MK-ULTRA: Then and Now – A Thorough Analysis of Mind Control – PART 1

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By Omar Cherif
MK-ULTRA: Then and NowWe often hear stories about mind control and human experimentation without really considering the reality behind the phenomenon. As some of you may know, the MK-ULTRA mind control program was initiated and funded by the CIA’s scientific intelligence division in the 1950s till the mid 1970s. The sole purpose of the program was the behavioural modification – or behavioural engineering – of human beings in order to be able to control and enslave them.

Through these mind control techniques, subjects are first “de-patterned” by manipulating their individual mental states and altering their brain functions. This is done through E.C.T (Electro Convulsion Therapy), the administration of drugs, hypnosis, sensory and sleep deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as other various forms of torture.

As a result, and as a creative way to deal with extreme trauma, the victims’ brains would develop Multiple Personality/Personalities Disorder (MPD), or more colloquially, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID); which is when different dissociative parts of a single brain view themselves as separate persons. They are encouraged by their handler/programmer to go to that “happy place” where they cannot feel physical pain anymore. And that is exactly the desired final outcome of our planet’s decision makers – mentally controlled slaves to be used and abused.

There is also more subtle mind control in the form of slow brainwashing that takes generations, and usually the subjects are more or less unaware that any of this is happening to them. This is achieved by playing on the subconscious part of the brain using propaganda, mass media and pop culture to manipulate the masses.


In this two-part exposé, we will discuss several known cases of healed MK-ULTRA/Illuminati victims in order to better understand the horrific ordeals the victims have to go through. We will also shed light and raise some questions on some pop stars who showed/show signs of possible mind control that are worth pondering on.







Let me first refresh you with what MK-ULTRA was all about and how did it come to being.


It is known that Nazi scientists were imported to the U.S right after WW II in what was known by Operation Paperclip. From 1945 to 1955, almost 1000 German scientists were granted American citizenship. Most of them were Nazi party members who had conducted experiments on humans in concentration camps and who had committed other war crimes. Scientists like, Arthur Rudolph, Wernher Von Braun, Hermann Oberth and others ended in the American military industrial complex, worked with the CIA, and started NASA. Their collective work and callous mass control ideology led to MK-ULTRA.

Most of the human guinea pigs used in such experiments were mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts, and prostitutes – or “people who could not fight back” as one officer put it. To be enslaved, it is required that the chosen subject be exposed to abominable torture and treatment methods in order to induce trauma; through which they become dehumanized and “broken down,” hence, ready to be controlled. Through surreptitious use of drugs, E.C.T, and abhorrent abuse, their past memory is capable of being altered. It is also how the programmed mind can later be triggered to be used for specific purposes.

To wipe the brains clean of “undesirable” behaviour, reprogram a new one and create new individuals, the victims would undergo the most vile and inhuman of experiments. That includes being locked in a cage as children and being beaten and raped by monkeys. That also includes being forced to drink their own urine and eat their own faeces. In some cases, the children are initially raped by their fathers or a family member who also happens to be the handler/programmer. Yes, insanely sick to say the least.

Other victims were put to chemical sleep for weeks at a time while listening to repetitive tape recorded messages to cause the depatterning and the reconditioning. Fathomably, many would lose their memory and/or sanity in the process.

A total of 44 American colleges and universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies and the like including Sandoz (now Novartis) and Eli Lilly and Company, 12 hospitals and clinics (in addition to those associated with universities), and three prisons have participated in MK-ULTRA. Most programs within the military industrial complex have zero oversight by congress, and the project which began in the 50s was kept secret and classified for all this time until the late 1970s.

Doesn’t that just show us how powerful the elite who ran the show and who still control our world today really is?


Even though CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MK-ULTRA files destroyed, but the Freedom of Information Act was able to uncover thousands of related documents. The common disinformation is that the project was officially halted in 1973, and that it “didn’t amount to anything” and was ultimately inconsequential to the CIA. Or so they kept repeating.

127 victims sued both the United States and Canadian governments for unwillingly taking part in the MK-ULTRA experiments at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal under the supervision of Dr. Ewen Cameron. This “Memory Thief” had served as the President of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association, and the Society of Biological Psychiatry during the 1950s. Yes, a LOT of agencies. But that simply shows how much MK-ULTRA was widespread.

One of Cameron’s most famous subjects was Velma, the wife of a Canadian Member of Parliament, David van Orlikow who blew the lid on the subject some years later. More details about these experiments are covered in the eye-opening documentary Ewen Cameron, Memory Thief.

Those specific victims – or who and what was left from them – eventually settled out of court for $100,000 each. But, is there really a price for messing with someone’s brain and life so barbarically? And what about all those who never regained consciousness and just “lost it”?

Much later, the United States government issued a national apology about MK-ULTRA while Bill Clinton was in office. Have a look at the Video and judge for yourselves if that really sounds like a true or genuine apology. I believe that this “apology” was part of an uncanny cover story campaign to convince the population that mind control is long gone and that it isn’t used anymore.

For those who want to know more, these vicious crimes against humanity which have destroyed countless lives throughout the years were covered thoroughly in the 1979 book by John Marks The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, and later in 1988 in Anne Collins’ In The Sleep Room: The Story of the CIA Brainwashing Experiments.


Personally, I don’t see any rational reason to believe that mass control has come to an end. There has been growing evidence until today that it is indeed alive and well. Only now that its activities are much more covert than overt and they are being executed by different sectors of the global community. Somehow we all became test subjects. The biological, chemical, and radiological weapons used today against the unwary population are still mostly unknown to us. And if Geo Engineering (Chem Trails), water fluoridation and Monsanto haven’t enraged you yet, or at least raised many questions in your heads, then you’re not paying enough attention and I suggest you start questioning anything the establishment does.

After the initial scandal of MK-ULTRA, the “ones in charge” must have learned a tough lesson and this time they will try to keep it as top secret as possible. The term “MK-ULTRA” may not be used anymore but the ideology is obviously still there. The 13 Illuminati bloodlines, for example, have always believed that it’s their right and duty to rule over the rest of us. So, I mean, it’s only logical that they still believe so and they will do all they can to safeguard, intensify, and upsurge their existing supremacy.

There have been many different names like Projects Bluebird, Artichoke, Monarch and many more that will still be revealed to us in the next few decades. But controlling the masses is certainly still flourishing because simply there is no reason for it to stop. Of course there are different kinds and levels of control designed for different people. That includes individuals chosen because they are linked to certain bloodlines, pop starts and celebrities, or simply the unwary masses as we will see a little further.

It is also only logical to believe that after all these years of technological advancement, the techniques used must have developed exponentially. The controlled today are not necessarily patients but they are individuals with man-made DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) who are living amongst us as a kind of mental slaves. The difference is that present day victims don’t have to be tied up to beds or drugged with psychotropic drugs for months at a time, which may be somehow cumbersome in today’s world. However, they can be mind-controlled using triggers, compact devices, satellite radar system and more enhanced, crazy things that we still ignore.






To better understand MK-ULTRA and mass control we have to take a closer look at those in charge. They might be working behind closed doors, but I think it’s obvious to almost everyone now that they are the ones who truly “control.”

One of the disturbing facts is that a number of those mind-controlled victims are already chosen as infants. Either for belonging to some blueblood of the Illuminati, which is considered “higher” than the rest of the population, and who are willingly offered by their parents to serve The New World Order. Or, like the case of many, they are “acquired” from care homes and poor parents so that they are used as guinea pigs, slaves or sacrifices. Yes, this does happen in today’s world. And if you’re a real truth seeker, you can find out yourself more incongruous, heart-wrenching information with very little research.

For those who are familiar with the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones, and other secret societies, it’s no real secret that they rely on the occult and operate by offering sacrifices — humans and animals. They believe they receive the power of those departed souls which “enter” them upon their death, and take part in ceremonies where they drink human blood and eat human flesh.

They also believe in opening portals between other dimensions and practice ancient and satanic rituals to reach a New World Order — of course with The Rothschild, The Rockefeller and the rest of the 13 bloodlines at its zenith.

Freaky stuff indeed, but it must be somehow working for this hideous, vulturous lot. At least until now or they wouldn’t be religiously involved for centuries.

In fact, they are the true owners of today’s world. Not only do they run the whole show inside the U.S and the U.K from behind the scenes, but they also rule over the world and shape the course of humanity, also from behind the scenes.

Queen Elizabeth II alone owns 6.6 billion acres of land worldwide, which is 1/6 of the world, and which is worth over $30 trillion. And along with the rest of the elite minority, they own 40% of our planet’s resources. That includes the six major corporations which represent 90% of today’s media, the consumer industry and production, the pharmaceutical companies and drugs, the oil, the banks and the whole monetary system, the arms and wars, and the governments and politicians. They also control the intelligence agencies and the “projects,” which consequently make them the ones who truly control the minds of millions of people.

Since they dominate all of the above, there is no reason why brainwashing entire nations wouldn’t be quite the simple task. In my opinion, TV, mass media, pop culture, and other weapons of mass distractions are nothing but more sophisticated, advanced branches of MK ULTRA which have, slowly but surely, infiltrated every aspects of our lives.

That said, by studying the patterns around some of today’s celebrities and how they came to being, we realize that, someway or another, they too must be part of all this mind control insanity. We’ll talk more about that in Part Two.


We should once again ask ourselves why would the experimentation which have been going on for ages cease? Is it because of Bill Clinton’s apology perhaps? And why would the Illuminati and the likes would suddenly stop wanting to dominate and control even more? That’s just basic common sense here.





About the Author:

Omar Cherif Omar Cherif is a trilingual writer and researcher, photographer and blogger with degrees in journalism, psychology, and philosophy. After working in the corporate world for ten years, he took writing as a vocation and is currently finalizing his first book about dreams, the subconscious mind and spirituality among other topics.


You can follow Omar on here:
One Lucky Soul

And you can find more of his work on his blog and on Flickr:
One Lucky Soul






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  1.' Jeff says:

    Yes, The Mind is the real battlefield.

    •' keith d lankford says:

      Hidden Valley
      January 19, 2018

      I live for my Country

      Yet I die for you

      I die for my Country

      As I live as I do

      I love for my Country

      Yet my love feels blue

      I cry for my Country

      Yes I cry for you

      I look for my Country

      To be strong and true

      I look at why its not

      I now am looking at you

      I long for my Country

      To stand up as one

      Yet I find myself alone

      I guess my battle has begun

      Keith Lankford

  2.' Lisa says:

    We have to end Mkultra
    I have been kidnapped by them for over 8 years now. They tried to kill me and my baby today in a car accident by using my implants. I have endured every kind of torture imaginable. I rather be a concentration camp victim or prisoner of war. I know all their mind control techniques. I fought them all the of way. The sexual abuse mental abuse physiologically abuse physically through implants implants verbal mental. Then do mind control experiments them interrogate you on those mind control experiments
    I belief I was brought into Mkultra to put it. I was implanted in the university of Rochester hospital mkultra research hospital for behavior modification. I know many faces and names of them over the years. They pick civilians on theor death bed I was in the ICU on a ventilator and do this to them. I do not know if my family knows I am still alive or had a baby. They have implants in me that control my nervous system and motor nerves the speak through me in male voices my husbands heard them. That is why I can not seek help. I went to the police called the fbi and the senator in New York. Theyvlrt me dobthat. But I judt hot mentally arrrsted. I have solid evidence that this is truely happening. Now when I try to
    ek out help they physically will not let me move and .speak I am sick of being a human guinea pig. I get shocked on s daily basis. I went through sleep deprivation on and off for years. My live was normal before I am a nurse. I was engaged to a state
    rooper that I was with for 5 and a half years. All of a sudden I have surgery end up in the ICU and am being torture with sickest shit imaginable.Theuy are a sub divisi.on of the CIA they pay of any one they can them. I need help

    •' Guinevere says:

      Lisa, my name is Guinevere. You are NOT alone. Have you read about Targeted Individuals? Check out the website FFCHS under Derrick Robinson, you will see lots of your symptoms and experiences there. We are fighting back and you can, too! I have been through EVERYTHING you describe! Some of the Beings harrassing us are actually Non-Human. You can get rid of them easily. Find Lynn Grabhorn’s White Light Affirmations online and recite them, in order, out loud. Just the White Light Affirmations. That will clean out your house and head from the Beings who have always served the Dark Side. The Illuminati has always been in to the Occult. Everyone knows this, however most people do NOT realize how powerful the Occult IS, and how mind-controlled some of the MK-Ultra perps. are themselves! We can overturn this – but it takes as many people as possible bringing these monstrous acts, which is merely MKUltra Part II, to the court of public opinion. They use all manner of technology. Read Dr. Robert Duncan’s “Project Soulcatcher II” – he helped develop some of the weapons which are being used on you and he is now a Whistleblower, and has been a victim HIMSELF. No matter what you call it, this is STILL MKUltra, BUT, realize the Illuminati has OCCULT power and reciting Lynn’s White Light Affirmations will help protect you from at least some of the Dark Spirits and others that Black Magicians have been enslaving and using for centuries. The main men behind Project Monarch are ex-Military SATANISTS, black magicians, by their own public admission! You are NOT alone! I’ll pray for you – and pray yourself! There really IS a Dark Side – trust me. There really IS a God – read Love to you, Guinevere

      •' ruth says:

        I would in no way recite anything but God’s Holy powerful words in the Holy Bible. Reciting any incantations, no matter how “good” you think it is, is dangerous. Why not use the sword of the spirit-(god’s word) and kick the ass of the enemy? God’s word works against evil.

