Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises (This Really Works!)

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Ad for 3rd Eye TattooCLN Editor’s Note: I tried the Awakening I exercise last night, honestly not expecting much. But wow does this work. About three minutes after completing the exercise, my forehead began to tingle, and suddenly I felt a rapid sense of expansion in the middle of my brain (where the pineal gland is located), along with an uplifted and expanded state of consciousness bordering on a mild and pleasant pyschedelic experience. I will be doing this exercise daily from now on until it’s time for Activation II, and encourage you to try them for yourself. 


Awaken Your Third Eye — The Easy Way

By Lapis Links, CureZone Blogs

Note: Original article edited for formatting and clarity


Please read all of the following;

If you wish to perform this exercise, you need to understand what you will be doing. It is important to follow the instructions as this is somewhat advanced:

The Third Eye is directly related to the 6th chakra — the psychic chakra, located on the middle of the forehead above the brows. It is closely associated with the “pineal” gland. The pineal gland is dormant in most people, as is the true Third Eye.

French Philosopher Rene Descartes believed the pineal gland to be “the seat of the soul” where mind and body met.

In the average person, the pineal gland is atrophied, [calcified] and dormant. The following exercise will change that.
Please read this thoroughly, as much of the exercises I write of are very advanced and can cause problems if one does not do them correctly.

The pineal gland is like a pea in size; like a shriveled raisin in most people where it remains dormant.

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Opening the pineal gland/3rd eye:

This is done with a specific tone and chant. You only need to do this exercise for 3 days, afterwards, it is permanent.

The mantra to be used is “Thoh,” pronounced “TOE.”

It must be within the correct vibration.

Not deep, not high pitched, inbetween, like alto range.

You will feel it when you hit the correct tone. So play around and don’t second guess yourself. When you think you’ve got it, you probably do.

1. Sit with your back straight.

2. Breathe in through your nose and hold your breath as long as is comfortable.

Open your jaws so there is a small space between your top and bottom teeth.

Place the tip of your tongue between the space of your slightly parted teeth.

3. Put a very light pressure onto the tongue with your teeth.

This is like the same process of saying the “TH” part of the English word “the.”

Once your tongue is in position, release your breath slowly through your mouth, saying T-H-H-O-H-H in one long exhale.

Say the word one time per exhale. Your tongue will be vibrating between your teeth.

You should feel the air moving past your tongue and teeth.

If this technique is done properly, you will feel a pressure or sensation in your jaw and cheeks. The tone will also vibrate in your third eye.

It may take a few seconds to adjust this, don’t worry, just keep going.

4. Do the above 5 times in a row.

5. It is very important the above exercise be done for 3 consecutive days, 24 hours apart. Then it is a done deal.

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1. One of the first experiences is a headache or pressure in the center of the forehead. This sensation may also feel like it is originating from within, usually an inch or more beneath the surface of the forehead. This is a positive indication the pineal gland is awakening and beginning to function in a healthy manner.

*Some people can experience a migrane lasting several hours, so to be safe it is recommended that you try this in the evening when you do not have work to do. The severity of the side effects will depend on how atrophied/calcified your pineal gland is to begin with.

2. After the occurence of headache or pressure in the forehead, you may wake up one morning with a throbbing or tingling sensation in your forehead; it may feel like a goosebump.

The feeling may be very intense, like something is there. The sensation of pulsing or throbbing will continue throughout the day, and you may “hear” sounds coming from within your head, such as light popping or crackling sensations.

These are the final phisiological events you may experience after opening up your third eye.
It indicates your pineal gland is awakened, functioning and alive.

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You may experience any or all of these to varying degrees:

  • Faster, easier learning and retention
  • Marked increase in intuition
  • Increased creativity
  • Psychic gifts develop and become markedly stronger, along with more developed ability to see or sense human auras
  • Clairvoyance (psychic vision) opens up
  • Clairaudience (psychic hearing) opens up
  • Clairsentience (psychic feeling/touching) opens up

This is a very powerful exercise, and as with all powerful practices, your body may go through discomfort in order to adapt.

CLN Editor’s Note: I have taken considerable steps over the past few years to awaken and decalcify my pineal gland, and as such, I experienced no side effects other than an intense but not-uncomfortable feeling of pressure in my forehead and third eye that was just shy of a headache. So not everyone will experience side effects. 



In order for this to work properly, you must have already performed the Awakening I exercise.

I included this above for those who are new.

It is very important to wait for 10-14 days following Awakening I, before you go onto Awakening II, otherwise the exercises won’t be effective. Your body needs time to adapt and get the energy flow going.

This exercise is completely euphoric and intensley pleasurable. Unlike Awakening I, this should be done once a week, and given the blissful effects that are lasting when done correctly, most people will enjoy doing so.

Breath in deeply and hold your breath for a count of five.

Repeat this three times.

This helps you to be relaxed and focused.

Now focus all of your attention upon your third eye.

You should begin to feel a sensation similar to the effects of the Awakening I exercise — a slight pressure or awareness of the spot of your third eye.

Now, take a deep breath as you did for the Awakening I exercise.

Hold it for as long as comfortable  — do not push this —  and release your breath, vibrating the word “MAY.” This is pronounced like the English language word for the month of May.

It should all come out at one time- M-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay, gradually and slowly.

It is ok to adjust your pitch. The tone should be alto.

Breath in again, and repeat this five times.

You need to hit a certain pitch. You will know when you do, for you will feel this in your head. Do the best you can.


When vibrating the word “MAY,” feel the energy going into your head,
first into your third eye area,
then into the middle of your brain,
and then to the top of your head where your crown chakra is located.

REMEMBER: Concentrate on your forehead (third eye area),
then the middle of your brain
and finally the top of your head.

This is done for the duration of each chant.

1. Breath in.

2. Begin to exhale, vibrating “MAY.”

3. Concentrate on your third eye.

4. Concentrate on the middle of your brain.

5. Concentrate on the top of your head and finish exhaling the vibration.

Repeat four more times.

The effects of this exercise are extremely pleasurable.

A feeling of lightnesss can occur immediately following the exercise.

Some people may feel energy or tingling inside their heads, or completely covering their heads; a slight presure in the crown area and intense euphoria is also common.

The blissful state can occur hours and even days later.

This will eventually become permanent and will greatly assist in void meditation, clairvoyance, and the development of other psychic and paranormal senses.

Addendum to this article: September 29, 2014 from CLN

After having noticed that a fair amount of the comments from this article have mentioned encounters with “shadow beings,” or other anomalous entities, although not understood, they continue to garner a lot of attention.  Please check out two of our CLN radio episodes that deal with this phenomenon.

Shadow People and the Djinn – A Conversation with Rosemary Ellen Guiley (September 2014)

Shadow People (Strange Encounters episode) with Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Alexis Brooks  (July 2012)

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  1.' Angela Frewin says:

    As you have stressed the importance of pitch, are there any audio files that demonstrate what we should be aiming for?

  2. Alcyone says:

    Angela, unfortunately we do not have any audio files for the exercise. My advice is to play around with it until you find what works. If you can feel the vibrations traveling to your tongue, jaw, cheeks, and brain, then you are probably doing it properly.

  3.' Rhonda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, I am very excited to start, many blessings to you!

    •' martin says:

      I first discovered the atrophied pineal and pituitary glands while doing some energy raising techniques at the Ramtha mystery school. Firstly I regard these consciousness assets as the most important work any of us can do. Secondly the mechanical method is a better method to start with. The ancients knew this and left us the secret map in the Caduceus. The technique is quite simple and it does achieve a hormonal secretion and will immediately kick up your bandwidth.


      What I have learned is that once you’ve brought them out of their atrophied state they will auto secrete on brain demand and blink out dosages can be achieved. The world does not even understand that without these bandwidth tools, we are basically hooped. With these tools we stand a chance, without them we remain idiots and risk to anyone around us.

  4.' Alex says:

    I have a technical question about exercise #1. You say:”Once your tongue is in position, release your breath slowly through your mouth, saying T-H-H-O-H-H in one long exhale.” I find it impossible to keep my tongue between the teeth on the sound ‘O’. Any thoughts on this? A quick video demonstrating the sound would be very useful. Thanks!

    • Alcyone says:


      Try it as an elongated version of the word “the,” instead and see what happens for you. Try not to get too hung up on the technicalities. Set your intent and let your body guide you, and you will get the results you are looking for.

      – Jonathan @CLN

    •' Tyler says:

      because you are speaking too loudly when you emit the thooohhh sound.try it more gently and your tongue will stay.

  5.' Fernando says:

    are you breathing prana on the second exercise?

    • Alcyone says:


      Technically you are always breathing prana/chi. It is the energetic component of breath, with the physical being oxygen. But by consciously focusing your intent and awareness on your breath, especially with visualization, you can dramatically amplify your ability to harness prana through breathing. This would probably be a helpful intent to focus on during the Activation II exercise, but is not required for results.

      – Jonathan @CLN

      •' Thomas says:

        I have a question im Done with Awakening 1 as of Today i will be waiting 10-14 days for the next Awakening However i have a question within the 10-14 days What should i expect you said the body has to adjust so my question is What type of changes will the body go through im sure i did Awakening 1 right i did feel the Vibrations all through my tongue jaw and Brain also i have noticed that after these Exercises and even now i have …a..whats the word pulsing in my forehead where the third eye is located it feels like a heart beat at times is that normal and am i on the right path?

  6.' Civilian 17 says:

    Stupid to ask, if after 3 days consecutive we completed the phase I , but then it seems like not so obvious about the result….we still continue to phase II or repeat Phase 1 until the psychic opened up fully?? recommended?

    • Alcyone says:

      Civilian, it’s not stupid at all. I would suggest playing around with different tones until you find something that works for you. When you hit it, you’ll know. Also make sure that your cheeks and jaw are vibrating when you make the sound. Hope that helps!

  7.' chin says:

    I read somewhere it stated that doing these type of occult/spiritual exercises enables you’re body to become a vessel for/and also conjuring demonic entities and other extra-dimensional beings. What i am getting at is basically couldn’t this be dangerous especially if people who are reluctant in trying(starting) this exercise and technique have no actual info and not aware of the depth that once you harness the ability in developing these extra senses( clairvoyance,psychic and paranormal senses) that opens doors which can’t be closed, due to the fact you can’t control nor limit the amount of Positive/Negative energy at hand. Meditation(I am a Buddhist and a student of Many zen masters) wasn’t even a tool to enable psychic and paranormal senses for it was a way to connect yourself towards a state of Peace, Relaxation and to learn to control your breathing which is essential in tremendously helping out our sense of well being, Daily lives and awareness to our conscious state. This process here delves into a whole other aspect, one should at least question before trying to attain.

    • Alcyone says:


      I understand your concerns, but do not find them to be particularly worrisome. If anything, I think that awakening the third eye makes one more aware of their own energies, where theirs end, and that of other entities begins. It is a critical prerequisite to vibrational discernment.

      No entity can “possess” your body without your consent on some level. If you set your intent to awaken your third eye in service of your highest good and the highest good of all, you should not have problems. And if you wish to contact spirits, be clear about who you want to contact, and know that you have the free will to terminate the line of communication at any time if you are not comfortable with who you are interacting with and what you are receiving.

      This is my perspective, and of course you must use your own discernment to decide what is right for you.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Please read the response I just posted to Jesse (lower down).
      I used to be a Therevada Buddhist and when I had my awakening started none of the monks could help me – they didn’t know. I had to do a LOT of research of modern and ancient texts and talked with teachers.
      Anyway, I hope this helps.

    •' PJ says:

      I think you make a valid point and I disagree with Alcyone’s reply. Spirits can and have possessed people without their consent. Yes you have free will to cut off a communication – and the spirits you are communicating with have the free will to completely ignore you. Just like if you let someone in your house, they start trashing the place, then you tell them to leave but they choose not to. Or like when you open a portal to another world via a ouija board and unwanted spirits enter this realm (because you opened a doorway, even if you only asked for “uncle Bob”), then refuse to leave – you can tell them to go all you want, but unless you invoke the power of Jesus (who has power over all spirits), that doesn’t mean they’re going to listen to you (they might, they might not). I think at the very least, you should cast some kind of protection spell or do something to protect yourself before doing this exercise. I’m a Wiccan, thus I follow a religion known for deliving into spiritual things, yet even we’re careful about opening spiritual things without some form of protection. After all, spirits may be attracted to someone who has opened up their spiritual capabilities.

      •' invadev says:

        I agree with Alcyone’s reply, “consent on some level” meaning if you thought always towards good things you are safe from any other bad entities, but if your thoughts always opposite to the good thing perhaps you will be possed.

        •' TMM says:

          Hi Summer Cole

          In reality the third eye is more like a pipe or a tunnel going from the area between the eyebrows to the occipital bone at the back of the head. Sometimes refered as the tunnel of the third eye. All along through this tunnel are centers of energy, through which one can connect with different worlds and areas of consciousness. It is important to remember the third eye is not physical. Let’s just say the third eye is the “main switch” of the etheric body, which is also called the layer of life force. The third eye is closely connected to certain structures of the physical body, for instance the pituitary and pineal glands. The rush of air your feeling is actually energy, but for now that you are beginning only concentrate on the area between the eyebrows.

  8.' Bea says:

    Thanks Chin! I too wonder this.

  9.' drum says:

    Now the popping and cracking sound with me non stop , if feel so good ,and how to take it from there?? , and I did help it to open with some acupancher , it toke me long time to find the right spot in my head , but oh boy , when I hit that nerve , it wake up like ..tbtbtbtbtbtbttb , one year and half and am in this mini nirvana state I will say , I don’t know if this is for everyone , but am happy to sher it , now how to go from here to I don’t know where , but I know it’s doing some kind of healing to my body

  10. Alcyone says:


    So glad to hear you’ve had good results with the exercises. You mentioned that you do not know where to go from here. I have two suggestions, which will empower you to make the most of your awakened pineal gland.

    1) Read “Everyday ESP” by Jose Silva
    2) Download or purchase The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Voyage out of body experience training program. It really works, and you are sure to have many an awesome voyage.

  11.' Damian says:

    I was wondering if it would be better or more powerful to do these exercises during the day or later in the evening. Any thoughts?

  12.' Damian says:

    I was wondering if it would be better to do these exercises in the early morning, afternoon or later in the evening for a different feel. Any thoughts?

  13.' spirit says:

    after the first day of the exersise what can i feel and what if i dont feel anything should i try again or wait a few minutes/hours for the efects ?

  14.' yusuf says:

    what if i want to do the first exercise more than three days and more than 5 repetitions?

    • Alcyone says:

      I would encourage you not to push yourself too hard and fast or try to force the process. This can result in an overload of psychic information. Trust yourself and your body to orchestrate your psychic awakening at a pace that is right for you.

      – Alcyone @CLN

      •' Chris says:

        What if I do the exercises as described, but during the 10-14 days of rest between the phases I meditate once a day for 10-15 mins. Im following the silva method and Im trying to meditate to accomplish certain things in life. Would this meditation during the rest period harm me ?

        •' WishTi says:

          @Chris: How are are progressing ? To answer you and others (maybe), we can still meditate everyday, no harm if you do it the right way. It means observe your whole body, especially the center of our body (a bit below the navel) but don’t focus to much on the head. Any concentrate on the head stress our mind.

      •' cesar rodriguez says:

        Do you have a link like this one, for the other six chakras?

  15.' Oddbod says:

    This article should carry a warning because anyone who does this will, sooner or later, open themselves up to other entities.
    My experience of Kundalini and Chakras has led me to believe that these people:-
    have a very good argument.
    Be careful with what you wish for………..

  16.' solomon ahjiday says:

    can i being do it every day? And can it open spiritual eye also i means by doing meditation

  17.' Jesse says:

    Will this really open my body up to ill intent entities? I haven’t read of such things happening or such warnings by anyone or on anything.. I do have my concerns however. I know how deceitful such entities can be.. Any reply is appreciated.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Yes. It is for you to decide whether these ill entities exist independently from you, or whether they are aspects of your own subconscious.

      The awakening process can be very scary for people that are not prepared and who do not live a spiritual life. You can read about Gopi Krishna who – instead of preparing himself properly – decided to force awakening – and as a result lived TWENTY years of HELL. Another good resource for basic understanding of the dangers is

      Please understand that early awakening is no fun – you have to prepare your body and psychology for it. Satyananda’s THREE YEAR Course in Yoga and Tantra is good place to START (available amazon), which you can follow with Kundalini Tantra by the same author. Expect long hours of meditation.

      Please understand I have no interest in any of these organizations or people other than they are good resources to help people develop SLOWLY and SAFELY.

      This is not a game. If you’re in and you make progress there’s no going back.
      That’s why this article should carry a warning label.

      It would also help you to learn a little western psychology so you can analyze what is happening to you from a western perspective.

      You will also have to adopt a spiritual life – no negative influences, no video games, no violent films, no unnatural sex, careful about your diet, music, etc., This might help:

      I hope this helps you – believe me, slower is better.

      •' Jesse says:

        Ah, I know very well what you mean now. After I did this exercise, I found when driving at night, I had intense feelings of things staring at me or looking at me and I can literally see staring right at something people and things moving etc. and as I drive past they’re completely inanimate. Things like that.
        I’ve come to get sick of it, however. It’s almost as if there are shadow-like people walking around in the corner of my eye teasing me. I had a massive panic attack a few weeks ago, I felt as if something was on my heels chasing me, as I was walking back to my car at 1am in pitch black night. I couldn’t help but sprint away from something I saw step out from the bushes from the corner of my eye.

        It’s toned down but every now and again I will see something.. Will give all the links a read asap and see how things go from there. 🙂

      •' Jay says:

        To each their own. Everyone is different and the same. What some might experience as entities, others only see energy and the experience of it, neither good nor bad. Really if you meditate and are at peace, there is no reason NOT to. All I read in your words is FEAR. If you are subject to it, it will consume you regardless.

  18.' mohamed says:

    est ce que je peux faire l’execice awakening 1 14 jours puis ensuite je fais awakening 2

  19.' Sim says:

    early in the morning or midnight i can out of my will or unwillingly When lying or sleeping on my back feel the pressure in my forehead and the falling sensation then i would start seeing things, hearing music, radio commentary, or see spirits or whatever.. My eyes are closed When i see that. Its such a wonderful experience. But most times i Cant manage to do it May be it happens once in 20attemps. Just want to know if i can try your awakening exercise while lying on my back where i am most comfy?

  20.' mohamed says:

    is what I can do exercise awakening 1 consecutive 14 days and then I’m awakening 2 ؟
    thank you

  21.' mohamed says:

    alllllllloooooooooooooooooo !!!!

  22.' Leo says:

    I think a how-to-do video would help in order to clear any form of doubt or confussion. Thanks for a job well done! Leo.

  23. orionaugusto37@GMAIL.COM' O says:

    I tried this a few days ago and when I finally found the right tone to make, I could immediately feel my pineal gland like it was described but when I tried it the the next day the sensation was very faint and the day after that I did it and I couldn’t really feel it. I have meditated before I even read this post and I’ve focused on my third eye and been able to stimulate it similar to the way it felt when I tried the awakening I technique the first time. Is it possible that my third eye could have already been open?

    •' Oddbod says:

      No. Please read “On Becoming a Living Saint” by Dan Swan (available amazon). There you will find what it feels like to have an open 3rd eye.
      After you have read it, please tell me if you’re sure you still want one.

      •' Sooz Mann says:

        There is some fear-mongering going on here. Only a small amount of people have a bad experience and only if they believe in evil entities as such. Your fear will attract to you that which you fear. Have no fear but open in love and after doing a meditation and protection and asking for only the best experience for your highest good.

  24.' Denny says:

    I have don’t the awakening I tech at least a month ago the tingling sensations and deep itch come and go almost every day and when I shut my eyes I see very vibrand colors such as lime green and purple and very faint transparent images.. but I’ve yet to go any further than that would you suggest doing the awakening II? The only reason I wish to do this is to come to an understanding of who I really am and if this is actually the seat of the soul would I be able to ask questions and actually get answers? Please reply I’m a bit lost…

    •' Oddbod says:

      I hope this helps you:

      Please understand that these techniques used to be a guarded secret only known to initiates who lived a very spiritual life. If you are going to play around with them – sooner or later – you will open pandora’s box and find you cannot put the lid back on – so your options are either 1. stop doing them and hope the process will stop or 2. start living a spiritual life and devote a lot of your time to learning about what is happening to you. It is good to have this information BEFORE the awakening occurs.

      If you do not live a spiritual life any negativity in your subconscious can be enlarged to frightening proportions – so you have to live a spiritual life and remove all negative inputs from your l: violent film, unnatural sex, negative or depressed friends, etc…..

      Please understand, this is not a game. “Tingling” is the first sign of awakening and ajna chakra is connected to the sacral Kundalini. Please, you will have to learn lots: read Swami Sityananda Saraswati – that is a good basic education. His books are available on Amazon. If you have started the process and don’t think you can stop it you need to know something: you can’t! Once the lid is off there’s no going back. I would recomment Saraswati “Systematic Course in Yoga and Tantra”, available from Amazon.
      Do not bother asking most western yoga teachers about this because they don’t know – the LIFETIME of experiential knowledge in Saraswati’s books cannot be compared to a 200 hour yoga course.

      If you want to know about yourself read:
      and learn some basic psychology.

      If you want to mess around with these techniques – DON”T.
      If you still mess around with them you better learn about Kundalini fast because there is something called Kundalini Psychosis which is what happens to people who aren’t ready for awakening. You can read here:

      You have already started the awakening process with the symptoms you describe – so if you are going to continue you will start to have to live a spiritual life – every aspect of your life will be transformed if the awakening is full blown. This will get you started:

      Please understand – I am not endorsing any of the above organisations or people but they are good starting points for further research and understanding.

      THIS is why this article should carry a warning label. This is the voice of experience.

  25.' Carley says:

    This is the second night I’ve don the first awakening excersise and I haven’t felt anything. Is that normal?

    • Alcyone says:

      There is no “normal” with this exercise, as everyone will experience it differently. That being said, you probably should have felt at least something. I suggest that you play around with the position of your tongue and the sounds you make until you feel a strong vibration on the soft pallet of your mouth and traveling up your jaw.

  26.' Alliecat says:

    Hi, so the is my 2nd night if doing it, and i do feel a pain in the midddle of my forhead. but still cannot see auras, and i am not getting any physological effects yet. do you have to compleate 3 nights? and what if it still doesnt work?would i do it again?
    please reply itt would help me alot.

    • Alcyone says:

      Take it at a pace you feel comfortable with. Do not try to force it. Fully awakening the pineal gland can take years. The goal of this exercise is to kickstart and support the process. Also, not everyone interprets psychic data in the same way. Some are predominantly clairvoyant (sight), others are clairaudient (hearing), and others are clairsentient (feeling in the body). Be open to how extrasensory information comes to you. The easy part is opening to it. The trickier part is learning how to interpret the information you receive.

      This can be a jarring process for the body as the central nervous system and brain struggle to adapt, so again, take it easy, and DO NOT force the process. Allow it to unfold in it’s own time, and trust that it will do so in a timeframe that is appropriate for your own growth and development.

      If you want to learn to see Aura’s, there is a fantastic iPad app for that (no, really) called Aura Trainer. Check it out if this is a skill you want to develop.

      Finally, as you awaken the pineal gland, remember to drink LOTS of water – the cleanest, purest water you can get. Reverse osmosis and distilled water are ideal.

      Hope that helps.

  27.' Taevyn says:

    On my first day of doing awakeningI I didn’t experience any tingling or pressure where my Penial gland is located. I did however feel very hot then very cold then I got mildly lightheaded. I closed my eyes and saw a purple/blue color then to oval shaped eyes appeared and looked as if they where staring at me(I found it a tiny bit unnerving). Did I do it right?

    • Alcyone says:


      There is no strict right or wrong way of doing this. Everyone’s experience will be different. From your description, it certainly sounds like an awakening of your psychic perception.

      If at any point you feel unnerved with the psychic data you receive, I suggest opening your heart center (you can easily do this by thinking of a place or animal that reflexively makes you smile), feeling yourself surround with and radiating love, and sending that love toward whatever is making you uncomfortable — in this case, the oval shaped eyes that you saw. When you do this, the image will probably either dissolve or change form to something more pleasant.

      – Alcyone @CLN

  28.' Taevyn says:

    Thank you very much for the insight and quick response, I’ve been recently trying to open my heart chakra through a number of techniques (recently I’ve begun to notice a short temper and many burst of anger coming from me). I’ve been looking around the internet for the best techniques of opening my third eye and yours seems to work the best. As I progress through the steps I may have more questions so thank you in advance.

    • Alcyone says:

      If you are working on opening your heart chakra, I strongly encourage you to download the free audio track from Tom Kenyon, “Heart Dimensional Attunement.” You can find it on Tom Kenyon’s Sound Gifts page. It is extremely powerful.

      Make sure to read the listening instructions before using it.

      Also check out the free pineal and pituitary dimensional attunements. I suggest doing one of these three sound meditations every other day, then taking at least a week off before listening again. It’s important not to overload your energy system and activate more energy than you can gracefully process at once.

  29.' Taevyn says:

    Sorry, I’m probably getting annoying by now but I’ve got one last question. The only thing I’m pretty nervous about is what I’ll see after my third eye opens. I’ve heard that a lot of the things people see when their third eye is open is really scary. I did find out that there’s a way to make me see good things but just incase it doesn’t work, I was wondering if there’s a way to close my third eye and reopen it, sorta like a mental/spiritual on and off switch

    • Alcyone says:

      Ok, so first off, in my opinion there is a lot of unnecessary fear propaganda out there regarding opening the third eye. In my experience there is literally nothing to fear but fear itself.

      That being said, yes, you want to be able to open and close your third eye. It can be overwhelming, especially at first, to walk through life with your third eye always open, and it will probably close on its own anyway when you need it to. As your energy system and psychic senses develop, you will find yourself opening more often and for longer periods with grace and ease. But for now, you may benefit from having an “off switch.” At a minimum, knowing you can do this will help put your mind at ease. If you are worried that it will be scary for you, then that is exactly the experience you will create.

      Fortunately closing/sealing the third eye, or any of your chakras, is very easy to do. You can try one or all of the following and see what works best for you.

      1) State out loud or in your mind your intent to close your third eye, then feel the connection shut down.
      2) Visualize your open third eye as a literal eye in the center of your brain, state out loud or in your mind your intent to close your third eye, then simply see it’s eyelids close around it.
      3) Visualize your open third eye as a spherical indigo vortex (glowing purple ball of light), state out loud or in your mind your intent to close your third eye, then simply see that ball shrink and dim to a pinpoint.

      If you feel overloaded or unable to process what you are receiving, ask yourself, or your higher self / higher mind / superconscious mind (whatever you want to call it) to town it down a notch. Say, “I am feeling a bit overloaded and need you to take it easy with my psychic sensitivity. Please help me adjust to this and learn to use my senses in service of my evolution and highest good.” I know this sounds silly, but you will be amazed how well it works. In any metaphysical work, intent alone will get you 70% of the way there. You can also call upon your spirit guides, if you feel this is appropriate for you, for help in integrating your new psychic senses. They will help teach you in subtle yet powerful ways, even if you are not consciously aware of their presence.

      Finally, as you’re discovering your psychic senses, remember to HAVE FUN with it. People tend to take themselves way too seriously when it comes to metaphysics. If you’re not having fun, you’re choosing to make the learning and evolutionary process a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

      – Alcyone @CLN

  30.' Tristan says:

    I have not done either awakening procedures, but throughout my life (all 13 years, if it makes a difference), I have always seen shadows around the corner of my eyes, and those shadows have now slowly developed into what look like beings and creatures, especially in recent years. Also, when I close my eyes, I have always seen vibrant colors, and transparent images, with “patterns” appearing. What does this signify, if anything? Is my third eye already open?

    • Alcyone says:


      To me this suggests that you are an innately gifted intuitive, but simply lack training to learn to use these abilities.

      It would also suggest that your pineal gland is in relatively good health, possibly from cleaner drinking water, fewer processed foods, etc..

      Is your third eye chakra open? Probably. But there are varying degrees of this. Chakra means “wheel of light.” That wheel can be the size of a pinpoint or the size of a basketball, depending on the degree to which it is open.

      I’m not sure if this helps, but hopefully it offers some perspective.

      – Alcyone @CLN

      •' Tristan says:

        Thanks for the info! Now, I hate to be a pain, but I’ve got another question. Should I move on to Awakening II, or still do Awakening I?

    •' Mark says:

      You have a gift…no doubt about it

      •' Michael says:

        If you say so. honestly for many years it made me think i was crazy…..only recently have i accepted it and that was when it became more humanoid so i see it as more a curse then anything but it has helped me realize when certain things may happen

  31.' Tristan says:

    Also, if it’s of note, if I stare exactly in the middle of my vision field, or just below, I can see what you could describe as “energy” emmematimg from my surroundings

  32.' Taevyn says:

    Ok, so today was my second day of doing Awakening I. First off, I did it exactly the same as I did yesterday but there where no effects. Second of all, I have not been experiencing any of the things in “what to expect” (Clairavoyance, Clairaudience, etc.) should I try doing it today again or just continue on to tommorow? If I experience nothing out of the ordinary tommorow (3rd day) should I restart the process or wait the couple of days and do AwakeningII?

  33.' Taevyn says:

    I have however, begun to notice shadows. Whenever I ’round a corner or open up a door, I’ll see something that looks like the shadow of an animal or person but in 3D like an actual person/animal. I only saw them yesterday night and today morning. I can’t get a good glimpse of them because they just flash across my view. What I can usually make out is the gender and/or general age judging by their size, hair, etc. I’ve seen kids and people who look to be about 20-40 years of age. I’ve also seen a dog, bird, and on one occasion, a bear (my family was driving back from my grandparents house and I saw it walking on the side of the road, as we got closer it vanished). I find them both intimidating and intriguing and I’d like to know if u knew what they are…or rather where because I haven’t seen any others

  34.' Bhavish says:

    Hello everyone, i’ve done awakening 1, but i only feel a pressure on my forehead, but i don’t feel any crackling sensation…is that normal…thanks in advance for helping…

  35.' dmas says:

    Hi, is there anyone that has been through this whole process (awakening I and II) and has experienced more then shadows, has anyone actually had a Clairavoyance experience?

    • Alcyone says:

      Hi Dmas,

      I have been trough the entire process, in addition to heavy third eye / pineal work over the past few years. I experience much more than shadows, but I am primarily clairsentient, so most of the psychic information I perceive is felt as sensations through my body.

      One of the biggest mistakes people make during psychic awakening, in my opinion, is to get too attached to the idea of clairvoyance (seeing psychic information). Different people will perceive psychic data in different primary ways, including clairsentience (feeling) and clairaudience (hearing). None are better than the others, they are just different, and it will take some experimentation and trial and error to find which sense is most dominent for you.

      I do on occasion receive clairvoyant data, but once I let go of my attachment to clairvoyance and embraced my clairsentience, my psychic ability expanded profoundly.

      – Alcyone @CLN

      •' dmas says:

        Hi Alcyone,

        Thanks for you comment. This might sound like a really silly question but once you have done the awaking do you have to develop it further your self won’t it just develop on its own? If u do have to develop it can you suggest any cd’s or websites? Also these shadows that people are seeing, what are they (I know there from the spirit world) but why are they seeing scary things like that instead of I don’t know recieving a message from a loved one that’s passed over or seeing auras?

