NASA Researchers Disclose the Truth About Time Travel & Dimensional Portals (Video)

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By Christina Sariach |

Physics needs some new running shoes, or at least an updated framework in which to understand itself so that it won’t be running in circles trying to get to Saturn or a distant star in a galaxy far, far away. That’s the sentiment among those in elevated levels of government as well as individuals who understand higher consciousness. Why? There are places all over the Universe we can travel to in an instant, using energetic portals in space, and the use of our consciousness.

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The proof is indeed mounting that there are portals to other worlds. Though the documentation is still ‘sketchy’ to describe how this is done in black and white, there is a trail there for those who want to follow it.

There are literary hints as well as soft evidence and testimony of numerous whistleblowers. Consider Alice’s rabbit hole. The tornado in the Wizard of Oz. Platform 9 ¾ in Harry Potter. The ‘Gate of Hell’ in Dante’s Inferno. These are just a few.

Ancients knew of portals not just to other Star Systems, but also to the inner earth, using stones, crystals, pyramids, and other structures aligned with the ley lines of this planet.

Within this framework we can look at the work of a NASA researcher who has revealed that there are portals to other dimensions that open and close every day. They are found within the earth’s magnetic field, and they are in a direct line to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.

Though NASA hasn’t labeled them as portals, and instead calls them Boom Tubes, electron diffusion regions or ‘X’ points, the process of magnetic resonance allows them to exist. This means that an extraordinary’ opening in space or time’ does exist, and NASA has known about them for an undefined duration. These ‘short-cuts’ are talked about in science fiction, and often dismissed by ‘real’ scientists.

Jack Scudder, a NASA plasma physicist from the University of Iowa, refers to X-points as:

Places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun” These portals can be elusive, however, so if one were to imagine utilizing them for space travel, they would have to be an expert in space geography and mathematics to time them correctly.

Or, one could simply speak to the whistleblowers in the US government. Some claim that the military industrial complex has had the ability time travel through stargate portals for over 40 years. Andrew D. Basiago is a former participant in DARPA Project Pegasus (1968-72) who claims that the military developed Tesla-based quantum teleportation and time travel in the time space hologram, initiating the U.S. program of time-space Chrononauts. Basiago claims the military has been using portals since the 1970s. For more than 10 years, Basiago has been trying to tell the general public that portal-based time travel is not something from a sci-fi movie, but a present reality.

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Basiago not only talks about time travel to more distant places, but claims the CIA has a Mars-jump-room program which allowed our military to build bases on Mars. He says that though he has worked with some of the leading quantum physicists, the information that he discloses is considered heretical by mainstream physicists, and the military as well.

Basiago states he participated in two ‘secret’ military programs. He says he was one of the many American children chosen to participate in time travel experiments. His accounts of what he experienced are measured with logic and it is difficult to discount what he says as pure fantasy. It is also, of course, in the best interest of the US military to keep these technologies secret, since they can be weaponized. This is no secret, since Rumsfeld has admitted that one of the boons of research done within Project Pegasus is the ability to use teleportation to deliver troops to the appropriate place on the battlefield.

So how does this happen?

This is a similar question that was attempted in the movie Contact staring Jodie Foster. The real life astronomer and ET chaser that inspired her character is Dr. Jill Tarter. She has stated, when asked what got her interested in the search for life beyond this planet:

The Cyclops Report from 1971 — written by Barney Oliver and John Billingham — was the result of a series of summer studies at NASA Ames and Stanford. In reading that workshop report, I was impressed by the notion that after millennia of asking priests and philosophers what to believe about life beyond Earth, the middle of the 20th century presented us with some tools that permitted scientists and engineers to do experiments to try to find the answer. Telescopes, rather than belief systems, could potentially show us what is, rather than what others said we should believe. I realized that I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills (undergrad degree in engineering physics and Ph.D in astronomy) to join this exploration. I got hooked, and have stayed hooked all these years.”

We’re all hooked. That’s because if alien life exists, then surely there are forms of life that are way more advanced (both consciously and technologically) than we are, and these forms of life most assuredly can travel ‘in the blink of an eye’ without necessarily having to overcome gravity, the limitations of rocket fuel, or even the scarcity of physical materials which could not easily withstand the heat of the sun or the extreme cold of deep space.

If our minds could simply create the energy we need to travel more than 9 billion light years before we’re 9 billion years old, then space travel would become commonplace. Perhaps even our highly developed intuition would understand that strange math that allows thought to travel as a wave and to form more cogently in material form on the other side of Pluto.

Nikola Tesla alluded to something of this nature. He developed a ‘teleportation machine’ which formed a ‘shimmering curtain.’

“Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

Passing through this curtain of energy, Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” which allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually.”

They weren’t always safe, though. One of Basiago’s cohorts, Alfred Webre, recalls one instance in which a child returned from his temporal voyage before his legs. As he puts it, “He was writhing in pain with just stumps where his legs had been.” These bugs, according toWebre, have been ironed out in the 40 or so years since the experiments began.

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If our consciousness just needs to catch up to the materialization of matter, anything is possible, but we’ve got plenty of work to do before packing a bag for MACS0647-JD a mere 13.3 billion light years away. I’d hate to forget my wallet in Sacramento while my energy was being catapulted to this distant galaxy, let alone my legs. New shoes indeed.

This article (NASA Researchers Disclose the Truth About Time Travel & Dimensional Portals) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Christina Sarich and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.


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    I have been traveling through time for many sun cycles and let me tell you it is no big desl

  12.' Greg Heckaman says:

    These portals will be found to be the key to interstellar travel in the future,,

  13.' Dexter Boom says:

    Told on there selfs they found the knowledge to the portals then found the portals took they asses underground used the portal to go back in time many different times different people on different missions to ensure they would have the upper hand THEY MANIPULATED TIME AND SPACE PRESSED THE RESET BUTTON AND KILLED AS MANY ON THE SURFACE AS POSSIBLE THATS WHY THIS TIME THEY MADE IT THERE BUSSINESS TO KEEP ALL COLORD PEOPLE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE AWAY FORM ALL THE SPOTS MOUNTANS WERE THE PORTALS ARE

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      Wow.i had no idea.where did you learn thus from?id realky like to learn more.Are there books or something you could turn me on to?ive never read about anything like what you’ve just mentioned!thnx.

    •' Vasquez-Millan Frank says:

      Look at the pyramids for answes

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      Sum portals are deep in the jungles. Of africa and india and china and korea and northamerica south america mexico peru and the atlantis ones are of course under the sea and in the sea just read with a open mind look at history and what whitepeople did they whitwashed the planet so they can survive on it

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    Don’t trust NASA they are a bunch of liars and cover up the truth for the US they work side by side with our secret space program …

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    Michael James Whitton read this, US took tesla ideas and have been doing crazy stuff haha

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    A “magnetic link” is not a physical wormhole. Keep on wishing, and I will keep playing bowling with these wishful interpretations of science.

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      Project Pegasus. And actual codename… Very very interesting. But potentially dangerous due to our ignorance of how it works. Hopefully the pioneers do not step too quickly on this one.

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