        •' Yod says:

          If your God is so powerful why he let the sick minded FBI continue with their crimes and why he let them torture good people?

          •' LOS says:

            God gave humans a free will to do what ever they want,either your for Christ or your for satan, the chose is your.we live in a fallen world that is run by demons and the god of this world( satan

          • HAPLISTING1@YAHOO.COM' DAM says:


            It is great to contact you. I have been enslaved and have been living a “hell-like” life for many years. The people control my mind,manipulate my mental process and emotions. Interestingly, I discovered that their spirits leave their bodies and interact with me independent of their physical bodies. Their spirits rape me,bully ,assault and do many other terrible things to me. I am constantly tortured with negative stuff in my brain that sound like me thinking/speaking, fake uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen and chest. I cannot write everything but I am sure you have an idea based on the fascinating stuff you write. I don’t know everything about the while evil but acknowledge that fact that people control me and their spirits/tech and powers are involved in the thing. How and where can I find help to disconnect them from my life? If you can help me in anyway, kindly inform me,regardless of their blackmails put up to keep and keep using me for research,sex,meat and all the odds they enjoy.

            Hoping the read or hear from you, I wish you a great day.

        •' Artin Arzmanisns says:

          Been a victim for 15 months by my own friends and family members. Like my best friend such as sevan madadian sister sail madadian claiming my baby’s mom is married to one of my best friends and has custody of my daughter which she is supposed to be in Miami Florida and they are married and have a kid. Sevan madadian along with sali madadian and cousin raffi madadian claiming to be the father of my 7 year old daughter according to sali madadian for 15 months been saying I owe u 7 years of child support and she has custody of my daughter which lives in ca and I don’t know about it. Well sevan madadian along jono dersarkisian who also claims to be married with my baby’s mom and claims hid also the father of my daughter. Well sevan madadian and jono dersarkisian both tried to poison me over this past 15 months and been making money , along with Jessica Kane aka niki Nieves saying I have hiv and cancer and brain tumor according to sali madadian. And armen morad ,Varand movesesisn , Edwin der Gregoriaian Armand arzmanian and Elvis Isagoli and aspet minasian could testify seems they r defending me from the Armenian group called illuminati leader sevan madadian and jono dersarkisian Glendale ca 91206. V2k mkultra microwave

      •' Yod says:

        if you tell her that “some of the Beings harassing us are actually Non-Human. You can get rid of them easily” then you are an FBI criminal perpetrator. You know very well that the criminals harassing are are very human although they don’t deserve to be called human and you are one of them. Only FBI agents know how to manipulate the public to think that Targeted people are imagining things. You are one of the criminals.

      • moag354@gmail.vom' nicai says:

        What a load of rubbish!

      •' Kel says:

        This shit is crazy as hell, however only one question. Why do I smell nasty eggs, as his hands are rubbing something in my hair. I know it sounds nuts however after that I can not tell u what happens. I do not remember the next two or three days. I have lost a lot of weight as well as my eye color is changing. But I can not say NO
        To this MAN

    •' ruth says:

      I know that none of us can be free in our minds or souls without the power of Jesus Christ- Seek Him in faith and humility and ask Him to make Himself known to you. He loves all and will help you.

    •' ruth says:

      I am so sorry for you and your child to go through such terrible ordeals. Jesus will help you if you call on Him. He said He will never leave us or forsake us. If we confess our sins to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to us, He will! I have worked with mind controlled people and although psychology can support a client, only Jesus can remove the mind control 100%. He has many names – one of them is Wonderful Counselor. May God bless you and heal you.

      •' Yod says:

        This girl doesn’t have any sins to confess about. The FBI and you will go one day to hell.

        •' ruth says:

          No Sins huh? Romans-
          10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Satan is a “legalist”- an accuser of the brethren. When we confess our sins before Jesus and seek Him- It breaks the legal right Satan uses against us. If they are targeting u and winning, seek Jesus since he is the only one who can ever set u free. Who do you think the eff-bee-eye works for anyway?? duhh.

          • HAPLISTING1@YAHOO.COM' DAM says:

            I am targeted by remand their true purpose to have their spirits rape me,experiment on me,,torment me with fake negative voices,feelings and control my mind negatively. They call me meat. I love to know how I can experience Jesus Christ but has always been like an adventurer in the whole thing. How can I have true encounter with Jesus Christ then? I have been doing church kind of things,rising and falling, praying with pastors,etc and having no. Encounter and started doubting sometimes and found myself slacking a bit. How can I experience Holy Power… Jesus Christ working in my life. I love goodness but have no no such experience to strengthen my faith.

        •' Qwerty says:

          And who are you to decide?

          Qualify your statement otherwise you sound like a retard.

      •' Artin Arzmanisns says:

        Been a victim for 15 months by my own friends and family members. Like my best friend such as sevan madadian sister sail madadian claiming my baby’s mom is married to one of my best friends and has custody of my daughter which she is supposed to be in Miami Florida and they are married and have a kid. Sevan madadian along with sali madadian and cousin raffi madadian claiming to be the father of my 7 year old daughter according to sali madadian for 15 months been saying I owe u 7 years of child support and she has custody of my daughter which lives in ca and I don’t know about it. Well sevan madadian along jono dersarkisian who also claims to be married with my baby’s mom and claims hid also the father of my daughter. Well sevan madadian and jono dersarkisian both tried to poison me over this past 15 months and been making money , along with Jessica Kane aka niki Nieves saying I have hiv and cancer and brain tumor according to sali madadian. And armen morad ,Varand movesesisn , Edwin der Gregoriaian Armand arzmanian and Elvis Isagoli and aspet minasian could testify seems they r defending me from the Armenian group called illuminati leader sevan madadian and jono dersarkisian who sali madadian said are the ones who have been recording me as we speak. They even became reserved sherif after having 2 sales cases dismissed over a year ago. Glendale ca 91206. V2k mkultra microwave

    •' Yod says:

      If you will go to the FBI for help you will make a joke of yourself, because the FBI is the problem. You need to understand that the CIA/FBI are behind all the electronic harassment and gang stalking in the world. The police is doing what they are ordered by the FBI. No one will help you in USA. The entire government is corrupt and is in it against you or they simply don’t care. The only thing that targeted individuals can do is to group together, write everything on the internet. Show the FBI’s criminal faces on the internet. If someone is telling TIs that they should go to the FBI or police than he is probably a perpetrator. The FBI should be dead after they are tortured, not you. USA is a criminal country
      The FBI/CIA have put thousands or millions of Americans on their lists for targeting. They wait, sometimes years, for any of them to do any type of medical procedure. Once they are under anesthesia, FBI thugs secretly implant all sorts of microchips in the Target body. Many microchips cannot be detected on X-Rays. From that time on, the FBI choose any time to start with electronic harassment, Voice 2 Skull (V2K), etc. This is done by the criminal American FBI.
      You can see pictures of the microchips at: RAVEN1.NET/LRR.PDF
      Be aware of Dr. Sanjay Ramrakhiani. He works at Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Camino Medical Center in Mountain View, CA. This Dr. does Endoscopy procedures, and while his Target patient is under anesthesia he secretly implants microchips in the Target’s body and does other criminal secret procedures according to the instructions of FBI agents that appear beside the patient’s bed. The CRIMINAL doctor allows CRIMINAL FBI agents to do anything they want to his patients.
      Another criminal doctor is Bernadette A. Macart, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology, at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Clara, California. This Physician secretly implants microchips in her patient while pretending to do her job. This thug doctor cooperates with the FBI in their crimes against humanity. Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara, CA participates in Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment and cruelty against US citizens: mothers, fathers, young adults and children.
      Message to People targeted by the FBI: Every single time you take an X-Ray, FBI agents are there. They remove any image of microchip found on the X-Ray before it gets to the doctor or after the doctor sees it. Be aware: there are doctors who cooperate with FBI thugs in cheating you. You need to request that copies of the X-Ray be handed to you within 5 minutes of taking the X-Ray. Waiting longer will give the FBI time to remove images of microchips. The FBI has cheated American citizens for more than 70 years.

    •' pityme Elmo says:

      Just for the record, MPD is definitely a brain wave sent by MK Ultra not a real disease as is a host of other symptoms that mimic real diseases.

      •' Johnny says:

        No pityme, you have been misinformed. MPD/DID is actually a condition of a persons “soul” which does exists and is very real. when a person is traumatized and abused, many times their soul will “split” off with a new disassociated identity, also known as D.I.D. for more information please contact

    •' Dakota says:

      Lisa I too like thousands and maybe even millions of others have been a victim of MKUltra. I would like share my story with you because I fear that I am currently being framed by own family. I have endured much physical and verbal torture over the past five years or so. They have been trying to kill me and put me in prison for years because I exposed them. For some reason though I have not died so now they are pursuing me even harder and have manipulated my grandfather in order to frame me and set me up. My mother is currently being held in a rehabilitation center and I have reason to believe that they are sexually abusing her. I know that without a doubt this is the work of the illuminati and I believe that us victims must support one another and share our stories so that our voices are heard and the public can see just how sick and twisted the world that we live in has become.



    •' Finn says:

      I know for a fact that you are telling the truth. How can we fight back though? Can we get lawyers, Doctors, honest agents from the CIA to put an end to this cruel and unusual punishment? I am on your side and willing to help. I don’t know where to start the battle though. Suicide seems imminent but I want to live.

  3.' Mark says:

    MKUltra is being carried out today. I know this firsthand. I see no reason why the documents would have been destroyed, since they represented valuable information that was highly costly in human lives and funding.

    Horrific atrocity tortures have been carried out against me from the day I was born. I believe that my mother sold me for material gain and out of psychopathic hatred. I was chosen because of my highly exceptional intelligence and other qualities.

    I do not know whether I would wish to expose these crimes. If I attempt to carry out activism, I can be highly effective in getting out the message. However, I would be tortured far more horribly. It is likely that if I attempt to speak out I will be put to death or harmed to such a degree that my life is over.

    There are too many abuses to even sketch an overview. I have been physically operated on while sedated as I sleep at night and have discovered cauterized incision marks on my body. I have been electronically assaulted and lacerated in internal organs. My home is frequently entered by many operatives who vandalize my furniture, resize my clothing, so that it looks unattractive, tamper with my computer.