        I just wanted to try & make sense of a few things before I actually do the awakening.

        Hopefully you can shed a little light.


        • Alcyone says:

          The process will continue under its own momentum to a point, but this requires personal healing work and self-exploration to accomplish. As you evolve, so will your psychic abilities. This exercise merely opens a door that you can choose to walk through. It’s up to you to continue down the path once you are on it.

          As far as resources go, there are hundreds of great ones out there. If you’re looking for something powerful and free, I strongly encourage you to download the free audio tracks from Tom Kenyon’s Sound Gifts page, specifically, “Pineal Dimensional Attunement”, “Heart Dimensional Attunement,” and “Pituitary Dimensional Attunement.” Also check out the Aethos sound track. You can find them on Tom Kenyon’s Sound Gifts page here:

          They are extremely powerful tracks. Make sure to read the listening instructions before using them.

          Hope that helps.

          – Alcyone @CLN

  36.' Julio says:

    The excersises on awakening 1, is the breathing and mantra limited to only 5 a night or may I do more times?

    • Alcyone says:


      My advice is to listen to your own intuition and guidance on this one. Under no circumstances should you try to force an awakening, but if you are feeling results and benefits, and you do not feel overwhelmed or energetically “fried,” then you are probably safe to keep going.

      But again, do not force it. Your body and intuition will tell you when you need to take a break. I suggest you listen.

      – Alcyone @CLN

  37.' Taevyn says:

    I did my third day of Awakening I and I felt absolutely nothing. Nothing happened at all and I must admit, I’m rather disappointed after the experiences I had on day 1 & 2. Should I restart the entire process or continue on to Awakening II in 1-2 weeks? I’ve been interested in this kinda stuff since I was about 7 (im now 13) and as I grew up I began to believe it was impossible but for the past 1-2 months I’ve found out it is possible and I desperately want to get it to work.

    • Alcyone says:

      You’ll have to follow your own intuition on this. Everyone is different. There are no hard and fast answers or protocols here, only general guidelines.

  38.' Taevyn says:

    I’d appreciate an answer…(not trying to be ungrateful or impatient because you’ve helped me so much)

    Also, do you by chance know how I can learn Melanokinesis?

  39.' Taevyn says:

    Ok! Thx again so much for all the help. I’ve haven’t noticed anyone spiritual or mental changes since finishing Awakening I (besides being able to think faster and I have a better attention span) but I’ve noticed a lot of physical changes. My reflexes are a lot better, I can hold a lot more amount of weight, I used to be right handed but now I’m ambidextrous.
    I was also looking through a list of Ki/psi abilities and I noticed that I have Claircognizance (probably spelt it wrong XD)

  40.' Taevyn says:

    I’m so sorry, I’ve got one last question then I’ll leave you alone for awhile. If I meditated and tried other third eye opening techniques inbetween the time of Awakening I and II would it make it easier to open my third eye or will it just mess up the whole process? Or is it one of those, everyone’s different so do what feels right?

    • Alcyone says:


      ” Or is it one of those, everyone’s different so do what feels right?”

      Yep. That’s pretty much it.

      In my experience, multiple techniques and practices tend to synergize nicely together — just don’t push yourself too hard or fast.

      My question for you is, why do you want to open your third eye?

      – Alcyone @CLN

  41.' Taevyn says:


    Honestly, I’ve been asking myself that same question over and over again and I guess the answer is, because I want to know the truth. I want to know what’s really going on and I want to know of these amazing things are possible. I want to know what’s out there.

  42.' andrew says:

    Hey there, I have a question. I practice opening third eye, and inner scanner, I want to be a healer, so seeing organs, and auric field will be a great help, but Im not sure, how to practice that, I need some basically techniques. Is anybody here has experience with that ?

  43.' TR says:

    I tried the awakening 1 and this is my third day. I felt the pleasurable vibrations both days. Buts thats all I have felt so far. Also, on the second day, I was off on time by a few minutes. Will that prevent the third eye from opening when I do it the third time today?

  44.' carson says:

    i want to try this but im scared lol…what happens when ur 3rd eye open

    •' Alexander says:

      you will get more powerfull than ever…
      You will see the bright side of the life and you will be happy…
      Your hearing and vision will increase and you might even be able to have visions.. You will be able to hear a needle falling to the ground from a distance over 40 meters… you will be able to see with your eyes closed…

  45.' Bill says:

    When doing the awakening II exercise do put your tounge between your teeth when saying MAY to make the vibrations or do use your throat?

  46.' Dwijendra Nath Das says:

    I have been trying to awaken my pineal gland as well as the third eye. Now i will try your process. Certainly i have got a lovely & precious sites. thanks a lot . wishing more from you.

  47.' Taevyn says:

    Hey Alcyone it’s me Taevyn (you can probably see that though). It’s been 10 days since I did the full 3 days of awakening I and I was wondering some things. 1:should I start awakening II? 2:how many weeks do I do awakening II for (you said we should do it once a week)? 3:when should I expect results? And just out of sheer curiosity 4: what kind of psi/kinetic abilities do you have? Thx in advance for the answers

    • Alcyone says:

      Hi Taevyrn,

      You should be fine to start Awakening II, but listen to your own guidance on this. If you feel you are ready, you probably are. If you’re worried about, you may want to hold off a bit.

      How many times a week you do Awakening II is up to you. There is no precise manual I can give you for this sort of thing, because what’s appropriate for each person will vary widely.

      3. You should begin to see effects very quickly, but the awakening of the pineal gland is a long process that can take years. In my experience, it requires a lot of internal work and a commitment to personal development and evolution. What this exercise does is kickstart the process.

      4. I have no kinetic abilities to speak of, but I am extremely clairsentient. In other words, I can feel energy in my body and sense the energy energy fields of others. I also do Reiki healing and will channel universal and earth qi into others bodies and energy fields. I have some claircognizant and precognitive abilities, but I don’t have much control over them. Sometimes in conversations I will know exactly what someone is going to say before they say it, or be able to feel exactly how my words “land” within their energy field. I occasionally receive clairevoyant data, but this is rare. I also channel my higher self and guides, but usually only for my own information or at the request of friends.

      I don’t want you to get the idea that I am in any way special for these abilities. Everyone is capable of them. I had an experience about four years ago that initiated a psychic awakening, and have done my best to educate myself and be an active participant in the cultivation of these abilities ever since. But I also understand now that I have always been very sensitive to energy, even as a child, but I just didn’t realize it was until young adulthood. I think this is true for many people, especially drawn to esoteric/metaphysical subject matter.

      I still have a LOT to learn and a lot of development left to go. I am not a guru and do not claim to be an expert. I’m just chiming in here on this thread to lend some of my insight and experience where I can.

      I will say though that being psychic does not feel like most people would imagine it feels like — at least it’s not what I imagined it would feel like. Try to let go of expectations of what you imagine it will feel like and be open to the energy around you in whatever way it presents itself.

      •' Normi says:

        Hi Alcyone,

        My third eye area have been experiencing sensation for few months now. It feels like tiny little bugs crawling all over it, and it expands through my crown chakra. My crown chakra started with the same sensation for almost two years now, way before I started my Reiki certification last April, 2012. When I’m sending distant healing, sometimes I feel sensation in my solar plexus. Sometimes it’s so strong that it makes me feel emotional, but only for some people i’m sending healing to. I am definitely clairsentient. I’m also clairaudience, and I see things during meditation. I did the Awakening I during the time I’m experiencing the tingling sensation in my forehead and in the crown chakra. I felt some warmth and pressure around my cheeks. My question to you is, do you think I should do the Awakening II now or should I finish the Awakening I first? I just realize that my pineal gland has been awakened. Thanks so much.

        • Alcyone says:

          Hi Normi,

          I already had some fairly well developed psychic abilities and I started with Awakening 1 and still found it beneficial. There are many different activations out there that work, I find that the effects and benefits of each is subtly different.

          – Alcyone @CLN

      •' Normi says:

        Alcyone, Great article by the way! Many thanks!

      •' Kier says:

        How i can open it? please tell me how.

  48.' Nicole says:

    I would like to know the answers to these questions please

  49.' Ben says:

    Describing sound and vibration through words is tricky. Any reason why you can’t post a YouTube video of this technique? Seems important enough. Thanks.

  50.' Taevyn says:

    Thx for the answers. Most of the time I’m very Claircognizant. I’ve tried to learn some kinetic abilities along with clairvoyance and aura reading. I’m terrible at clairvoyance, I’m gettin better at aura reading, and I picked up pyrokinesis (fire) and electrokinesis (electricity) right off the bat. I’m beginning to get a little worried though because kinesis should take a while to learn but as soon as I tried it worked. I’ve also found that my kinetic abilities sometimes get triggered by me negative emotions (sometimes when I get really mad/sad my hands will start tingling and burning and if this happens when I’m in contact with any technology the technology will spaz out)

  51.' cla says:

    Taevyn, no mames pendejo…. ahora resulta que eres piro y telequinético. Pendejo, esas son puras mamadas. Si fuera cierto, ¿para qué tendrías que escribir esa basura en esta página mierda?

    Ya no tendrías necesitdad de darte a conocer como lo haces. Pendejo

  52.' Taevyn says:

    Umm… I don’t speak Spanish….

  53.' andrew says:

    Well, I retry my question, what about see inner organs, I care about this the most, I know that awakening is the process of many layers of our auric field, but Im interesting, do these sound practices get stronger imagination with closed eyes, or it have to practice singly ?

  54.' Taevyn says:


    Do u have any pointers on astral projection?


    • Alcyone says:


      I would suggest checking out the Monroe Institute’s frequency-assisted guided OBE audio training products with Hemi-synch technology. This is the fastet way I’ve found to have an OBE, and it seems to work quite well for almost everyone.

      There are plenty of other guides and resources out there though. I’m just offering you one option that I’ve had good experiences with.

    •' Paige says:

      I recommend “the phase” by Michael Raduga. He takes out of body experiences and astral projection to a scientific level and explains it in a way that anybody can follow. There is a free practical guide to “the phase”

  55.' Diana says:

    This is a really interesting article. I want to ask about the first exercise: I have tried to make that ‘thoh’ sound, but I can’t get it right. When I attempt it, I can’t get the word out nor can I get that ‘alto’ tone to my voice; whenever I try, my voice just cracks like a teenager boy’s voice. Is there something I can do to fix this? Because it is kind of frustrating to me.

  56.' neil says:

    ive been trying for days I cant get this sound thoh!! sobb.. please help me ive been looking for a video or audio to mimic does anyone have would REALLY appreciate. Thanks!

  57.' Mel says:

    I can’t seem to make the sound Thoh while my tongue is between my teeth…it sounds different…Pls help…


  58.' Mikael says:

    Video please……

  59.' Jodi says:

    can anyone tell me why bolts of blue lights happen in my room, like a lightening strike, big blue flash ?, I am very new to this, and becoming very powerful , very fast. i really need to find someone to have discussions with about whats going on to help me understand.last night at 2am i was woken with my blanket pulled off n was up praying till 9:30am, so yesterday is when all of this started,sobbing but its not saddness…Please someone help me understand, i tried the thrid eye n it feels like a thumb pressing on my forehead, my gma has bladder cancer n psychicness telling me to call my mom right now to tell her gma passing soon, very soon. anyone help ?

    •' bill says:

      This is your 6th chakara activating when it strobes that means it full of energy. Try grounding meditations and chakara meditations to balance out the energy. Did you do both awakenings in this article? Youll get used to it itll take a lil time. See what they mean by be carefull what you wish for? 😉

    •' Oddbod says:

      Jodi – please see my other responses to people above – if you wish to continue with this you should read them.
      Obviously you have psychic ability – strobe effect means your psychic channels are open – this can be overwhelming if you don’t know what is happening or you are not properly prepared.
      If you find you are being swamped by psychic experiences then just call out to Jesus Christ – the name always works and will drive away any negative influences.
      STOP doing the exercises if it is overwhelming you.
      Please find and read my comments above – this is not a game (despite how light some people make it) – remember the name will ALWAYS work. Feel free to ask any questions and I will support you as best I can.

  60.' Jodi says:

    Dont kno what any of that means, ill look it up, been studying for hours. I attempted them yes . Dont understand why they say becareful what u wish for?

  61.' andrew says:

    Do some research people of Samuel Sagan – Awakening Of Third Eye, there are some pretty good techniques and extensive explanations how it works.

  62.' Jodi says:

    Well I didnt listen to u. Jus had out of body experment w god, asked questions yes n no answers. He even laughed at me, as father n daughter laughing. The start was confusing didnt kno what was about to happen. Presses n my office chair my face twitching as of a rabbit my tounge pressed against the rpof of my mouth but the my tounge sticking straight out n my forwehead of massive vibration, I got outta my chair n layed on my bed on my back is when we spoke, not able to move at all. Some how called my mom remembering my voice as if I had a lisp , or as kinda holding my tounge. What an amazing night. Computer is locked up. Lol amen hallijaha

  63.' Jodi says:

    I keep laughn my butt off. My tv turnin off n on jus laughn n smiling. bawhahaha. Awesomeness!!!!!

  64.' Jodi says:

    My cable has lost signal completley shut down. Why is he turning my cable off its like shut down im jus sitting on the couch was listening to music?

    •' Oddbod says:

      You will experience very strange phenomena because Ajna chakra (third eye) is connected to sacral Kundalini – which is electric in nature. Now just ask yourself if you want more of this? If you do – no problem – have fun!! If you get overwhelmed and want it to stop use the name – I am serious – this is not a joke.
      Now – if the name stops it (and it will) just ask yourself one question – how? Maybe it’s more powerful which means maybe its a different God?
      Weird electric phenomena show you have activated Kundalini – there is nothing to be scared of. – many people live with it awakened – some like me chose a different God and shut it down.This is your choice now.

      •' Samera says:

        Hey Oddbod!

        I asked you a question looong time ago about my third eye being open or opening. Now granted I did not purposely open it. When say purposely I mean through any type of meditation or exercises mentioned here. As a child though I’ve had extremely vivid dreams of flying and being in strange “world”. The one thing that stuck out though is the darker “dreams” where a darker force (Satan) trapping me or luring me to a dark creepy house. In these darker dreams my legs where always heavy. Speed up to adulthood and I remember being pulled from my by several people late in the night…I couldn’t see them well because my third eye was not fully seeing them, however I remember feeling my body on the bed and see in a green glowylike net over my body. The only way I was able to escape their grip was calling on the name of Jesus! Thank you God!! (Got a little emotional there) To date every time I am around anything or anyone dealing with the occult (unbeknownst to me sometimes) I get a pressure in the middle of my head. Has my third eye been opened and not closed properly or what? Sorry for the long post.

  65.' Jodi says:

    I seen jesus though, we were laughing n talking?

  66.' Jodi says:

    Lol my friend thinks im crazy. Jus laugh n say aww ill hold u if ur scared lol.u have a good night. Sure ill b back soon enough to share more or a question. Godbless ,he apprciates u speaking w me. Talk soon *

  67.' mj says:

    this article is so interesting.. is this dangerous or not?

    •' Oddbod says:

      The purpose of having a open 3rd eye (Ajna chakra) is to stimulate the sacral Kundalini. There is something called Kundalini psychosis – you should research this – some people suffer from it some don’t – do some research and find out if it’s something you’re willing to risk.
      Also search outta other responses to people through the older comments link – you should be well prepared before awakening Kundalini (which is what having an open third eye WILL do).
      It is pretty clear I disagree with Alcyone – into opinion this is not a game and it is irresponsible to just let anyone do this as some people can and do experience Kundalini psychosis and I for one do not want to be responsible for that.
      So please do the research I suggest and read my older comments – then you have to make your own decision if its worth the risk.

  68.' mj says:

    i mean its okay to have a third eye ?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Who said? If you are a yogi, or serious devotee of Hinduism then yes. If you believe the Bible is symbolic – then yes. However, the Binle is very clear that ‘psychic phenomena’ are to be avoided – they are nit the PEACE of God. So maybe you have the choice to decide which you want?

      •' Dr.Gonzzo says:

        My Kundalini has been slowly awakening for years withoiut me realizing exactly what was going on. Started with short vibration sensations while I was in Dublin 5 years ago.
        My Kundalini got feisty during my 1st Sacred Mushroom ceremony. Has picked up speed as my 2nd, 3rd and 4th ceremonies happened. The thing is, I am a writer with a writer’s block which has lasted for years, I sought the people I needed to get that mushroom ceremony in order to come back to my writing without having to go through Kvasir (alcohol)… Seems that I may have gotten a bit more than I bargained for. Until 3 months ago, terms like Kundalini, Indigo children, “Dark Night of the Soul” was unknown to me, But as my mushroom therapy has been going along, I can recognize them all from 25 years back until today.
        I am not a religious person. Spiritual seeker at best with leanings towards Buddhism and Shamanism. Having KNOWN for 25 years, since my trip to India at the age of 19, that we are all created of immortal energy… That as our body’s may die, our energy, our consciousness just shifts mode and moves on. Never going away. Never disintegrating. The god thing for me is irrelevant. The ascended master archetypes are not someone I worship, but consider as brothers on equal terms.. I am them, they are me… But without the shackles that organized dogmas puts us in..
        Now.. It’s 3rd Eye opening time.. With a tendinitis… and some wonderful kundalini symptoms that would make a normal doctor scratch his or her head qand call psych ward, or some preachers to call for an exorcist. So in this state, it’s almost as if I internally know what is going on, and not to worry. What I wonder is how all the signposts the past 25 years.. From India at the entrance of a Biuddhist cave in Ajanta until today, I have been shown with clear signs where the Universe (some call this God) have helped me out when I needed it the most. In fact, I was aware of what was happening when it happened. Manifestations. Solutions. Law of Attraction. The meeting and departure of a soulmate. Heartache. Heartbreak. Dark nights of the soul.. Hunches. Dreams. More than once have I been shown in dreams that help, solutions and resources are on its way. It sometimes feels as if I am missing out on that these days… Or perhaps I do not listen to my inner higher self carefully enough. Sometimes, I have wondered if I am going through Shaman Sickness. Which makes my future look even more radical. But going back to the IT business. Trying to work in a normal setting is out of the question for me these days. That experience only made me ill. So now, I am spending my days researching, sharing, and trying to get my head around that writer’s block.. Coming to realization that trying to be normal only made me mad.. And that large amounts of Cannabis and some mushrooms has helped me to to terms that my madness is normal in an insane world.
        Note that I am 45. I have been to 40 countries. Been serving in the army during war time…Worked for 10 companies. Have studied all world religions since I was 15… Yet there were still things for me to learn.. Through own experience.. Whether I wanted it or not.. So this came to me without me asking for it. Now, I have to live with it. Might as well embrace it. Thanks for lending your time and space. What is perhaps the hardest part in this is how lonely it feels going through it. That few people outside your own spiritual circle would have a clue. Unless your family are open to new ideas and without prejudice..One might get more hostility than support. One might be accused of being demon possessed.

        P.S. The Bible is never to be read literally. Unless we speak of how to practice the Golden Rule.. Which is to be found in every religion…To personalize your god to be a judge and punished claiming that some are not at “peace with god”? This is the sort of arrogance that has made Christians plenty of enemies around. And it’s not because they hate your god. They hate Christian arrogance. I am pretty sure that the Jesus character would be fine with people having their 3rd eye opened. That way, people don’t need priests as middle men or churches as prayer stations. This is what every Awakened persons KNOWS…….. No matter what religion or faith they have if they have any at all that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a physical place one might get to if one worship the right tribal god and the right prophets, Jesus was never about personal cultism. Kingdom of Heaven is not a reward. This is what he told Judas before giving him the heaviest task of all in the 4 gospels. Why? Because Judas was told something that the others were not told.. .That Kingdom of Heaven is inside you. Your savior, your messiah is not someone else. But your own inner guru. Your higher self. I call my higher self “O’Wise One” when I pray my mantra during a mushroom session.
        So! No need for external messiahs. No preachers, churches or external authorities necessary. All those are tools of the enslavement of our minds. There’s a reason why organized religion has persecuted sacred herb plants for 1700 years. They pose a threat to the power structure of organized religion – which depends on keeping people ignorant, ,fearful, and obedient. Knowledge is their enemy. If you only knew the TRUTH about who actually wrote the 4 gospels and the Paulinean letters.. You would be shocked if you found out. Your entire world view of what is real and not would be shattered. And Jesus himself? He might as well be an archetype who lives through some of the most unexpected people you may think of. Religious affiliation is NOT a requirement 😉

  69.' Jodi says:

    I had a conversation w god, I dont see bad n it, or am jus ” specail”?

  70. I want to learn so much more about this, I have not had a chance to try any exercises yet on how to open your third eye, anyone have any other ideas for exercises?

  71. I am trying to open my third eye so I can contact spirits, I have done so before in other ways but this way is much simpler to contact them if I can accomplish it

  72.' Jodi says:

    Its very powerful> jodi bowman dover ohio. Fb

  73.' nathan says:

    This is an awsome exersice. It is very effective. It has made me more intuitive and creative. I’ve always been somewhat physic with dreams, intuition, feeling thingsbefore it happens and seeing oras. But this has made me much more skilled. thank you

  74.' Laura says:

    Now you’re telling this will open my 3rd eye?…Why do I find it very hard to believe…?

  75.' Kris says:

    Hi Alcyone,

    Would just like to ask whether the three-day practice of Awakening I is a hard and strict rule? or would it be okay to go for an extra 2 days? I’m not really sure whether i did the first two days right so I’m planning to extend the same.

    Thanks! 🙂

  76.' LaLaLa says:

    Please, Oddbod, hush about “jesus”. Can’t you call them the “forces” or something.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello LaLa
      First, Why do you attack me for comments I made to someone else in the course of a conversation?
      Second – you are correct – there are “Forces”- the point is: they are NOT all equal (nothing in nature is).
      Third – instead of attacking me why don’t you do your own research about these things? Here’s a good question to start with – “Where does this technique come from”? You might like to find the answer to that question by starting your research at the JOY OF SATAN website.
      An apology is owed but I’ll not hold my breath – shush yourself!

      • Alcyone says:

        As a reminder, we expect everyone to be courteous and civil on our walls. You are welcome to offer your opinion and perspective, but we suggest inviting people to consider your point of view, rather than presenting it as objective truth.

        Oddbod – I appreciate where you are coming from, but as someone who has done considerable psychic opening and exploration, my experience seems to have been radically different than yours. This in no way makes your experience or beliefs any less valid. But I ask if you think it is perhaps possible that the pre-existing belief systems you brought into your psychic explorations may have significantly colored the experience?

        My view is that our creator gave us a remarkable set of senses, and knew full well what it was doing. Why would we have psychic senses if we weren’t supposed to use them? We also have eyes and ears, and throughout our lives will all at some point see and hear things that challenge or frighten us — but that doesn’t mean we should walk around with our eyes closed and ears plugged. Just as keeping our eyes and ears open provides us with information to avoid walking into traffic, opening our third eye merely brings that which is already happening around us into conscious perception. From this expanded viewpoint, it becomes much easier to discern what energies or intelligences one is interacting with, and much easier to choose not to if we so wish.

        Your views are of course welcome here provided they remain constructive. I am merely offering mine.

        – Alcyone @CLN

        •' Oddbod says:

          Alcyone –
          You may not believe there is an “objective truth” but let me put it like this – truth can only be “relative” if you have something (objective) to measure it against – otherwise there can be no such thing as ‘relative’ truth.
          I will leave it there and we can avoid a deep philosophical discussion (if you want)!

          Your presumption that I was a Christian prior to my experiences couldn’t be further from the truth – I was a hedonist, atheist, guitarist who was open to trying any and everything in the pursuit of experience. Then I experienced a spontaneous full blown kundalini awakening and was given much visual insight – this has not lessened over the years – now I am clairaudient – these are gifts of the Spirit, to be used when the gifts are given, not talents to be sought after. I could only confirm what I had seen by many hours of research and in some instances it took years before the meaning of some of my visual experiences was found.
          Becoming a Christian was the last thing on my mind – ever – I was very happy with my lifestyle – Thankfully, Jesus had other plans and I was led through a series of experiences to realize the ‘objective truth’.

          You ask: Why should we have psychic senses if we’re not supposed to use them? – because like kundalini awakening and psychosis – not every one is capable of dealing with them – if the experiences are full blown – and that is why I have posted on this blog because opening some people up to full blown symptoms/experiences/psychosis really is – in my opinion – irresponsible. Yes we were designed by God with these abilities – but they are given to us – gifts – not something to be sought after by people unable to deal with the effects of awakening.

          Alcyone – I agree – fear is not something to be afraid of – but not everyone can approach their experiences from this starting point – you can and I could, but not everyone – and btw, I think it is clear in some of these comments that some are experiencing psychosis signs – I care about these people – I will not tell them how to do these things or make their symptoms worse. That’s what Jesus teaches us – to care.

          I hope you found these comments constructive.

          • Alcyone says:

            Hi Oddbod,

            I indeed find your comment very constructive and appreciate you taking the time to articulate and share it.

            I respect your position here and will weigh in hopefully sometime next week when I have the time to do so.


  77.' socitey says:

    To everyone who is concerned .. the only thig that stopped me from attempting to opwn my 3rd eyenis jesus for those of you with the same beliefs I have it is flat out wrong the book speaks of the white light as satan.. im not here to tell you all your crazy please dont confuse I am here to state that the book states ANY practice that allows to communicate to the spiritual worls is of the devil I am merely someone trying to seek enlightment as yall but this is not the way if follow or atempting to follow Jesus. And to the leader of this No disrespect but God gives freewill and for those of you like me I dont have to argue that…he lets us decide good and evil and makes us accountable for our actions thats the beauty of it. If you dont believe me GOOD read it yourself. Now again I did not come here for argue or discourage for what some of you guys have chose to do. By all means continue. But those of you like me and of Jesus backround wrong enlightenment. I hope ignorance is brought up do to my comment again I am here for people like me. Read your book about this thank you and alycone becuase I was at one considering 3rd eye and im not one to scoul things I once took intrest in. That being said I wish yall the best thank you

    •' That Guy says:

      The church actually wants to smother the opening of the third eye. Many ‘secret societies’ practice and uphold the traditions of the Universal Religion, and also the opening of this eye and keeping it open. Pope Leo XIII spoke about the renowned Free Masons, “…after the example of our predecessors, we intend to turn our attention to the Masonic society, to its whole doctrine, to its intentions, acts, and feelings, in order to illustrate more and more of this wicked force and stop the spread of this contagious disease…”

      I’m pretty confident that all who have opened their eye…would enlighten you of all the immaculate feelings/positivity that comes from this exercise. However it’s been deemed evil by scripts that have been altered over the past couple thousand years. Your beliefs are yours, and no one elses. Stay true to yourself, but never lose the ability to be open minded my friends.

  78.' Feliciano says:

    Article author, why not give credit to the person in whose book these techniques are described?

    Douglas De Long describes this in his books, it would have been nice if you mentioned that and not written this up as if you brought it to the world!

    • Alcyone says:

      Hi Feliciano,

      I posted this article, but did not write it. I found it in an old forum comment thread with no attribution and thought it was worth sharing. I’m not familiar with De Long, but if you can provide the title of the book in which this appears I can add an amazon link to it in the article.

      Thanks! – Alcyone @CLN

  79.' Kayla says:

    Hello Alcyone,
    I tried the first excersize and im stuck. I followed your directions precisely and feel no different. I re-did the excersize 3 times (hope that dosent hurt the process) I even entered an alpha state and repeated the excercize, and still – nothing. I am on a serious path for enlightenment. This would mean the world to me if you could please offer further assistance. Could my “eye” be already opened? if so how can a person tell? I honestly do not believe that my 3rd eye is opened already just based on some of the experiences that I have read about…
    Thank you.

  80.' Kayla says:

    Also could you please offer advice for how to effectively contact your spirit guide(s)?

    • Alcyone says:

      Hi Kayla,

      There are many ways of doing this, but the easiest might be a guided exercise.

      Friend of CLN Nora Herold has produced a great guided meditation for this. It’s very good, and only costs $4.

      You can order it here.

      • Alcyone says:

        You can also start by simply asking to make contact with your guys in a way that is both obvious and appropriate for you. Be open to how the response comes, and you may be surprised how quickly you get an answer.

        •' Kayla says:

          ok so before i meditate, ask my spirit guides to make themselves available in a way that is both obvious and appropriate for me?
          That was another thing that i wanted to ask you. I really want to make contact with my spirit guides. I have never been able to achieve this. Can i speak to them outside of meditation, like say, through prayer? or in my head during work or a drive? Or is the only way to contact them, through meditation or dreams??

          •' Kayla says:

            and another thing, i will continue to practice this excersize, (i have already started day two) but have also been trying other exercise, on a daily basis. Could that be dangerous in anyway?

    •' Dr.Gonzzo says:

      I am using a mantra I created myself at my 1st magic mushroom ceremony:

      “O’ Wise One! I need Information!

      O’ Wise One! Gift me with Compassion for all living Beings!”
      O’ Wise One! Share with me your knowledge!
      O’Wise One! Hand me down your wisdom!
      O’ Wise One! Endow me with your Insights!
      O’ Wise One! Enlighten me with your Visions!
      O’ Wise One! Empower me with your strength and Endurance!”

      A mantra for free…
      Remember, this is for contacting your higher spirit guide. Your direct contact with the universal force.
      Words have power. Words have meaning. And they all have intentions, Be aware of what you want with this.

  81.' chris says:

    i have been trying ur technique for awhile now but nothing is happening..I have been to a physic medium and he told me my third eye is trying to can i do this as ur method is not working for me

  82.' Albardiga says:

    Strange how there is all this information online about the “third eye” when if people were really psychic they would rule the world and prove to everyone that they are wrong. My belief about that chalkra healing bs is that the dude who found out aboit it died from a stroke so obviously it didnt work.And supposidly all my 6 chalkra points are all over active, which is complete bs. OBE? lulz more like a nap… thats all i have to say rlly… good day.

    • Alcyone says:


      I think you misunderstand what psychic senses are. They are not as portrayed on television and in comic books. They allow us some perception of subtle energies, stronger intuition, and better awareness of our environment, the emotions and intentions of others, and much stronger intuition. They do not, as far as I know, allow people to read the minds of others or levitate objects, so it’s hard to imagine anyone taking over the world with these abilities. Furthermore, while psychic awareness does provide an edge in some aspects of life, a fairly common consequence of psychic and intuitive awakening is a decrease in desire to manipulate and control others.

      Further, there are seven primary chakras, so I think you’re missing one. There are also many other smaller ones throughout the body and a few outside of it. As a reminder, the 7-chakra Western chakra model is a vastly simplified (though still functionally accurate) representation.

      As far as OBEs being “complete BS,” here’s what prominent Harvard and Yale trained neuropsychiatrist Dr. Jon Lieff has to say on the matter.

  83.' chris says:

    i have been trying ur technique for awhile now but nothing is happening..please help

  84.' Thirisangu says:

    Hi., I have seen colors like pink in my earlier stage. Then blue. Finally i saw the Golden color. I felt i was surrounded by white thing. No words to explain more.

