ reciprocating motion that is created by the hot air, gets turned into round-and-round motion with a dual-ratcheting flywheel assembly. Though recently I have just learned about this invention which makes the ‘back-and-forth into round-and-round’ that much simpler! And here it is in animation. Now, imagine this coupled to a cement-filled bicycle wheel! That’ back-and-forth into round-and-round’ is highly efficient, making for a lot of kinetic energy storage for an in-hub electric generator!

    Heat exchanger – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Could it be possible to run compressed air vehicles efficiently enough to give Chevron a run for its money? Now THAT is the challenge! Buckminster Fuller once said, How could we go about making a vehicle that will run itself on air, supported by the solar homestead!)? And, what would come out the tail pipe of a compressed air car? EXTREMELY COLD AIR (-25 to -50 degrees F)! Wow! Okay, so we know that cold attracts heat, hmmm, cold…COLD! Yes, that’s it! Let’s make engines where the by-product of running them is COLD! And why is that so important to do? Because, creating cold (or a ‘heat sink’), will attract an abundance of solar heat to come in, right out of the ambient air! And it would work equally well on the most wintery of days. Tesla pondered this, and probably invented it, only to have his design confiscated and classified by the U.S. government. A little-known fact is that ‘compressed air isjust another form of solar energy.’ Are we not sitting at the bottom of an ‘ocean of air’ that’s being pumped-up by the Sun to ‘1 atmosphere’ (14.8 psi) at sea level? So, relative to -321 degrees F (liquid nitrogen), the air is FILLED with an untapped source of solar thermal energy! And all we have to do is create COLD to have access to it! A man named, Michael Minovitch (‘who gave us the gravity slingshot coordinates to use for economical space travel), has also patented a ‘magnetic refrigeration system’ to create an incredibly efficient ‘heat sink’…enough of one to run an automobile! Here is that patent: Please, do share with me your thoughts. The ‘Airgulper’ concept drawing:
    Our Ocean of Air:
    The ‘Cryoperk’ engine:

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