    Some victims may know a special SEGREGATED VOCABULARY. We are directed toward this language because if we attempt to tell of the abuse, no one will understand what we are saying. For example, there are words like: “gangstalking, mobbing, targeted individual.”

    There are many sites that use such false language. “Mobbing” refers to vicious multifaceted, highly resourced psychological attacks by groups in the workplace and involves extreme defamation to cause dismissal and destitution. A “targeted individual” is a government-enabled
    political covert torture victim.

    •' Finn says:

      I am willing to fight back. I believe in God. If they decide to torture us with a greater intensity for telling the truth then what does that make them? I thought we were a country founded on Christian beliefs. This is far from what they’re taught, unless they truly believe they are God, the most horrific sin. You sound extremely intelligent and tortured. We can do this together. You’re not alone.

  4.' Mark says:

    I am a big fan of MKUltra. Some physical atrocity tortures include laceration and bleeding of internal organs everywhere in public and private through the use of electronic weapons.

  5.' Mark says:

    I was unable to post my long comment, so I made the facetious remark about approving of MKUltra above.

    The program is still ongoing. I was sold into it at birth. I was selected because of my exceptional intelligence. I have been tortured in every conceivable manner and only finally realized what was occurring very recently. Most of the tortures used on me were psychological; this is the new form of societal control.

  6.' Mark says:

    There are many websites that use a special SEGREGATED LANGUAGE. They are maintained by the “1%.” I recommend that you have a look at key words such as “gangstalking, mobbing, targeted individual.” Some persons undergoing such abuse will also be MKULtra victims. “Gangstalking” refers to intrusived torture-surveillance and stalking by “neighborhood watch.” “Mobbing” is psychological torture with highly resourced, professional defamation in the workplace, with a view to causing victims to be dismissed from their professions so that they can become destitute.
    “Targeted individuals, or T.I.s are victims of covert state-enable torture. Their crime is that they oppose a state that intends to mass genocide 7 billion persons, starting with those of leadership qualities. T.I.s are the latest holocaust victims, under attack by the masses in plain sight. Once they are gone, nothing will prevent the murder of most of mankind in support of the greed of the 1%.

    •' ruth says:

      Mark- how do you choose people for “mobbing”? how would one know this was happening? what are the common things you would see in your job? thanks much for posting

  7.' Hester says:

    Well I can now see why these actresses/actors and singers are acting the way they do. I myself wanted and almost went into the acting/modeling business. I am now glad I did not. I do not like the government, not the media. All they want to do is hurt everyone. I wish everyone good luck in the fight against mind control. Keep strong and live free.

    •' Hester says:

      *nor the media

    •' Sarah Lund says:

      That’s exactly what I’m thinking. The government damn well know they could make the world a better place, because the power is in their hands, but typically, they chose to destroy it. Oh well. I stopped going to a certain therapy charity, because my gut instinct told me something fishy was going on. After all, they’re an agency. I don’t trust agencies, police, FYI, or ANY other organisation. They will pretend to act on your best interests, but I really know what they’re doing, in those stupid little offices. And I know all of my private information is definitely being passed around. Glad I’m so intelligent. Otherwise they’d think I’d fall for what they tell me.

  8.' mk5055 says:

    You probably make it appear to be really easy with the speech nevertheless i in discovering this condition to become basically another thing i always believe that I’d under no circumstances understand. It kind of feels way too complex and also vast to me. My business is waiting for a person’s next write-up, I most certainly will try and obtain the hang on than me!

  9.' Adam Godwin says:

    Is cannabis a deprogramer or is that misinformation

    •' ruth says:

      How can a substance which takes you away from a sound mind (like pot)- help you get a sound mind?? No – all drugs impair your brain, leaving you vulnerable to demonic attacks and electronic attacks since you are no longer in control. Why do you think the Nazis used lsd and other drugs to split the mind into fragments and make a multi personality?

      •' Adam Godwin says:

        Hi I have just stopped smoking weed but some good things came when I took lsd the experience it self was a bad trip but not to go on it forced open my mind to have feelings for other people at the time I was a criminal and for some reason I started opening doors for people and other nice things but although I would not advise it because like I said it forced open my mind and found it hard to deal with the bad things I had done no natural progression but thanks for your comments

    •' megan says:

      They don’t like you smoking pot. I think they don’t like people meditating either and the person in charge has a insane temper and I got in his wa . Ruined HIS VIEW IS HOW HE PUT IT

  10.' Mark says:

    Ruth –They chose experimental slaves. I saw people in my workplace who were from military families. They did not let on. There was a completely unbelievable process of covert, yet obvious character assassination. I had never experienced anything like it. Previously, I had always been highly regarded. They use unlimited resources and personnel. The most dangerous defamers pretend to be well-wishers. They carry out a program of systematic marginalization and psychological ambushes. They are highly skilled.
    I had known when I was five years of age that I was a target, but then I suppressed the knowledge. Only recently, I realized that over decades my close family and friends had been covertly put to death, often prematurely and suddenly, with no explanation, except that they were a support to me.

    •' ruth says:

      Mark- all I can say after running across mind controlled people off and on for over 10 yrs- is that the only one who has the real power to protect me or anyone being targeted is Jesus Christ. We are in a spiritual war and the forces in high places hide from us. They use illum families as puppets to carry our their occult evil against the world. When a person submits to Jesus Christ and becomes a new creature in Christ they have the power of the Holy Spirit working against evil! We will be pushed around until Jesus takes us home – but He left His own with a sword-the word of God and demons tremble when we use it.

      •' dc says:

        Sorry Ruth but sounds like you’re replacing one kind of mind control with another. Not everyone believes in your one true god other peoples view points maybe valid other than just yours don’t be so dismissive of other peoples beliefs just because they don’t match yours

        •' Pityme Elmo says:

          Believers are often saved by people with similar beliefs. Communities that are interested in people are very important I would definitely Iinvest my time in a xhurch with caring people for help with adversary like people.


        How can I experience the holy power,Jesus Christ in reality? I want this and grew up loving this but have come to realize that I need the true experience,especially now that I am target and slowly killed “meat” for these cannibals.

  11.' Mark says:

    Very interesting. Any site that is professional is probably put up by the rulers, the 1%. That is why it is necessary to provide your e-mail before you are allowed to participate. The objective is to leak a bit of info. and head off any real awareness by providing doubt and disinfo.

  12.' j.s.williams says:

    Join the elite, join the prestigious Illuminati society,
    the world of
    possibility in return for knowledge, wealth, power
    and protection.
    If you are interested send your profile for
    If your profile make it through screening, you will
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    Thereafter you will pay registration and
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    upon payment, registration form shall be send to
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    signature to it you are half way of becoming a
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    For registration,log in to:
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    Best regard,
    J.S. Williams.
    Illuminati Head.

    •' Adam Godwin says:

      I’m sorry but one you’re a fake and to im your enermy I welcome the day u come out in the open but I also think ur also misguided slave only one question y me

    •' dc says:

      Ever get the feeling ” some people just don’t get I AM TAKING THE PISS YOU DOLT” oh well ?

      •' Megan says:

        Really?!I don’t think so. You are SO OBVIOUSLY ILLUMINATI the one thing about you lot (luckily) is how obvious and transparent you are

  13.' Adam Godwin says:

    I’m sorry but one you’re a fake and to im your enermy I welcome the day u come out in the open but I also think ur also misguided slave only one question y me

  14.' Czech Republic says:

    Its real!!
    My best frend by kill from this !Day 30 letter.
    I am by next because I speak on internet and phone about secret place where is in my country west secret services and about his operations.
    I have in brain some for control and in hearing.
    I have 24 hour sound disturbing and I have next implantat across body.
    I look on sky and there is some orange ball and some
    probably false extratherestrial saucer.
    I not belive for this and I am by kiddnaping in my house and next day I have this implantat.
    I not smoke not drink I am from university family.This technologies use hypnosisi against people around my!
    Is not impossible move away.
    This think from secret services conect my eye!!About 6 secund!!
    I am conect to the some computer and this program connect with my people around my.Is from BBC technics hypnosys and is real.
    Use phone!Your phone is possible against you about 6 second!!
    All my bodygards have crash car incident all!
    I have too crash incident and one woman in my apartment by kill from this technologies.
    One old man day because is around my and across my body still move some elctric power to this transsmitter.

  15.' Czech Republic says:

    Its real I am by in this program for killing people.My best frend by kill from this 1 year back because talking from phone about secret services(west) in my country and his phone by recording.
    In this moment(one year later) I am by kiddnaping in my house and I have sound implantat in my the ears.And this technologies connect my eyes during 10 seconds.In my body is some next implantat and this technologies use hypnosys for people around my!!
    That means is not impossible move somewhere.
    I have small sound system in my nervous system!!I have 24 hour sound disturbing.
    And through the nose is in brain some implantat.I by connect to the computer and control my brain all days.All people around my is under hypnosys.
    I look on sky and there is about 50 x some extratherestrial vehicles I belive is some fake??..
    And some orange ball this is about 6.months.
    I believ this saucer vehicles must by fake?
    All my bodygards have crash car incident all!!!
    I have crash car incident.
    My phone is hacking and my pc too.
    Is not impossible sleep and I am not smokking and not drinking never.
    All people have fear about my and some old man day because across my body still move some electric power.
    Videos kamera not work some technologies not work.
    I have a lot of witnesses.
    Some waves affect my body all 2-3 minutes and targeting all people around my!!40 metters underground too !!!
    My house have some broken from ultrsound and yang girl died in my apartment.
    One old man died because is too close from my body.
    One my bodygards have clear brain and is too under hypnosys.

    It erases the memory and sends false dreams
    My phone is hacking and my pc too.
    This technologies use the telephones!!You are in hypnosyst in 6 seconds from this wifi system and your phone.
    Its real is probably mosad.

    •' ruth says:

      Czech- I believe you. If you wish to be free from this and protected there is only one way- and that is by believing and confessing Jesus Christ. If you can pick up a Bible or listen to a Christian sermon, this will help you.

      MK Ultra is a spiritual war set up by satan- we fight in the spirit world now as times continue to get darker. Satan rules mind control- Jesus gives us ‘POWER-LOVE-A SOUND MIND”

      A great website is called:

      I will pray for you also. In Jesus name

  16.' Czech Republic says:

    Thanks so much Ruth.

    Some people before this day by mistake my from small hypnosys and said do not call other than only there on my phone because I am there if is problem before 5.minuts..and if you call police is there before 20.minuts.
    I lost this fone and have in brain information “Not call this is 20.minutes…i lost life because I no have informations!!!

  17.' Czech Republic says:

    It is because existu PRISM control spy system.

  18.' AA says:

    Hello everyone i wanted to share my story please bare with me. As a child i knew there was something governing and controlling, just that gut feeling there’s something wrong. I now know i was a targeted infant. But when it hit me 100% was in late 2006 and i remember it till today. I was lying on my bed about to sleep. I was running scenarios in my head as i usually do, to sum up the day and overall experiences. I had my favorite song playing, lying there i said and i quote ” There is something wrong, why is this happening ?”. A tear came to my eye, and i kid you not its as if something clicked where my ear drums became super powerful and i heard “Steal shit, rob shit …” behind the music from my laptop, not part of the song of course. You can have me under oath and i would say the exact same thing. Creepiest part, i got a response after hearing it, i heard “hello are you getting this ?” It was a male voice, he sounded in hast and was as if reaching for the mic ! That thud and scratching sound when someone reaches for a mic. This all happened in minutes whats worse is that i wanted to get up but i couldn’t and it felt like i was told to sleep which i did, not before saying in my head “Now i know why !” meaning why certain events play out as they did, a lot of drastic situations happened a sort of domino effect. I was in Aaww everything seemed surreal, so i wanted to get to the bottom of it. Plenty of research from counter offensive scramblers to magnetic pills, and mainly being aware of everything watching myself, analyzing, might write a continuance later. Mind my writing and approach.