  85.' Elizabeth says:

    I am totally gunna try this! This stuff is frigging epic

  86.' Fran says:

    I hear weird noices right before sleep….? explain ? :p

  87.' Arron says:

    Great article, I’m glad you posted it. I have a question, I’m on the second day of the awakening I excercise, is it normal to get on and off blurry vision? It’s never happened before until I started this. I’m not really concerned I just wanted to know if it happens. Thank you

  88.' Cossette says:

    My hearing is so amped. 😮

  89.' Josh says:

    I did the first exercise one day before I dozed off. I was laying across my bed, and in less than 2 minutes after my eyes closed, I could see my room as if my eyes were still open (although they were still closed.) I tried sitting up but I couldn’t move my body. I tried to speak but my mouth wouldn’t open. At this point I remembered some research I had done on sleep paralysis and out of body soul travel, so I knew that’s what was happening at this point. So took the focus off my body and concentrated on trying to lift my spirit off the bed. When I did that, I felt myself begin to shake. The harder I concentrated, the harder I shook. Then I started to hear voices. There were so many voices, I couldn’t hear or make out one word or voice. It sounded like what you would hear if you walked into a crowded mall. I tried to concentrate even harder, but the harder I tried, the voices began to speak louder and louder until it sounded like they were yelling in my ear. At this point, I got nervous and snapped myself out of it. Can you please explain what that was all about?

  90.' Nathaniel says:

    I’m annointed i have gifts of the spirit that the most high gave me similar to your 3rd eye. Also god is just a title that’s his name there is much power in the name though especially if spoken in the original language think how much power the name of Jesus has demons tremble at the name also when casting out demons once they tell you their name you have power over them

  91.' Abigial says:

    I would really like to do this. As a beginner, does opening your third eye require any previous “experiance ” with these type of phenomenons? If I practice this, is it very possible to see results with no other practices? This is my first time on this blog so I am new. Thanks for any help!

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Abigail
      If you absolutely have to do these things get yourself a copy of Satyanandas three year training course in Tantric yoga – prepare yourself – why? Because quick awakening can – for some – be dangerous. This works and you will awaken kundalini and your psychic faculties so I think slow and prepared is best. Ultimately the choice is yours.

  92.' GC says:


    I am new to this I am just starting Awakening 1
    On the part where it says to place your tongue as though you
    Were saying the begining of the word “The”.
    When you go on do you have to keep it in place when saying “Thoh” throughout the whole sesion or am I not understanding it, if that’s the case could you explain it to me in as much detail as you could ,if you can.

    Please and Thank you in advance.

  93.' Ali says:

    first thanks alot for this two exercises. I’ve had minor psychic abilities before and now when i looked at your post here I thought this could be another fake method. but i thought i’d give it a try, i did the awakening 1 exercise and i didn’t believe anything to happen really, but! only like 10 seconds after i was done my forehead started to feel pressed i feel like a circular (eye shaped) pressure on my forehead and I thought it’s hallucination and started to rub it and i rubbed it and the feeling didn’t go away now I believe it’s worked. the strange feeling has spread inside my head and also on the top of my skull. I don’t know what’s tingling inside my head because i know the brain itself has no nerves. I’m surely gonna finish this 3 day stage and move on to the next part too.

    how on earth did you come up with this method?
    does it help seeing multidimensional creatures like demons and fairies? because that’s what i in the end want to happen, though i can already feel their presence sometimes but i can’t see them yet.

    Thanks a lot again!

    •' Oddbod says:

      oh you will – you will
      and when you see them then what? Do you know how to get rid of them? When you want to roll over and go to sleep but the entity won’t let you night after night then how will you feel? Will you still want more?
      Just keep going – you will.

      •' Ali says:

        wow such a quick reply indeed. thanks.
        as for the entities you know there are evil ones and good ones.mine are usually helpful. like yesterday I lost something and i didn’t know where to find it and that entity creature which i saw for a fraction of a second (and it was all white and short) put that thing on the desk for me. I’m lucky i guess, and i know how to deal with the evil ones, a man who has this sort of connections taught me.
        he taught me to first threaten the bad demons and if they didn’t go away show them some action. what the action is? the demons or this bad entities are afraid of a living goose (that makes no sense to me either but it’s true) so you gotta buy a pair of living geese and put them in your house. this repels the demons off for like ever.
        the demons are cowards yet creepy looking creatures in general so don’t worry throw them a living goose and have fun laughing. I’m serious.

  94.' Ali says:

    just for your information the original and correct exercise is in the following website. it has to do with devils. see the left side of the page there:

    I’m the same Ali that commented before and now I noticed this chants you say are the names of some satanic gods. my head is still aching and I can feel the eye on my forehead even with a single try, and now that i have found out this has to do with devils I’m getting nervous whether to do continue this or not. I don’t wanna end up becoming a pagan or something 🙁 but i do want to see this multidimensional beings like badly lol 😀

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ali
      I am pleased to see you are doing some research about this.
      You have a choice – you can work on closing your third eye or work on opening it (if you just leave it without doing anything it will still be open and will open fully over time).
      So close it or open it – your choice.
      You say you’re getting nervous already – how nervous will you be when you do come face to face with a demon? How nervous will you be when you have an entity you can’t get rid of? Are you sure this is for you.
      Look – when you open 3rd eye using this technique you also trigger kundalini which – for some – can be a negative experience. Do you want to deal with Kundalini as well as daily visions and nightly entity visits or attacks?
      So – you are smart – you are bothering to do the research – you better.research all those things before deciding.
      You should know that chakras can be closed.
      Read through my other comments on this list and you will find a lot of links.
      For me using the name Jesus was the only way I could get my experiences to stop – and I made a cross over each chakra on my body- that’s how I stopped 3 years of entity attacks.
      Now you must do some research and make your choice – I pray you will choose wisely.
      Good luck

      •' Ali says:

        Hello Oddbod

        thank you so much for your advices and attention. and I’m sorry to hear that you had been harassed by the entities too.

        I should admit that i do get attacked by bad entities too but i can’t see them. there are good ones as well though. i can’t see them either. i just want to see them so i could least fight back.

        the man I told you about is a sort of wizard or psychic he could also see the future and he always tells the truth. i’ve known him for 8 months and he was never wrong about anything. like two months ago he told me I’ll soon start seeing the demons and fairies and when i asked him how to deal with them he laughed and taught me the goose thing! and he also gave me a pair of tiny spell scrolls that i could burn in case of a demonic attack and since then i was attacked twice and both the times i burnt one of the scrolls and the demon attack stopped. he said this scroll burns the demons once you burn it.

        I just did some research about kundalini and the third eye as well. I never escape the danger i just try to know it better so that i could deal with it easier. escaping isn’t in me.

        well if you ever get attacked again maybe i could help you all i need is to see that man again and ask him how to help someone far away. he lives a city away so seeing him takes time. he wasn’t concerned about me though because he told me i have what it takes to deal with them! just gotta put it into test.

        I was nervous because i didn’t want to become a pagan. i’m not afraid of seeing real demons. there is alot i could tell you about my experiences and i bet you have much more experience than me. but you haven’t been demon possessed like I had been for nearly two years. this man i told you about healed me in a minute.

        btw i know this isn’t your article and you’re only trying to help. the time has come for me to do the exercise again. I’ll keep you informed on my experiences in the future if you want me to.

        have a nice day/night or … evening 😀

        ps: thanks for praying for me !

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ali
      Just wanted to be clear with you – I didn’t post this.
      I think it’s too dangerous to let anyone do because third eye use (Ajna chakra) directly stimulates sacral chakra (kundalini). I’m just here to advise people to do their research and make wise choices!
      Good luck

  95.' GC says:

    I’m on the third day of doing awakening 1
    When I finished I felt light headed
    And it also feels like someone is putting their hand(s) on my head because I feel pressure on my head
    Its not as strong as it was before when finished the excercise
    Is that normal?

    •' GC says:

      Now the pressure is on the back left side of my head

      •' GC says:

        Now it feels numb
        Can anyone anwser me please
        Would really appreciated

        Thank you in advance

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello GC
          you say “it feels like someone is putting their hands on my head – is that normal”?
          What do you think? – does that sound normal to you?
          If you’re going to do this exercise please understand it works – and this is not a game. You are OPENING YOURSELF UP.
          But the good news is you may be able to close it down.
          Please read my other comments on this board, on all the pages.
          You can also research the original exercise on the Joy Of Satan website (link is above this comment).
          If you have any more questions I will be pleased to help you out.

          •' GC says:

            Thank you
            I will
            And thank you for answering fast

          •' GC says:

            From what I read in the website
            For beginners like me should take it slow
            I couldn’t continue reading because it was gonna start to teach you how to open up the third eye and if I read it I’m probably gonna do it sooner or later and that would be bad. For now I say the smartest thing I should do is back off ,close my third eye until, I’m fully informed and ready.

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello GC
          I think backing off and being fully informed is the best thing a beginner can do – I think you made the wise choice.
          All the best

          •' GC says:

            Thank you
            And literaly Thank you for anwsering fast
            When I’m ready AND fully informed I will post it.

            I’m gonna close my third eye now but I’m still a little confused on how to do it
            Do I just say ‘Jesus Christ’ or do I have to do something else?
            I prayed asking Jesus to close my third or help me close it but did that close my third eye?

          •' GC says:

            I guess I should say this now before I forget.
            Before I found this website I use to watch videos that said something “Third Eye Awakening Meditation”.
            I would listen to the music/beats- sometimes- and I when I did I would feel that pressure on my forehead but I don’t think that it opened it but I can’t tell either.
            Do you think that listening to these videos would prepare me for the real thing and also would you recommend them?

          •' Oddbod says:

            Hello GC
            Take the thumb of your right hand and where the third eye is on the front of your forehead make a crucifix sign and say something like “Closed in the name of Jesus Christ Our Father in Heaven”.
            That WILL close it.
            However it can open again automatically if you triggered sacral chakra.
            However that should be sufficient to close it – for now I’m going to guess you haven’t stimulated sacral chakra from what you say, so that should be all you need.
            It’s late here so I’m going to crash now but I will check my mail tomorrow so you can contact me if you need.

          •' Oddbod says:

            Hello GC
            No I do not recommend music videos for opening third eye!!
            If you have to do this I recommend Satyanandas three year course in tantric yoga available from amazon for something like $80.
            It’s late here so I’m crashing now Ill answer any more questions tomorrow.
            All the best

          •' GC says:

            Thank you
            Its 1:24 so I’m gonna hit the hay also
            If I have anymore questions I’ll ask
            Until then
            Goodnight have sweet dreams

  96.' GC says:

    Last night before I was finally able to fall asleep
    I had to do the cross on my third eye at least 10 times
    Because it kept opening – I felt pressure on my forehead and I had a somewhat light headache. Does that mean that at night before I fall asleep I stimulate sacral chakra without knowing it?

    •' GC says:

      I put my necklace of the Virgin Mary under my pillow and that helped me fall asleep.
      Right now I’m getting a bit of a headache but I did the cross and it left again.

      •' Oddbod says:

        Hello GC
        That’s really interesting – I know someone who suffered from bad entity attacks after (a very pleasant) Kundalini awakening – they downloaded a crucifix lamp app for their iPhone and kept it on overnight at the side of the bed – it stopped all entity attacks in just a couple of nights, and they had been suffering for a long time.
        From the Christian perspective we are not supposed to enter different dimensions – if are psychic faculties are activated it’s considered a gift. We’re not supposed to contact the dead or go looking for experiences (or trouble!). Maybe try the lamp app see if that helps too.
        btw, from what you say it really doesn’t sound like your sacral chakra is activated because having to cross yourself 10 times really isn’t a lot, and it will get less over time. One other thing you can do if you’re really tired but your third eye keeps buzzing you awake is cry out to Jesus to help you and He will – He did me, and I know others He did – so you could try that to.
        Hope that helps

      •' fatsoe says:

        according to the myth, she was no virgin , she had a baby with a 42 year old married Roman guard while she was 12 and denied a man gave her birth, regardless of the evil nonsense you still worship her as the mother of God? and no historical evidence she existed, R you kidding?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello GC
      10 times isn’t a lot – if it were real bad you could be spending all night working through the chakras.
      When you open your 3rd eye you are entering different dimensions and can attract entities to you. You need to know how to navigate those dimensions and protect yourself when you navigate those dimensions – that’s why I recommend the three year training course for people who “have” to do this – it really does take that long to be in command of yourself and the dimensions – and it’s best to do it safely – why take the risk of a short cut? People have died from taking the short cut or from having their kundalini activated spontaneously (you can check out the story of El Collie and also do a google on Kundalini dangers) – kundalini is what is activated when your sacral chakra is activated.
      However, the good news is there is a way to shut it down – it’s the cross and say “in the name of Jesus” – so really, when you think how bad it could be, 10 times isn’t a lot!
      Take care and be wise!

      •' GC says:

        I did do research on kundalini
        So many things that could happen

        And I also did a bit of research on the link that Ali gave
        Satanic energy, satanists, satanism
        It seems to me that they are all associated with the devil
        So are these excersises in the Awakenings associated with the devil?

      •' GC says:

        I did do research on kundalini
        So many things that could happen if kundalini is forced to awaken.

        And I also did a bit of research on the link that Ali gave
        Satanic energy, satanists, satanism
        It seems to me that they are all associated with the devil
        So are these excersises in the Awakenings associated with the devil?

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello GC
          Is this associated with the devil? Depends who you ask!

          I am a Christian and I say Yes!
          Ali is a Muslim and, from what he has written, he says Yes!

          It could be argued that we were born with these psychic faculties so we should use them – but the Christian Bible is very clear that these faculties are “gifts” – that when they operate it is a “gift” from the Spirit, and that we are not to go developing these talents for entertainment or to contact dead spirits.

          I think the answer is like Ali says in his post below – depends who you serve.

          btw, really pleased you did the research – like everything in life – it pays to know what you’re getting into.

          •' GC says:

            Thank you

            I’m Catholic and I know that I serve God.
            ‘IF’ I learn this I’ll be using it for good, as a gift.
            But first I’m gonna do more research like you said ” it pays to know what you’re getting into”.

          •' SC says:

            The monk at the Thai temple also discouraged these type of meditation. He advised my brother not to go looking for it out of curiosity. People who can’t handle the “visions” have been driven to insanity. You need to protect yourself if you want to continue practicing. Wear holy beads, bracelets, necklaces, etc. My mom taught us this holy chant “na-mo-tha-sa” just keep repeating it, or call out to Jesus. It breaks the “spell”- until the next encounter. I think everyone is born with this “gift” but loses it over time as we get older. And for a good reason.

  97.' Oddbod says:

    Well said Ali – So true!
    Whatever you throw out into the universe it gets right back at you – or – you reap what you sow.

  98.' Michael Shell says:

    I have also done these exercises. I assure you they have nothing to do with ‘the devil.’ The devil is a Christian fabrication based on the word satan which basically means ‘opposer’ and could be a reference to kings that opposed ‘God’s’ will in the bible. Personally I think the bible is a collection of myths and writings that was put together by Constantine as a state sanctioned religion. As far as these chants go they pre-date Christianity by thousands of years and go back to the Egyptians at a time the Israelites were merely a tribal people. One must look at the history of the world in a detached way and you can see that The Devil is fictitious and part of the medieval world view. In reality there are spiritual planes or parallel universes that supersede these worn out models of religion. Evil spirits exist however in the same way that homicidal and nasty people exist they just don’t have the physical shell that vibrates to this dimension. These entities live on fear and negative energy so if you become fearful or negative because of the Law of Attraction you will attract these entities. Ancient Techniques for Beginners is where I originally got these chants from by the way so I think it is great that these are floating around on the internet as this is subjective knowledge and one will always be skeptical until one experiments with these themselves as they are impossible to prove objectively to satisfy the skeptics.

    •' Oddbod says:


      You assure us these exercises have nothing to do with the devil
      – let us examine this claim, amicably, together:

      1. You say: ‘the devil is a Christian fabrication’ – really?
      The Zoroastrian religion predates Christianity by thousands of years and the Zoroastrians called the Devil Ahriman. Their God – Ahura Mazda – was at war with Ahriman. Sound familiar?
      So then, the concept of ‘the devil’ is not a Christian fabrication, it is a continuation of the human awareness of the fundamental nature of existence – duality: light and dark, good and bad.

      2. Next you claim the Bible is a collection of myths and writings put together by Constantine as a state sponsored religion.
      a). The Tanakh (found in the Old Testament) was codified by 450 BC and was in use from that point on.
      b). The Early Christians had over 60 texts they used within the first Century of Jesus’ death. Constantine was floating around in the Third Century and his mother Helena was a Christian – it was perhaps in sympathy with her that he issued “The Edict of Milan” which allowed religious freedom and allowed Christianity to flourish.
      THERE IS NO PROOF Constantine founded a state run religion or created the Bible – and even if he had what he would have founded was a Church not Christianity (proven by the fact his mother was one, and was presumably using Christian scripture !!!). Be sure to distinguish between the Church (and it’s Bible) and Christianity.
      Just trying to get the facts straight here – you say the Bible is a collection of myths and writings – on what basis? Where are your facts or research?

      3. You say “One must look at the history of the world in a detached way and you can see that The Devil is fictitious and part of the medieval world view”.
      So first the devil is a Christian fabrication but now he is part of the medieval world view?
      So deny this – looking at the history of the world in a detached way did the Zoroastrians – one of the oldest world religions known to man – believe in the devil (and devils) or not? They weren’t medieval were they?

      4. You say “Evil spirits exist however in the same way that…nasty people exist they just don’t have the physical shell that vibrates to this dimension”.
      Proof? There are many people who will tell you from their own experience how false this is.
      then you say: “these entities live on fear and negative energy so if you become fearful or negative ….you will attract these entities”
      – in other words- if you are experiencing these things it’s your fault.
      That is your opinion, that’s all.

      5. “Ancient Techniques for Beginners” – D.D.Long is a recognized ‘new age’ teacher. The ‘new age’ is really the old age (of Babylon) – necromancy, sorcery, etc. and the phrase comes from Blavatsky’s Theosophy movement – this is a woman who started a publishing company called “Lucifer Publishing” – so then, these teachings ARE associated with the Devil.
      If anyone really wants to do this then I recommend reading Satyanandas Three Year Course of Tantric Yoga – by comparison De Long’s book is very shallow.

      You claim these things have nothing to do with the devil but, in my opinion, your claims do not stand up to examination.
      With regard the Devil – one has a choice to worship the Creator of things or things created. Any created thing that holds itself up as worthy of being worshipped is “a devil”. There is only One to worship – the Creator.

      So – I wish to say as amicably as I can – that you have presented your argument and it appears to me to be nothing more than your opinion; you offer no facts and show no research. Further, your agenda is obvious from the dismissive way you refer to the Israelites as being “merely” a tribal people (they had no choice – they Egyptians enslaved them!); and your belief that anyone who experiences anything negative is suffering because of their own limitations is, in my opinion, heartless and opinionated.

      If you wish to discuss any of this I am open to amicable discussion, but please come armed with facts and research and not just opinion.


    •' JD says:

      Wonderful stuff. I’ve been following these exercises for 7 days now and have certainly activated my third eye. Pressure in the head, crackling sound, ears popping, feeling of entities in room, sensation of somebody stroking my hair, the swirling spray of light in the dark, changes in my vision with more vibrant experience of colour, sometimes sounds of whispering or talking in the quiet of my room which I can’t yet make out, the visualization of the eye in front of me while meditating, swirling white or lilac forms while meditating. Not sure how this relates to my daily life or what I will learn from this but it’s an interesting and enlightening journey. I’m also compiling notes of my experiences each day. Thank you.

  99.' Steve says:

    I just read this and did the first activity but felt nothing after in my head. Is this because I didnt do it right?

  100.' fredd dunhabrr says:

    hello everbody, does anyone know if the 3rd eye can be used to contact different entities in the 3rd dimesion. say the galactic federation of light? ive also heard this is a free will universe so there are laws but you can break them forming your own based off old laws….im skpetical about making your own laws (fine line between actual thoughts and your own insanity world). ahhh zee internet. LIGHT&LOVE im out!

  101.' Shafa says:

    U know ur busy but i hope ull reply to this…Well tday is my 2nd day if doing this exercise n i have yet to feel the tingling or expanding in my forehead….Though when i tried it for the first time yesterday, i saw the indigo/purple colours behind my eyes and i saw this eye shape thing coloured a pinkish indigo n it had a pupil coloured a darker a darker indigo staring at me….The same thing happened tday but still no tingling sensation…Though yesterday i did have a minor headache n felt lighheaded n tday im having a migrane…. Also,ive never ever tried any activity like this before yesterday but ive had this kinda ability to like tell whats gonna happen minutes before it happens.Its just a feel it like i have a thought n minutes latr thats what happenes. n i see these weird transparent objects flying around sometimes…Sorry if this part was completely irrelevant but what im trying to ask is does this mean my 3rd eye is alrdy open? Because like i said ive seen those purplish indigo colours n starry bright objects when i close my eyes, long before i tried this dxcercise. N do u think it would work for me? Im confused…. Thanks!

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Shafa
      So, let me get this straight…….
      you see colours………….you see an eye staring at you……….you see an eye staring at you again…….you have a minor headache…….you feel lightheaded…….today you have a migraine…….you are feeling the future before it happens……….you weird transparent objects flying around………

      and what you want to ask is

      is my 3rd eye open already?
      What do you think?
      The question is…….how much? Yes it is open, but not fully yet. I’d say you’re going to experience a LOT more when it’s fully open!
      So – if you don’t even know when your third eye is open when it’s open the only thing I can say to you is do some research and find out what you’ve got yourself into.
      Start by reading ALL the comments on ALL the pages here on this list.
      You can also check out the original exercise on the Joy of Satan website at

      If you have any more questions I will be happy to help you out, but please do some research first.
      Wishing you Good Luck!!

  102.' Shafa says:

    please help!!!!!! I really want this to work this is my third day of doin ex 1 n other tjan seeing a purple n indigo eye when i close my eyes im feelin ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!! I really wanna open my 3 rd eye so what should i do??? Help!

    •' Shafa says:

      oh! Im sorry i didnt know u had alrdy replied. That was quick! Thanks! Yup i will go do some research:) but my problem right now is that i cant get any tingling sensations… This is the third day ive been trying the excersise but still no tingling or feeling of expansation…im sorry if im being so bothersome but is it a must to get tjat tingling feeling? Maybe im not pronouncing the word properly… N sadly there isnt any audio guide to that…. So if by the 3rd day i cant feel any tigling in my forehead, is it ok to continue that ex for a few more days? Sorry gor asking so many annoying qus lol ok ill stop now >.<

      •' Oddbod says:

        Hello Shafa
        No, your problem is not that you cannot get any tingling – your problem is that you still haven’t done any research. Do the research – read through these comments and the links Ali has given and the Joy of Satan website – then decide if you want to do this (if it isn’t already too late and you haven’t already stimulated Kundalini -because once stimulated it is rare that it goes back to sleep).
        Do the research then ask any questions – if you still want to do this
        All the best

  103.' Ali says:

    Hey Oddbod

    I think my previous comment wasn’t posted.

    I’ve found a one year method to open my third eye through prayer. I just wanted to ask: when your third eye was open could you choose to see specific creatures or they all just showed up randomly?

    I also found this creepy website with people saying they were attacked by huge astral spiders, is it true? I mean i can handle demons and ogres and stuff but a huge spider! no way! lol
    here is the website. you can use it to scare others away from opening their third eye.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ali

      – “when your third eye was open could you choose to see specific creatures or they all just showed up randomly?”
      I have never been able to choose what I could see with my third eye, I do not think that’s how it works. Some people may claim they can control what they see, but I have never come across a method for that.
      My third eye started with a series of experiences that led to an “astral initiation” – by whom, to whom, and for what purpose????? (I know now).
      Yes, the creatures just showed up randomly. Sometimes you can see them, sometimes they attach themselves to your outer energy body and you don’t know they are there (so you have to find a method that works to cleanse it) and sometimes you will just feel them picking away at you while you are lying in bed trying to get some sleep.
      Sounds like fun, huh?

      Spiders – yes, I have seen spiders lots – small ones not huge big ones – I have never been attacked by one that I have seen, but I am convinced I’ve been crawled all over by smaller ones! Once my vision shifted dimensions and I could see a ‘mechanical’ white spider crawling up my leg – then my vision shifted back and it wasn’t there any more. I agree with the article you posted – I think they are energy suckers.

      Pleased to hear you found a one year course – that is much better than a 3 day course in my opinion. Perhaps you could post the link for other people?

      Anyway, good to hear from you
      All the best

      •' Ali says:

        Hey Oddbod

        Thanks for the answers. if not for your answers so far I could have started the dark experiences and led my life into misery.

        well as for the one year course. it’s not an actual course it takes some religious background.well the person who does it has to
        1: be a shia muslim
        2: stay away from sinning as much as he/she can
        3: say regular night prayers with specific words after it
        4: keep doing it for one year
        5: keep his 2 eyes away from sinning

        I’m Persian (iranian) so the website that has the method in it is in Persian but the prayer is in arabic which i or any other persian or arabic speaking person could read.

        but I believe if anyone (muslim or christian) can say (regular midnight) prayers and keep away from sinning for a whole year will open more than just the third eye.

        the website didn’t mention the name “third eye”, instead it said “the eye of the heart” or “afterlife eye”. it could see all dimensions, thoughts, future and past events and after life (depending on that person’s faith). and it’s a gift from god to make that righteous individual ascend to the higher spiritual levels and become perfect and let them know what’s wrong or right so they won’t fall for devil. but getting that kind of eye opened is no Thoth vibrating or yoga-like business.

        devil doesn’t make a path easy to benefit us. god doesn’t make it hard to keep us harmed either.

        I wish you a happy life.


        Ps: I’ve sadly lost the link to that website but here is a link to another website, which is in Persian, and it has some lines written in arabic which are quotes from koran or someone special. but it’s mainly persian. it explains about the “afterlife eye or the eye of the heart” and how to open it the right way. please use google translator to read it.

        Ps: briefly the website says: purify your heart and actions for God and you’ll see the unseen.

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Ali

          Thanks for your comment – it was a pleasure to help you make your decision.
          I think you made the wise choice. I also think God’s righteousness is the “straight and narrow” path and that giving up sinning is essential to progress along it – but that’s not what most people want to hear.

          I will always remember how a Christian and a Shia-Muslim got along so well.

          I wish you a Godly life
          All the best

          •' Ali says:

            quote “I will always remember how a Christian and a Shia-Muslim got along so well”.

            It’s not for nothing God called Christians our best non-Muslim friends in Koran.

            quote”… but that’s not what most people want to hear.”

            that’s exactly why most people regret the way they live.

            See you in heaven

        •' Mohamad says:

          hi Ali
          you said that in this exercise we call some kind of demon, where did you find this? have any evidence? did you left practicing or not?

  104.' Zak says:

    Hi so I’ve done a little research read everything said on this page so far. It seems that opening your 3rd is something not to be taken lightly. I saw how these methods are tied to evil. I am Christain. A friend of mine was born with the gift of his third eye opened I wish to open mine aswell. Is there a way to open it in the name of Christ, like can I open it in a good way? I have always been a kind hearted person and I enjoy helping people, I want to beable to truly see, and do good with my 3rd eye opening, I feel like I have a hidden power with in me and I want to be able to use it and I feel like the third eye would help, I would appreciate some advice or suggestions

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Zak

      When my third eye opened it was as part of a spontaneous full blown Kundalini awakening – at that time I most certainly was not a Christian.

      If you open your third eye with this method know then you will directly stimulate the Kundalini energy (sacral chakra). This is the direct, short-cut method of awakening. A slower method is to open them one at a time. Fast can be deadly dangerous for some people.

      I have never heard of a Christian method of opening your third eye. Of course, today you might find someone packaging a new age technique and calling it Christian (Centreing Prayer for example which is based on Hindu meditation despite it’s claims to be based on The Cloud of Unknowing text).

      I guess the question is : is it in the Bible?
      If you believe the Bible is symbolic then you could argue yes it is (the seven headed candle stand of Ezekiel, for eg. – and isn’t a Menorah symbolic of the spine and the chakras along it?) – however if you do not believe the Bible is symbolic tell me “where” it says ‘focus and chant to open third eye chakra’ !!!!

      I cannot tell you NOT to do this because when Jesus came to me I saw him ‘supernaturally’ or ‘psychically’ – then again, I certainly would not tell you TO do it – there is a reason Kundalini is called the SERPENT power.

      From a Christian perspective these are “gifts” – by “gifts” – I believe – is meant that it is something that is given to you – something that is stimulated from without – not by yourself in search of experiences (which are not the Peace or wisdom of God). That’s just my opinion and you could interpret the word “gift” in a different way equally as validly.

      So, I cannot tell you what to do – but what I will say is if you do decide to do this (I hope you would chose a slow method) you must take on all the armour of a proper Christian life, righteousness – that is, you must live and follow the Straight and Narrow Path. Even the Vedics say that one must live a Sattvic life (virtuous) if one intends to awaken Kundalini.

      You say you want to do good with your open third eye but this is misunderstanding what it is – you do not become like some psychic detective running around solving murders – when your third eye is open you enter into different dimensions – you will see many things – the degree of control you have over what you see is nil in my experience, though it is possible to learn to move around (‘fly’) by using will. You will come across entities – some good many bad. Some will attach to you for your energy. There is no way of knowing what you will see. Again, research is the key to knowing what it is actually to have an open third eye.

      That’s all I can say to you except that in traditional training much meditation is required. Given you need to take on all the Christian armour you will need to be praying at least one hour a day – just saying ‘I’m a Christian’ doesn’t cut it.

      Phil Romain at shalom place wrote a book called Christian Prayer and Kundalini. He experienced his K via Catholic Centreing prayer (which I explained is not Christian) – you might want to check his stuff out at Shalom Place if you decide to go ahead with this.

      Wishing you the best of luck and hope you make the wise decision that is right for you

      •' Zak says:

        Hey thank you for the info, I was wondering if it might be a little open if I can be sleeping and have what they call “sleep paralysis” where like I know I’m sleeping and I can’t move, but can see every thing around me some time, like for example my friend was trying to get my attention while i slept and I could see and hear him do it but my eyes where closed an I could hear him, I read some where that’s possible a form of astral projections, what’s your opinion?

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Zak
          You cannot astral project without having an open third eye (think about it) – but you can have an open third eye without astral projection (because open third eye is connected very strongly to other psychic phenomena without projection/flying).
          You can have sleep paralysis and not astral project (such as when you are being attacked by an entity in your own bed/room) or are having an obe and are aware of your surroundings (what you described – out of body experience).
          I guess whether or not experiencing sleep paralysis means you have a third eye open depends on what psychic phenomena you experience (if any) when paralyzed. If none I would guess your eye is not open or very slightly – – but if something ‘memorable’ occurred you have to decide whether to close down your chakras or get serious about your spiritual life.
          Hope that helps

  105.' Tithsya says:

    Hey guys!!! First of all i want to say that my English is a bit lame even though I have been studied for years so sorry if u can’t understand me!!! I’m new here and this is my second day of awaken 1 but I still can’t find any pressure on my forehead. What if i still don’t have any pressure on the third day….what should I do? I want to awaken my third eye because It can be handy to my study and I want to use it to win karate traning fight with my friends!! I heard that the third can make u see what gonna happen before it happen!! So can I be able to awake my third eye if I still can’t find any pressure???? Please help Oddbod!!!