  19.' Amanda says:

    I thought I knew a lot about the illumanti…but everytime I research I find out more horrible things! My eyes have been opened up to so much that it’s hard to enjoy anything, because even though I read about this type of stuff on the internet I now see it in everyday living. I can’t wait for Christ to come back and rid all this evil. I also pray for those who have been subjected to this evil. I wish people would open up their eyes and see the truth that is in this world. Christ is coming back and if we fall for the devil’s tricks when he go down those who followed him will go down too, and there is no bottom. GOD bless. Share your information to whoever will listen. the devil hates exposure.

    •' ruth says:

      Yes – thank you for sharing that. So many are blinded by the lies in this world, they have no idea there is a real Hell and many will end up there.
      Hosea 4:6
      6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
      The media spins lies that as humans we can just cruise along this life and we’ll probably end up ok… way.
      God said: John 3:18-18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
      Mk ultra takes prisoners of people’s minds and souls but we can still bind the spirits of mind control and loose the spirits of Power-Love-A sound mind in Jesus might name. In Isaiah 61 we are called to set the captives free.

    •' Marie says:

      Amanda: Christ is coming back soon. Those who do evil, such as the Illuminati, will be punished if they do not repent.

      •' Johnny Matthes says:

        Fortunately, much is going on behind the scenes! After Eric Rothschild got saved last year, he along with others formerly in the top 13 are on fire for Jesus bringing many in the Illuminati to salvation. At last count over 50% in the cult and 45% in the top 13 are saved and numbers are rising daily! As for MKL, let’s just say it too is being re-programmed and reversed. There is hope and Jesus will not be silent. It’s time to Plunder the Devil!!

  20.' Alex says:

    Nobody cares or helps mk-ultra victims from scandinavia..Wondering why is that so..

  21.' yod says:

    To all Americans: Be aware of Dr. Sanjay Ramrakhiani. He works at Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Camino Medical Center in Mountain View, CA. This Dr. does Endoscopy procedures, and while his patient is under anesthesia he secretly implants microchips in the Target’s body and does other criminal secret procedures according the instructions of FBI agents that appear beside the patient’s bed. This CRIMINAL doctor allows the CRIMINAL FBI agents to do anything they want to his patients. This Doctor injects microchips also in the esophagus while in endoscopy procedure but he is also implanting microchips anytime the FBI wants to implant microchips in anyone they target. If you are targeted by the FBI with electronic radiation and groups that the FBI sends after you to harass you, then you sure have many microchips in your body and it is most likely that this criminal, low life scum of the earth doctor implanted it in your body. I posted this comment many times but the FBI removes my comments from most sites. All targeted people need to be aware that the FBI removes from the internet any comment that unveil their criminal activity. When targeted people look at the computer they might see their comment without knowing that the comment appears only on the target computer but was removed from the general public. I invite the FBI to take me to court if what I write here is untrue. Go ahead criminal FBI, I am waiting.

  22.' yod says:

    The FBI agents are the unpatriotic terrorist criminals that use electronic weapons and mind control on US citizens and people around the world, bringing them to death. The American FBI is a crime committing entity. They follow their target wherever he goes including Europe, Canada and the Middle East, radiating him to death. To All countries, be aware: with microwave weapons at distance afar, the FBI can kill or cause fast growing cancer in any person or any leader in your country without leaving a trace.


      Sadly, I am innocent victim they have already murdered used for experiments,mind control,
      sexually abused by them. It is not just technological. They also send out their spirits to have sex with me while their physical bodies are going about with their normal lives. I am truthful about this. It is also a demonic stuff.They call me meat. Torture me daily with fake negative comments and feelings. My property gets destroyed. I have been a Christian and never experience any help from it and just so confused whether it is real or I don’t know what it takes to experience the highest holy power to cast out the devil.

      I really need help even if they have made me a death person walking,and practising cannibalism on me. I know them very well and lack what it takes to cut them off my life even if they have taken my life and plan that I should die in about 3 years from now.

      Anyone that can help should reply me asap. I was in New York City but has left to the interior.

  23.' yod says:

    Message to People targeted by the FBI: Every single time you take an X-Ray, FBI agents are there. They remove any image of microchips found on the X-Ray before it gets to the doctor or after the doctor sees it. Be aware: there are doctors who cooperate with FBI thugs in cheating you. You need to request that a copy of the X-Ray be handed to you within 5 minutes after taking the X-Ray. Waiting longer will give the FBI time to remove images of microchips. Check it immediately and show the proof to as many people as you can because you can be sure that the FBI will steal it or exchange with one from which they removed images of microchips. All Targeted people have about a hundred microchips of all sorts in their body.

  24. I AM a victim of the CIA Mind Control experiments…Ihave Alien DNA- IAM an Alien Hybrid…the CIA foynd found me ..implanted microchip on me and controlled and used me for experiments my entire life…how do you think I feel after finding out of the crime done to me? what do you think I should do? IAM not the only one…there are me.



      It is great to contact you. I have been enslaved and have been living a “hell-like” life for many years. The people control my mind,manipulate my mental process and emotions. Interestingly, I discovered that their spirits leave their bodies and interact with me independent of their physical bodies. Their spirits rape me,bully ,assault and do many other terrible things to me. I am constantly tortured with negative stuff in my brain that sound like me thinking/speaking, fake uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen and chest. I cannot write everything but I am sure you have an idea based on the fascinating stuff you write. I don’t know everything about the while evil but acknowledge that fact that people control me and their spirits/tech and powers are involved in the thing. How and where can I find help to disconnect them from my life? If you can help me in anyway, kindly inform me,regardless of their blackmails put up to keep and keep using me for research,sex,meat and all the odds they enjoy.

      Hoping the read or hear from you, I wish you a great day.

  25.' GMan says:

    Ok. I believe a lot of things even if they sound ridiculous. But all this I’ve read in this thread has made me question why the hell so many people are still alive today. Like honestly, if the government was doing mental testing, it’d be in a controlled and secured environment with no other external variables. They wouldn’t simply let test subjects roam about, or even allow for Internet access. I’m doing extensive research on MKULTRA at the moment and will for awhile, and as far as I know, the government- with it’s already high amount of debt -wouldn’t waste hundreds/millions of dollars on subjects which could potentially ruin them.

    •' dc says:

      Well put gman, while this subject is interesting and the prospect of a covert government that want to enslave mankind does sound very attractive im having trouble believing this too. Its a wee bit all to Disney don’t you think?

  26. This is strange. I have previously answered many of the readers’ comments but now I can’t see any of them. This follows having all 500 initial F.B ‘likes’ suddenly disappear one recent day. Perhaps someone doesn’t want us to spread this information.

  27.' Gman says:

    Well, yes. That’s why I’m responding to you.

    I also am on this thread due to me writing a thesis paper on the subject.

    • Thank you for the reply, it must be the broken links the CLN folks have informed me about. Good luck on your paper, check all the links added in the “sources” on Elite Agenda as well as the comments here and there, and let me know if you need anything.

  28.' naomi pannell says:

    I am also a survivor and they most definately are still doing it.
    Whose fighting these guys? I very much want to contact other resistors. Please contact me on fb Naomi esther-ruth pannell ty



      It is great to contact you. I have been enslaved and have been living a “hell-like” life for many years. The people control my mind,manipulate my mental process and emotions. Interestingly, I discovered that their spirits leave their bodies and interact with me independent of their physical bodies. Their spirits rape me,bully ,assault and do many other terrible things to me. I am constantly tortured with negative stuff in my brain that sound like me thinking/speaking, fake uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen and chest. I cannot write everything but I am sure you have an idea based on the fascinating stuff you write. I don’t know everything about the while evil but acknowledge that fact that people control me and their spirits/tech and powers are involved in the thing. How and where can I find help to disconnect them from my life? If you can help me in anyway, kindly inform me,regardless of their blackmails put up to keep and keep using me for research,sex,meat and all the odds they enjoy.

      Hoping the read or hear from you, I wish you a great day.

  29.' naomi pannell says:

    Jesus Christ has saved me from the same hon. He told me to renounce the nephilim (alien/demon) dna and ask Him to heal it.
    I had to repent of ties to sorcery ,wiccanism….most of us have those ties and we have to let th go.
    Dont believe their lie that cuz u have their dna they own u that b.s. if u give urself to Jesus and repent and keep hanging onto Him u belong to Him.


      How,please. I love to do thatand have been Christian but seems have concern as a grown up that it is not real these days. I still hang on a hoping to have an encounter someday. How can I get to the reality of Christianity, goodness and not just following the crowd?

  30.' Daniel R says:

    I was taken to Sunnybrook hospital for psychosis. I came in knowing I was insane, and I came out knowing I was going to be put into an oven or sterilizer set to infinite heat/pain, forever. As soon as I entered the ward I was unable to speak. Then I couldn’t move.

    They had a kitchen with two large “food heaters.” Let me tell you, when you are withdrawing from lorazepam, the noise and heat these things emit can traumatize you. I had visions and nightmares of being put into THOSE “heaters” until I went completely insane.

    I’m still harassed all the time, and I have trouble thinking coherently/creatively because of side-effects, like tactile hallucinations, from that experience.

    Contact me if you want to discuss anything.
    Literally anything.

    •' Ella says:

      They told me I was be put in an oven also

    •' Ella says:

      My name is morag kindred and I think they are going to blow my car up I have been attacked all night they also put extremely strong smell in my house they have been talking,putting pictures in my eyes. Havent stopped moving things kn my abdomen(i think my womb)for 8 hours . I am gassed, electrcjted’and have wires in me and insects. IVe kept some as evidence

  31. wer@wir.em' werem wirem says:

    this is all bullshit people.get a life

  32.' Daniel R says:

    Hi Mark.
    Every minute of every day, it feels like something or someone is trying to change or block my thoughts. I have tactile hallucinations, often resembling itchiness, that only came about after I was institutionalized. I feel as though I am in mild torture on a nearly-constant basis. The hospitalization which allowed for this torture to happen caused me extreme mental pain during my stay.
    I would be happy to talk about anything, just email me.
    My email address is

  33.' Daniel R says:

    Hello everyone. I feel like something or someone is constantly trying to change or block my thoughts. I get tactile hallucinations and feel like I am in mild torture on a constant basis. This all began during a stay at a hospital that was extremely mentally painful. If you would like to talk to me about anything, please feel free to contact me. My email address is

    •' Gman says:

      I’ve finished the thesis paper I had said I was working on ages ago on here and I have a large amount of data on MKUltra and similar projects. I had gathered all kinds of data except for 1st hand experience which was reliable.
      If you could say, when did it begin and what other symptoms are you experiencing?

  34.' Daniel R says:

    Hi Lisa. I believe you. I am a twenty year old man who was hospitalized weeks before my 18th birthday. Since age 10 or so, I was kept awake on and off through itches and similar feelings that, frankly, felt very artificial.
    After being in the ICU at sunnybrook hospital, I experienced ideas of infinite pain related to intimidation and threats by the authorities. No one saw it, it was inside me. To add insult to injury, they never leave me alone, as if what I went through wasn’t enough. You can read my other comments on this webpage if you want to know more. Feel free to contact me any time for any reason

    One more important thing. When I listened to the fear and shut my mouth is when they took advantage of me. I make sure to try to be honest and open with people I have relearned to trust.

  35.' Daniel R says:

    Hi Gman. Thanks for asking.
    At age 8 on and off until age 12, I was in group homes, hospitals and institutions against my will, given medication and traumatically separated from my parents. Around age 10, I became triggered very easily by simple twitches on my mom’s face, which caused thought disruptions and misbehaviour. I also developed sleeping problems, feeling an itch on a different part of my body every few seconds.

    I had suspicions of mind control during a period of drug use around age 16. I was paranoid, but did not have the belief that I was a target.

    The “real” mind control problems began weeks before my 18th birthday, early 2011, at Sunnybrook hospital, teen ward. I couldn’t stand the stress and felt extremely trapped. At first, there were environmental cues that took my mind over. At some point, I became aware of tactile hallucinations which were clearly timed to coincide with certain thoughts.

    I experience tactile hallucinations of tears coming down my face as well as drool coming from my mouth, both of which are intimately connected with the trauma, and can be used to block or change my train of thought. I experience frequent “pricks” and movements of my body (especially face and fingers) which indicate if the controlling force/person approves of a thought or not. When I think about being trapped or consider approving the control, they try to reinforce it with emotionally relevant muscle twitches and clicks.

    I experience visual and emotional memories of the trauma on a daily basis and dreams related to it on a weekly basis. is the email address you can use to contact me if you want an in-depth description of what I’m experiencing.

  36.' Daniel R says:

    Also, I have a fragmented personality or something of the sort. My fingers and sometimes other body parts seem to have a sentient mind of their own. I can think or tell them or my hand as a whole to “face my mom, then me, then wave to my mom (or anyone)” and they will do it. They appeared partly as a result of my loneliness in the hospital and shortly afterward. The universe seemed literally empty of life. No life, just robots and objects. I think of them as imaginary companions. They almost always make the equivalent of eye contact when we “communicate.”
    Some other similar things happen as well, but are not as prevalent.

    •' seth says:

      Pray to God for deliverance. Christian style. Helps to integrate a fractured mind, and it is true that over time it works.

  37.' Daniel R says:

    Beware of Children’s Aid Society of Ontario and related organizations. Some people have told me they were helped by this organization but my personal experience is of separation from my family, friends, and a happy lifestyle.
    My opinion is that there is a strong correlation between my being taken away (as well as kidnapped) by them and having problems of social isolation, anger, self-control, food and videogame addiction, drug use, insomnia, vulnerability to mind control and an overall hard life.
    My parents told me of the pain they experienced as a result of CAS.

    In hospitals and institutions, the suffering of others may not be completely apparent. My own experience is that a ward can seem like a prison-like place of psychological torture, made worse by forced use of medication and forced isolation, etc. and most people will not notice anything out of the ordinary. Even I noticed a huge difference between two admissions to the same ward. Keep that in mind.

    My apologies for my excessive posting of comments.
    Contact me any time, anyone, if you would like to talk about anything at all.

  38.' Malcolm says:

    In 2005 I was the subject for anti-terrorist, coercive interrogation training exercise between JTF and JTF2 in Toronto, assisted by the RCMP. Mind control demonstration followed.
    Contact in 2006 when ECT given as they were concerned my manuscript might get published. 2014 June a fog/gas from a hose was used knocked me out. I recognized the American JTF’s voice. A Canadian professional with no criminal record has been used by the Americans to test a chemical weapon. I recommend those subject to attacks study SYSTEMA so you can defend yourselves. Use pschological warfare against the watchers as I am. Carry a walking stick. Don’t put up with fascism.

    •' Gman says:

      Some of the thing’s you’re experiencing sound like symptoms to other issues within the body. But the interesting part is the reaction your body has to others who express certain emotions. Some people have to develop that skill through experience but feel it in different manners, it’s just a feeling you’ll experience when you speak with them. Yours seems to be a physical response instead, though the cause could be, as I said, a larger problem with your body you should check out, something you’ve developed somehow, or possibly the mind control.
      With mind control, it often gets set off by words or sounds. I am working to major in physics and biotech, so unfortunately my information isn’t entirely credible but I have random blotches of information of just about anything.
      If I could learn what the memories and trauma you’re experiencing are, it could help to discern what had happened and what is truly going on.
      Reply to any of my messages and I’ll get notified and respond immediately.

      •' Malcolm says:

        You know nothing about MKULTRA, or you are a shill. I am twice your age and have lived a nighmare for 8 years. How dare you suggest these very violent and war crime actions taken by US federal officers did not occur and instead were simply a reaction by my body. You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting those committing the war crimes. You have a lot to learn kid, and I’m not your teacher.

        •' seth says:

          Many officials in society are MK Ultra slaves – this is why they are in their current positions; to have a mind controlled society for the elite

  39.' Gman says:

    First off, meant to reply to Daniel R, not you. I was going to respond to yours in a separate message later on. Secondly, a shill would’ve responded differently. But anyways, I’ve done my research on MK-Ultra. Like I said before, if you scroll up in the thread, I did it as a thesis paper, and at the time, I had looked at all documents about it. If you’d like to see links to official released documents on Mk-Ultra, I’ll be glad to provide a link.

    The things that had occurred could’ve happened, though without more detail, most would be skeptical. If you wouldn’t mind going into detail as to the events, it would help me better understand as to what had happened.

    Hell, I could probably add onto my paper if it seems reasonable enough. If you’d like to see the doc, I’ll put the link, but sorry for the terrible writing, I did it a day before it was due.

    •' Adam Godwin says:

      If anyone is interested please look up the Nerophone as I believe this or an upgraded version is how people or beings are communicating with t.i ‘s and Psychosis is the term they are using to bring in anyone who resists many I have met that have psychosis don’t take drugs but they do smoke tobbaco which contains 1000’s of chemicals including rat poison of which is an ingredient in l.s.d and then u have tap water (council pop) of which there is traces of all types of hormones and cleaning products and medication for so called mentally ill people…then u have triggers in the enviroment television pop music. And in television u have a barrage of addverts for thing’s like Charities which displays suffering and then detachment to suffering which makes people supress there natural reaction to what’s on t.v in front of them not realizing that the people behind this oppression are using there money to pay for allsorts of ludicrous thing’s like the headquarters of oxfam in dubi whith onside glamorous swimming pool ..and to top it off the one trick these people do that seems to go unoticed the most is getting them to believe that all the people involved (handerlers ) don’t like nor would associate with each other …to give an example hitler apparently hated jews but he was half jewish his mistress was Jewish and where did he get funding Rothchild worldbank he really was for fair haired blue eyed people but attacked poland first. It was Occult power struggles that was really the agenda the serpant eating it’s own tail.

      •' seth says:

        Nanochips – the tech in use is more advanced than the public is led to believe is the current maximum technological level of development.

        •' Malcolm says:

          Seth, what sources do you have on Nano chips?
          During a Home invasion 5 months ago by controller a forearm implant was installed with a portable device that burned the skin in a stencil perfect L shape about 1″ x 2″. It failed to show on MRI.

    •' Megan says:

      You can’t tell difference and to add to it they use pre recordings and use faces

  40.' Gman says:

    Refer to my other post. The most recent one.

  41.' Adam Godwin says:

    U seem desperate for people to comment what is your true agenda please if u are sincere take off the shades and give us a close up say your true opinions on this and why do seem so dare I say smug in youre photo yes Omar I’m talking to you..Please can we all that comment on this page get an idea of your back ground, u seem shocked at my threats of violence against the people behind this but yet u have an idea of what they do to others..I guess asI know they know where I am and what I look like and that they cconsider me a valuable asset..or property they already know what I’m capable of and because they gave me the training I can only guess.. But I have love and peace and compassion now for my enemy of my enemy is my friend evan when they don’t know it them selfs reverse engineering there device’s and send them love and peace should set them free evan from there contracts of which I believe evan Lucifer could get forgiveness if only humility was in the creators plan but ask and I will answer nock and u will see.. pride does come before a fall how did lucifer get so proud and if angles can fall…there no shame in admiting one’s mistakes unless they didn’t believe there wss a mestake just cause and effect …all I’m hearing is about past mk ultra perpetrators what about today food for thought or feeling catalogue name and shame show your support Omar don’t just be an observer..

    • Hey Adam, thanks for that weird comment. I wrote this exposé over 16 months ago so I don’t always keep following up on the new ones, especially that I’m currently busy with finalizing my upcoming book. I received many private messages since then and the piece has been viewed more than 23,000 times. A little advice for you: When you’re seeking attention try not to get personal as in judging someone by a photo or accusing them of ‘I-don’t-know-what’ because it simply shows how shallow you are. Cheers.

  42. Hello would you mind letting me know which web host you’re working with?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different web browsers and I
    must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a good web hosting
    provider at a honest price? Kudos, I appreciate

  43.' michelle moore says:

    me too please there killing me now no sleep shock mentally ill bad tourtured extreamly bad sexually bad peachford mental hospital is a part of it also in atlanta want to talk email me

    •' Gman says:

      Killing you how? The no sleep is possibly insomnia, and can be caused by multiple things, what are you thinking about when you’re unable to sleep?
      The rest, clear up the grammar a bit more so I can work out what’s going on.
      The hospital you speak of though, I looked it up and it seems the staff are just terrible people with mental issues of their own. I’ve seen accounts of sexual abuse, but none of psychological abuse/control.

      Just reply and I’ll see and respond.

      •' Megan says:

        I think you’re an imposter and you’re comments are disgusting for someone obviously in a great deal of stress are you sure you’re not an ILLUMINATI.

        •' Gman says:

          There was no evidence to his claim or any support. Just that he’d been in a mental hospital. With the added on bad grammar and spelling, it would be guessed that it’s a shill.

          Same with you, Megan.
          And the Illuminati existed as scientists but people use them as excuses nowadays for things that they make up in their minds.

    •' seth says:

      half the psychiatrists are actually mkultra slaves and don’t know they are

  44.' Gman says:

    More evidence and information to support the events then? It’d be more helpful to identify said individuals or what exactly happened. Currently, I’m not doubting, I’m seeking to learn more.

  45.' Som says:

    This is my perception and the first time I’ve had nerve to post publicly what I think. I believe all TI’s are chosen prior to birth. (Did you know that the greatest trauma to a child in creating their,”ID” occurs while they’re in the moms’ womb and that it’s actually the mom’s parasympathetic system reaction that induces traumatic issues for the child?) I do believe a split is created within the child between ages 2-5 via trauma (Did you know that I have 5 biological siblings; 3 are sisters and they were all raped during their childhood at some point in time while I thought I simply got lucky and didn’t.) I believe trauma such as this determines whether you can split which is why it happened to them. I believe when it happened to me I did split but it was too traumatic to remember until later. If you can split then you become a TI. I also believe TI’s have a spiritual connection (Notice the 15 strongmen in the Bible and how they relate. I have a feeling that if research is conducted by a TI they will find that most TI’s have either a spiritual connection or their parent does such as spiritual discernment, seeing ghosts or telling the future.) I agree with every covert tactic I’ve read about although I don’t believe every police officer and military personnel is involved. I don’t believe this is Illuminati either. Countlessly I’ve heard Illuminati associated with very high finance and power (sorry but that’s not most TI’s). I simply believe this is rogue military/defense/police personnel shaking hands with organizations like Freemasons which those combinations alone are 80% of all the men in the U.S. Several tactics are used [Neurophone (which I heard on video by the creator can induce brain power… “try” inducing yours by thinking positively), SSSS devices, Eye lasers (there is a location in the eye that induces melatonin and trauma which in turn explains how a switch and sleep induction can occur). Additional things are used such as biofeedback tools, and brain mapping tools which is how it’s obvious you’ve awakened or are still asleep to a monitor. Some people have Nano devices, others have brain stem induction, and some have RFID tags (that would be me.)
    Yes, it is the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced and yes I’ve asked myself why a million times. To know my entire life has been at others disposal is heartbreaking at its worst but I too like others believe in a higher power (JESUS). I believe in FREE WILL (although we have to work like Hell to see that).
    Positively what I have noticed is that both psychologically and spiritually this experience is driven by 80% fear and in life its 80% of everything whether sickness or depression that is driven by 80% of your belief in that thing which you fear. It is all psychological warfare and no I’m not superhuman but I do believe that you can find peace.
    I’m also a victim and no matter what I do I’m not able to prevent it because it occurs in my sleep. I believe the proper term would be Somnambulistic sex slave psychologically triggered Sexsomniac [translated as a person who can be triggered in their sleep to commit sex acts] so no—a therapist will not be lucky to see it but all the wrong men will. These pervs are so bad they get to every guy I try to date. I haven’t been able to date in 2 years. In my case I’m tagged with an RFID that is constantly uploaded with videos of me committing sex acts I don’t remember that can be accessed just as any passive RFID but by any person with a cell phone. I’m constantly followed by perverts, rapists, and porn freaks and no one is doing anything about it. I have police records over 3 cities and 2 states that show rogue involvement and that the primary holders of the RFID activators are police themselves but I’m stuck. What’s worse is that every time I’m tagged I get an electrical zap. The only peace I have is in no sleep overnight but I still find strange men staring at me as I exit my apt as though they’re thinking I’m sleep walking or knowledgeable of whatever it is that they have pervert’ingly seen. I know this because I pretended to know what a young guy was staring at on his phone after receiving a zap and then watching follow me with his eyes then back to his phone and so one. I walked up to him and said, “Yep, that’s me and asked is it the video or the photo. He answered and proceeded to tell me what I expected. I walked away and later broke down. That was 2 years ago and since then I stopped crying and made up my mind that I’M NOT WRONG & DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG. Fear and guilt were running my life… Two things that had no validity.
    IF I CAN FIND PEACE SO CAN YOU. No, it won’t happen overnight but I believe everyone has a purpose and if you’re still here you have one too. These 8 things are vital:
    1. Drinks consistent water
    (EMF and other warfare dry you out just as a hot stove burns water in a pan)
    2. Take vitamins (B’s, C’s, Zinc, Suntan vitamins, etc—your body isn’t naturally affected it is supernaturally affected). Suntan vitamins aid your skin AND internal organs.
    3. Get proper sleep (Work in every way to get 8 hours sleep. Sleep responsibility is to first and foremost process yesterday. If that doesn’t happen paranoia, and other mental disorder symptoms slip in- THIS IS A FACT.)
    4. Organize and keep a schedule (the opposite of the terrorist goal- helps your brain, planning and life as well rebukes’ the character harassment)
    5. Build a support system & know that if your family loved you before they love you now.
    6. Find Jesus (All your answers on what you need to do is in the Bible especially how to forgive and address fear… We weren’t given the spirit of fear)
    7. Read about the “16 strongmen” of the Bible (this will help you understand the spiritual side of things)
    It’s not perfect but prayerfully it helps.