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Tlthsya
      I am sorry but you have been misinformed – third eye cannot help you win karate fights!
      Sometimes you can see events that happen before they happen – like a ‘deja vu’ experience – but you cannot control what you do or do not see (in my experience). Best to do some research on what third eye is and can do!
      Hope that helps

  106.' Taevyn says:

    FINALLY!!! I finally found this topic! I had made a bunch of posts on it then it mysteriously vanished from my Internet (the page and it disappeared from the history).
    I had started the process and was on the second awakening when it disappeared. I’m pretty sure it didn’t work the but I can’t know for sure. I have, since starting the process, begin to notice a lot of strange things.
    1: I don’t know if this is the beginning of Aura Seeing or not but if I concentrate on any living thing (plant or animal) I can see this clear outline around it. (it’s kinda hard to explain).
    2: this happens about 1-2 a month but when I close my eyes I see these images. It’s not like I’m imagining or anything though, it’s as if my eyes are open and I’m watching sort of a movie (all of them are something amazing or super-natural. Either scary or exciting). The longest one I’ve had lasted 1 minute and depicted a battle but then when something flew towards me I got startled and it ended.
    3: The shadows are starting to come back.
    4: Randomly and just out of the blue my head will feel a large amount of pressure coming from all around it and my vision will either go completely white or purple.
    And that is all, if anyone can, I’d like an explanation of what’s happening

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Taevyn
      You want to know what’s happening?
      Please read all my comments on all the pages and you will know.
      If you have any more questions after that I will try to help.
      It’s best to be informed about what you’re getting yourself into rather than just start doing something without any research!
      All the best

  107.' jordan says:

    i think i overdid the excercise 1, i said the chant at least a good 20 times in a row on accident. is this bad?

  108.' jim says:

    maybe someone can help me out, I am trying to figure out the first part. I place my tongue between my teeth and apply a slight pressure, but when I try to say the word toe (thoh) my tongue automatically tries to retract behind my teeth. I am unable to make the noise with my tongue there

  109.' Taevyn says:

    Thank you very much

  110.' Taevyn says:

    No offense intended in the slightest but none of those posts really described what was happening. Most of your posts are warnings or stuff about Kundalini Psychosis

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Taevyn
      In my posts I make it clear that this method works – that when you do it you stimulate your sacral chakra which is where kundalini is – and that for some people this can be a deadly experience or, at best, they will experience kundalini psychosis. Some people – not everyone.
      I know there are a lot of comments so I hope now what I am saying is clear.

      As for your particular experiences there is no set of symptoms everyone experiences – I experienced shadows and movies – maybe the movies are Akashic records? Point is once your third eye is open there is no set pattern of experiences that everybody experiences – it appears to be individual in format. This is why I caution people to take the slow method (Satyanandas 3 yr course on Tantric yoga) because there is a lot to learn about and if you don’t know about it to start with you are always playing catch up trying to find out what is happening after its started to happen.
      Also, when Kundalini awakens it is like an electric current and you need to be prepared to experience the huge amounts of electric voltage that will pass through you. Some people have heart attacks and die when this happens. Again, this is why I recommend the slow method so your body is prepared to handle the high voltage.
      When the voltage is high you will be propelled through your third eye into different dimensions so you better know how to cope with it (prepare).
      This is my opinion based on my experience – Alcyone posted this because his experience was different.
      My point is – do the research and find out what you’re getting into and prepare for it – or, you could just find instructions in the Internet and do them and hope for the best!!!

      So, now your third eye is open you have a decision to make – TRY to close it down (sometimes this is possible – depends how open it is) or become serious about your spiritual life because once open the third eye will continue to develop on it’s own even if you try to ignore it.

      No offence taken. I hope this clarifies my comments – I am simply trying to get people to do research so they are informed and know what the repurcussions of doing this technique is.
      If you have any more questions I am happy to help – just make sure you start with Oddbod and I’ll know it’s for me.
      Do the research, stay safe – and Good Luck!

  111.' Taevyn says:


    Thank you very much for the clarification.

  112.' Tiffany says:

    Hey, Oddbod. i have a small question. Ive done the Awakening one for the 3/4 days and now im gonna move on to the Awakening 2 excersise. But the thing is, ive felt alk the effects of the awakening 1 except the crackling sound or popping in ur ears which symbolises the 3rd eye opening up…. So should i continue with A1 till i hear the sounds or just move on to A2? Ive read all the comments here but there wasnt anything bout this….Thanks!

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Tiffany
      I did not – and would never – post the instructions on how to open your third eye – so if you have any questions about that you need to ask Alcyone. The reason I would never post this is because this technique works and when you do it you automatically stimulate your sacral chakra which is where your Kundalini is stored; awakening Kundalini can be a DEADLY experience, or a PSYCHOTIC one for SOME people. As a Christian I would never post this article – but if you want to learn more about this you can see the correct and original technique here:-
      on the Joy of SATAN website.

      Know that when you have opened third eye it is rare that you can get it to go back to sleep (though you can close it) and you will have stimulated your sacral chakra.

      I suggest you read through the threads on this list to learn more and do some research on Kundalini dangers. If you still want to open your chakras then I suggest finding a SLOW SAFE METHOD – Satyanandas “Course in Tantric Yoga” is available from Amazon for $80, it takes three years – which do you think is safe: three years or three days?

      Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and hope you will do the research and make wise decisions. If you have anymore questions just address the comment to me and I will be happy to help – or if you still want to do this, address the comment to Alcyone.

  113.' Tiffany says:

    oh and one more thing, i didnt feel any of the physcic abilities you mentioned for the A1 either…. Is this normal?

  114.' Morgan says:

    This is my second day trying this technique and I don’t feel any real effects afterwards. I don’t know if its the method I’m doing that’s flawed but I’m following all the steps like it says. I don’t know if its just me. Anyone have some help?

  115.' kaye says:

    hi is it really have to be a severe headache when you try Awakening 1? cause mine is, well the situation was i was reading the article and i just tried it one time and all of a sudden this headache comes up and i have to stop reading just to sleep and when i woke up i hear different noises like someones talking in my room first i didn’t mind them but it was up all day and it gets creepy, sometimes its like whispers or something. can you tell me whats going on? cause im really new about this and really need help. thank you.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Kaye
      I am sorry you are suffering after doing this, but I am not surprised.

      I am going to re-post the response I gave to Tiffany for you – please read it – however, there is one exception to what I wrote for you: it may well be because you have only done this once you can get the K to go back to sleep – what you need to do is forget about your third eye and every time something strange happens or you feel energy move call out to Jesus to close the chakra – you can also trace a crucifix across the chakra and say “Closed in the name of Jesus”. Please read the response I gave to Tiffany, do some research. and if you want any more advice put my name at the top of your comment – here it is:

      Hello Tiffany
      I did not – and would never – post the instructions on how to open your third eye – so if you have any questions about that you need to ask Alcyone. The reason I would never post this is because this technique works and when you do it you automatically stimulate your sacral chakra which is where your Kundalini is stored; awakening Kundalini can be a DEADLY experience, or a PSYCHOTIC one for SOME people. As a Christian I would never post this article – but if you want to learn more about this you can see the correct and original technique here:-
      on the Joy of SATAN website.
      Know that when you have opened third eye it is rare that you can get it to go back to sleep (though you can close it) and you will have stimulated your sacral chakra.
      I suggest you read through the threads on this list to learn more and do some research on Kundalini dangers. If you still want to open your chakras then I suggest finding a SLOW SAFE METHOD – Satyanandas “Course in Tantric Yoga” is available from Amazon for $80, it takes three years – which do you think is safe: three years or three days?
      Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and hope you will do the research and make wise decisions. If you have anymore questions just address the comment to me and I will be happy to help – or if you still want to do this, address the comment to Alcyone.

  116.' Jenna says:

    Hey Oddbod! I have a qus, today is the 3rd day since i tried the Awakening 2 and i still havent felt that pure bliss state or anything blissful for that matter…. In fact i got a big headache right after i did the Awakening2 n thought its gone now i still havent expirienced the effects from Awakening 2 n its just really frustrates me greatly….N i have a cofession to make, i did the Awakening 1 jus 1 day after completing Awakening 2(but u see i didnt do this pages ex but the JoyoSatan page’s one n it wasnt stated that we had to wait a few days to attempt it) …. So could that b the reason that i cant feel the effects cause it hasnt been done properly? Well ive done my fair share of research bout the kundalini n third eye n all the chakras n im positive i wanna awaken them…Thus ive been doing the seven chakras awakening meditations on the Joy of SATAN site almost ever day for almost a week now ( n ive gotten an headache ever time i finish with the third eye exercise) …. So do u recommend i should try the Awakening 2 again tday or a few days latr or not gry it at all?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Jenna
      If you’re positive you want to awaken your third eye and your chakras then I suggest taking the slow and SAFE route – something like Satyananda’s Course in Tantric Yoga available for about $80 on amazon – or John Mumford’s online course.
      As a Christian I do not wish to give advice on these things as the Bible is clear these things are ‘gifts’ given to us by the Spirit and not for us to pursue as entertainment or for sorcery or necromancy – so I guess any other questions need to be sent to Alcyone!
      Wishing you a SAFE awakening!

  117.' kim says:

    Hi. Ive tried The excersise to open my Third eye. This is The second day of The first part and i Still Dont feel any different. Is there something i might Be doing wrong? Or is There A possbility it Was Already open Before?


    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Kim
      If you are not experiencing headaches, entities in your bedroom that won’t leave you alone, the feeling of your energy being sucked out of you throughout the day, or visions of spiders that you have no control over – then I’d say your eye is not open.
      I’ve just highlighted the bad side of awakening – there is a good side too – so best do some research and decide if you want to awaken slowly and safely or fast and risky! You could start by reading through the comments on this list!
      Wishing you a SAFE (and slow) journey

  118.' Spencer says:

    I’m only 17, in the middle of my junior year of high school, and have no previous experience with anything related to this, but I really want to. Based on that, is it safe to try? Also, my friend and I were thinking about doing it together, is that bad in any way?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Spencer
      This technique works and can be deadly for some people or lead them to be psychotic (kundalini psychosis). If you do this you will stimulate your sacral chakra which is where the Kundalini is – so know you will not just awaken your third eye but also stimulate and maybe awaken your kundalini which is a powerful force. I suggest you read through all the comments on this list before deciding whether to do this or not.
      This is the fast way and fast can be dangerous. You’re only 17 so why not do the slow and safe way? John Mumford has a good training programme or you could get Satyananda’s course in Tantric Toga from Amazon for $80.
      Ultimately it’s your choice – slow and safe or fast and risky.
      As a Christian I do not recommend doing this at all S we are told these are gifts given us by the Spirit – but if you have to do Occult stuff best take the proper training in my opinion.
      It’s not entertainment nor a game – if you awaken K you could spend the rest of your life dealing with it so best do some research and (hopefully) make wise decisions!
      Good Luck

  119.' Kris says:

    Hi, I am feeling the pressure inside my head right now. It seems like a headache but it’s not that painful. My head is heavy and I feel dizzy–like vertigo. I can’t wait to be able to do the complete exercise. I just have one question. If I start experiencing paranormal activities around me, what usually happens? It’s just that some say it is dangerous.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Kris

      You have something like a headache, your head feels heavy, you feel dizzy like vertigo
      – and you can’t wait to do the full exercise?

      You may or may not experience paranormal phenomena.
      Some people do, some people don’t.
      If you do there is no way of knowing what it will be as everyone is different – maybe:-
      – seeing spiders, being attacked by spiders
      – lights switching on and off, music switches off by it’s-self, tv’s switch on and off, electric power surges that can cause electrical burn-outs
      – entities moving about in your room, or on your bed at night, entities ‘picking’ at you or moving you about as you try to sleep,
      – night-time yoga – ok if you don’t have to get up and go to work the following day”
      – a sense of having your energy sucked dry
      those are just a few things you might experience, there are many others.

      If this sounds like fun to you then go ahead, if not then make a wise choice.
      As a Christian I am convinced these things are gifts from the Spirit – that means they happen to us, they are not things for us to go searching after – not entertainment or games.
      You can start your research by reading the comments on this list or do a google for Kundalini dangers.
      Wishing you good luck and wise decisions!

      •' Kris says:

        Hi again, Oddbod.

        Thanks a lot for this.
        I will do a lot of research first before I begin even just with Awakening 1. I am interested in opening my third eye for purposes of balancing my emotions and keeping it healthy, that’s it. I’m not sure if I can handle the higher stages of this unless I have a ‘master’ to guide me or I might lose it. lol

        Thanks a lot! =)

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Kris
          A lot of people take up meditation to balance their emotions but it does the opposite – it makes them more emotionally unstable because it magnifies them. The same thing with Kundalini – if you are not 100% (or near as possible) emotionally stable and if you cannot be emotionally detached then stay away is my advice because K will definitely magnify your emotions – big time (see Kundalini psychosis).
          Anyway, just wanted to let you know that. Do the research and make wise decisions!

          •' Kris says:

            Thanks for the advice.

            I am now reading a 65-paged book entitled KUNDALINI – Psychosis or Transcendence? By: Lee Sannella, M.D., which I just stumbled upon while searching what you asked me to check out on google.

            Maybe I’ll begin with the meditation only when I’m ready to face the possibilites.

            Thank you, Oddbod. =)

  120.' Shawn says:

    I want to know if opening the third eye safe and is it a must that I will have entity attacks and face demons?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Shawn
      Opening the third eye is not safe for some people and is safe for some people. No one can tell you what will happen when it is open, so no one can tell you whether you will have entity attacks or not. Do you want to take the chance?

  121.' nuu says:

    Hi, I am a Muslim from middle east, are those methods demonic? I hope it’s not, but base on your experience (if ever these methods aren’t demonic) have you encountered a Muslim that opened their third eye? I am really interested in knowing what really surrounds me and to open fully open the unopened partial of my brain but if this contradicts my religious beliefs and will soon sent me to hell, then I’ll better be dumb and unconscious on what’s happening in my surroundings. Please reply asap.:))) Thank you in advance, and once again I HOPE THIS ISN’T DEMONIC AND NOTHING TO DO WITH ILLUMINATI.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello nuu
      Take a look at this list and see the comments between me and Ali – he is a Muslim too. He decided not to. I am a Christian and in the Bible it says these things are ‘gifts of the Spirit’ – in other words, they are given to us, not something for us to seek for entertainment.
      I also think God is enough.
      Anyway, take a look at the exchange between me and Ali and come to your own conclusions!
      Wishing you the best and hoping you make wise decisions!

    •' Nadiah says:

      hey nuu im a muslim too and im at the 2nd stage of the awakening alrdy… Well i havent had ANY form of demonic experience since i started but i also do not think this method is NOT going against our religion. Meaning it probably is going against.., Because in our religion, we are only allowed to pray to allah only n not accociate with shaitaan at all. But the words used to chat in both of theses awakenings are actually demonic names or something…. Alsi, the chakra n kundali stuff is all related to hindusum so i dont think we should b doing this as in our religion, were not allowed to accociate with other religion prayer stuff… I think the best form of meditation for our religion is namaaz/solat 🙂 But, my faith in my religion is very strong n ive decided to do this bearing in mind that islam is my true religion n i shall never abandon it for any other religion…. I suppose its up to u if u wanna do this exercise cause even now im not too sure if im doing the right thing….

  122.' Katrina says:

    hello i have a few qurstions. Firstly, is age a factor that affects the possibility of this ex working? Because im 14 so could i be too young for the ex to work for me? N also i saw from some comments here n some research that kundali awakening is only for adult bodies? But what if im doing meditations for all my chakras every day? Would that make kundali awakenkning less dangerous for me n help my third eye open faster? N one more thing, tday is the 2nd day since i did Awakening 2 excercise. Ive been feeling a little lightheaded n very dizzy. Does this mean that its working? N what does it mean by feeling of pure bliss? Does it mean like feeling calm and at peace? Or what? N after doing the Awakening 2 ex i didnt feel any plesurable sensations…. Does that mean i did it wrong? Thnks.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Katrina
      As far as I know, age isn’t a factor in opening your third eye.

      You say: you’re feeling light headed and very dizzy – congratulations you’ve stimulated your third eye and sacral chakra (where the Kundalini is). Then you say “I didn’t feel any pleasureable sensations” – who said you would? If you don’t feel any sensations at all I would say you’re lucky because you could feel some horrible sensations. This is not a game and it is not entertainment. To open third eye safely a lot of preparation – if you ‘have’ to do this you should be properly prepared – you could do Satyananda’s Course in Kundalini Tantra available from Amazon for around $80, or take one of John Mumford’s onine courses – these will prepare you to handle the energy you will release with Kundalini.
      If you open your third eye using this fast method you could experience Kundalini psychosis (the massive amounts of energy can send you nuts!) or contact with entities you don’t know how to control because you’re not properly prepared. Some people have heart attacks and die when K is released because they can’t handle it.
      Katrina – not everything in life is ‘fun’ and not everything you come across is safe – this technique is not safe for some people.
      The best advice I can give you is to do some research here on this list – read the comments and google Kundalini dangers and see the results.
      Safe and Slow is best.
      Wishing you good research and wise decisions!

  123.' Kris says:

    Thanks for the advice.

    I am now reading a 65-paged book entitled KUNDALINI – Psychosis or Transcendence? By: Lee Sannella, M.D., which I just stumbled upon while searching what you asked me to check out on google.

    Maybe I’ll begin with the meditation only when I’m ready to face the possibilites.

    Thank you, Oddbod. =)

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Kris
      Congratulations for being sensible and doing the research first before making a wise (hopefully!) decision. That puts you in the minority around here!
      All the Best

  124.' sammi says:

    Hey Oddbod, God bless you for posting about the dangers of opening the third eye. Definitely God does not want us to use that part of our brain bc of the dangers associated with it. I do have a question. I work with teens daily and one teen shared with me her experience with witch craft
    Upon talking with her I felt pressure between my eyes which is not abnormal for me when around, by or near witches. I can sense their presence. Now let me clarify I have NEVER tried to not will I open my third eye bc I know the dangers. But after talking to this teen and during there was this pressure in the center often forehead and has continued to get worse. At first I thought it was a migraine but I very very rarely get those, very rarely. But when after reading this I wonder if someone may have opened my I without me realizing it. Now in the past, several years while I was sleeping someone was trying to pull my spirit out of my body. I know this bc I felt my physical body laying down. When I did the cross thing on my forehead like you said the “pressure” sensation went away, like a “closing” cooling sensation automaticallyand no pressure BUT came back again. I’m not sure why this has happened bc I didn’t”activate”anything. Can you help me figure it out?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Sammi
      Thanks for your blessings – it’s appreciated.

      You say you didn’t activate anything which I find interesting because as a Christian the Bible tells us that these are ‘gifts’ of the Spirit – that is, they are given to us – not something for us to play with for entertainment or sorcery.
      So then, the next question – gifts from ‘which’ Spirit? Sure enough, if you’re a Christian you’re going to have a living relationship with Jesus so you can expect the gift to be coming from a good source (though we are told always to test the spirits) – but if you’re not a Christian? What are the options? Maybe you stimulated a chakra without knowing it (martial arts maybe or meditation or something you didn’t know was related) or maybe it was stimulated by someone or something else without your knowing it.

      For me, I had a full blown SPONTANEOUS kundalini awakening. At the time I was not a Christian (I was a hedonist looking for pleasure wherever I could find it) and have no doubt that some of the things I was doing at the time could have stimulated my chakras – or left me open to having ‘the gift’ given to me (who?!). Spontaneous awakenings occur, but thankfully are not common.

      So, to answer your question you need to consider whether you are a practicing Christian (emphasis on the practicing) or whether you might have done something to stimulate it without knowing or whether you have done something that would signal to someone or something that you are a target (or ‘giftee’ depending on your opinion!) for (so-called) ‘awakening’.

      About outside influence: Certainly there are techniques that black magicians practice that can awaken your K or chakras – just like “distance healing’ there is something called ‘distance shaktipat’.

      So, I guess you need to consider what you have done that falls into those categories or whether someone is ‘targeting/gifting’ you.

      What I can tell you is this – I suffered for YEARS with a mixture of pleasureable experiences (very pleasureable sometimes!) and hellish experiences (very hellish sometimes!) and the only way I could make the experiences stop was to either call on the name of Jesus Christ (the correct phrase is ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’) to stop the experience, or use that phrase to banish the entity, or close the chakra with the crucifix (and saying ‘Chakra closed in the name of Jesus Christ’). Closing the chakra this way always works – but remember the ‘force’ or ‘entity’ that is working through it isn’t going to just roll over and say ‘ok’ – sometimes you have to do it over and over until the energy leaves. If the attack is real bad you could be doing it for hours – but – it will work – it always works – and eventually the force or entity that is working through the chakra just leaves and gives up (how often you have to do it depends maybe on how much the force or entity is deeply embedded maybe).

      Anyway, good luck working with the witches – one thing I have found when dealing with ‘dodgy’ people is to actually visualize the crucifix covering my entire body and say in the name of Jesus Christ before engaging with them – I have found they have less ‘in’ and can’t infect me with their negative energy.

      Hope that helps

  125.' dillon ryland says:

    well i did it guys.. i did the first step once already and ive got that feeling in my forhead.. i had sompthing stragne happen not long after.. i was feeling my forhead where you eye is and i looked at my coutch and saw color in one stóp of my vision.. it was strange so i looked away and looked back and it was gone when i took my fingers of the spot? whats up with that?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Dillon
      “what’s up with that”?
      Well you did an exercise to open your third eye and you got a result – what’s up with that?

      Dillon – this is not entertainment or a game. Before the 21st Century opening the third eye was a guarded secret – why? Because it can be dangerous – you could connect with entities from different dimensions, have your energy sucked out your body so you can’t leave your bed, go nuts (Kundalini psychosis) or have a heart attack when the large amounts of K are released. Before the 21st Century people prepared to open their third eye (sometimes for years) so they could handle whatever happened – but now everyone wants everything instantly and something like this is dangerous for some people.
      So, I suggest you do some research – you could start by reading all the comments on this list and doing a google on Kundalini dangers (Kundalini is what gets stimulated when you open your third eye using this method) and then decide if you want to continue or not.
      Wishing you good research and wise decisions!

  126.' dillon ryland says:

    did it

  127.' Chris says:

    Hi Oddbod,

    You have truly been a beacon of light to everyone that has asked a question or had an experience concerning this subject. However, I would like to know if you still experience the manisfestation of Kundalini since you became a Christian and how frequent?

    Secondly, do you think a Christian that is filled with the Holy Spirit and has become one Spirit with God still possess a dormant Kundalini (serpent power)?

    I strongly believe if this power is inherent in everyone, then it was placed there by our creator for a reason. If not, it should be a case of spiritual possession by evil spirits.

    What’s your take on the source?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Chris

      Your questions raised a smile because they strike at the core of what this is about – and are questions I’ve pondered before. Thanks for the ‘beacon of light’ comment – I feel it’s my Christian duty to inform people of what they’re getting into.

      1. Do I still experience the manifestation of Kundalini since I became a Christian, and how frequent?
      Kundalini – No. When Jesus comes one is transformed – the old is done away with.
      However, the associated psychic abilities are still operational and I believe this is to do with the Spiritual War that is taking place (“we fight not against flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities in the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world – Eph. 6:12). I believe that essentially – sooner or later – each must choose which God they serve.
      (To be clear – these psychic abilities exist independently of Kundalini but are associated with a K awakening).

      2. Do I think a Christian that is filled with the Holy Spirit and has become one Spirit with God still possesses a dormant Kundalini (serpent power)?

      I do not believe this is so – an experience of the living Christ is something radically different, in my experience – so radically different that any and every thing pales into comparison. John said “He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie” – John 1:27 – that was my experience, that I was not worthy (as dumb as that sounds to a worldly person) to be in his presence even, yet was – extreme Holiness of which I am still in awe and overwhelmed by. Something different.
      I guess a worldly person could argue – “if it’s dormant how would you know if it was still present or not” – well all I can respond is that everything is swept away when one experiences the living God – what’s important is brought into focus – and here’s the point – anyone who knows the life I had lived prior to these experiences would be shocked to hear me say these things – but Jesus comes to the broken – those in need of a physician.

      3. I strongly believe if this power is inherent in everyone, then it was placed there by our creator for a reason.
      The key work of course is ‘if’. If I had not had a Kundalini would I have had my experience of the risen God? Or was the Kundalini the result of external (inter-dimensional) interference (I have some evidence to suggest this was the case). Point is though, we don’t “know”. I sometimes surmise that it was put there for a reason – and that the degree of suffering one goes through is relative to the degree of negative karma one has to clear – after which the positive comes. However, there are awakenings and awakenings. Before my conversion I studied with a highly-renowned Tibetan Lama. He told me he had lots of people coming to him saying they had awoken K on a ‘weekend course’ or a ‘weeks yoga retreat’. He laughed about them (not ‘at’ them) because he knew all they had experienced was a light wind up the spine, some tingling sensations of warmth or coolness, expanded awareness manifested somehow – and what they had not experienced was K full on – a full blown awakening – so, if it’s put there for a reason by the Creator how is it some people only get a slight breeze and others get astral initiations? Interesting questions.

      If not, it should be a case of spiritual possession by evil spirits.
      Agreed! Eph 6:12

      One final comment – I’m not holding myself up as any expert or authority here – What I am doing is trying to get people to think about the consequences of just doing a technique without any knowledge of what they’re really getting into. That said, I do have years of experience with K and it’s associated capabilities and if I can save someone the hell I had to go through (or at least get them to go through it slowly and safely) then I will. I knew nothing when it happened to me spontaneously – it’s taken a LOT of work and research to get this far.

      Anyway, hope that answers your questions – all the best

      •' Gatorgirl says:

        I keep reading your comments about more than one God so choose wisely. While I think that all your advise is great ( I have not opened my “third eye” and not really wanting to) I do believe with all my heart that there is only one GOD, our creator and the creator of all things. John 3:16 is my favorite verse! Now with that being Saud, of course I have no idea about any of the experiences people have not about what “might be out there”. But please explain to me how or why people think there are other Gods. If you believe in GOD and the Bible why would you think there would be others? Thus us by no means a criticism towards you or anyone else and what they believe to be true or false claims. Just like to hear opinions.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Chris

      Just realized I missed one – what’s the source?

      I think that depends which energy current one is plugged into.
      For me, because of my experiences, it is obvious we have the ability to connect inter-dimensionally with other entities (so called ‘psychic abilities’).That our creator must have created us with these abilities. However, I also believe that we are not supposed to develop these abilities – that if we are ‘summoned’ then they will be activated. I believe we also have the choice which energy we connect to (to choose which God we serve). So, the fundamental then becomes ‘choice’ or ‘free will’ – which is of course the age old and eternal battle from the Garden of Eden.

      •' Chris says:

        Thank you Oddbod,

        You have spoken well & truly answered my questions from a christian perspective.

        In my own opinion, I strongly believe christians and non christians should never attempt to activate their spiritual senses this way, doing so is granting permission to evil spirits to have a freehand over ones life and you know the purpose of these spirits (to kill, steal & destroy). There is a more excellent way as you have put it to receive these spiritual gifts without any sorrows attached to it which is through Jesus Christ. I have read some comments of how individuals have used the name of Jesus to repel these negative spiritual attacks which proves the name has power over evil spirits (Philipians 2:9-11). For all those who have already invited these evil spirits in through the process above, I strongly recommend making Jesus the Lord of your life so that the devil would have no legal claim over you and this also gives you the authority over all spirits.

        This is really serious and should not be taken lightly.


        •' Chris says:

          Here is Jesus speaking about those that would believe in Him –

          Mark 16:17-18
          “And these signs shall accompany them that believe: in my name shall they cast out demons; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

      •' Chris says:

        Hello Oddbod,

        Can you please send me your cell phone number or/and email addy to I would like to discuss something extensively with you!

        Also notify me after you have done so via this platform so I know the details are yours.



  128.' sammi says:

    Thank you for your answer! Let me be clear that I am a devoted Christian, meaning I abstain from things in the Bible called a sin and a forms/association of witchcraft. The young lady I spoke to is a teen that I mentor, along with others. What I think may have happened, is when I wasn’t serious about being a Christian (fornication, smoking weed and clubbing) maybe I had open doorways (being more accessible to spirits) someone may have opened my third eye without me knowing. I have NEVER done any meditation besides meditating on the word of God. Now, when I mention witches my ain’t is a high priestess(all of my aunts) I’ve had contact with her but I didn’t believe at first she was as deep into voodoo as she was,finally I quite visiting her. The thing is witches tend to be able to spot me out and I them. Years ago is when I used to do those bad things but that was 2002. Still to this day I can slightly tell, depending on how “deep” they are into it I can tell who a witch is and they’ll just staaaaare at me. Maybe I was targeted but what does that mean?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Sammi

      what I meant by ‘targeted’ was maybe by an enemy, as opposed to ‘gifted’ by someone who was trying to do you some good (in their opinion).
      Long distance shaktipat is a common technique which I am sure witches would be aware of.
      Anyway, I am pleased to hear you are walking with God – despite your aunts!

      •' sammi says:

        Hey Oddbod

        Ok, that makes sense because someone was trying to hurt me. I know this bc when I was in mid sleep someone or something was pulling me from my body, but my eyes were half closed but my physical body was on the bed??? I wonder how they were able to do it? Thank God for Jesus’s blood!!!

  129.' Pete says:

    Hi Oddbod

    A fhew questions I need confirmation of. I’ve never tried to open my third eye at any point of my life by any means (thinking of doing it though and use the 3 years course you’ve talked about in that case) and to be clear from the beginning, I’ve done alot of drugs.. Nearly all but heroin (will never go near that shit) as a matter of fact. I’ve had trouble sleeping, lightheadedness och dizzyness for ’bout 10 years maybe even more (am 26 years of age now) and back when I only smoked weed I had this out of body experience when I was laying in bed, only I was soaring in my ceiling looking down at my body and it lay exactly as I ‘felt’ I was laying. Other than that I’ve come across telepathy during multiple extacy-trips. I’ve felt this massive force within me when I got angry during a LSD-trip can only explain it like Ichigos bankai (if you’ve watched bleach). I’ve also had the sensation of dreaming of an appartment and a scenario 2-4 weeks before I’ve even been to the appartment for the first time. Often ‘guessing’ things or events just before realising they happen. Also felt my own soul trying to escape the body during a extacy trip (my guess afterwards I was really close to die), but the knowledge of my soul turned me christian. I’ve seen strange shadows, not big or even full-scaled just strange, in the corner of the eye. Once I drew my hand along a architrave and my hand looked at if there were 3 pairs of all my fingers (though the other 2 were merely visible) while in motion (felt dizzy and lightheaded during this). I’ve allways believed in karma and has allways tried to do right. And I simply need someone enlightened to pitch these experiences with. What are your thoughts on all this?