    •' seth says:

      The TI being chosen prior to birth may be true; or they scan emf frequencies given off by our brains in the womb

    •' TI says:

      I believe you and yes it is spiritual. Yes you are connected or have a special ability that you may not know you possess.
      Look up Mathew 18:6 This is why they recruit evil people to stalk us because they know the consequences of messing with God’s chosen. Look up Rev 7:3
      We will all be together soon. Stay strong and believe in yourself as god believes in you that’s why he chose you. Most importantly read about Jesus life and it will all make sense that he went through this too and gives you tools how to overcome this.

  46.' Lisa says:

    HELP they will not let me write anything.Everytime I try to give an update they erase everything. I am being tortured and my baby is implanted since birth my husband was mkultra everyone around is mkultra my family was killed

  47. Hello Folks, I am an MKULTRA Monarch survivor. Contact in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2014. I was tortured, drugged, hypnotized, forced to repeat fatal post-hypnotic suggestions and exercised once. See my press release and book summary for details. My last three consulting contracts in Toronto have been severely interfered with. In June and July 2014 there was action by JTF not 100 m from my house. Both times it was potentially fatal.
    I am only the third Monarch survivor to get a book out assuming that happens. Please read my press release and book summary and help if you can. Peace and Nameste.

    Press Release

    Book Summary

    •' Lisa says:

      How did you get out. I have stuck in mkultra and monarch for over ten years. I have a baby that is implanted. They are trying to kill me. They almmost suceed of few times ever one around me is mkultra.Do you know lockie martin has alot to do with mkultra. They work with the cia.They do gang surveillance and physciological experiments.I hwve been totured and shocked for years. I figured out everything. I am fully implanted. If I had the right to speak thoroughly through this yu would not get the message.

      •' Malcolm Pauly says:

        Lisa, Pls get a free secure email acct from Then use that to email That will give some measure of privacy. Short answer is gather evidence and go public. I am in Canada, which is safer. They typically only use us for R&D experiments. Yet I am not completely out as you will read in my links. But I have gone public and therefore I expect they may leave me alone for the time being. Do write. Peace, Matthew, aka Malcolm Pauly


        Do you know any one that can help me even though they have already murdered and are using my body invisibly?

  48.' lionell says:

    testing is still going on in other forms i was picked out used and abused they break into my home assult me threats torture actual bodly harm they have drugged me isolated me in every way 24.7

  49.' Jan doe says:

    Go to fightgangstalking . C o m . Pass out flyers from the tactics to fighting back section.

  50.' rick says:

    I may have been targeted since birth. Ive experienced bullying in school, never able to achieve my full potential, a hard time concentrating which prevented me from excelling in math or sciences. I went for dental surgery on two occasions at the
    ages of 10 and 12 where I was
    unconscious in hospital. (Now
    early 30s). I’ve had addiction
    issues that I’ve kept to myself. I
    was unknowingly chipped with
    rfid through the H1N1 ” vaccine”
    (I didn’t realize this until the gang stalking started and I educated myself, saw a video online that
    utilized a short stubby needle for
    rfid that was used on me for
    H1N1… at the time I thought
    nothing of it.) I was forced into a divorce, onto disability for
    on meds, psychologist then
    psychiatrist visits. When I tried
    to return to work I was mobbed
    out through extreme gaslighting/
    street theatre. All my friends
    have turned on me. Some of them appear to be delivering covert messages to me in conversation that have very negative undertones regarding my torture or death, or injury to my family. Black
    helicopters and planes were
    overhead constantly (this has
    subsided now). I’ve had induced
    dreams and experienced the
    microwave attacks. I’m in Canada…confused and lost. To
    an outsider this might sound
    crazy but I think that’s exactly
    what “they” want.

    •' Gman says:

      It sounds mostly like you’ve had an unfortunate life, the only part even close to resembling any form of suspicious outer interference is the vaccine injection. But at the same time, very unlikely.
      The bullying, divorce, the friends, and the muggings, all seem to be just unfortunate portions of your life sad to say. They happen to everyone, and your friends may have life issues of their own and may just be trying to tell you, I couldn’t say.

      I state and interpret facts and information while stating the viable possibilities.

    •' Trinda says:

      Same has and is happening to me and my family and friends. Almost exactly the same in GT britain

    •' Megan says:

      That Gman reply. I think he is ILLUMINATI. I feel for you.

  51.' rick says:

    I may have been targeted since birth. Ive experienced bullying in school, never able to achieve my full potential, a hard time concentrating which prevented me from excelling in math or sciences. I went for dental surgery on two occasions at the
    ages of 10 and 12 where I was
    unconscious in hospital. (Now
    early 30s). I’ve had addiction
    issues that I’ve kept to myself. I
    was unknowingly chipped with
    rfid through the H1N1 ” vaccine”
    (I didn’t realize this until the gang stalking started and I educated myself, saw a video online that
    utilized a short stubby needle for
    rfid that was used on me for
    H1N1… at the time I thought
    nothing of it.) I was forced into a divorce, onto disability for
    on meds, psychologist then
    psychiatrist visits. When I tried
    to return to work I was mobbed
    out through extreme gaslighting/
    street theatre. All my friends
    have turned on me. Some of them appear to be delivering covert messages to me in conversation that have very negative undertones regarding my torture or death, or injury to my family. Black
    helicopters and planes were
    overhead constantly (this has
    subsided now). I’ve had induced
    dreams and experienced the
    microwave attacks. I’m in Canada…confused and lost. To
    an outsider this might sound
    crazy but I think that’s exactly
    what “they” want

    •' seth says:

      Its global in nature, you are far from alone

    •' Megan says:

      This is exactly what theyve done to .me. It started with an aeropla e with a large circular thing on top I think it is used for mass mind control I’ve read about it in a science magazine. Then a helicoptor. There’s always a helicoptor if I go anywhere that worries them or they can’t follow me like they usually do. I’m divorsed now

      •' Bob leveque says:

        Same thing here with the helicopter planes or cars. They are zapping me with the electronics in my car. On my way to a divorce and friends are disappearing. I think a lot of people in antigo wi are under some form of mass mind control. Looking for support.

  52.' rick says:

    Thank you for responding. I mean no disrespect to you with the following comment (please don’t misinterpret me )perhaps part of your research will lead you to conclude that if you haven’t had something like the posted comments above occur to you … then you just wouldn’t know.

  53.' David Eckerdt says:

    I have been involved in this conspiracy all of my life, my parents i believe either sold my rights to the CIA or were forced into doing so. I am the new age product of it, nanotechnology, nano fibers and microimplants. My entire life is monitored and when I write about this, I am made to feel pain, headaches, nauseous and my hands will cramp severely so I am forced to stop writing. You may never see this, many of my posts or my asking for help never reaches the endpoint. I do have nanofibers growing in my body, these fibers are smart, can control me, cause pain, read thoughts and assist those in control of how my life is to be directed. Morgellons disease is supposed to explain it or chemtrails. Not the case, I can’t truly elaborate everything here, out of fear. I was raised in this messed up experiment of human life. I to suffer from addiction issues, programmed with them actually. They control the addiction so that if you attempt to come forward someone will immediately discount you with either addiction or some depression disorder. The Illuminati is alive and well also, they have abilities that no one else can or will ever possess, research invisibility and the Illuminati. Also look into the CIA and ET’S. I am 47 years of age and male, I have also undergone over 42 surgeries and procedures, most I found out were unneeded. CT Scans, X-Rays, MRI’S in the 100’s and even biofeedback testing. People this shit is real, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

  54.' Steven says:

    Holy shit, some real nutters in these comments…

  55.' David says:

    Then why are you reading this stuff

  56.' Cody bailey says:

    Try having people using mind control to people around you to have you killed then going to your basement to tell them sorry 2years later and get put on mkultra they have diplomatic immunity I almost killed myself when it first started lost three jobs they will not let me hurt anyone when it first started I would like for my story to be wrote

    •' Matthew says:

      Why are our stories not being told? The answer I believe is that there is an enormous amount of guts required for a journalist to evaluate our reports. Since these are covert actions, by nature there is little physical evidence. Then there is the possibility of ridicule or actual job impacts by colleagues if a journalist steps out of the comfort zone and reports on activities by the security establishment that are causing great harm.

      In my case I was used as a training subject for a Joint Task Force (JTF), Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) training operation here in Toronto, Ontario Canada on November 22, 2005 in the back of a Canadian Military van plated 250002. I even found the title of the training exercise on an online DND report in early 2006. “Joint Control, Unified Command 2005” (JC UC 05) it was called.

      Due to the need for two regular Canadian Forces to drive the van and navigate since the 5-ton Canadian truck/van was so old, the entire operation was compromised (thank the Creator) by these two, led by the First Nations driver who were both horrified at the torture and physical assault done to me. While the senior officers were outside the truck/van having a meeting after I had just come out of a Gran Mal seizure from too much of the IV Phenobarbital (Sodium Pentathol), the aboriginal officer said “Matthew, my friend and I do not agree with what they have done to you back there…”. He gave me the organization identifies of my attackers, which included one RCMP in addition to one JTF, and JTF2. (The RCMP identity was not disclosed but I that quite easily due to the nature of the actions and questions by that officer.)

      I even have the full name, and from what Reservation the driver is from. I have detailed dialog, and physical evidence. There have been several actions since, all very violent. I was the subject not just of a coercive interrogation (anti-terrorist), but also a mind-control training using drugs, torture-dissociation and hypnosis. This was classic MKULTRA Monarch training. I was exercised once in the USA.

      In 2006 after I sent a tell-all book manuscript in unencrypted email, I was coerced into a van again, and given forced Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT.) There as nothing therapeutic about it. It did successfully halt my book effort. They had to tell me where I lived, and how to get home afterwards.

      Further, this very same mind-control technology which was so well contributed to by Dr. Mengele in the WWII Concentration camps appears to be used profusely by the CIA in many very violent mass shootings in the USA to get people to support restricting constitutional freedoms. There are even significant doubts about whether the ‘terrorist’ actions in Ottawa and Australia in the past few months were false flags by MKULTRA Monarch shooters, or patsies done by the security establishment to rally the public around more restrictions of their freedoms.

      There is political expediency in not having our stories reported. There is political expediency in shutting us up for good.

      •' seth says:

        The jews control the media so their abuse of tecvhnology to bring about a jewish paradise cannot be told of

  57.' rick says:

    I feel for you. The more I read about this the more I understand that not everybody has the same experiences. It seems as if they are targeting for certain desired outcomes as well as research. There are definitely similarities though. I think that there has been evidence of certain journalists being targeted or having smear campaign s against them but can’t confirm if was due to mkultra reporting. Have you been chipped Matthew?

    •' seth says:

      There can’t be a pattern they leave behind, otherwise, we’d prove it all too easily. They are organised and not that dumb.

    •' Malcolm says:

      Yes, chipped at base of skull in 2005, believed to be RFID based on its shape. The MRI destroyed it. 2015 forearm implant.

  58.' Matthew says:

    Rick, lest it be used against me, I would rather answer that question in private. You can get my email address by reading my press release. My press release can be found by choosing the first result from a Google Search of ‘Malcolm Pauly Sleeper’

  59.' Lance says:

    the one that can and will help is YAHUSHA THE MESSIAH…Ask HIM to cover you in His precious blood from this beast system…repent to THE FATHER CREATOR through YAHUSHA 🙂

  60.' David eckerdt says:

    I am going to be murdered the surveillance on me has increased and my life is being destroyed because of what they have me do to myself. I have also tried telling my story. I am a threat to them
    I have in this program since 1972, parents used to be able to sell the rights to their chdren, that’s how my parents bought their first home. The intention was to monitor the kids as they grew. I may not be on this earth much longer.

    •' seth says:

      Praying to God for Christian self-deliverance helps you distinguish your own mind from the supercomputer AI created duplicate that interacts with you via nanochips.

    •' Malcolm Pauly says:

      This is Malcolm. I was angry when I wrote this. I have a death threat already from my controller. This may get me killed. PLEASE delete immediately. You will find in your server log that my IP is from China which I am going to depart from in two hours. If you need further authentication, as instructed in the post Google: ‘Malcolm Pauly Sleeper’ and an article posted in Henry Wakow’s blog will come featuring a photo of Holmes (Batman theatre shooting patsy.) At the bottom of the article is my Toronto phone number. Give me 36 hours to get home, then call to authenticate if desired. I am sorry for the hassle – my life is at stake. Your article blog is making a difference, well done.


      Do you know any one that can help me even though they have already murdered and are using my body invisibly?

  61.' Matthew says:

    You are not alone. Join the MKULTRA groups in FB. Post your story. Tell your doctor, clergyman, close friends and neighbours. File a police report. Write your elected representatives cc to local media. Friend me in FB: search for Malcolm Pauly Sleeper

  62.' thomas salvatore savona says:

    Universal Greeting’s To All Concerned…

    I am presently being held in Rochester Psychiatric Center in Rochester, New York and can be reached at; 585 241-5513 or 5510 – Please ask for SAVONA!

    I am another life long on going – U.S. Covertly Classified, Radionic & Electro-Magnetic Tech-Targeted Victim…I am being Technologically Wave Band Channeled Into by the U.S. INTELLIGENCE – COVERT BRAIN CORTEX MONITORING/DECIPHERING SECTORS… Who are Brain Cortex Monitoring/Deciphering ALL Of My Psychological & Visual Electrical Life Existing, Functioning & Developing Human Life Qualities Of Life… And are also being Tech-Feedback, With The Brain Monitoring Handlers/Technicians EXTERNAL ADUDIO VOICE TRANSMISSIONS, as well as their DIRECT to Brain Cortex Functioning Though Voice Transmissions… And are ALSO Physiologically, Biologically & spiritually EXPERIENCING THEIR ELECTRICAL LIFE FUNCTIONING – INFLUENCE & CONTROL TECH-TARGETING VICTIMIZATIONS, ETC.!






  63.' Noreen says:

    I became a TI in 2002 . I was engaged to a Philly Plumbing Inspector when thr FBI indicted the whole department 4 RICO.
    I was LIVID why ws the fBI following these fools when terrorist were Roaming the Streets of NYC in 9-11. I became a TI & Ruthers since then .
    Can’t keep a job 3 Car accident Vandalized tires shredded Mirrors broke.sent a electronic shock fell back Hit the Door knob & 16 Staples in my head . 3 months later Grand Mal Seizure. Don’ t if from blood clot fro door knob? Funny part awoke from NUDE Near Death experience Screaming ” I didn’t see a Light get me a priest .
    SEDATED me
    now Constant Ringing/Humming in Ears/Head
    Maddening & dr says no cure 4 Tinnitus
    since my head injuries can’t remenber my zip code/ phone #
    Need to work but blackmailed or have the job a Week & Managers scream at me .
    1 used to work as prison guard & I took off 4 a funeral went berserk
    Screamed at me At time Clock then followed me upstairs Screamed again
    then told me see him at lunch (Round 3)
    Swear heard my fathers RIP voice Don’t take that so I quit
    I should have went off U need anger Management… but didn’t
    & all jobs end same way
    now I’ve got severe Iron FE anemia have to in 4 weekly FE transfusions My stomach can’t tolerate the pills
    exhausted Ringing can’t sleep & they Zap me ever so often Made my foot Numb tried to stand fell & broke it
    I totally believe everyone wh

    •' ricola says:

      They did that to my foot as well they won’t stop attacking me it will be to my death

    •' seth says:

      don’t listen to the computer generated voices.

      •' Megan says:

        You can’t tell difference

        • HAPLISTING1@YAHOO.COM' DAM says:

          Right. They are also sending out their souls to have sex with TIs and I am constantly raped by them. I am not a spiritual expert but have caught and personally know women that have raped me.Their spirits follow TIs and use them. This evil stuff is not just technological. So,better seek Holy help to counteract their demonic force. I haven’t found any holy connection but hope to experience Jesus Christ in real life because I haven’t ever-increasing I have been calling myself a Christian. This is a serious problem. They have already murdered me for their research,spiritual sex,meat,etc and plan that I should die in less than 3years.

    •' Frank Macias says:

      Trust me and do this for yourself if you want V2K, MK Ultra, to stop.

      V2K effects with a chip being in your arm.

      – Use a stud finder, or RFID Scanner, or metal detector to locate
      where the chip is in your right or left arm, lower or higher and to the
      – Use a CMS Magnetics 405lbs magnet on top where your chip is located.
      – You will need to do this for sometime to notice any effects.

      I understand about the V2K and MK Ultra, it is wrong,
      same as NSA Remote Neural Monitoring.

  64.' UndercoverAli3n says:

    I don’t know why people stopped commenting on this site ! Always remember that if you are subject to these cowardly human’s torture campaigns, on innocent people like yourselves. Remember that at least you know that you are being persecuted. The ones who are stalking you and chipping you are unwitting pawns, that don’t know that secretly there privacy is day by day being stolen from them. They are also under a more subtle form of mind control, or whether it be chemical trails, or Monsanto type organizations. It is fairly apparent to me who are the many perps that are very involved in a lot of these comments. Also remember if you are an innocent human who was become a target of these ignorant insects, that there are more eyes on them than there are on you.
    One day soon that in there next life they will awake in a Lake of fire.
    Also until they reach there destiny (Eternal Burning Flames)
    They are being watched, stocked, and violated as well. By even more eyes.
    The First will be LAST and the Last will be First.
    Your suffering will not go in vein. I promise you all.
    Please don’t lose all hope.

  65.' Amy Leo says:

    I thank you kindly for this most informative article. My family and I have been subjected to electromagnetic torture and intrusion. This is a very evil and wicked program, and it is time to put an end to it, regardless of who the orchestrators are. NOBODY deserves this kind of inhuman experimentation.

  66.' closedarpa says:

    2.5 billion people have a chip inside their intestines, it is made by the US at DARPA. It is a kind of artificial telepathy, but with many abilities: can read the thoughts and memories of the subject, can keep them mentally down, a form of torture and can make them forget. The mm-sized chip works at 6GHz. Most people have their chips on standby for now (the rules have changed), I’m not sure if they emit any signal, but if they do, an EMI test receiver should be able to find it. Anyway, for the chip to get on standby, the person needs to forget about the telepathy, only those who can’t be made to forget by the chip, a few tens of thousands of people, are still under its influence. It might be possible to destroy the chip

    •' Megan says:

      They brought out The Tellytubbies on tv. I knew instantly it was them

    •' Peter Lee Kearns says:

      My name’s Peter Lee Kearns aka that one guy who never forgets and is aware that my family was targeted by the government for mk ultra mind control my brother Michael ALan Kearns was a mk ultra test subject now he’s dead and they use the chip on me but doesn’t work because I don’t forget

      •' Percy Dillard says:

        No lie I think my retired Pastor has everything to do with a lot of our people in New York having MK-ULTRA in us mainly myself.. There isn’t anything that can convince me otherwise as of now.


      I bought quaver defender and want to try it for 2weeks to see if it will help.

  67.' Donna Joy Plattner says:

    My family has been targeted for eight Generations and we are all attacked daily with NSA Direct Energy Weapon’s Covert Electronically harassed with the Prism Program and many other’s in between.

  68.' Kiara says:

    Seems like you guys are just overreacting.. But who am I to say? I have not been through this.. Or that I know of. But I have gone through a lot of stuff mentally and physically and emotionally for the 16 almost 17 years I’ve been alive and I’m still going strong.. Well trying. So I dunno how that can be any different? I’m just confused as to why and how these people pick certain people to use in Mk ultra.

  69.' Percy Dillard says:

    Hi my name is Percy Dillard from Brooklyn New York. Don’t feel intimidated by a whole bunch of people talking crap to you about who I am. It’s already to corrupted officials of the Government and Politics of NYC. I am a victim of either COINTELPRO, V2k, MK-ULTRA and/or MEDUSA. I will like the help of your team. I will be more than happy to be walked through the process of seeing a very well experienced doctor of neuroscience who can detect the implantation of the devices communicated by different types of towers and bringing the matter to a federal judge against the Federal Government of the United States of America even as an American citizen. This isn’t all about the money as the experimentation is suppose to silence and discredit us into being jittery/worried about every suspicious behavior and/or activity that could be the so-called possible factor each individual under such attack could be after. This is about freedom and compensating both myself and my attorney. In Jesus’ name we say Amen.