    Thankful for answers. God bless.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Pete
      I worked in a half-way house for a while so I have some idea of the challenges you face with regard drugs.
      Most folks involved in spiritual things – regardless of religion or belief – will tell you that drugs open up are psychic faculties, the ‘doors’. This is a bit like a spontaneous Kundalini awakening – all of a a sudden you are having psychic experiences and you have no idea how to deal with them or what they mean.
      Most folks involved in spiritual things will also tell you that you need to be drug free before becoming involved in psychic stuff – so if your plan is to awaken your K using the three year course then three years should give you time to achieve both – kundalini and drug clear.
      One other thing that is very important – and that only some folks involved in spiritual things will tell you (either because they take it for granted or they don’t want to challenge you) is that you have to be living a sattvic life. This means everything you do has to revolve around “Holiness” – because if you awaken your K and start to contact forces (aka ‘entities’) you want to connect with the right ones – the good/pure ones. So you have to start living a ‘right’ life – this includes the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the books you read, – everything. Here is a link you can check out:-
      You see it includes pretty much everything that has to be lived properly – exercise, food, colour, clothes, music, homelife, the company you keep, and the entertainment you watch or read.
      So you can do this I am sure.
      But here is something to think about – is Kundalini Christian? If you’re a Christian should you open your K? Well, Phil Romain wrote a book called Christian prayer and Kundalini – he awoke his K via Centering Prayer which is Catholic. If you’re interested you could check out his website at Shalom Place – he has a lot of free stuff also. However, are Catholics really Christians? Depends on your view – but the final authority has to be the Bible (not the Pope!) in my opinion – and the Bible is pretty clear that these things happen to us (gifts) and we are not to get involved in sorcery or necromancy (which you can do with a open 3rd eye and K).
      The Bible also tells us to live Sattvicly – it just doesn’t make a list of things, but it does say “Follow Peace and Holiness, without which no man will see the Lord” – Hebrews 12:14. So, the point I’m trying to make is having an open 3rd eye and awakened K isn’t Christian.
      One of the big problems is that a lot of Christians aren’t serious Christians – many of they’re prayer lives are an embarrassment compared to a Muslim – but I believe that if a person can commit to prayer – at least 1 hour a day (which is what you will have to find for Satyananda’s three year course) then one can find the Peace of God – what’s better than that?
      The New AGe is seductive – it tells people they can awaken their K in 3 days (or weeks) – and they can and will – but one hour is what’s really necessary each day if a person want’s to stay safe and not end up being psychotic.
      Anyway, hope that helps. My advice is get serious about your Christian living – find others who are (not always easy) – and establish a firm foundation of prayer (1 hr a day at least). However, if you’re serious about awakening K then go the slow route – it’s safe.

      Wishing you the best and wise decisions!

      •' Pete says:

        Thanks alot for your advice oddbod, will take the long way for safetyreason and is allready drugfree (except alcohol) since 8 weeks back. Will try to find my peace, my prayers, my better life and practise this course as it’s meant to be done 🙂

        Peace, love & understanding.
        Best regards

      •' Pete says:

        Btw, forgot to tell u that most dizzyness and lightheadedness did appear more in the last weeks, and I’ve been drugfree the last weeks.. Though I managed to stop both the dizzyness and the lightheadedness by simple utter: “in the name of jesus christ, I now declare this gate closed” ONCE (with the krucifix-sign drawn with my finger).

        And another thing, thot isn’t a demon as claimed above, thot is one of egypts most important gods, the god of the moon. He was/is the guide for the dead, so my guess is by using this quickcourse you simply ask thot to become one of his guides for the dead WITHOUT being fully prepared of WTF your getting yourself into..

        Peace, love & understanding!

        •' Oddbod says:

          WTF?! – well said, Pete! That’s exactly the correct response to breaking through to the other side without being prepared!

  130.' drumdada says:

    ok so now this popping sound going on non stop , what to do next ???

    •' Oddbod says:

      Now you’ve opened up your psychic areas so in my opinion ‘next’ is doing the research and getting serious about your spiritual life.
      Good Luck!

      •' drumdada says:

        “doing the research and getting serious about your spiritual life”

        will thank you very much , you help me alote

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Drumdada

          There is no one way that phenomena manifest – what one person experiences after initial openings of chakras/Kundalini and what another person experiences will be different – as will be the intensity of the experiences. There is no set pattern.
          Let me ask you – would you fly a plane without preparing or training? What about running a marathon, or doing open-heart surgery?
          If you would prepare and train for doing all these things why don’t you think it’s important to prepare and train for doing spiritual things – like opening your third eye or awakening your K? Perhaps because you don’t believe they exist? – but now you know they do………………..
          so, please do research – read the comments on this list and do a google search for Kundalini dangers. Then – when you know what you’ve got yourself into – you can decide whether to close your chakras down or get very serious about your spiritual life (which is necessary to safely experience psychic events).
          If you have anymore questions for me after that just put my name at the top and I will help you best I can.

          One last point – I didn’t put this exercise up – Alcyone did. What I am doing is trying to get people to realize this exercise works, and that it’s serious stuff, not entertainment or a game. So, now you’ve opened your third eye you need to do the research.
          I hope this helps you.
          Wishing you good research and wise decisions!

  131.' Emma says:

    hi. So im on the 4th day since the Awakening 2 n ive bn feelin alot of pressure n tingling between my forehead n headaches but no popping sound yet…, Is it a must to hear the popping sound in our ears 2 confirm that our third eye is open? Like is it nessecary? And also, is there anyway to diffrenciate a normal n meaningless popping sound in our ears form the 3rd eye one? Cause i remember a few days ago when i woke up i heard a light popping/cracking sound in my ears but only for a few seconds… Then it was gone n… Oh n one more thing, ive been doing chakra meditation for a few days and when i did the base n sacral chakra one, i felt this tingling,expanding,slightly painful n uncomfy feeling at the base of my spine… N a few tingles ran up my spine? Does it have anything to do witth the Kundalini?

    •' drumdada says:

      hi whats up Oddbod

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Emma
      so you feel pressure in your forehead……you have headaches……you’re hearing ‘not-normal’ popping sounds…….and the base of your spine feels painful and uncomfortable……………and you want to know if it has anything to do with Kundalini?
      Yes – it has everything to do with Kundalini.
      A question: would you drive a car without preparing and training for it?
      What about running a marathon?
      or performing open heart surgery?
      If you would prepare and train for doing all these things why don’t you think it’s important to prepare and train for doing spiritual things – like opening your third eye or awakening your K? Perhaps because you don’t believe they exist? – but now you know they do………………..
      so, please do research – read the comments on this list and do a google search for Kundalini dangers. Then – when you know what you’ve got yourself into – you can decide whether to close your chakras down or get very serious about your spiritual life (which is necessary to safely experience psychic events).
      If you have anymore questions for me after that just put my name at the top and I will help you best I can.
      Wishing you good research and wise decisions!

  132.' Hayyze says:

    What?!?! I dont get how you are suppose to make the Thoh sound with your tongue still touching your teeth

  133.' mack says:

    I did not read the exercise. I foun this page doing research. my third eye is already open somewhat. I have always had gifts. I’ve never seen anything. Butspirits seem to be drawn to me. And I am able to I guess read people, but they thoughts, but more their intentions. I’ve also had visions similar to but more powerful to deja vu. I’m simply researching to decide if I want to develop these gifts more… And I am still undecided. there are very obvious negative factors.. But would just like your opinion on the matter

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Mack
      The general view is – for Christians – that we are not supposed to be involved with anything that leads to necromancy or sorcery (which you can do with an awakened K and third eye) – however – they can be “gifts” – I mean that they can be used by the Holy Spirit to communicate with us, not us going looking for experiences or entertainment – so I guess really the question you need to ask is – which God do you serve, and what is the source of your experiences?
      You have a choice which God you serve (free will).
      I could not tell you NOT to do this because my experience of Jesus has been through psychic areas, but I cannot tell you TO DO it either (because my awakening was spontaneous).
      Again, I guess it depends on which God you serve, and if that is the Christian one, whether you follow the Bible or not.
      I can’t tell you what to do but if you do decide to continue with this then I would recommend a slow method because that has more chance of keeping you safe from Kundalini psychosis and other physical manifestations (health issues) and Entities (other dimensions – the purpose of awakening K is so it will propel you through your 3rd eye into other dimensions where you meet with entities – spirit guides or demons, depends on your view). Satyananda’s 3 yr course is safe, as is Phil Romain’s approach at Shalom Place (he wrote a book called Christian prayer and Kundalini).
      Wishing you good research and wise decisions.

  134.' Roy says:

    I can’t sleep many

    I see some clip of Future, feel like Deja Vu. (I see it, and it will happen)

    I Always having a Dream of Seeing a Demon, — (Very Clear, like it was so REAL, i thought it was only a nightmare, I guess so )
    (White Demon, Dark Eyes, Sharp teeth with some blood)
    having beaten up by them in my dreams but
    not completely because I always cut it, I wake up.

    After my dream, I see Black, Transparent/Shadow Spider

    Sometimes i feel so Tired, But im not doing anythin.

    I get Easily Angry , Happy, Sad , Etc. (Emotions)

    But I never Try doing any Meditations like youre’s

    I Believe in God
    Im a Catholic
    I have read all post/reply here.

    And Coming out this thoughts upon me,

    Is it my Third Eye is Partially Opened ?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Roy
      Sounds to me like your 3rd eye is open.
      Unless you want to keep having those experiences (?!) my advice is to get serious about your spiritual life – start living sattvicly (very important because what we focus on during our waking life – emotions, films, etc – will be magnified when K and 3rd eye are open) and start praying daily (at least one hour). If you’re a Catholic I would recommend reading (or even working with) Phil Romain at Shalom Place – he wrote a book called Christian Prayer and Kundalini – I am sure he could help you from a Catholic perspective. Centering prayer is what does it for Catholics.
      Hope this helps

  135.' Roy says:

    “Centering prayer is what
    does it for Catholics.”

    Youre right,
    Thanks for the Advice
    and also for, quick reply.

    I always Experience this Happening (Nightmares) When im not Praying before i sleep at night.

    Im not sure, that my third eye is open.
    Or it’s just my Imagination.

    Ill update you, about this matter.

    Right now, i dont want to Continue this without having any Knowledge of it and Practice.

    As like what you said.

    Seeing the Unseen is not a Game, Its a Responsibility,
    Be Wise
    And if youre Engaged with it, Be Prepared.

  136.' Common says:

    Felt a weird feeling in the back of my head and started feeling light headed. Stomach started feeling a bit empty (I had eaten prior to doing it)

  137.' Victoria says:

    Hello Oddbod i have a question,
    i have been feeling all the physical effects of the awakenings which sybolise that my 3rd eye is opening but i have yet to feel or develop any physcic powers…, So this means my third eye is open but not fully right? Oh n i also havent felt anything like “become more aware of your surroundings n pples emotions” as it is mentioned above. So what im trying to ask is that will these develop with time as i continue meditating for my 3rd eye? And will meditating for my chakras help in my 3rd eye awakening? Also, im a muslim n i pray every day n thankfully i havent been attacked by any etinities yet n if i continue praying everyday i wont ever b right? Lastly, it was mentioned that we would have vivid dreams as a sign of our 3rd eye awakening. So are they supposed to b bad n scary dreams or can they be beautiful n peacefull ones too? Because i had an extreamly vivid n very beautiful dream last night. I was sitting on this flying-chair-thingy n flying really high in the sky n though i was feeling very scared (it was really vivid!) i saw clouds opening up into really beautiful lands and islands in the sky n looking at them made me feel better ^^ well im sure there could b a chance my dream may nt b related to my 3rd eye at all but this was the first vivid dream i had since i stared meditating n doing the awakening excercises(i had stopped having any dreams since i started which was weird cause i always had dreams.,,) Anyways thanks in advance!

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Victoria

      You wrote:
      i have been feeling all the physical effects of the awakenings which sybolise that my 3rd eye is opening but i have yet to feel or develop any physcic powers…, So this means my third eye is open but not fully right?

      What psychic powers are you expecting to experience? Everyone is different and not everyone will experience the same things, physical or psychic.
      No one can really tell you “how much” your third eye is open – the best anyone can do is give guidelines of what you ‘might’ experience.

      You wrote:
      So what im trying to ask is that will these develop with time as i continue meditating for my 3rd eye?

      No one can tell you what will happen because it is different for everyone, though there are some general guidelines (such as ‘feel tingling’ when first opening third eye).

      You wrote:
      And will meditating for my chakras help in my 3rd eye awakening?

      Traditionally, the third eye and Crown chakras would be the last to be opened – you would start at the base of your spine and work up each chakra one at a time – this means by the time you get to experience your psychic areas you are well grounded in experiencing Kundalini. Just stimulating the third eye is not safe for some people – for some it is. When you stimulate third eye you will stimulate sacral chakra and the Kundalini, so be prepared for Kundalini awakening – in my opinion this is best done using a slow training method, not in three days or three weeks. Satyananda’s THREE YEAR course in Tanric Yoga is available from amazon for something like $80 – it is safe and will prepare you properly – but it’s your choice: safe and slow or fast and (maybe) dangerous (you can experience heart attack when K arises if you’re not prepared, and Kundalini psychosis – you go nuts!). Like I said, your choice.

      You wrote:
      Also, im a muslim n i pray every day n thankfully i havent been attacked by any etinities yet n if i continue praying everyday i wont ever b right?

      Victoria, I am a Christian, I do not feel qualified to answer this question – perhaps you should ask a Muslim at your Mosque. If you read the comments on this list you will see there are a couple of other Muslims here – Ali and others – who decided not to do this because they believe it is against their religion.

      You wrote:
      Lastly, it was mentioned that we would have vivid dreams as a sign of our 3rd eye awakening. So are they supposed to b bad n scary dreams or can they be beautiful n peacefull ones too?

      No one can tell you what you will experience – you will have to face what ever comes up. That is why I believe it is better to prepare slowly.

      One final comment – I didn’t put this exercise up – as a Christian I wouldn’t, so if you do decide to go ahead you need to ask Alcyone questions. I am trying to get people to think about what they are doing, and if they decide they “just have” to do this then ask them to consider going a safe and slow route – which this isn’t for some people.

      Why not do some more research before continuing? You could start by reading the comments on this list, and those by the other Muslims, and check out the correct exercise at
      which is the Joy of SATAN website – which is where this exercise comes from.

      I hope you will do the research and make wise decisions.

  138.' ilia says:

    Hey Oddbod
    I’ve been reading all this comments and the article and i see how busy you are just replying all this people. i have a suggestion

    make a PDF file and write down the:
    1-source of this method
    2-demonic experiences people get
    3-all the horrible creatures people can see
    4-big black spiders that will stick to them
    5-kundalini that might cause heart attack (risk of death)
    6-entities that will keep people awake
    7-paranormal activities that will begin and warn that their computer/laptop can burn out. (this will make 90 percent of people change their mind lol)
    8-fact that thoth is a demonic god
    9-and a little bit of your own bad experiences (just for confirmation)
    and then have this alycon guy attach that PDF to this post or find a way to do it yourself.
    I’ve had bad experiences messing with demons and back then i was a pagan so i was an open portal for them. i got demon possessed and ruined my life and the lives of the people around me without having any control over it. because i was being controlled by a demon. now the demon is gone and i’m left with all this memories that haunt me every day. but i’ve no entity problem of any type anymore. thanks god for that.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ilia

      I am sorry to hear of your experiences as a Pagan – unfortunately, most pagan activities do leave you open as a portal for other entities – people just don’t realize it. Am pleased to here God’s helped you and you don’t suffer any more with that.

      Making a pdf is a great idea – thanks! One of the reasons I haven’t got round to doing anything like that is – ironically – because I am so busy. I just check my e mail during my breaks at work and answer – lucky, I get quite a lot of breaks. Anyway, I think it’s a really good idea – I have a change in work schedule at the end of May so will sit down and put something together – will be a lot easier just to put a link 🙂

      Wishing you God’s protection

    •' Andrea says:

      Thank God I read this. I will continúe to read no further.

  139.' Angel says:

    If i can already see aruas and spirits, do u recomend me to continue on with opening my third eye? I do get stressed so maybe the meditation will help me relax. But i was wondering that if I do this meditation, will it effect me in a negative way? I don’t want to do this exercise and then not be able to see anything clearly anymore.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Angel
      There is no telling what will happen if yo do this meditation because it directly stimulates the Kundalini in the sacral chakra – once that awakens, anything can happen. For some people it seems to be safe, for others dangerous.
      Perhaps best to read through all the comments on this list and do a google for “Kundalini Dangers” and then make a wise decision.

  140.' Erina says:

    I want my third eye to be open. Just wanna ask if it is possible not to fully open it?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Erina
      If you open 3rd eye with this technique you will stimulate sacral chakra which is where Kundalini is. Once the K is active there is no way of knowing what will happen. Sometimes (rare) the K will go back to sleep – if it doesn’t you will have to get serious about your spiritual life.
      You can check out the correct exercise here:
      on the Joy of SATAN website.
      I also suggest researching all the messages on this list, there are some “eye-opening” warnings and experiences.
      Wishing you good research and wise decisions

      •' sumguy says:

        While reading about the exercise small part caught my attention. “Its a done deal”. Every single exercises i read about to open the 3rd eye says its a done deal… exactly what deal am i making and with whom?

  141.' Erina says:

    oh! And by the way. what will happen if I will try the first awakening only?

  142.' Ilia says:

    Hey Oddbod

    Thanks for agreeing with the idea.

    I’m writing this one last comment just to give you more information about my horrible experiences so you can fill your PDF file with it.

    It all began when I lost faith in God’s justice and turned pagan.

    This memories I have from the past the sins the people I destroyed and deceived seem to never leave me alone. I had absolutely no control over any of that but I did it and it was my body doing it all, there were hours during the day (mainly early in the morning or around 10 PM) when the demon left me alone. Right then I started regretting everything I had done during the day or night, until the demon returned and then this just continued to happen for long. The memories are devastating so devastating that I feel like my heart is exploding.

    I saw Satan himself and he invited me to hell and I accepted spontaneously. I just couldn’t say no and I didn’t know why. You know what? When I was with demons people loved me no matter how bad I treated them, it was like all followers of Satan (sinners) without knowing or not were controlled by demons in a way that they just loved me. I’d been a popular guy and yet so wicked. I lied, insulted, humiliated, deceived, played abused and even tried to kill people( I didn’t manage to kill though) and I just couldn’t stop it. After like 1 year and a half of demon possession I saw an ounce of God’s justice and it was like it empowered me and I began controlling my actions again. Then after 2 months of struggle and praying I finally got rid of that demon that had possessed me and all of a sudden everybody, and I mean every single person I knew turned against me. All those people who loved me those sinners started hating and mistreating me but it didn’t matter because I had found true faith again. Time passed and new people came but the memories, alas, they’re with me and will be with me forever.
    I think if anyone reads this comment will think thrice about dealing with demons and satan.

    you’re the guardian angel that saves people here from unleashing hell.

    I wish you all the best

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ilia
      I will include your testimony in the pdf – thank you for sharing your story. It sounds as if you had a pretty harrowing time, much like me.
      But it does all get swept away when Jesus comes and we become new creations in His Spirit – yes, we did what we did, but next time we get to do better – now with the good guy on our side!
      Like I say, I’m looking to end of May to get it done – though if I get a chance before that it will be done.
      Take care and wishing you all of God’s Peace
      Wishing you all the best.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ilia

      Ali was kind and made the pdf file for me because I was too busy – here it is:

    •' Brent Scott says:

      Ilia i just got finished reading your comment. I have been searching for weeks now as to what reason i am being put through exactly the situation you explained you went through. I can relate to everything besides the trying to kill part. I am a 22 year old male i have much wisdom and knowledge but yet i can not figure out the reason i am going through this, mainly cause i dont know how to word it. But you went through this as you have already explained. Im asking from the bottom of my heart to please respond back to me with why you believe it is going on, what exactly it is, how to stop it and everything else about the situation. Also i have very strong intuition naturally but i sense it should be left alone cause it brings in the devil or demons is that right?

      Thank you so much
      Also thank you Alcyone

    •' Christopher says:


      I just want you to know that I had a very similar yet contrasting experience in my late teens. I also (unknowingly at the time) through the study and practice of different pagan rituals brought “satan/demons” into my life. One day a drug dealer I didn’t even know showed up at my house with a very large amount of extacy and asked if I could sell it. I told him that I didn’t know anyone who would buy that much. Yet I was somehow “magically” able to get rid of it in less than 24 hours. Lots more the next day, gone in another day or two. This continued for about 12-18 months, throughout which I turned into someone who today I can’t even look back and remember how I acted the way I did and treated people the I did. I turned into a total cocky asshole, and suddenly had “hundreds” of “friends”. After about 18 months, I had a very spiritual experience where like you said, the devil himself offered me the world and it was at this exact moment that I realized this just wasn’t me, what I was doing and how I was acting was all a charade. I made a personal to decision to change my life and who I was. It was a just that, nothing more than a personal decision. It was then that all of a sudden “the devil”, the drugs, the hundreds of so called friends all disappeared from my life in an instant. That was 15 years ago. Ever since then, those (types of) people have turned on me and want nothing to do with me anymore. I know now it is because of my personal decision not to be part of that. As much as it was a bad experience, it still taught me so much about life and human interaction. As an aside, also at the same time that I renounced the negativity in my life, I became severely allergic to cats and dogs. Had them both as pets before, but after and since, severely allergic. Could just be a coincidence, but as much as I still love animals, can’t be anywhere near them.

  143.' beatris says:

    Hello I’m stunned, I started this first excercise yesterday. Wow!!! This morning my boyfriend were having a conversation with someone on the phone and I didn’t know he was even calling someone, and I heard the other persons voice on the phone. The weirdest thing is that the wind is blowing and the washing machine is on. Wow, I first thought it was my imagination. This is working. Thank you so much!!!

  144.' Mario says:

    I don’t fully get the THOOOTH part, do I keep my teeth closed on my tongue? Or do I open my teeth on the OOO part? Please help and explain to me how I do this or is there a video showing how this is done and looks like ?

    •' vince says:

      say the word the a few times and hold your tongue in the position it would be in when you make the “th” sound. with your toung slightly in your teeth

  145.' levi dred says:

    hi..,I’m trying to open my third eye but I feel nothing happens…,after a few weeks
    my forehead I feel that there’s a pressure inside in it….!

  146.' Jazz says:

    Hey Oddbod, i wanna ask if using (a specific crystal) for each of the chakras would help them open up n get the energy cleansing them and flowing through them? Because as of now im using a Purple Amethyst for my crown chakra but i havent felt anything different from (the regular) tingling n pressure in my forehead n head yet… So does that mean that it isnt working? N does it matter if we use the jwelery form of the crystal n wear it or cn we use one in its raw form as well? Because im using one in its raw form n have placed it in my bedroom. Thanks!

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Jazz
      Sorry – but you are asking the wrong person.
      Questions like that need to have Alcyone’s name at the start (he posted this technique).
      You might find the answer to your question by doing some research and reading through the comments on this list.

  147.' Mario says:

    So can anyone please explain the first awakening? I just need to know about the proper way to do it. I’m confused on the THOOOTH part, is there a video showing an example? Or can anyone explain this in detail? I need to know ASAP a response would be much appreciated I’m trying to get in touch with my spirituality.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Mario
      You say you are trying to get in touch with your spirituality – but what is “spirituality”?
      If you are a Buddhist it means to be enlightened (just try to find an enlightened Buddhist!) – if you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, it means something else – if you are a Christian it means living life according to the example of Jesus. So, before you can say “I want to get in touch with my spirituality” you need to know what spirituality you want to get in touch with.

      If you want to do this you can check out the correct instructions here:-
      on the Joy of SATAN website – so if SATAN is your God this ‘spirituality’ is for you.

      There is a slow and safe way to open your chakras and you will find the information in the comments on this list. Read through the comments – take the time to do some research. This method is not slow or safe and is not for beginners in my opinion.
      Let me ask you – would you fly a plane, drive a train, or bake a cake without doing the research first? Without planning and preparing? So why do you think it is safe to “just do this”? It’s not. Please do the research and read all the comments on this list – and decide which “spirituality” you want to follow.

      •' Mario says:

        I appreciate the reply but I have actually researched this for quite some time and I’ve decided this what I want. Kind of strange how you directed me to the satanic page since I have actually some what practiced satanic rituals but I understand what comes with this gift since I had a friend with this as well that explained to me what she experienced but she moved away and I haven’t been able to contact her I just know she was given her abilities at a very young age so she didn’t get the chance to explain these exercises very well before she moved. If you could help me I’ve appreciate it, I prefer the faster way but I’ll practice the safer ways if I can’t find out how to do the correct exercise for the first awakening.

        •' Mario says:

          Never mind I found it thanks for the link ! Appreciate it !

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Mario
          The safer ways are Satyananda’s three year training course in Tantric Yoga – or – Phil Romains Christian Prayer and Kundalini.
          It is important to know this technique will awaken your Kundalini, so you should know what could happen – google Kundalini dangers.
          Also, know this:- What we worship has power over us – so choose wisely!
          Good Luck

        •' Sasha says:

          Hi mario, if you would like some assistance have a look at soul realignment, or go to my website and do some work with me.
          Blessings to you

  148.' Mario says:

    Thanks for the info I think it’s slowly working! I’ve been practicing for three days and I don’t get a headache but I do randomly through out the day feel a sort of a very light pressure in between my eye brows since my 2nd day of practice and today while I was practacing my awakening I started seeing purple but I couldnt see any specific shape it just moved around.

  149.' Erina says:

    last night was the first time I tried the awakening I . Is it normal to feel a little headache? Do you think it’s working?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Erina
      No – I don’t think it’s normal to have a headache, I usually take a Tylenol or an aspirin.
      However, if that’s all that’s happening to you then I think you should feel lucky because doing this technique stimulates sacral chakra which is where your Kundalini is – when that awakens you will have to get very serious about your spiritual life. Before deciding to continue, why not do a google for Kundalini Dangers – or read the comments on this list and you will see some people are experiencing a LOT more than a headache!
      Wishing you good research and wise decision – remember, it’s NOT “all good”

      •' Worm says:

        Sooo… this isn’t for Christians b/c im kinda lost but I don’t wanna be a Satanist -_- I kinda wanted to open my pineal gland put if it involes demonic stuff then im god I NEED ANSWERS!!

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Worm (?)
          If you do this there is no telling what will happen and whether or not you will think it’s good or bad. If you google Kundalini dangers you can find out some of the things that happen and make a informed decision as to whether to do this or not.
          To help you be informed you should know that there are only two spiritual paths on the planet – that of God’s (which is a path of holiness and love) and that of the adversary (the ‘mystery’ religions). You can see more about this at YouTube by watching ‘know your enemy’ by the fuel project. This video series will take away your confusion.
          If you are looking for a vibrant form of Christianity (and not just Churchianity dogma and doctrine) you could check out the meditation practice at (it works!).
          I wish you good research and wise decisions

  150.' Phantom says:

    Hi hey hello everybody!
    Lastly i got really interested in Buddhish stuff (well my mom is an atheist but she is really into Buddhism!) and yesterday i started to read articles about Buddha and meditation and finally i found “the third eye” and that’s how i found this webside, interested about 10 minutes ago i did my first try 4 times, in first 2 tries i could not focus at all – my eyes were opening by themselves every time (well,i have huge problems about it but whatever), i mean, about being aware of the third eye spot and stuff, in the 3rd try it went WAY easier, and the 4th was like something i’m doing everyday. It happened when i “put” my eyes like from top of my room at the middle of my head, then, kind of opened my head to see the middle of brain, then “connected” those spots with the middle of my forehead and kept focusing on it. On the 4th try i started to see black, very dark green, dark green, fair green, and i saw something like an eyeball. It was a yellow-green circle, in it smaller one – in this smaller one – the smallest one. And when the 4th try was finishing i started to see in very dark green something like circles on water exactly, they were moving from the bottom to the top. then i went to the kitchen AND something incredible happened. I noticed that i see much better than i do my whole life (my left eye is 70-80% blind and i don’t wear glasses anymore) !! my right eye sees clearlier and the left one has bigger view possibilities! I can now tell clearly what i see on the left side because it’s clearlier!
    Does it mean it starts to work?
    Thank you a lot for this article AND comments 🙂

  151.' Lord says:

    All Of U That would try this, I found these realities:
    ***1*** Its DANGEROUS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 – its not predictable that what would happen
    3 – its part of some satanists dark magic that make satan get to their body
    4 – its not too difficult to do this but please, do not do it without enough research
    5 – You will awake Kundalini that may makes your heart stop working!!!! (if your amateur) or make you crazy
    6 – its doesn’t have any pleasure for me and was just horrible and fearful
    7 – in some way I found that some sites trade with this and after you make everything disturbed and happened you need to pay to lean how to get ride of that
    8 – when you connect to 4th dimension (one of my friend saw it) you may be attacked with something like spider at night that is very terrible
    9 – night will be scary for you!!!!
    10 – awaking of kundalini may make you vomit and Unconscious !!!!

    at the end if you try it and regret it just do this:
    STOP thinking about it
    STOP reading about it
    make your mind Focus on something else and forget third eye
    Pray Will Help a lot, believe me

    •' demigod says:

      Please forget about all the negativity. There is no evil, it’s all in our imagination. Opening your crown chakra, third eye, and all other chakras will be the best thing that you can do for yourself because then you will know your purpose here on Earth. Check:
      All you need to do in order to avoid all the confusion on what you see during meditation (as what you describe as evil or satan) is to eat the right food. Avoid processed foods. Eat fruits, vegetables, fat from avocados maybe, protein from nuts. All natural. Eat raw foods— check out:
      The food that you eat has a major part in understanding what you see or experience during meditation, specially when the third eye has already opened. Begin by feeling the top of your head (in between the skull and the brain). Open your crown chakra and you will know who you are.
      Do it slowly. Some have achieved their highest self in 12 years.
      Just begin by living right and everything will be bliss.

    •' Zahliya says:

      Greetings Oddbod.
      Ok so ide been practicing this ex for 2-3 weeks after which i stopped doing it and dtarted doing the proper meditation for my 3rd eye chakra n the rest of my chakras… Ive been doing that almost daily for about about a month now. Whenever i meditate,no matter which chakra its for, i always see a purple n violet colour spirals behind my closed eyes. But then, i also see these greenish yellowish colour siprals that look like they are trying to swallow up the purple ones. So its kinda like seeing those green yellow spirals on a bright purple,violet background…Can u tell me what this means? Also when i used to this this Awakening practice i used to feel tingles directly at the middle of my forehead.But now, i start feeling very strong tingles and vibrations even when im not doing medotation or anything related to it. N sometimes the back of my head/skull feels like its being streched.Also, i rarely feel the tingles/vibrations in the middle of my forehead.I feel them usually at the top of my forehead and sometimes even covering the back of my head. What does this mean? That my 3rd eye chakra is opening or already opened? Thanks for ur help.

      •' Oddbod says:

        Hello Zahilya
        Colours – means attunement – something is being attuned by something! For more on this see “Know Your Enemy” on Youtube (I think #5 deals with colours)
        Vibrations and skull stretching are, in my experience, a sign that you have stimulated Kundalini via your sacral chakra. If I am correct your options are:
        1. “try” to close it down by not doing any more spiritual exercises like this (however, you should know that once awakened K rarely goes back to sleep)
        2. Become very serious about your spiritual life very quickly – why? Because you have stimulated your K via a method of quick awakening – and now you must learn how to cope with it, because it may not go away.

        I have found that belief in Jesus helped me with the unwanted phenomena I experienced.
        Please read through ALL the comments on this board then you will be fully informed and know which path you want to take.
        If you have any more questions I will try to help – but please do some research.
        May God Bless You

  152.' tiger says:

    Hey Oddbod

    I’ve read through the comments here and I know you didn’t post this article too. but i have some questions since you are experienced in it:

    does opening the third eye lead to the awakening of kundalini? or it’s just the Thoth mantra that will trigger kundalini?

    if i open my third eye through other mantras, will they awaken my kundalini? I know alot about kundalini and i really don’t like the idea of opening it.

    there are mantras out there that are more powerful than Thoth, so will the “quick third eye opening using those more powerful mantras” actually awaken kundalini? or they’re irrelevant.

    my questions are similar, i know, but please answer me.

    ps: i know the source comes from JOS website.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Tiger

      The third eye chakra is directly related to the sacral chakra which is where your K is. Traditionally people would work from the lower to the higher chakras – so that when the third eye is reached they will have balanced their other chakras and will be experienced with the force of K. Just opening the third eye without any preparatory work is very risky because your other chakras are not developed and you have no experience of K.

      I don’t know about the Thoth mantra – my awakening was spontaneous.
      I do know that:-
      Mantras are associated with vibration and colour – when you vibrate sacred words you are invoking the energy associated with that word – and energy has intelligence (like K) – so in effect you are intoning an intelligent energy (entity). Remember that others have intoned the same word (maybe over centuries) and you plug yourself into the collective power source (this is called attunement).
      Colours indicate attunement – as the colours and shapes you see change when you use mantras so does the energy (entity) you are plugged into (attuned to) become more ‘concrete’. Put it another way – the more connected you become to the source of the mantra the more you will see colours and shapes change. In my experience of K they colours disappear and you start to see images – sometimes pictures sometimes films – sounds cool, but remember – you have no control over what you see!

      By definition spirit is spirit and not physical – it communicates with the physical in many ways – colours and vibration are one way – visual images are another – and the inner voice is another. This is why the Bible says to always test the Spirits to see where they come from (To do this say ‘in the name of Jesus’, and’ if you cannot declare Jesus Christ is Lord you have to leave now – you are banished from this space’).

      Hope that helps

      •' Tiger says:

        Hey again Oddbod

        your answer was clear and comprehensive. Thank you for it.

        well i tried a mantra on the joy of satan website, the website’s author had written, “it’s an extremely powerful mantra and should be used only by experienced people”.
        taking the high risk as i always do, I chanted that mantra only 10 times and my head started tingling and when i was going to sleep, i felt like a four sided hot metal bar is trying to angrily, pierce and burn its way out of my head in four different direction, well what scared me was the sensation in my back and the feeling of being touched and raped by entities that followed it. i thought the kundalini guy just woke up and my goose is gonna cook! i prayed to god to stop it and it worked but it took three days to stop.

        I’d rather not mess with the third eye anymore. let it sleep tight lol.

        hope you get a promotion in your job Oddbod. better than the rest of these wishes, eh?


        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Tiger

          You wrote: “taking the high risk as i always do” – and that’s why I think something like this shouldn’t be public knowledge – too many people will take the risk and pay for it.

          You wrote: ” felt like a four sided hot metal bar is trying to angrily, pierce and burn its way out of my head in four different direction” – yes, the four directions are integral to the mystic religions rituals – so you definitely plugged into the current.

          You wrote: “what scared me was the sensation in my back and the feeling of being touched and raped by entities that followed it.” – this can be part of it – succubus and incubus – I’m glad you managed to get it to stop.

          You wrote: “it took three days to stop.” – and the deeper you go the longer it will take. Once you’ve stopped it you should be ok, but you can make sure by dedicating 4-6 weeks to prayer – will give you a stronger protection. Also, crossing each chakra and saying ‘all chakras closed in the name of Christ Jesus” works.

          If your third eye is meant to open it will; If you want to open your third eye take a safe road!

          Thanks for your wishes – no promotion though, just LOTS of work (not complaining) -the problem is long hours so there’s not a lot of time left for what you want to do – I was going to make a pdf of all the questions on this list so I could just send it to people but I haven’t had time to do that even – part of the problem is I have three rescue dogs to look after and that takes a lot of energy too – but like you said – better than these wishes(!)

          All the Best

          •' Tiger says:

            Hi Oddbod

            whether you like it or not, this method has been made public in many websites, this place is the only one people can get aid and stop it from happening. All the “thanks” goes to you.

            I saw a succubus almost 9 months ago, she came to me in my dream, and i escaped from her, because she wanted to make me to have sex with her, and it was the strongest entity i have ever encountered in my dreams. then she came to me after 2 months again, this time she was even more beautiful. she was stunningly beautiful, she had white skin, shiny black hair, shiny black eyes that were bigger than normal, and she had an extremely high amount of power in her eyes that dragged me towards her. i hugged and kissed her but after ten seconds i managed to gain my control and escaped again.

            then she started haunting my room once in a while, i couldn’t see or hear her but knew she was there, and saw an image of her in my mind and also could feel her breath in my face. then i thought maybe she isn’t bad after all, and decided to open my third eye to see her and all this scary stuff happened.

            have you seen a succubus too?

            the mantra i told you is Thaum, it’s extremely powerful and maybe even dangerous. i don’t recommend it to anyone. Maxine, the owner of JOS website hasn’t recommended it either but i used it.

            if i chant that mantra do you think _based on what i have told you_ it will awaken my kundalini? i wanna do mind reading and remote viewing. i need it for my job.


          •' Oddbod says:

            Hello Tiger

            I have had many encounters with images of beautiful (and not so beautiful!) “goddesses” but they have not gone hand in hand with “astral sex” though some of them were of an erotic nature. Images are one way the intelligence of energy communicated with us. Know that we can be stalked by an entity if they find us (our energy) appealing – there is a really good prayer on the demonbusters website for breaking the connection with occult forces such as succubus and other entities.

            I had a girlfriend that did remote viewing but she stopped because it was opening up her third eye and she was scared about it – but it works – probably best to learn from one of the original “secret service” guys – I know some of them run web courses.

            I don’t know about a mantra stimulating Kundalini – maybe, because it’s vibration.a tone, a colour, – but even so, you will be able to quickly close it down with faith in Jesus.

            All the best

          •' Tiger says:

            Hello Oddbod

            Well i kinda miss the succubus i saw, tbh, anyone that’s ever seen a succubus couldn’t just take her out of his mind, It’s been a long time since i saw her and ever since then i can’t seem to even slightly like a girl, none of them even appeal to me at all. but the succubus could have been evil, yet she didn’t try to harm me at all and just kept smiling and looking at me. so all this erections were really from her??? i missed some chances lol

            my brother does remote viewing and my sister does mind reading, i do future event predicting, i mean foreseeing, but it’s of no use. and my siblings had been victim to car accidents and curses, that’s how they got their powers.

            Oh i seem to have written it badly, i didn’t mean a mantra to stimulate kundalini since that’s what i’d want when thinking of suicide :D, i meant third eye stuff. the thaum mantra was really powerful, before that i used aum without much result. all along my conscience keep telling me “This comes from satan don’t do it or you’ll regret it”. i think i should let go, i’m always in the habit of wanting something that’s dangerous for me. always.

            Now i think i should let you have some rest haha

            thank you for your time+answers . gonna leave this website in ten seconds.
            9 … 8 …

            *Promotion in job*

          •' Oddbod says:

            Hey Tiger
            Those succubus can be very erotic when they approach. I did the astral sex thing with them and it was amazing – but now I know these are fallen angels and I thank God that he sent Jesus to give me a Holy life. Yes astral sex is mind blowing but you know they will really GET INTO YOU!
            It’s not worth it – Jesus is my rest.
            Best Oddbod

          •' tiger says:

            I think succubus is the same as fairies. the descriptions of both are exactly the same. and worse thing about having sex with one is not that they’re fallen angels, it’s the fact that you have sex with someone whom you didn’t marry so it’s Adultery, according to one of your religion’s ten commandments. which most Christians as i see in everyday life, don’t abide!!!!

            Good night good Canadian >>> read it on the other comments.

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Tiger
          You’re right astral sex with fallen angels IS adultery – that’s why anyone that does it needs Jesus!

    •' Mikey says:

      Its so funny. Anybody that actually knows lucifer not only would never refer to him as satan but should also know JOS is mostly bullshit. If you have questions or want to use him as a reference, try asking him, in all truth hes not nearly as bad as those goody goody christians and catholics believe

  153.' jaden says:

    Is this safe I don’t want any thing evil going on is their any chance of that

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Jaden
      If you do this there is no telling what will happen or whether you will judge it good or evil or how long it will go on for (months or years) – do you want to take the chance?

  154.' jaden says:

    Is this safe will any thing evil happen to me

  155.' Anastasija says:

    Hello! I didnt really feel big changes in Awakening I . Now i started to do Awakening II.Its a strange feeling. i feel pressure at the back of my head immediately after ears, from both sides. and after i finished exercise immediately i felt that strange i can’t even describe. seems like all turns around but it doenst.And i feel worm in my head. Is it normal? I want to ask if you know any practice to create something like certain for a 3rd eye after it will be opened. I mean i heard about this possibility, is something like you cover your 3rd eye temporary when you want to have rest and after you can open it again, Do you know something about it? I tried many methods to open 3rd eye but it didnt work with me. I hope this one really will. You write that Awakening II we have to do once per week but how long?
    Thank you for your patience. A lot of Light and Love

    •' tiger says:

      as Oddbod says, this mantra has bad consequences.

      and if you want to make that third eye more activated, then use crystal, put a ball of crystal on your third eye. they say it helps. but anyway. mantras aren’t to be messed with.
      can you face a demon and not freak out to death?
      or deal with kundalini awakening?

  156.' Jael says:

    I’m Kinda confused on the whole bit with the tongue and it suppose to be inbetween your teeth. When you say “Toe” is your tongue suppose to slip past your teeth or do you fix the postition so it doesn’t? Im so confused T.T

    •' tiger says:

      find another method matey. try something like meditation and let alone the mantras, you’re calling a demon or an entity of some type. Thoth is a moon god. and this mantra has to do with satanism, if you don’t believe in god then go for it and if you do leave the mantra alone.
      can you face a demon and not freak out to death?
      or deal with kundalini awakening?

      •' Jael says:

        Thanks for the advise, yeah I think i’ll just quit. A lot of the comments talk about things of being possessed or something like that. And yeah no, If i saw a demon I would freak out to death T.T. Thanks!

  157.' Ali says:

    Hey Oddbod

    it’s me Ali, if you remember though, the iranian shia muslim. just been looking around and thought i’d drop by. read some comments here, someone named ilia seems to have a good suggestion about making a PDF file of all the questions and answers here. and as I’ve read you’re too busy to do it, so what i did was making the PDF myself and upload it in a server that will hold it forever.
    here’s the link i’ve uploaded it to. I edited some parts, like deleting the non answered questions or deleting the “blue *reply* word” and the display images. also put a line between each person’s specific comments and answers and question related to him or her. you’ll know what i did better when you see it for yourself. hope it saves up your time and energy.

    but, a sad thing i noticed is that all my comments are deleted, as if someone hates me for some reason, I don’t care Oddbod, i’m just good and will be forever and don’t care about that person’s bigot beliefs. you know exactly what I’m saying don’t you???? the only way one makes it to heaven is by having a pure clean heart and not the other way around buddy.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ali

      Very good to hear from you!

      I just downloaded the pdf and took a look – THANK YOU it’s EXCELLENT – I really appreciate you doing this – now I can send it to people and save a lot of time typing!

      I did not know your comments have been deleted – guess you said something that upset someone (meaning you said what is the truth!). A shame though because your/our comments should have been included in the pdf as we covered a lot of ground (probably why it was deleted?).

      Anyway, pleased to hear you are keeping your pure clean heart – beats getting involved with……..who knows what? (spiders maybe!)

      Thanks again for your effort, you have done me and the enquirers on this board a huge big service – I sincerely appreciate it.

      Very Best Wishes

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hey Ali

      I just checked, your comments are still up – you just need to keep hitting the “older comments’ button at the bottom of the list – it will take you to the correct page.

      •' Ali says:

        Hey Oddbod

        what time is it there, your comment just got posted, it’s 9:36 in iran. and your comment says it’s posted at 8:10 PM. you’re in the USA aren’t you?

        so my comments aren’t deleted, silly me, i didn’t see the older comments button, thank you alot. it’s been a while since i’ve been having problem with some people, made me quite pessimistic and sensitive to be honest. and i applied for a job i couldn’t get, that made it worse.

        are you a fire fighter Oddmate?

        don’t mention it monami, it only took 10 mins to get the pdf ready, you did all the typing i did all the editing. team work pays.


        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Ali

          I am on the coast of Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada – so we go by PCT – Pacific Coastal Time.
          No – not a fire fighter! Health care provider!


          •' Ali says:

            Hello Oddbod

            that full address is like an invitation to me lol. I’m busy mate won’t come, haha your continent will soon be nuked by russia+china+N korea so I’d not come there ever.

            stay un-nuked lol


          •' Ali says:


            I think if the war breaks out you should move to the eastern parts of Canada, Nuke bombs are like spiders, they kill everyone. 🙁
            you can also move to south Africa, not very safe but no one will probably nuke them. I’ll be in the army for the next two years (conscript soldier maybe, have to apply soon), so I’ll be on the front line. Thanks God for that. i mean it.

            God natt (norwegian goodnight)

      •' Ali says:

        I meant 9:36 AM
        and i think i saw your post 2 hours after being posted.

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Ali
          Tell you the truth I don’t bother about the scare tactics and propaganda spread about on the news – all my faith is in Jesus – so if the powers that be decide to nuke everything that’s their loss- truly you reap what you doe – just think about the air currents and the tide currents – nowhere will be safe – and given America is the only country to have ever used nukes in a war I’m sure they’ll be flying a few thousand off!

          I could put my faith in Obama – after all they gave him a Nobel peace prize for nothing – but Ill take God

          Good luck in the army – keep your faith it’s a stronghold in times of trouble.


          •' Ali says:

            Hello Oddbod

            It’s good to know there are some humans left in the west. most of the westerns are like ” nuke iran till they glow ” thanks god you aren’t one. i’ve been bashing people of that type (nuke iran type) on yahoo answers till i got bored and let go.

            I have faith in god, you know we iranians are known for our bravery and all that bravery comes from our faith in God and martyrdom. get killed fighting God’s enemies and you’ll go to heaven and all your sins will be forgiven. there’s nothing more tempting that that right?

            Americans have already sowed their nukes in Japan, soon some country is gonna deliver their crop back.

            Keep you faith too.


  158.' Anastasija says:

    I want to say to you Tiger that you don’t have to scare people. to open 3rd eye it doesn’t mean to suffer from terrible views! I feel spirits. I can say that the biggest problem to even open 3rd eye is our fear! But let me ask question of everyone, you have many spirits around always it doesnt matter you can see it or not, so how would you prefer to live? Dangerous when you don’t see anything and when you don’t know what is going on around you. Imagine that you are in scare part of the city…around unpleasant people.. when would you prefer to cross that part by night or by day??? those people just like spirits will not disappear anywhere. when you go by night you can not see them well so you can be deceived, But when you go by the day time you can see them very clear and chose another direction of your way so you can keep distance! the same with 3rd eye! I am interested in angelteraphy for few years already. And I can say that firstly any demon can not enter you if you will not allow to do it! for sure there exist some evil spirits which can only try to scary you wish switching on and off light or electronic things! but thats all! Or they can enter you if you allow them to do it or if use abuse heavy drugs or alcohol! ABSOLUTELY FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO OPEN 3RD EYE, I SUGGEST before you start open your 3rd eye, work on your fear first. One of the best methods is to ask Archangel Michael because this is his main work. He will not allow any bad spirit to disturb you. you have to trust and this trust will never fail. Few times per day, preferable as more often as you have a free moment, just ask archangel Michael to come in from of your. ,,Please archangel Michael enter my mind, my heart and my body and clean it from all fears which I have about 3rd eye opening! Please make sure that when my 3rd eye will be opened I will have a contact only with friendly and loving spirits made from God Light. “. and after when you feel good after some time start to work on 3rd eye opening. 🙂 Well if anyone have questions about archangel Michael or angelteraphy, or how to heal yourself from any kind of fear you can text to my e-mail I would be glad to help 🙂

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Anastasija
      1. Tiger wasn’t trying to scare you – Tiger was saying it the way it is – for some people who experience kundalini awakening (third eye awakening) – if you had known or had you bothered to read the comments on the board or done research on Kundalini Dangers you would have understood this.

      2. You said “And I can say that firstly any demon can not enter you if you will not allow to do it!” – this is not correct in my opinion.
      Here’s an example – a chakra is open but you are asleep – you awaken to find that you have been entered. Here’s another example: – a site all about ‘casting out’ demons (from the body).
      There are plenty of youtube videos for research too.

      3. Fear – can be justified or unjustified. Sometimes there’s nothing to be afraid of – sometimes you’d be stupid not to be afraid (as fear releases adrenalin which will lead you to escape). Given that no one knows what they will come across with open third eye or awakened Kundalini “Healthy” fear is sensible, in my opinion.

      Just a few thoughts.

    •' Tiger says:

      first : i didn’t scare anyone, just told them what i read on other comments,

      second: people can’t really face a demon and not freak out so better stay away from them.

      third: I usually do what i’m afraid of, and i take the consequences for it, for
      instance : two weeks ago i went into a haunted place and closed my eyes and started meditating and that you know takes a lot of bravery + madness, and then there came some strange touches as if someone was slapping me in the face hard then harder, and then it stopped. people do stuff the same way and the consequences seem to big to handle and they get stressed out and mess the whole thing up.

      fourth:I’m afraid of kundalini awakening, it has destroyed people, but i’m not afraid of demons, cos i grew up with them.

  159.' Sam says:

    Hi Oddbod,

    I am reading this type of article first time and just want you to help me out. I have never tried any of this technique but always feel pressure in the center of the forehead as you have described. I have consulted this even with doctor but they said that, medically every thing is ok with you. Is this pressure is somehow related to this?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Sam
      Interesting question and hard to know or give a definitive response.
      If the docs say there is nothing wrong you could get a second Dr. opinion.
      If still ok you would have to start considering other options.

      Certainly K can and does build tightness and restriction into different parts of muscles and body. The fact that your tightness is over your outer third eye suggests some connection – but until you experience a spontaneous awakening there is no way of knowing.

      Do you have any other symptoms that might suggest it is chakras or Kyndalini?

      •' Sam says:

        Hi Oddbod,

        Thanks for the reply. There is only one symptom, whenever i concentrate even very little on my forehead i can feel pain at that particular point,i dont have to cloase my eyes even and if i try to concentrate more, that pain or sensation also get stronger. I don’t know whether is this related to pineal gland or not.


        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Sam
          Hard to tell. If it was me I’d try some bodywork first to see if that gets rid of it – somatics, Alexander technique, etc.,
          If not look to your diet – a lack of micro-nutrients or even vitamins can have amazing effects on the body.
          Failing those I guess you have to decide whether you want to take the Kundalini journey (take a slow and safe path not this technique) or whether you can live with it. Either way looks like you have a journey to take before you find the answer.
          Good luck

  160.' Anastasija says:

    Hey hey hey guys!!!! i don’t argue about that demons exist and that in 10 % they can enter. .. i seer u all support each other and don’t want accept another point of view and another possibility. Don’t be angry with my comment, the only one thing i wanted to say is that is not true that u cant protect yourself of seeing or entering the demon! I can guarantee that all you can do is just ask archangel Michael to protect you from any kind of evil spirits and energies. To keep them away from you, and it will work strongly 🙂 To try it for anyone doesn’t cost anything 🙂 thats what i am trying to say, is very easy and good way to protect yourself! Because as i mentioned before this isi the main function of archangel Michael, to protect Earth and everyone from evil spirits and energy, to clean us fully, to make us brave to give to us courage and generally to protect us from anything and etc. So no need to attack me because i dont say that what you said is not truth, i just give a good way to protect yourself. Good Luck!

    •' tiger says:

      hey Anastasija

      No worries mate. thanks for the tip anyway, but God helps alot better. no harm in calling an angel though. thanks.

      the real problem here aren’t the demons Anastasija. it’s the kundalini. least that’s my problem.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Anastasia
      I am sorry if you thought I was attacking you – that certainly wasn’t the impression that I wanted to give – I tend to be very ‘straight’ when I write so that I can communicate the message I want to communicate clearly and comprehensively – I’m sorry if it came across as an attack. As a Christian I called to be a peacemaker not to upset people!
      Please, your comments are welcome here – though if its about third eye or kundalini I will weigh in with a comment if I think it relates – but never want to disturb someone’s peace. I know you shared your viewpoint with good intentions, thank you for that – and I hope you will feel welcome to continue to do so – just know I’m not trying to upset you or anyone.

  161.' Anastasija says:

    No problem :)I am glad we understand each other 🙂 I am just trying to help for people here who is scared of evil spirits or just spirits because few years ago i was like that as well. I was so bad that i couldnt sleep by night i felt spirits around me… it was driving me crazy! And as Tiger wrote that the best is to ask help from God, that is sure, but i am into angeltherapy few years and is not accidental why i said the best to ask archangel Michael. God created angels, archangels, ascended masters and another loving spirits for a reason 🙂 Each of them have something like profession. God created them to help us and they are parts of God. God’s vibrations are that high that when we are sad, or nervous or scared our vibrations go much more down… We are not able to hear God or to see His help. But angels are much more close to the Earth and their vibrations are down than God’s. We can communicate with them more easy. All they do is a the same God’s will! So if you need quick help is archangel Michael. You can work with him before you open 3rd eye to clean yourself from fear… Because fear is one of the most poisoned feeling which destroys us. And you can ask to protect you always. Or any time you need. When your eye will be open, You have to ask him to make sure that you will have a contact only with loving spirits. Note that very important to ASK everything what you need, because we are created as species which have a free will and no matter how our angels wants to help to us, they can’t do it until we will not allow them or ask! They are ready and always glad.
    I am sorry if i wrote too many comments or too long comments here… I just want to help for people who need it.A lot of Love, Light and Happiness

    •' tiger says:

      Ansastasjia again, i mention that, the problem aren’t the demons or ghosts, or the third eye, it’s the kundalini that we don’t know how to deal with, but anyways, i have had my long periods of dealing with the paranormal right in my room. but all those creatures are external, whereas kundalini is internal.

      I’ll open my third eye as soon as i make sure it’d not awaken my kundalini.
      you can punch a demon in the face and he’ll leave, if he didn’t then punch him again lol. but kundalini is a stubborn lad, doesn’t leave it just comes up and shatters the nervous system into pieces if your chakras aren’t ready that is, and mine mate, they sure aren’t.

      thanks for your help. just like Oddbod I didn’t mean to be rude either. and i ain’t christian.

      how did you come up with the idea to Call an archangel especially Michael ? you’re the first i ever see do so

  162.' tiger says:

    Hallo Oddbod

    if you haven’t used the Thoth mantra, then how do you know it will awaken kundalini? you’ve already said that you don’t know a mantra that will stimulate kundalini, so you’re being paradoxical somehow …. ??????????????

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Tiger
      Meditation/Focus works (to open chakras and/or stimulate K)
      Bodywork works also (things like Chi Kung or yoga or martial arts) too
      Mantras work also – but I don’t know which particular mantra
      Note that this technique utilizes all three!

      Mantras – I don’t know about Thoth mantra specifically – nor do I know a mantra to stimulate K (Thoth?) but When I studied with Tibetan Lama I learnt about mantra (though that was never my path). Mantras will work – different vibrations have different effects on the body – check out cymatics on you tube – you’ll see all the effects sound can have on sand on a plate – many of those patterns are the same as the patterns associated with chakras!

      Hope that clarifies things – good question. 🙂


      •' Tiger says:

        Hello Oddbod

        thanks so much, this made it clear.

        I’m sorry that i took so much of your time friend. may God reward you with his full forgiveness because i can do no more than saying thanks.

        This following links will help with your responses to people, I think i’m gonna have to deal with kundalini. it hasn’t stopped, so i should stop fearing. embrace the hell maybe!

        this one is good too:

        there’s this sensation in my back again, i resist it and it hurts, it gives erection and it’s scary, but i’ve overcome all my fears in life, after all i’m a Tiger 🙂 , i should defeat this fear too.



        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Tiger

          thanks for the resources – I’ll add them to the list.

          About dealing with Kundalini – here are the options:

          A. Forget about it
          1. Take up something physical every day – running, cycling, swimming, and forget about it – sometimes focusing on the physical does away with the working of the spiritual dimensions

          2. Become a Christian – that will stop it – Kundalini rises like a snake but the Holy Spirit descends like a dove!

          I know you’re not a Christian from your other messages but you should know there are only two spiritual paths in the world – that of YHWH and that of Nimrod/Astaroth – in other words, doesn’t matter what you do it will still have the same Babylonian mystery religion as it’s base (Buddhism, yoga, hinduism, etc). For proof of this watch Know Your Enemy by The Fuel Project on You Tube.

          B. Deal with it
          This means getting serious about your spirituality – especially if the results you are getting are because of this short-cut method because there is a lot of preparatory work of laying the foundations that you haven’t done. It includes the food you eat, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the friends you keep, etc.,
          You can choose your path but here’s some ideas:

          Satyananda’s three year course in Tantric Yoga available from for about $80 – you may well find that going from the start of the course will quiet K down

          Christian prayer and Kundalini by Phil Romain – this will involve Centreing prayer which is what the Catholics are big into (know that even though the book is called Christian they are not Christians – the Catholic church is a continuation of the Babylonian system).

          One thing you may find (if it awakens big) is that you are on the Tree of Life – this is where you see the “lesser Egyptian Gods” at the lower levels before moving upward to the real god and judgment (which is why you have to be living a real GOOD spiritual life – judgment sends you to the abyss or heaven and the sphere that represents it’s dimension has been removed [hidden] from many western/hermetic Tree’s – which is why you must learn about this from a Jewish source only – I know, I found out this is what I was on).

          Also, read. Lots of resources on amazon. Knowledge will be your best defence against any fear that arises.

          Also, why should you have a bad time? I did, some people do, but some people have a pleasant awakening. For some it fully awakens for others it only ever partially awakens and they just live with a cool breeze going up their spine – for you, it might be good! For some it can take years for others a week!

          Last point – IF it does awaken FULL ON you will know it – here’s the best advice I never had(!) – it’s like a frieght train, it’s coming through, and your job is to get out of the way – really SURRENDER to whatever happens (no matter how weird) – physically surrender and surrender your ego.Tiger’s know when to play dead too, so that will be your opportunity!

          Well, that’s about it – whichever path you take I wish you well.

          Best Oddbod

          •' Tiger says:

            Hello Oddbod

            I can barely thank you enough for your guidance. Yes I’m not a christian, but from what i have seen from christians _I had a religious christian girlfriend that went to church every week, and she betrayed me so bad it destroyed me_ i don’t wanna become a christian ever. she wasn’t the only one of that religion who hurt me though. I had a Muslim friend back in college, he was as charming as hell, I’ve also studied about a few different religions and read their scriptures. it’s hard to make a choice, but christianity, from my experience isn’t my cup of tea! ain’t gonna pick it. but i can’t deny that there were really good christians around me too. non knew i was a satanist though!

            you know what my girl friend said after back stabbing me? ” Jesus saves “. i would have killed her right there if it wasn’t a crime.

            I recently gave up practicing satanism. i always knew it’s a foul religion but i thought it makes my life better. Nah, i was only deceived.

            I have survived death multiple times, so i consider myself a lucky one, i think the kundalini will rise and please me. you’ve given me courage. I’ll play dead next time it comes!

            Oddbod please answer this question, i promise this will be last of my questions: Maxine, the author of JOS website clearly wrote that the Thaum mantra is for advanced meditators only, because it delivers huge amount of energy to the person who uses it, so what will happen if i use it now that i don’t have much experience in meditation? i mean will that huge energy kill or paralyse me? or turn me insane? I’m a tough tiger but i’m not patient enough for the slow paths.



        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Tiger

          Unfortunately your experience of Christians is very common. I also refused Christianity many times because of the behaviour of Christians. What I have come to learn is that it’s about having a radical personal transformation within you – that’s what changes behaviour – and nothing about trite sayings, church attendance, or singing crappy songs. Also, a lot of Christians have been taught wrong and accept what they’re told without research. The best book I ever read was “The Two Natures in the Child of God” by E W Bullinger – it’s archaic reading (written in 1906) but describes the process exactly. It’s downloadable for free from I’m not trying to convert anyone – so nuff said!

          You wrote: “i promise this will be last of my questions:”
          Kundalini is a ongoing process of change – so new questions will always be arising and I will always be happy to help.

          You wrote: Maxine, the author of JOS website clearly wrote that the Thaum mantra is for advanced meditators only, because it delivers huge amount of energy to the person who uses it, so what will happen if i use it now that i don’t have much experience in meditation?

          You have to use your common sense – if you’ve only ever ridden a moped are you really going to try riding a 750cc racing bike without training? Or if you’ve only ever baked a instant cake out of a packet are you really going to prepare a wedding banquet without training?

          Here’s what happened to Gopi Krishna – he forced awakening and spent twenty years dealing with it. You want to spend twenty years? (You can read his story via his books on amazon – the language is archaic and it’s been translated – not fun reading).

          You wrote: i mean will that huge energy kill or paralyse me?
          Some people have died when huge amounts of energy have gone through their heart centre (heart attack) – again: research is your best friend for dealing with the fear (which will arise).

          You wrote: or turn me insane?

          Research Kundalini Psychosis – the answer is possibly yes.
          Lee Sannella – Kundalini or Psychosis – sure I’ve seen this as a pdf, or you can buy the book

          You wrote: I’m a tough tiger but i’m not patient enough for the slow paths.
          Then time to develop patience – as I recall from watching tv Tiger’s are especially patient when stalking pray – or, in this case, WHEN BEING STALKED!

          IF you have awoken K then surrender to the process – standing in the way of it will just intensify the process – IF you have awoken K then know you are not in control – when it happens you need to let go physically and mentally. Trying to stop or block K once it has started can result in physical health problems (name it!) so let it do it’s work. It can take anything from a week to years – there is no time line – everyone is different and depends how big an awakening it is going to be. Sometimes it will seem to disappear (for weeks/months) but it always comes back. It is a force for change and growth. Developing patience is a sign of growth (if you don’t have any) and you have to because you are not in control of it – it’s in control and will do it’s work how and when it wants.

          My recommendations:
          Satyananda 3 year course in Tantric yoga
          or get a real live teacher who knows his stuff:

          K doesn’t just ‘happen’ – it takes time – it’s working on a time schedule from the beginning of time – it doesn’t know about post-modern instant gratification.

          Wish you the best with it – always here for questions!

          •' Tiger says:

            Hello Oddbod

            Today after i posted my question to you, instead of looking through christian stuff, i looked at the muslims sources. I can’t believe Jesus to be the Son of the God. also my girlfriend was totally confused whether jesus is the god or he’s the son and she told me ” I’ve felt jesus is the god himself with my heart but i don’t fully know”. i laughed at her in my mind back then because her heart was the most vicious and stupid of all any feeling in her heart would be rubbish. the idea of jesus being the god or god’s son is pretty much like the satanism, i mean no offense but my gods had sons and daughters, but the muslims’ god ( Allah = Al + lah = the + god) doesn’t have any sons or daughters. it makes more sense but, still i thought how do muslims explain the wrongness of the christian belief then? and after doing some research i found that muslims say” adam and eve didn’t have any parents and jesus didn’t have a father, so the creation of jesus is the same as Adam and Eve except that jesus did have a mother. so if jesus is to be called a son of god only because he didn’t have a father then adam and eve deserve more to be the son and daughter of god because they didn’t have any parents at all. so none of them are the children of the god. that makes sense to me! but i don’t know about you!