  70.' Bob leVeque says:

    Hi my name is Bob leVeque and I live in antigo WI and I am currently being zapped by different tones of frequency in my head. I’m also being harassed, drugged, isolated (friends think I’m nuts). This is high tech stuff. I’m a “truther” and have read quite a bit about mkultra, but this goes beyond anything I’ve heard or read about. They can see what I see. They know what I’m thinking and I know this because they answer questions that I ask with a heartbeat (one heartbeat for yes). They are controlling ALL bodily functions. And I mean all. I have an alter that has super soldier qualities and I know this might sound crazy but it’s true. I have no one to talk to this about. Who’s gonna touch it? If anyone tries to help or investigate they would be zapped also. Also there are way too many agents drugging me so I think this is newish tech that I’ve never read about. I’m being drugged by cars driving by my house. I tried walking deep in woods to avoid the electronics and drugs but they can locate me with a chip unknowingly placed in my body. They are spraying the whole town and I suspect there are others being targeted but like me are afraid to say anything for a fear of being labeled “nuts”. I don’t have a mean bone in my body so I’m crossing my fingers that my alter with super soldier qualities doesn’t either. Faraday cage work? I’m zapped every night and don’t know what to do or where to go.
    Been going on three weeks so far and counting. Divorce on way, lost friends, house for sale, insanity closing in but doing my best. All from central Wisconsin small town Antigo. Any help please respond, things look bleak. Many thanks Bob LeVeque

    •' Percy Dillard says:

      Bob I am currently in the process of purchasing a lawyer to bring those guy’s works down rather than their souls with it if you know what I’m saying. In other words you know how in the truth of the word of God is says to hate the sin and not the sinner? Well yea! It’s getting out of line. The police are constantly doing it and expecting to turn the communities of neighbors against the people statistically abused by their undetected scam of mind control in addition you can visit the website and You can also call 929-249-7996 and speak to someone about the experiences you’ve been having. The people who are doing it are government thugs/punks. I believe everything your story is similar to what has happened to people Bob Justice will be served. A

  71.' Marisa says:

    Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism of Brazil

    My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,
    Porto Alegre – RS / Brazil

  72.' closedarpa says:

    If you’ve been implanted with a chip or you just wish to protect our freedom from such threats, now you can help. I’m a physicist and raising money on indiegogo for a research project on detecting and disabling implanted chips. The link is . Please help

  73.' master raz says:

    this mind control stuff is not gonna go into the specifics of what I have been through but one aspect of these programs involve what I term precognitive intelligence insight within the mind. the perpetrators and mind controllers who operate these programs have a very peculiar interest in what the future may be and of course that type of information would prove to be most valuable in a whole slew of activities on the battle fields of war…political and economic advantages…even personal relationships. to know the future or wanting to know the future is a quest that has proven elusive for so many for centuries.for someone or some group of individuals specializing in precognition…information derived from this type activity especially when utilized for sinister purposes is priceless to those seeking the informational content. I will give two examples of what I’m trying to convey on this blog site both past and future. I have been unwittingly entangled in this mess for 27 1995 I SEEN a wanted killer who WAS a willing participant in one of these programs in what seemed to be a dream. upon awaking I contacted the agency that had a 2 million dollar reward out for this asshole who was killing and maiming people for 17 years. I never heard from the agency and obviously did not get the reward money. BUT 8 months later in 1996 the killers arrest was announced. seeing his face plastered all over the news I instantly KNEW THIS WAS THE GUY I SEEN IN THE DREAM. at that moment I knew that I was on to something and realized this was more than just a dream. I was pissed that I didn’t get that 2 million dollars and felt that my information was used in the apprehension despite what was later claimed by the agency. I vowed NEVER again to use MY gift to assist any agency ever again. fuck it. NOW to the future… JEB BUSH WILL BE PRESIDENT IN 2016. I know this because I have already SEEN him winning the presidency …2 years earlier in 2014…in another dream. by hook or by crook he will win. AND IF HE DOES NOT WIN then that means that one particular aspect of this program has been tampered with or compromised.perhaps others have SEEN BUSH winning too and found a way to sabotage him. or… my written work on what I SAW… has been surrepticiously copied without my knowledge or consent or someone involved with these programs eavesdropped on one of my conversations about the dream in …2014. only one of these 3 ways could this very important information be acquired. BUT as I said earlier …fuck it not getting anything out of this.BUT they must always remember this one thing and that is IM THE ONE WITH THE FUCKIN GIFT. thanks for reading



    I have been enslaved and have been living a “hell-like” life for many years. The people control my mind,manipulate my mental process and emotions. Interestingly, I discovered that their spirits leave their bodies and interact with me independent of their physical bodies. Their spirits rape me,bully ,assault and do many other terrible things to me. I am constantly tortured with negative stuff in my brain that sound like me thinking/speaking, fake uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen and chest. I cannot write everything but I am sure you have an idea based on the fascinating stuff you write. I don’t know everything about the while evil but acknowledge that fact that people control me and their spirits/tech and powers are involved in the thing. How and where can I find help to disconnect them from my life? If you can help me in anyway, kindly inform me,regardless of their blackmails put up to keep and keep using me for research,sex,meat and all the odds they enjoy.

    •' Percy Dillard says:

      The best things we can do is investigate every single police precinct and security firm there is and their families regardless of who wants it or not. That way the truth will be revealed to everyone before the coming of the main source providing us with all of that. Tough! They’ve created a fear mongering loophole and an indifferent acceptance against the rights of mankind and now we must stand up to them. I know a few people already doing it who are in deed involved with policing and security. What their focus is to try and scare me into thinking I look like a rat, when I’m still just a 25 year old kid who they’ve shouldn’t have never put their fucking hands on and/or with contributions to the people who did. Sometimes it is an inside job of domestication relying on taking for granted of the comfort given by family through God. I know because I experienced it. Some satanic person who i made sure lost his penis and a few of his associates thought I was going to allow them to just do whatever they wanted to my family and that just will not ever happen…I can even direct you to the sex offenders list and show you the script keepers used in the experiment. It wouldn’t hurt to know because at the end of the day, whoever is connected in the project can be seen in everyone’s virtual connectivity related to covert harassment. It’s quite what keeps some of the world turning and busy doing nothing except debating. it’s all about politics trying to feel in control of everything when the love of money technique has run completely thin. So like I was saying those satanic people thought they were just going to get away with putting those COINTELPRO related experiments in me involuntarily so that when I grow up , every failure is followed by making excuses to them because the they take for granted of the sensitivity our carnal bodies have in response to the things that doesn’t ever belong inside of us. Some of our families had to be subjected to being accused of knowing that the 9/11 attack was going to happen before it did to which wasn’t the case. People were using those devices to try and get us to accept their plans to destroy America. it might not be anything to condone in but it’s because of the same things we are discussing in the forum believe it. It’s time to fight back. The doctors ignore it by the pay grade they receive on the contrary to the people who actually involuntarily monitor the activities of it and so does the law enforcement and military. What the strategy is used to do is confuse us on what religious people to trust and disrupt our activities before we even begin having any. This is experience coming from a young man who has had those devices in me for the longest and no one but a few traitors in my so-called family known about it. Now my real family just have to trust me by word of mouth and so does everyone. That’s no help to them ever..Don’t give them that much. It was God. The same God they want people to think we act like we know only to get what we want and/or false claim to know with them so they can have an excuse to make up disguised as a reason for why to torture good people or people just better without them and everything they even will do.

  75.' marisa says:

    Remote neural monitoring and satellite terrorism in Brazil
    The brains of brazilian are being connected the satellite for torture purposes and murder and ignoring government the facts that technology and controlled by a global network of criminals these step into the brain human 24 hours connection may come from several people to reading the same time the visual cortex using the interface computer brain.

    My name is marisa i am victim of torture psychotronic in Brazil i need help!

    •' Percy Dillard says:

      Most of them are pussy, satanic people anyway, just wanting attention regarding how they make money doing something stupid…when you find someone like Christ you’re going to completely disregard them their families their everything because they aren’t moving right, it’s that simple.

  76.' Alma says:

    John majors ,roger gale,Wilshire, ex.head of the navy,ex. Head of M15, ex prime minister, ex. President of America,

  77.' Ellen says:

    Remember these nanos are created by humans and can be destroyed.Look to the natural world.EVERY plant on the invasive species list can help eliminate surgically placed devices,this includes metal clips for bones.Morgellans is your body breaking this stuff up and eliminating it.Do your research,I would tell you the plants,but then the “scientists” would step up their assault,better you research plants for yourselves.Make your own medicine,trust no one.Make your own food,why do you think the government is allowing GMO foods?Controlling of the masses,that’s why.Plants have natural components that break down foreign objects in our bodies,GMO foods get rid of these components.Don’t be scared when some weird stuff comes out of you when you start eating whole foods,they are doing their work.You will probably get a headache and itching,this will last for about 3-5 days,try to tough it out,the alternative is control.I am not a doctor,I am one of you,listening to the old ways.Lyme disease is one way they implant these things.Lyme has been around for thousands of years,the government scientists,in their labs on Plum Island figured out how to genetically modify it to deliver nano controls to the masses.This is why we can’t get a proper diagnosis or proper treatment.Do your own research,use a library computer,search old herbal guides for anything that relieves inflammation.It takes months,sometimes years to rid yourself of these nanos.This is us fighting back,good luck.

    •' Percy Dillard says:

      The best solution is to add your work addresses on a site like this and have investigators actually take it seriously instead of infatuating the ideas of it and trying to theologize it.

  78.' Dakota Buttitta says:

    Look at my videos on YouTube people and help spread the word. This is our only hope of stopping these people is to let the world know the truth. My name is Dakota Buttitta I think my YouTube username is dknoles2333. I don’t really want to put my email adress on here but if you guys leave comments on my videos I will try to communicate with you on there. This is real and these videos are not a joke or a game please help me get these videos out there for the world to see.

  79.' Dakota Buttitta says:

    Everybody I know that I keep posting on this website but this is very important, my name is Dakota Buttitta and I believe that I have somehow observed some sort of power from the illuminati and they are desperately trying to get it back from me. I am not crazy and you must watch and share my videos to understand what I am telling you guys. You have to watch to videos in the order that they were posted for the most part though or it won’t make sense. My grandfather is a mkultra assassin and if you watch my videos you will undoubtedly see that. You will also see that they are using him to frame me and him and they are creating a murder scene. Please listen to me guys and if you don’t believe me just go watch some of the videos yourself and explain what you see with your own eyes. I’m telling you guys I know everything about the illuminati and I expose everything in these videos. Please help me share the videos and finally expose to the world that the illuminati is real and my videos show exactly how they operate. My username is dknoles2333

  80.' Dakota Buttitta says:

    YouTube dknoles2333 share these videos

  81.' E. B. says:

    I am a victim as well and I have been taking photographs of the sky above my house and seeing unmanned drones stationary above my home delivering the daily grind of disinformation. What does this all mean? In my opinion it is childs play people who have nothing better to do with their time but make asses out of them selves. They have chips in me I also get raped and tortured by electromagnetic weapons. This breaks my heart to the very core knowing my country would do this to me. my family like many of yours Im sure made this country what it is by giving their lives to keep us out of harms way to only be brought to our knees and made prisoners in our own homes. My biggest problem I have is I dont want to be a victim and I dont know why we dont all get together like the hippies did to begin a revolution that cant be ignored. Laugh if you want but they changed history and so cant we. Do I here a yes?

  82.' A117 says:

    I have never met any survivors that made it out without a garbage bag and furnace.
    Your the pawn now

  83.' You need to get out more says:

    Started out interesting, then soon realised just another article desending down the conspiracy sewer. Honestly wake up, the world isn’t ruled by Satanic Pagans, the world is ruled by money and resources. Religion is the only mass ‘mind control’ in operation on this planet. The CIA and most government agencies around the world are as bad as each other, just as big companies operate outside the law as much as they can get away with all world round. Doesn’t mean they are opperating out of some Satanic concensus to corrupt and control the world. Greed is the only tool of the devil at work and that’s human nature.

  84.' dave's not here says:

    yup. it really sucks to get brainwashed. especially when your daddy does it.

  85.' Pink Houses says:

    Why does it say “email address will not be published” but I can see everyone’s email address in the upper-left corner?

    Anyway, there were a couple mentionings of Rochester Hospital and Rochester Psychiatric Hospital. Someone also mentioned there were a lot of New Yorkers that experience this. I’m not sure why. Specifically I would like to know if anyone knows anything about Genesee Hospital in Rochester New York and if there are any claims to know of experiments or implants or anything related that may have happened within this hospital. I’m doing research on a person who claims to have been an outpatient there for depression and alcoholism but she also has what she states are “alcoholic blackouts.” I’m beginning to think the blackouts may just be time spent as a separate personality. Thank you for any information.

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