            I think i like the islamic thoughts more, they don’t sin or back stab people and say jesus saves!!!!. this crazy talibans who pose as muslims and blow themselves up aren’t liked by any muslims nor considered to be muslims by any sect other than themselves (i asked a muslim about it). suicide of any type is punished by eternal hell in Islam, same as Christianity.

            back to the business, i just let the K sleep, and it’s stopped, if it wakes up i won’t resist. i prayed to god “to save me if he hears me”, that’s how i made the k sleep actually. god has mercy on us all.

            I thank you but can’t enough friend. i’ll see what happens next about kundalini, and i should just totally quit satanism! and not use their meditations.

            and in the JOS website, in the satanic meditation page, there’s the single serpent or twin serpent meditation that’s taught by Thoth and Azazel, with the serpent being k, all i can think is that thoth does awaken kundalini, you’re totally right in that point.


  163.' Ali says:


    I’ve found a number of links that will save you hours of typing.

    for questions about kundalini:

    for questions about the third eye:

    and a link for almost everything spiritual, they can find everything there:


  164.' shorty says:

    Oddbod, I was wondering by opening your third eye, does that mean yoyr allowing your self to get possesed because im cristian And want to do it for good reasons.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Shorty
      If you’re a Christian you should WANT to be possessed!! – By Jesus!
      That is what happens when you get born again. However, as a Christian, you shouldn’t want to be possessed by any other entity and that is a distinct possibility if you open your third eye. Also, Christians are not supposed to be involved in Occult for very good reasons. Yes – possession by entities is definitely a possibility if you open your third eye.
      Do some research – watch Know Your Enemy by The Fuel Project on YouTube

  165.' Jennifer Blake says:

    what will happen if i only do the first awakening ?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Jennifer
      The answer is in here:-
      IF you have any other questions after doing research feel free to ask – always happy to help if I can!

  166.' Ana says:

    Is there any way to open the third eye safely

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Ana
      Satyananda course in Tantric Yoga (two or three years can’t remember which) followed by Satyananda Kundalini Tantra – both are available from amazon.
      best is a real live teacher – check out the courses at
      if you’re a Babylonian-Christian check out Phil Romain at Shalom Place (his book is “Christian” Prayer and Kundalini)

      Hope that helps 🙂

  167.' cooper says:

    Hey oddbod im a strong believer in god and Jesus christ and want to open my third eye to get a better understanding of the unseen and to be able to fight my demons with more knowledge do you think this is a good idea for me cause i have these demon’s that i feel and they physically make them selves known to all the members in my family please reply thanks god bless

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Cooper
      If you already are experiencing demonic activity you should know that opening your third eye can make it worse.
      Also, this technique stimulates kundalini and awakening K can result (for some people) in some serious entity activity.
      As Christians these (paranormal) abilities are usually considered “gifts” to individuals and not things we are supposed to chase after. Necromancy and sorcery are expressly prohibited in the Bible – and awakened K enables you to do both (or have a remote person do them to you!).
      If you are having problems with this type of activity the first thing you should do is rid yourself, and your family, of it. You can find the necessary resources here at

      IF you are one of those people who absolutely “must” get involved with the occult then find yourself a safe method (as safe as it gets – because when they are operative there is no telling what will happen – you have no control over what you see or what entities are attracted). I suggest:-
      Christian Prayer and Kundalini – Phil Romain via Shalom Place
      Satyananda 3yr course in Tantric Yoga (will lead to next book – Kundalini Tantra)
      real teacher at john mumford

      Hope that helps

  168.' Gina says:

    I feel pressure, i see bright white and purple … Shapes, no headaches,, sometimes when i look at myself i see my eye open .. Not sure because i feel i may just want to c from it so bad its there. I dont know what to meditate … Thoh comes out smooth for me. Am i doing something wrong?

  169.' johnjohn says:


    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello john john
      Yes is the answer – also, gods & goddesse & demons & devils, astral wildlife (spiders etc), succubus & succubi, aliens, ……. You name it…… Be warned – Many are not friendly and have their own agenda. Search the comments on this board for other people’s experiences before playing with fire!

      •' johnjohn says:

        thanks oddbod for the answer in my first question……..can i eliminate devils and bad spirits ??

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello johnjohn

          eliminate in what way?
          You have no control over what you will experience of how long it will go on for – that’s the problem with third eye psychic experiences.
          If the intrusions are particularly troublesome (that is, you are lying in your bed fully conscious and they are continuing) then the only way I know of getting rid of them is to banish them “in the name of Jesus Christ”. has a useful prayer that works on their front page.
          Hope that helps

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello johnjohn

          You ask if I have ‘third eye’.

          I used to have “third eye” if you mean as a (by)-product of Kundalini. Now I no longer experience that type of out of control voyaging. Since Jesus Christ came into my life I still have many visions (using the third eye) but they are what He wants to show me and usually relate to my spiritual journey or worldly behaviour. One final point – all visions I see now are in brilliant white light – not dark, black, and coloured. The quality of the visions changed too.The only exception to this is when I see Angels which are always in full colour (just like looking at a picture or film). Christ has blessed me in so many ways that I really can, and do, agree with the Bible when it talks of the “Oh, so, deep mysteries of Babylon” (in other words – they’re not so ‘deep’).


  170.' Gina says:

    I had a vision, yesterday as of 6/25/13 i found out my brother was on drugs and what not, i closed my eyes to find him, find him in my thoughts .. Normally when that happens it is not so intense, but it was static i used the words static like the t.v … See my brother is a minor, and has been missing for some time now, cops came last night and all of a sudden before she left my tv went static, never has before .. It did it twice for about 45 sec …. Why? What message? Is my eye open?

  171.' johnjohn says:

    MR. oddbod , it is true that when you open 3rd eye you will see ghost ??

  172.' Tohikum says:

    Hello Oddbod,

    I have been reading many comments in here which makes it clear that you do not advice to use this method. However, in my case, I have started reading about 3rd eye just recently and I have realized something….a possibility that my 3rd eye has been awakened since a long ago.
    Actually, when I go sleep, of course I close my eyes, and usually I see real images of humans. People that I have never seen ever in my life. The visions can be just like fast flashing images, or they can even move. But they are so real and vivid, that I rapidly open my eyes to get rid of them. Other than humans, there are visions of weird places, something like colorful city with bubble houses, or weird creatures. Well that is all I can remember now, because I didn’t pay much attention, since I thought all humans have these visions regularly.
    Now that I think about it, I do remember that I used to feel circulating feeling in the place where the brow chakra is located. But again I never paid attention to it, thinking its a normal thing.
    And as of now, I just need to concentrate a little on the forehead area, and I feel heavy pressure in the 3rd eye place. Even as I write this, I feel this heavy pressure, which went to the bad of my head as well. Plus there was feeling in the top of my head and the top of the brain in my mouth (the above in the mouth…the pink area XD). So, what I would like to know is your opinion, have I had my 3rd eye opened since long ago, or its normal reaction that each human has?
    Also, I have an inner voice, which kind of seems like mine, but at the same not, the voice which tells bad things all the time and sends unpleasant images to my mind. I always argue with that ‘being’.
    Hope to get your answer when you have some time~ <3
    Thank you for reading.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Tohikum

      First keep in mind that there are different levels of awakening and so different resulting experiences. A full blown Kundalini (Attack) is something very different from a not-full blown kundalini gentle wind up the spine. The phenomena associated with each state will be different too.

      You write:
      when I go sleep, of course I close my eyes, and usually I see real images of humans. People that I have never seen ever in my life. The visions can be just like fast flashing images, or they can even move. But they are so real and vivid, that I rapidly open my eyes to get rid of them.

      My reply: There is a difference between “dreams” and “visions”. Visions can occur (if you are experienced sufficiently) during full consciousness – dreams don’t. Visions can occur when you reach deep brainwave states (delta, theta) where you are still conscious – dreams don’t.
      A person who has travelled the astral realm (requires full awakened eye/Kundalini) knows one thing – that no journey can be controlled – quite the opposite – it happens to you, and you have to ‘get out of the way’ until it finishes. That is something else from being able to flick your eyes and make the image go away.

      You ask: have I had my 3rd eye opened since long ago, or its normal reaction that each human has?

      My reply: If your third eye had been open fully (not just partially) then you would recall experiencing initiations of some kind – some people get a sequence of initiations (initiation by who into what?). If your third eye had been fully open (not just partially) you would have also started to get other phenomena – perhaps hearing ‘astral’ voices – you would have almost certainly started to get ‘paranormal phenomena’ in your bedroom (music being turned off, books pushed off shelves, feeling yourself being picked at by astral wildlife). So, only you can answer whether your third eye is fully open.
      If it’s not fully open then perhaps it is partially open – and seeing (so-called) ‘akashic’ films and images like you mention is one symptom – then you should get serious about your spiritual life – and adopt a practice or find a teacher that can help you navigate these worlds safely – for a real live teacher
      or the books of Satyananda at amazon (start with 3 yr course in tantric yoga). I say to get serious because if it is partially open it is only a matter of time before it fully opens and (believe me) you will want to be prepared for that! Again, only you can answer that by considering any associated phenomena you may (or may not) be experiencing.

      You write: Also, I have an inner voice, which kind of seems like mine, but at the same not, the voice which tells bad things all the time and sends unpleasant images to my mind. I always argue with that ‘being.

      My reply: That is your heart. Jesus said “Out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies”. There is nothing you can do to improve it because it will be flesh trying to improve flesh. You need to get a new heart. You do that by turning to Jesus and asking to be filled with his Holy Spirit (keyword – holy). This is what is also called ‘the carnal mind’ – what you are hearing is the thoughts of the “mind of the flesh”. You get to be a new creation when you take on board the Holy Spirit and you can only get that from Jesus (and when you’ve got it, believe me, you’ll know it – you won’t need to ask anyone else whether you got it!!).

      Hope that helps

      •' Gina says:

        You stated being partially open, so if its black and TV static and purple colors evil?! … I have seen my TV (I’m awake) my eyes closed and a white glow around my black TV. I see figures, not full faced or voices … I have always been able to feel energy on people, houses, cars. Now I’m trying to get more in tuned, is opening my third eye the best way to go?

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Gina
          If it’s coming from Jesus it’s brilliant white energy, I can tell you that. If it’s dark it’s…..? (anyone’s guess!) – but it’s not coming from Jesus or His Father or their Angels.

          I’m not sure what you mean when you say you want to get more ‘in tune’ – in tune with what? You have to know what you want to be in tune with before you know what to do, no?

          Again, if you have to go the Babylonian Mystery School route I suggest:
 – get a real life teacher
          Satyananda 3 year course in Tantric Yoga, available from amazon $80.

          Hope that helps

          •' Gina says:

            Long story short: since I was a young little bee I was able to see and feel things “good or bad”. But I would throw it “away” because later as I got older it would get to the point where I couldn’t think positive at all, got too the point I felt ugly, stupid etc. Now that I am of age I wanted to try this… I have started looking @ my angel numbers and every number I get basically tells me to live my life purpose and make my spiritual a living practice. So I thought the third eye being open will help me. When I close my eyes its black, then lights of red and purple circles pop up and spin.. so fourth. ** my brother came up missing and I closed my eyes to find him, all I got was blurr and static like a t.v does … the cops came over so I can write my missing child report and the t.v went out and started static .. did it about 2-3 times on and off … is my eye opening? Is this a way to start my “life purpose God has given me?” How do I find out my angels name?

          •' Gina says:

            Also I closed my eyes today and all I can see was my t.v which was off, but a white glow tracing the trim of the t.v

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Gina
          Changing colours usually denotes attunement of your energy system – the question is – who?
          I would recommend watching Know Your Enemy by The Fuel Project on YouTube – there are only 2 spiritual systems in the world and this series explains why – then you will be able to make an informed choice about what spiritual practices you want to do.
          I don’t know about finding your angels names – in my experience they come to help when you need it – once I was told the name – but I don’t know how to find them – I think they get to choose whether to reveal themselves to us or not.
          Good research!

        •' Oddbod says:

          The tv thing is called afterimage, or residual visual imagery – it’s to do with the eyes. Different from seeing colours!

  173.' Tohikum says:

    Sorry for writing again, but I would really love to hear other people stories about what kind of experiences they receive from 3rd eye opening, using this method or not. I would like to get more information about these so called ‘evil entities’, what kind of things happen to you? Terrible visions, strange fear, feeling of their presence or you get physical attacks?
    One more thing, you are being attacked by evil entities only because you have ‘low vibration’, meaning you simply attract evil beings, which resides in the lowest astral world. This low astral world is very close to the dimension or world we live…whatever you call it. If you get the ‘good spirits’, which comes to help you, means that you have ‘high vibration’.
    I’m am almost certain that I have low vibration, because to have high one means you have to be very positive, good, loving, surround yourself with positive energy. And if u are negative (like me) you might possible have a nice play with little devils.
    AH! Thats right, I forgot to tell that I kind of give my energy to other people, so if I stay for a bit longer with humans, I become so exhausted and negative, because for one reason or another I seem to inhale all the negativeness of other people. XD Sucks of me, ain’t it.
    P.S. I don’t think I have any special powers or whatsoever. We all are ‘Special’ in Gods eyes \o/ Or smth like that…

  174.' michelle says:

    hello, um…well i hav read so much on here n i hav a few questions: ok rite now i’m in the beginning of wiccan, n i’ve read bout the chakras, i’ve done plenty of research n this is d first i’ve read bout well everything! also when i was little i had a dream bout my stepdad comin to get me in bad way n he has. i think it was a warning. alsoi’m continuing my reasearch on this subject n as i do my head feels a small jolt of pain is that normal when i’m readin all this? my family is catholic n we keep a statue or altar of d virgin mary in our living room, how cld dat help if i decide to do this?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Michelle
      there are only two religious systems in the whole world – that of the Mystery Schools and that of God (Christ Jesus). Whichever you choose will answer your questions. How to know what to choose? Watch Know Your Enemy by the Fuel Project on YouTube. You don’t have to agree with everything they say in the movie but it will give you lots of info to help you make a sensible researched decision.

  175.' michelle says:

    oh i forgot to mention dat my brother is haunted by a somesort of evil side of himself, n its been with him since he was kid. i believe it has somethin to do with his past with mydad n i believen that his anger n hatred manifested into that demon. he says dat he has been attacked more than once by it. his 3rd eye is also slightly open, so i’m wonderin if dat also mite hav somethin to do with it.

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Michelle
      If you want to be healthy spiritually you need to stay away from negativity and negative people. If your brother is negative the best you can do is try to help him when he needs it, but if you want to be healthy spiritually you need to stay full of positive love and light on the inside.
      Hope that helps

  176.' Artemis Fowl says:

    Hi, I did the exercise mentioned above, where you have to use the mantra “Thoh” and after I finished I kept hearing it in my head. Is that normal?

  177.' michelle says:

    sorry my questions r seperated like this, but i hav a necklace with a cross on it. of i were to experience any negative things cld i hold this up to my head n not cross my fingers on my forehead?

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Michelle
      The cross is a powerful symbol of protection and healing – you can wear it, hold it, put it under your pillow, or over any part of your body.
      If you need just say the Our Father – that will work.

  178.' aguy says:

    Um I cant say that word with my tongue inbetween my teeth. What do I do?

  179.' Oddbod says:

    Hello John Doe

    First it’s not my place to convince you. It is your place to do the research and tell me what’s wrong with what I am saying.

    Second, when you have actually watched Know Your Enemy come back and tell me why it’s wrong – I am always wanting to learn and admit I am wrong when I am – I hope you are too?

    Third, You wrote: ‘stating one single youtube video as a basis for your whole spirituality doesn’t seem foolproof’ is incorrect as I do not base my “entire spirituality” on it. Where did I say that?
    Like I said, please watch it, then tell me what’s wrong with it!
    Until you have actually done that any meaningful exchanges between us are unlikely.
    We can use another source you have studied if you like – I simply recommend this one because it is simple, concise, one I have watched, and – correct!

    I think you are mean if you cannot carry on a discussion without being polite – if you are rude, or hurt someone else’s feelings. So far that isn’t the case.
    On a personal note I dislike vulgarity, but it’s your choice.

    You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

    You say you are at the beginning of meditation so let’s say we share our experiences when you have 10 years experience – or maybe one – then we can see how far our experiences match up.

    Hope this will encourage some good researched exchanges.
    Best to You

  180.' Oddbod says:

    John Doe-

    you wrote:-
    Also I’d be in your debt if you wouldn’t advice me to watch all the videos. Not all people have all the time in the world ( except immortal satanists of course lol)

    I offered you a resource to research so we could discuss it; and offered to discuss any other researched resource you had. You didn’t watch the resource I offered and haven’t offered any researched material of your own – so, apart from ranting, what is going on here?


    •' John Doe says:

      I seriously don’t see myself ranting. I criticized the video you sent me in order for us to discuss. Why you act so hurt I do not understand.
      It’s not that I don’t want the resource , I did watch it and I thought about it. I don’t know what more you can ask of me.
      But it seems you fail to give me a straight answer. I’ll go on searching then.
      have a good life.

  181.' Oddbod says:

    My life has moved in other directions and I’m leaving the board – thanks to all the great people I met here.

    •' Bridgette says:


      I hate to see you go. I truly enjoyed the wealth of information you provided. I wish you much luck in your new ventures. I will research all of the resources you mentioned. Are there any other places you are active online?

      •' Oddbod says:

        Hello Bridgette

        Thank you for your kind words.

        My walk with Jesus has deepened to such an extent that it is now my #1 priority in life: – Galatians 2:20 – I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.
        it’s time for me to walk the talk and move on.

        Thanks again for your kind words.
        If you’re interested this is how the mystery was revealed to me:


        •' Bridgette says:


          You are more than welcome. I just had to let you know how much I appreciated what you had been saying before you left. I aspire to be as well versed and as deeply moved by Christ as you. I will be looking at the site you provided. Thank you so much. You truly are doing good work. May you be forever enriched and blessed.

          Stay safe!

  182.' Oddbod says:

    Hello John Doe

    I am not sure why you think I am “acting hurt” – but let me assure you that is not the case. Also, I hope I have said nothing to offend you.

    Yes, I am a Christian, but if you can get past your negative thoughts about that, you will find that Christians are called to be peace-makers and peace-keepers – so no way would I want to offend you, or have you think you have offended me.
    Also, I would probably agree with you about a lot of so-called Christianity – “Church” is not a building.
    Anyway, perhaps it was my decision to leave the board that made you think that, but it is something I have to do for other reasons.

    It’s ok that you don’t like the video and don’t want to watch it, but then let’s find a different resource to research – how can we find out the truth if we don’t work together and share our knowledge?
    Also, if you want to refute points the video makes you need to offer researched facts not just opinion.

    If you think I failed to give you a straight answer then I will ask you to re-state it – because, to be honest, I couldn’t pinpoint the question in the first place.

    In the Spirit of Friendship

  183.' Anonymous says:

    Hello. Can you please tell me: Do the practitioner of this exercise make a pact or deal with the Devil for this to work?

  184.' Dana says:

    Is it true that opening your third eye can help you lose weight??

  185.' indra says:

    Hi Oddbod
    Hi Tiger

    Interesting discussion from both of you.

    I am from Java, where Paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianism, Islam has very long and depth interaction. It still happening today in our culture.
    I learn almost all of it to experience and understand its perspectives.

    Let me share a bit my personal perspective to enrich the discussion.

    When you initiate kundalini power (this is tantra terminology), actuallly you are awakening Kali (power of lust and knowledge) that reside at Kunda (a deeper cavity, the lowest chakra point, your tail bone).
    You knew it already..
    This power will search its master to become Durga (power of wisdom).

    In India, the master power is Chit (the inner consciousness, existence and bliss – SatChitAnanda) the immortal, the controller. Jiva, our soul is just a spark from Chit.

    Sorry to use Hidhus terminology. it will much easier for you to browse internet for reference on these words.

    If this master power is not yet awakened, then you will enjoy terrific problems and become attractive to other supranatural beings. Your soul is just not a
    match to Kali. As shown on its symbolic picture where Kali step on Shiva chest.
    Look at chakra levels, that will tell you the path of temptation. It will be forced opened from bottom to top, no matter the mantra you used.

    These two powers are reside inside us from the day we have been created.
    The inner consiousness is tend to bring us religious path, it is consider as the reflection of angelic power in our body.

    In Java it is called as Dewaruci, the miniscule God.
    who said “I am you and you are me, but your sight is the obstacle of true reality”
    This describing the harmonious relation between servant and GOD. It is the essence of holy knowledge (Prawitasari: Prawita=holy, Sari=essence).
    Now this is a Javanese terminology.

    How do you know that the control power is awakened?
    if you can feel cool sensation (like mint) in a point located three finger downward from your belly. Remember, inside not outside.

    How dou you awake this power?
    It will emerge while you are in depth surrender to GOD (the creator of the universe). In Javanese mithology, the miniscule GOD could be found in Tikbasara (feeling of concerned) on the slope of Reksamura (the sight). It could be reached by purified soul. During the path you will be tested by Rukmakala (luxury of material wealth, rukma=gold, kala=danger) and snake (evil in your heart).

    To purify the soul one has to use the holy water before the journey.
    The holy water is Samudra Pangaksana means a good man must have a large heart like an ocean who should easily forgive the mistake of others.

    In Java one has to clean his body and soul with water before pray.
    Now you’ve got a hint on 3rd eye, the dangerous path.
    Also the role of water in many religious ceremony.

    So practically, you are ready to awakened Kali if you have already got physically a cool sensation in that point described. Then the Kali will submit and transform to Durga.

    But remember, still temptation from lust, knowledge, and luxury will always appear within you just to make you slip into being arrogant or grounded down.

    So you need to make your self close to the Creator of the Universe, the origin of all power to gain supreme consiousness. Remember his existance and thanking his blessing. No matter what path you are taking.

    But be aware, you have to see your family and carried-out your duties as predestined.

    Have a safe journey,

    •' Oddbod says:

      Timely advice!
      I Thank You

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello Indra

      a question – for those of us who are slow to forgive and do not have a heart the size of an ocean does the Father still here our prayers? Does He, or His angels, still come to visit those children of His that failed Him, and will He remember them?

      Given the way things are, interested in your reply

      •' indra says:

        Hi Oddbod,

        You are so humble….
        In my opinion the answer is Yes.
        Except if He was retired.

        He who create the universe, who expect us to be forgiveful, then He must be an ocean of forgiving. If He has such ultimate level of forgiving, than He will not abandoned us whatsoever we have done.
        He is merciful to all His creation, whether they be obedient to Him or

        Remember that we are talking about The Creator. Not the man who think that he/she rules or acts on His behalf.
        In this level of understanding…Forget about reward and punishment.

        But if your heart is keep pushing you to request His forgiveness or something like that, then I will suggest a method of prostration in the late evening. Put and gently press your forehead (3rd eye location..) and handpalms to the floor/ground, while you glorify Him and whisper your message. Keep your eyes close. Do it many times you want. If you do it right then you will find tears on your eyes.

        Again, this is not a lecture, it is just opinion sharing.
        Hopefully this help.

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Indra

          A Kingly name if ever! I hope you are well, in Ja va

          I am sad (and destitute) to admit my “old-man-nature” would retire Him

          however, the new(er) man (even if so little) would NEVER let go of the TRUST engendered by the placing his life in His hands; nor would he ever give up on the LOVE engendered by the hand that held his – such acts are truly unforgettable and always result in a stream of thanks and tears (the impulse to say “Abba” I note, is spontaneous). The new(er) man takes time to settle in, sometimes a little too much time…..

          An angel placed their hands on my back and put me in the position you mention. Typically ‘stomping around like a child’ I replaced myself on my meditation chair – but again the angel went to work; it took a week for me to understand there was a reason for what was happening………now, I generally pray on my knees, but recalling the effect of the position you mention I shall indeed return to it.

          Shame THEN, that before prayer, the new(er) man forgot to apply the HOLY WATER!

          You say that one must carry out one’s predestined duties – but what if one failed to complete the transformation that was started? – does one remain a predestined Son if transformation was interrupted? – does one ever get another chance to complete it or not? How can one retain Sonship if transformation was only partial?
          Or to put it another way: – if one’s old nature chose death can the new(er) nature return to life? The Legalists (who often have the word but not the Spirit) would have us believe that once the choice is made it is permanent – but such would not be the Nature of a loving GOD.

          I am interested in your perspective on these questions.
          Perhaps you do not understand these questions, but I suspect you do – They are asked from the perspective of one who has a new song on the lip (Aria) and who has a Lion (Aria) as a friend.

          In Him

          •' indra says:

            Hi Oddbod,

            The Loving GOD who wrote the predestine path for us will not change what was written even if we fail to complete our duty. Because it is not the accomplishment that account but the wisdom we learn on completing the duty.

            He will not angry if you fail. He will not hate you nor feel sorry for you.
            His love contain no hate. That is the essence of His great love.
            It is us that hate our failure or our stupidity or our misfortune.

            Just like when you, as a father, watch your little child learning to walk.
            You will not get angry when he/she fall.
            You will give your helping hands with joy and love, and maybe a kiss.
            Encouraging him/her to start again.
            And for you he/she is still your loving child.
            And watch, how the little child respond, ….with a smile.
            The loving GOD smile at you through your little child for your deeply hidden understanding about His love.

            You are lucky to have a touch on your back showing what to do.
            And you still questioning your chance after that?
            Now try this, if you wish, anytime you wake up in the morning, inhale deeply and say it in your heart “Thank you GOD the Most Merciful”. Sound easy, but you may try…

            Be happy

        •' Oddbod says:

          Hello Indra

          Thank you for your ‘words of wisdom’.

          For myself, when God pulls out poison of sin he pulls out things that are contrary to a new life – destructive repetitive patterns – which make my old nature arise and doubt – BUT
          – it is truly amazing what prayer can do:
          a night of solid air can bring many understandings.
          Perhaps the most important being that He is Love and He is Forgiveness – and the understanding that unless I too cultivate forgiveness within myself I have no love, and a world without love is the result.

          Also: conformity to the ways of the world and poison, I see, are inter-related – the predestined path requires a sacrifice repetitive behaviours appear to deny.

          So, the new man would never deny his chance – only the poison of sin.

          Sometimes, I guess it’s best to “let it be” and allow Him to make the decisions. It seems I am still learning just how GOOD God is……

          We have re-established our Orbit 🙂
          – and yes, the child is smiling


          •' indra says:

            Hi Oddbod,

            It is not just words, it is my personal experience 20 years ago.
            We should never stop learning.
            Anyway, I really have to go now.

            Kindly regards,

  186.' Stacy says:

    So I did the first exercise today for the first time. I do have the uncomfortable tingling sensation in my forehead and I”m *really* aware of the places pretty much where my wisdom teeth are. Is dizziness and nausea normal cause that’s happening to.

  187.' steph says:

    so i get this tingling sensation right where the third eye is. I was wondering what that meant. Any ideas?

  188.' Karma says:


    •' cosmik says:

      reply to KARMA….
      Hi, My advice to you is forget about Satan/dark magic/done deals…!
      And when you’ve forgot about them,you might want to start re-assessing your belief system (RELIGION). NO ONE IS GONNA SAVE US…….

      The truth is we are gonna save OUR ‘SELVES’……Thats why Humanity is ‘awakening’.. Why rush a Divine Plan of Human Evolution by awakening your Kundalini when you are probably not ready yet..
      All these horror stories in previous comments are PROBABLY due to people being overwhelmed by their OWN FEARS manifesting Demonic Entities because they don’t understand the higher states of consciousness.

      Wouldn’t you rather educate yourself to the point where YOU understand that YOU ARE IN CONTROL (not Satan/demons/YAHW)
      Everyone is on their own path of SELF REALIZATION, so when your SELF REALIZES that you are only limited by your own belief system, things really start moving…..
      Then you could have an ecstatic Kundalini experience….. But first work on your solar plexus/heart/throat chakras in a way that you feel comfortable.

      Hope that’s some use to you Karma,Can follow up with some suggestions if you need any help…
      Love (creation) and Light (knowledge) 🙂

  189.' Tyler the curious kid says:

    hows it going oddbod,
    you may notice that I am unlike most people on this comment board as I am studying Satanism (for the second time) and as a person I am simply interested in everything. Aliens, spirits, black government projects, simulated realities, etc. So I did the awakening 1, one time and I was hearing humming (which was expected) I am trying to figure out if this will help me be able to levitate things (I know this required experience in black majick) but im simply curious and cannot stop trying to figure out the secrets of existence. I guess what im trying to ask is, is the field of spiritual realm real? or is this just a deprivation of oxegen in the brain to make the user think that this is real?
    p.s. I will tell you if I have any experiances

  190.' Joseph says:

    OK so first off some backstory for whoever is still reading this.

    By the way even though I no longer am, I was raised religious and thusly am aware and make many connections with the prior knowledge I have from reading the bible, and comparing religions.

    So when I was about 16 I first learned of awakening the 3rd eye. Being a dumb kid I did it, I followed the routine where you make the “Toe” noise. I never felt anything immediately change and just went on with my life.

    When I turned 20 a year ago I was introduced to Marijuana. Over the course of this year I have smoked it regularly and feel it has given me this “cosmic consciousness” that I have read is achieved through opening of the 3rd eye. My best friend who smokes agrees that it has given us just a higher functioning consciousness than the average person.

    Over the course of the last year I changed into an empathic, loving, more patient and understanding person. I didn’t know whether to attribute this to growing older and thus a more mature brain, or the smoking weed, or a combination of both.

    OK so now back to the present. Three hours ago I smoked and got high. I remembered reading once that vibrating noises emanating from the throat could soothe an ailing body. I recalled the TOE mantra and began to vocalize it. I did about 6 or 7 times, exhaling as far to the point that I would begin shaking a bit. This made me think of how the bible would mention people possessed by spirits being portrayed as shaking uncontrollably. Anyways after reading for the previous 2 hours on the subject of Kundalini, I can honestly say I experienced or am experiencing a Kundalini arousal or awakening. I feel tingling/strange sensations on my body, the feeling of there always being something or someone through the corner of my eye. Noises are so much sharper and for a while I could feel as if something bad was going to happen. As I always do I composed myself and prayed to god.

    Lo and behold I happen upon this blog and find that many people also have negative experiences. I would just like to say that anyone that can share a personal experience is providing valuable knowledge to those wishing to delve into it, to know as to what they can expect.

    Anyways the connection between the effects of Marijuana and opening the 3rd eye are very interesting to me. Even though like I said I feel I had already reached the cosmic consciousness before, it wasn’t until now that I awakened my Kundalini. Now that my high has come down things feel a bit more normal although I still feel the tingling,

    •' Hyu says:

      I actually have the same experience where everything is so much sharper. although, I wouldn’t say that I can just see them on the corner of my eye. There are a lot of things that can happen once you open your 3rd eye, there are also tendencies where it just opened up by itself, like what happen to me when I was eight.
      How do you handle yours?

  191.' HELP ME PLEASE says:

    How do you make the THOH sound. It says its pronnounced as “toe” , is that as in a “toe” on your foot. Ifso how do i make a TOE sound using my tongue in a “TH” position?

    Please help me in my path to enlightenment by emailing any info to thank you

  192.' power says:

    Hi oddboy i had a question about the third eye mines is o pen because i got annicheated with masons but my question is what do you feel when the thir eye is open everywhere i go in hear like a pop like on car tvs walls not really sure what it is so im writing on here idk if anybody heres the same thing just wanting to know cuz im going to start my spirtuall life within myself. I also had to put scissors under my bed at night and carry a star on my heart for a couple of months im trying to find myself and you will be a great help

    •' Oddbod says:

      Hello power
      Trust me, you can save yourself a lot of time and money buying and reading books if you find your heart of love and forgiveness.

      No scissors are necessary – like knives, they are the tools of a child.

      If you want to find your heart, take away the star and look deep inside.

      I have found forgiveness arises when you put others first (when there is no more you!), and love is the words and actions we choose to write with our heart on what is left (when there is no more you).

      That is what I was taught. I hope it helps you too.


  193.' power says:

    Hi oddboy i have a question i been annicheated from mason.they opened my third eye through a ritual im wondering bout the popping i hear on tvs cars ifk if anybody on here hears it. Im looking to focus more on my third eye buying books and stuff because i can feel it. Doesn it get stronger the pulsing in yhe third eye because really want to feel this. I also get itchy sometimes where the yhird eye is. Is that something? A meaning im trying to find myself through my third eye can you help

  194.' power says:

    This is my first time posting but i think i been initated from the masons and i think they opened my third eye now i hear poping noise on everything cars tvs corner of walls idk if im the only one that hears this too because our third eye is open but wanted to know the meaning of it and what cause it to do that. How do i know when my third eye is open? Is it like a pulse or a itch let me know i want to get to know my third eye alot. Idk if its opened havent praticed it. But being initated opened it curious to think with my third eye and the abilitys i can do with it.

  195.' Mongolia says:

    it is 1:22am. i usually meditate and try to open my third eye but i think i have awakens it as if i have opend it allready and i hear noises like tap or knock or pop or w,e it is… for the last 2 nights i have been falling asleep while i meditate, like completely relaxed sometimes leggs crossed as if i was sitting up and also have my hands and fingers together to get the circulation going or flow. im pretty new to this but many things happening so fast and easy. first off it was scary and got many goosebumps, i thought i seen a evil man with horns when i had my eyes rolled back in complete dark and had 2 candles in front of me, and i ussually meditate on my bed i have a queen size and sleep alone. so anyways. for the last two nights. i fell asleep while i meditate and wake up and notice “oh darn because i didnt meditate last night i just made my self sleep” but then. i had dreams on both nights. the first night. i dozed off, i could say dozed off for the people that dont know very well, about bieng aware but at the same time not really, because its part of meditation, my meditation is mostly about trying to astral travel with my thrid eye or something… so i travel in total darkness then all the sudden, i see a persons face, transforming and changing into man and a lady, i figured the lady was very beautiful but couldnt get a perfect visualization, i figured it was my angels or God… but i could be wrong… but it wasnt scary at all. then allllll the sudden booom it popped up. right after them it was a snake! and it dissapeared… i have no idea what kind of snake because like i said it was very blurry hard to tell, i realllyyyy had to focus on the man and lady transformations, i guess i saw the snake because i was reallyyyy focusing on to see exactly who or what it was… and a snake popped up and gone… and i woke up from my meditation or my experience with my third eye, it was like i woke up because i caught my self falling asleep when i was trying to meditate or w,e but it was wierd because i was aware but not really t the same time, it was like i was sleeping but i wasnt at the same time. if anyone understand what i meen… i will try this excersize about thoooeee… i guess how to make the sound is… Starts with T like tee, i understand where the H where thhhhoooooooe, sound comes it. comes from the back of my throught, ou dont say thoe, u say toooeeee, but ur tounge starts off sounding thhhoe, then as you continue to make the sound trying to get the right tone with your vibration and the vibration comes from the back of your throught vibration through out your tounge leading to your throught and up going to the chakras and to the third eye, like massaging it to awaken it, or such. its what i figure. try to understand me, kus i know my english isnt very good… but please reply if anyone is reading, and holyy shhhhh….. i think something or w,e just turned on my bathroom light, or it was that popp noise againnn. its kind of getting creepy kus im alone at home and my dog is staring at something that i cannot see… but i will meditate now and think of positive energy the worste thing can happen is getting afraid or panicking or such because thatl only make it worste, allways calm, for the things u dont understand nd such, tell ur self, nothing can harm you or anything because you are a son of God or daughter. and they will send anyone to make u feel better and let you know nothing can harm you,, just while i was typing this and getting really scared because i felt like something was walking towards me from the other room or from the bathroom then my door open, and its my uncle and my 2aunts very strange its almost 2am and they are here…. i thought atleast my uncle would take hourssssss.. but anyways im aware of little things like this that it proves to me that i am protected. and now since im not alone and safe i will practice my methods of different experiences trying to open the third eye it might be open allready but i really want to experience the astral travel i hear its the best thing, to know who your Creator is, and thats the worste for me, is not knowing my creator… i believe in God but i know God isnt my exact Creator that came from the Source.. anyways thank you for reading please send me an email about this or just anythinggg i will gladly happy to talk about this spirituallity and etcc and exchanging and learning from eachother… May the Source be with you and God bless.

  196.' Armie Abustan says:

    i want to activate my pineal gland and experience the inner world and life.. thanks

  197.' ladyscene says:

    freaky how this works…did the entire exercise, was warm in my room, last night i fell asleep, had a dream that this dark figure was standing beside my bed watching me sleep, and thats all that happened the entire dream, finally i woke up screaming, looked aound the room and no one was around, but the room had suddenly got very cold, i think someone was trying to contact me in my sleep

    •' Anushka says:

      hey….There are forces tht do not want the humans to ‘see’ beyond wt they usually see…
      we may call them evil forces ‘satan’ ‘mara’……many religions reference is different….
      there are many cases when someone in verge of achieving mentaly advanced suff..
      they come to stop u..
      If ur being disturbed….
      u must be doing good…
      keep practiceing…
      be brave..
      but theres always a chance tht someone is trying to contact u
      good luck


      •' Batbold Mongol-Facebook message me says:

        are entities that are religious above yes they do come because they don’t want us to pop up into their dimension and battle or chase them off. Usually entities try to conquer your thoughts and energy, and to keep us ignorant and ignorance, we are creators we can create many things we put our mind’s and intention and focus and create, they can’t, the bad entity cannot create and do what we are able to do. That’s why when we wake up in sleep paralysis they will do anything everything to scare you etc, so that we wake back up in our physical real time body, and wake up in our physical environment. As of now that you are reading this. They don’t like and want us to explore their physical environment of existence and existences of the other realms, dimensions etc. Buttttt, keep an open mind and keep in mind that, their are angels and good entities and guides and protectors and guards and posts and entity or ghostly forms nd spirits nd soo much more that some of them do have a “real time physical primary body” referring to a human body, meaning i do too have a human friend to travel with to other dimensions just like other people out there.

      •' Aaron says:

        This happened to me and it actually helped me move along quicker, but I asked for help, maybe you should the next time that happens

    •' Batbold Mongol-Facebook message me says:

      Umm. No the explanation of the phenomena is that its just an entity, the entity probably lives their or probably your spirit guide trying to guide you and check up on you, what you experienced was sleep paralysis, simply you activated your pineal gland and because of that you had awakened in your “spirit or soul” body but we call it the projectable double, astral body, secons body, secondary body, real time double. Which ever you woke up in, what many calls it the sleep paralysis, but we labeled them such as the astral world or the higher astral plane or lower astral, 3d-4-5th density, other dimensions of existence, realms, planes, etc. Look it up.

    •' Batbold Mongol-Facebook message me says:

      Sleep paralysis

    •' Jonathan says:

      I haven’t tried this exercise yet, I will start tonight, but I have been meditating and cleansing my chakras for the past 2 months daily. Also been trying lucid dreaming, only done it twice in the last month, although I used to do it quite often as a youth, anyway last night I had just fallen asleep when I heard a distinct voice from what I thought was outside my bedroom door to the left of the doorway I even thought I “saw” a head shape peeking around the corner of the doorframe. The voice was of a young “male” I didn’t recognize the voice at all and it was VERY clear and sounded real it said “Are you here dad?” Now I have a daughter, she doesn’t live with me and she wasn’t at my house. I woke very startled my heart started racing extremely fast and loud, I was able to settle it down within a few minutes and wasn’t scared in fact I kind of laughed and smiled. I’m not sure if it was just a dream but it didn’t feel like one it felt real. It felt true.

      •' Batbold Mongol-Facebook message me says:

        Umm, when i first had sleep paralysis or my first oobe their was entities that live here, and one of em scared me on purpose so that i wake back up to my physical real time body and think oh shitt what a scary nivhtmare but no. In the future i have woken up in my astral body, in my physical real time body, and the entity that scared me whiiiile ago, he was still in my room, but this time he just sat there and smiled at me and said, hi im sorry but we live here. So i understood the fact that they lived here wayyyy before i got here and accepted them the fact that, we share the same roof in both realities.

      •' Batbold Mongol-Facebook message me says:

        So if an entity was their allready, why freak out and scare yourself, why not confront them ask the whats wrong or introducw yourself because most of the entity that are acctully like living in a house or apartment or anythinf most likely they will be friendly or understandable. Just accept the fact that theirs a reason for it all nd simply to try understand or atleast be respectful, also if ur bieng attacked by an entity simply pray on the inside for help from other entity or angels. Youll be surprised how fast and accurate a prayer is. The right call the right prayer for one. One shall receive its need.but i nowdays, i control my breath when attacked so i don’tu use up any unnecessary energy. Then chase away the evil naughty entity. They get scared when I’m in full control and free, because entities can read my abilities but not all. That’s why most don’t accept my challenge. They just moves on, to mess with the weak.

        •' Jonathan says:

          I’m sorry to give you the impression I was scared. I was NOT, I was merely started at the vividness of the voice. I actually liked it. My heart was racing NOT due to being scared but to being excited. I don’t believe in angels and demons but I do believe in consciousness across the veil. I believe it was a consciousness contacting me because I have been training to contact them.

          •' Batbold Mongol-Facebook message me says:

            Would you mind sharing with all of us on how you ended up being in that situation of experience. Right now I’m collecting other people’s experiences and what they did to be in that stage or phase, the phenomenon.

    •' jake says:

      i have a question…im only 15 years old and i was wondering if someone could answer this..i am only 15 so is it a good idea to start opening my third eye at a young age?

      •' Risa Roo says:

        Hey Jake, I started opening my third eye around 16, I would strongly recommend visiting a local spiritual center for guidance. I opened my third eye worth no guidance and scared myself so bad I am now traumatised. I would hate for a kid your age to be go through what I went through. There is a wide range of metaphysical, spiritual, and astral knowledge you must hold before venturing into opening the third eye. Kind of like how you need to pass a test to get your permit before you begin to learn to drive, there are sets of rules in psychic defense and the like that should be learned first so you understand how to navigate the aspects and troubles of the psychic world before you get tangled up in them and hurt yourself. Start with learning about your chakras, cleansing, and defense. Then contact a local psychic and see if they know of any classes too help guide you. that will set a strong foundation for your endeavors.

        hope that helps

  198.' Mongolia says:

    Oddbod please help me and reply. You seem to know a lot because of your experiences, well I had a lot experiences but I do not understand them. Please help

  199.' Trevor says:

    Alright, I am just looking to see if anyone has had similar experiences to me. I never did the mantra, but I focussed on the “third eye” for about 30 minutes a day for maybe a week. After that I stopped, the most interesting thing I noticed is that I can see, and the only good way to describe it is, bacteria floating just in front of my eyes. Maybe some higher cognitive thinking, problem solving and stuff like that. This was maybe 2 years ago. Now I have recently started doing the focussing once again and I found after several days I can no longer focus on the exact spot. When I try, the tingling floats in a long diagonal line above my right brow, to both temples and finally the whole head. Anyway. Just looking for any similar visual feedback for that is the only real concrete sign I have of anything happening.

    •' Logan says:

      I just randomly came about this post. I have been having dream premonitions since I have been a kid. I am by far no expert in anything spiritual, but I have also been noticing my vision doing something similar. I majored in microbiology so and I am positive the stuff I am seeing is not just floating bacteria, but it is a similar visual. Mine looks just like a flowing haze around everything. I kind of describe it as looking out a window. You can see out a window just fine, but if you focus enough many times you can see the reflections within the glass. I notice when I focus on this haze it becomes more clear, although it seems fairly formless. Nice to see I’m not the only one having this stuff happen. If you find any information please post it as I would be interested.

      •' Aaron says:

        This means that your pineal gland is not yet uncalcified, that’s why you describe blurry vision because you still have work to do to open it completely

      •' itstony2 says:

        these are just floaters. they follow your pupils, when you see them, just flick your eyes to the other side, and watch them follow. i have seen these for years.

    •' Javier peniza says:

      Hello listen you are not crazy nor will I am about to say is crazy I had been noticing a small haze ocular sight and thought, “Oh wow there my eyes are bad and sucks to see at night,” After I went to the optometrist they looked and said my eyes are in perfect condition 20/20 however after deep look into my eyes, they said well there is a small cyst on the nerves of my eyes, I thought shit something is wrong and have an upcoming appointment to see if it grows or conditions of my eyes gets bad. Then because I am a believer and I do my very best to apply it on my daily life and challeging because of how the world is these days. I sat and wondered and then I purchased a pair of uva uvb glasses just from walmart and realized , “damn I can see very clear and as a matter of experience look even in the richness of life and things and importantly through people,” Sounds obzerve doesn’t it? Well do not consider the facts instead embrace it and see hmm something is higher that the elected ones are given this gift to embrace it I haven’t yet read on this article and I intend to but think about what I shared and will encourage you to see your eyes are awaken to a broader view in life, and perhaps a stronger purpose is being avail to you and to learn how to apply it. From what you expressed and shared you are not alone and I too experienced that same dream and can describe from a short glimpse and concentration of my eyes when closed and immediately open it looks like a fainted donut circle but for a fraction of a second gone I am going to embrace it and see how far the rabbit hole goes with this gift and I will end this by encouraging you to purchase and what I feel can help along your path to greatness uva uvb and uvc coated leanses Im looking into oakley however whats applicable to your desire try it out and feel free to contact me via email, and do not worry what other opinions on the matter is but embrace what your born with thank you for your time and patience.

      Mr. Peniza

  200.' John says:

    I had an awakening at the beginning of the year and ever since i’ve been expanding my consciousness day by day from all aspects of life and it has been amazing will continue to be amazing no doubt.
    My question is, I can focus on my third eye and after roughly 30 seconds of concentration my vision begins to distort and my heart rate begins to get faster and harder and it can somewhat compare to “tripping”. It gets to a point and my whole vision starts to form into one (not sure if thats the best way to describe it) and my heart goes that crazy I have to lose focus cause I…think…that it begins to scare me when my eyes are completely open but my vision is completely gone??
    Any help would be muchly appreciated.

    •' Mgl_Bobby says:

      yes, i know what your going through, it happens to all of us at some point, it means there are spirit within the area or around you, but dont be scared and freak out and do uncontrolling things like let your emotions take over you, best to be calm and think about what they want and what is happening and how you are feeling, you may get a whole woof through your whole body like goose bumps or such or more than that like feeling as if something or someone is watching over you, but again, its just spiritual guidance, trying to give you a sign to let you move onto another state of conciessness of higher self and so on, it could be an angel if you get scared to the point you give up, but even thoe you gave up for the day or your meditation status, somehow you still feel something or someone is still watching or with you the whole time, and again the feelings and intentions are true, whatever you feel or think, but trust me when i tell you they dont come to harm you, they come to help you, to guide you through whatever you desire or of in need, your conciessness and searching for the unknown of higher self, rightiouseness could say. They are there to guide you through it, with you, to protect you, give you signs, and awaken more and more about the things we dont know and understand but they will direct you to that direction, and the direction is your choice.. think about that. i dont want to scare you but it wont hurt to be informed and aware of the knowledge of satanism, but i warn you, if you do not wish to seek the truth, then dont do it, because it will scare you at first then once you passed the stage of bieng frightened of the truth then all comes back to bieng ONE, in peace of feeling protected knowing that something or someone loves you very much that they will not let any harm come onto you unless you give up… good luck my friend hope it was somewhat some helpp.. you can email me about anyythinggg

    •' ManWithAHat says:

      Hey, have you ever tried to meditate with your eyes closed? It may help 🙂

  201.' Arular akbar says:

    Jimi Hendrix’s Third eye was definitely open!

  202.' rhashaun says:

    i am 16th n i want to open my third eye but after reading some of those post i am kinda scared to open it because i don’t want demons in me or my house

    •' Genie says:

      Inborn third eye is a gift from God.Once you tried to open your third eye make sure you are guided by Gods’ Laws for some people go further beyond the rules and commit sins.There are no demons but bad spirits.And higher level of 3rd eyes sees and could distinguish natural /elemental spirits from angels believe it
      or not.
      Deuteronomy 18:11

    •' stephanie says:

      This is not something to take lightly. I suggest you first learn how to say a prayer of protection before opening your third eye. It will keep away evil spirits once you surround yourself with the white light of Gods love and protection. My third eye was opened when I was becoming certified in Reiki. My teacher did not do a prayer of protection and I was attacked for several nights by evil spirits. I had to learn to protect myself with a protection prayer and I placed lighted candles on four sides of me at night when I went to sleep for a few days until it the attacks stopped.

    •' kayla says:

      i also want to open my third eye but am scared to, i want to be open to the good things in life but all this information about fluoride and other harmful things is a lot to take in. I also want to protect my children and be in touch with myself. sorry for the jumping around my mind is very stimulated right now.

    •' Risa Roo says:

      I started when I was about your age, I was tormented by demons and shadow people… things I never asked for. When you open your third eye you can’t choose what you do and don’t see. You can tell negative spirits and demons to leave you alone though. The prayer to saint Michael works best for me. Don’t listen to people who say they aren’t there, because they are. These entries will show up when you astral project, or will be there if you are in unfamiliar places. You need to learn to defend yourself against these things so you won’t be scared, because sooner or later your going to see something you don’t like. Acting like they don’t exist doesn’t solve anything.

  203.' Mgl_Bobby says:

    No, if you can see demons or etc, they can not possess you, at any cost, they can trick you, they can lie to you or but most of them are friendly and respectful, best way to deal with them is, figure out what they want if you can connect with one of them or whatever, and be respectful, do not make any demands or such like u see in the movies that christians or etc does, like I DEMAND YOU TO BLAH BLAH, you do not want to do that, that will make them angry, you dont have any right to demand any spirit, but like i again they cant come into you or possess you unless you let them, meaning giving permission or exchanging or coming to an agreement with one can and may be possessed by one, but does not mean you are selling your soul and that your gonno go to hell, thats total bs trust me, there is bad and good in all of us, you have to accept both,.. i dont know how far your knowledge is on that but, k, bacj to your question. they cant enter you, or you bieng possessed like in the movies, and no they wont harm you but i didnt say they cant.. understand and respect and be humble and calm and patient, then ONE will be understood.

  204.' dion says:

    I’m having problem making the thoh sound I don’t see how you tongue vibrates if your jaws are slightly open and it suppose to sound like toe but almost pronounces with the

  205.' jonny blaze says:

    How do you know if your 3rd eye is open? I think mine might be cus I have allways been around spirtual things and such I notice my senses are really high also. Any advice?

  206.' Dave says:

    So I’m two days into it and I still can’t feel much. I feel like I am doing the technique correctly and I have been meditating for a while before using this technique, so can anyone give me some advice or pointers on how I can make the experience better?

  207.' Sam says:

    Hi everyone ….

    I came by this website on happenstance and have read quite a few of the comments and even tried to do practise the ‘thoh’ but getting the sound right while the tip of my tongue is between my teeth didn’t quite work so I followed a comment that I read where I just laid back closed my eyes and breathed in through my nose, the only picture that came to mind was blue skies with big fluffy clouds and clean sandy beach then I had an ‘eye’ pop out of nowhere – the whole picture changed black with only the eye in the middle, I could only see the outline of the eye and the pupil which was orange but everything else was black. I tried to focus back on the clouds and the beach but the ‘eye’ kept coming back ??? I kept breathing my nose and slowly opened my eyes – what does this mean ???

    •' Busby says:

      It represents lust. The world burns with lust – the colour of flame is orange – the “eye” is (your) lust. Lust is something to go beyond to reach spiritual height.
      Hope that helps.

  208.' Ghazanfar Ali says:

    WoW Amazing Exercise. I first played the alto tone (middle C) which is in fact 261.63 Hertz in my tone generator to tune my vocals with it. Then I followed your instructions for Awakening one. And I placed tip of my tongue just touching the opening of my teeth from inside. And chanted Thhhhhhhhhho o o o o o with a long exhale. I tried to chant on exact frequency and my whole head started feeling a strange resonance. I did it on open roof of my house with lights off at 11:45 pm. And after the exercise I felt like putting a ton weight on my head while coming down from stairs. A strange headache emerging right from the inner center of my head where actually the pineal gland is situated behind pituitary gland. Then the headache started shifting to the both sides of the extreme top where forehead ends. I am feeling a stretch between my eyebrows and bone of the nose. A sort of feeling of paralysis and tickling sensation on skin of the nose and forehead. It is much much better to do it just before going to bed. 2 more days to go. What I feel is it is better to pronunciate thhhhauuuuuuhhh asin aus of australia instead of rounding your lips to say O coz I felt more vibration and resonance without bending my lips to say O. Thanks to you my friend.

  209.' Ghazanfar Ali says:

    My friends please try to understand some realities which cannot be denied. Demons are always there around us causing problems in our lives like invoking hatred, fights, wars, crimes, adultery, lust and other sins. The only difference between a normal man and people like us with third eye opened is that a normal man cannot see demons entering into his mind or body to compel him to do a sin but we can see them hanging around us or fiddling with our mind. It is said in Islamic Teachings, if a man becomes capable of seeing the unseen worlds the most populated creature he will find around him is the community of Djinns and Shayateen (Plural of Shaitaan / Satan in Arabic also used for offsprings of Lucifer). A man will then not be able to find an empty space to place his foot in the street.

    •' Ghazanfar Ali says:

      It’s a bit complicated. there world and our word are parallel overlapping each other at the same time but in a different dimension at same points. When your third eye is open you see the lawn of your house where you are actually standing and sitting place of them at the same time. Both visions are over lapped. or sometimes you jumped into either of the worlds for sometimes. And one world out of two becomes visible and other vanishes from your eyes. Psychology uses terms like Hallucination, Schizophrenia to cover up such events coz it cannot define the experiences of spirituality or meta-physics. so choice is ours to be superman in this world or not coz then for us rest of the people would be ignorant and we the wisemen and for them we may be abnormal.

  210.' taylor9713 says:

    I’m 14 and I want to open my third eye but I’m afraid it has something to do with the illuminati and is it satanic? Please reply back thanks

    •' Busby says:

      Hello Taylor
      Before you do anything in life you should research so you know what you’re getting yourself into – the rewards and the dangers. Read the comments on this page – there is a wealth of info here.
      One thing – third eye is not what most people think – you don’t get “special powers” – it takes you where it wants to go and you have NO control over it – and wherever ut takes you (might not be good) YOU have to deal with it.
      Hope that helps

  211.' taylor9713 says:

    I need help oddbod, I’m a 14 year old male looking to open my third eye but I’m afraid it has something to do with the illuminati? Is it satanic if so I’m not doing it. And how strong can my powers get afterwards? Please reply

  212.' philipk1993 says:

    i have a question, people may think its stupid but i dont care. when you talk to these spirtes do u talk to them like u would if someone was right in front of u or wat? and when u go to these other “places” does ur body just stop wat it is doin and just sit there? i need a snswer asap cuz im a future hairstylest and i really dont want to scare my clients. thnkz

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  214.' joshua michael says:

    what if i can feel presence around me yet my third eye is not open yet ,though
    when I focus and c lose my eyes focusing my energy i can see
    them c learly moving and sometimes they look at me .

  215.' robbo says:

    I have done the excercise for three days and followed instructions, I felt the vibrations as discribed but nothing came from it. what could i have been doing wrong.

  216.' Mathew says:

    You all have nothing to fear. For we are all part of the source. “god”. In essence we are god. The sooner you know this and believe it the better anything spiritual will go for you. Any spirit with bad intentions will flee at the very sight of you if you rid yourself of fear… I also recommend trying to contact your higher self as it holds the key to our questions. Much love.

    •' Batbold Mongol-Facebook message me says:

      Yes thats very good, to add that we ARE Godly, simply because we are the creators of our reality and others as well if one can obtain its knowledge. If i was to explain, I’d have to make a video, for its a long topic to explain, but we can, can become God. Simply by knowing one true self within knowing one’s existence. We say God because humanity named it as God. To confuse us and to keep us ignorant, ignorance, but our God description has its own name. Don’t think ” God” came to humanity and said i am God, for i have created the definition of creation, in the future, my description shall and will be named God on your planet, and then went around in the galaxy unto other planets and informed them like that. Believe it or not, in other reality and dimensions some dont even know what human exustence is, nor God, but they do know somewht of the description of a God.

  217.' lucy says:

    when i was a little girl i always used to have strange feelings in between my eyes, i could close my eyes and if someone or something was pointing at it i would be able to tell because it would ache and vibrate slightly, i had no idea if this was normal or not because i was so little but as i’ve got older i have lost that ability completely, i was wondering if it had anything to do with the third eye? also all my life i’ve always had lucid dreams and they come to me very easily, i’m so amazed by the thought of opening my third eye and its something ive always waned to do, i’ve tried all these exercises but whenever i close my eyes and try to meditate i just see black, i cant seem to get anywhere, do you have any advise oddbot? i really want to be able to learn this skill.
    thank you hannah x

  218.' Goyalow says:

    Upon opening My third eye I’ve experienced the best feelings and not in the physical state. My body has grown more and more loose feeling. And its because there is less energy blockage within My body. Not all but most of my senses are now processed through my 3rd eye. I feel a beautiful pressure in my 3rd eye. Especially when I’m deep in thought. This feeling lets me know that my 3rd eye is connecting successfully with the Universe. I do not have a religion. I believe in the Universe. I believe in human beings. I believe that we are apart of the Universe and the Universe is apart of Us. We are made up of the same components. When I tap into my 3rd eye, particularly while in meditation my dreams are vivid. My body is numb. I see everything. I feel the future. I know that every moment in my life lead Me to this path. Its actually really funny. I could literally add up all the major and sometimes minor occurences which led to where my two feet are planted at the this moment. And its amazing to have this feeling of control for once. Knowing we as humans are as great as the Universe. We are meant to be. The Universe wants Us to conduct its power. I believe that one day our planet will do everything We need to realize the Gift of one another. And truthfully through the Universe and each other We will. My life has never been more pleasant and each person around Me fulfills and compliments my already happy spirit.

  219.' Michael says:

    By experience I’d say it’s to do with your power or if you’re as prone to it as some. If you’re feeling it already, then that probably means that you have a lot of power. Though I haven’t done these specific exercises, a few years ago I did similar, and it worked pretty quickly for me too, I was told by several people able to sense this kind of thing that it’s due to being powerful. Perhaps you are too.

  220.' Michael says:

    Doing exercise one it is unclear what you are meant to do in term1s of tone or in the mouth, however I attempted and I didnt get any sensation in my jaw and cheeks until after the exercise was done, at which point they began to feel a bit numb. Saying that, the feeling in the third eye was pretty much instant.

  221.' Oddbod says:

    I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening – both good and bad experiences – then just the bad. Went on for years.
    The only way I could make them stop was to call out to Jesus Christ.
    After time they would go away.
    Now I am a Christian and do not suffer with this anymore.
    I suggest Christianity as a sane antidote – in truth, your son should be able to do this himself simply by calling on the name, but you could also consider some Christian Healing networks.
    Hope that helps

    •' CaringOne says:

      Hi this is

      I understand what he is going thru and why it is happening and honestly can guess what sorts of information and threatening and such is going on. Like oddbod said, Jesus Christ does help for many!! To truly believe in Jesus, if your family or such is Religious for othe Religion and beliefs, but i promise you Calling out for Jesus and etcc will 99%percent most likely to send thoes nasty naughty “entity”, this what i would say on the “site” here,, but if you email me to my “”. I will go outt my way trying to help your son and your family. Its up to you to try and be honest and be truthfull towards me if you email me with all the details that your son says to you. So that i can acttually help you, but because of my generousity “do not think” i will try to ask some sort of payment,,,, because i do “NO SUCH THING” for ONE.. I promise you, i will do my best to help your Son, simply because i am experiencing simular, and allways have been, but ever since i started meditating and etcc ive started to control my energy and keep negative energy and to keep thies naughty “bad boys” thoes bad evil lying “entities” “entity. As i was writing this an entity try to scare me and did actually succeed feeding me “fear” in me and to my thoughts, and the message from an entity or One or many, was that, “we dont like what you Do” and if you continue we will neer leave you alone and we will alleays give you fear, we will allways follow you and etcc, but they have no control over me physically nor mentaly just thoughts of energy and etcc.. I know alott about them actually so. Like i said. I may very well solve the phenomenon that has been occuring around you and for your SON.

  222.' itoofresh says:

    I have a question, I just basically read through everything, n i knew a little bit about the third eye before I even searched this, n Ive never done the step by step to open it, but I have sorta done some of the similar steps by myself which I find kinda odd that I was even doing it without knowing, but is it necessary to do the procedure? And after I read all this I just did it with just concentrating on the third eye with my eyes open, feeling some sort of energy around me, only in the darkness, and when I stood up n walked around I felt this amazing feeling, it was kinda like goose bums but it felt like I just got so much energy it felt like I was more alive which kinda sounds weird but best way to describe it is, that I got this huge burst of energy through my body every time I tried to talk to the energy in the darkness, n let me remind you, this just happened n i am awake, not dreaming, what do you think of this? Plus I tried the exercise today, n all I saw was what u would call in aura n it was purple kinda like clouds just floating around the darkness

  223.' person_in_need says:

    I kept reading the comments but I dont think I can do it. I was watching youtube a few years ago and the guy said BEST PORN EVER? I searched it not knowing what it was and slowly became addicted. Im really selfish and only help the cool people and not the ones who need help. Ever since 6th grade, some kid told me to swear/cuss or he’d beat me up and now I swear everyday. I want to open my 3rd eye so I could change and be a better person and see right from wrong. I want protection from god so I dont get possed by demons but I dont think I deserve it. :,(

  224.' Lauren says:

    Yeh, the demons are out there, so pray for protection before venturing forth. I’m not getting religious with anyone, but thanking Jesus for loving you so much sends them packing. Also I’ve been experimenting with a herbal combination said to decalcify the pineal, (includes some Coleus Forskohlii, Irvingia Gabonensis, Green Coffee extract,Rhodiola, Garcinia Cambogia,Sclareolide,) etc. I have noticed increased alertness and heightened awareness of many more vitrational energies than before. Greater peace too.

  225.' Ella says:

    I’ve been doing chakra meditations for a year and a half. i have felt more intuitive and connected to a higher power but nothing out of the ordinary until 2 weeks ago. I was listening to a youtube binaural meditation that focuses on the third eye and connecting with your higher self. I felt in the zone the entire meditation. It felt amazing and effortless. At the end there was a chanting and a very low pitch tone. At that moment i felt like i was no longer in my body and could not move. I began to feel as if i was lifting out of myself. I got scared but then just let it be and focused on my breathing. When it was over i continued to hear the chanting and low tone for hours. I felt euphoric and was happier then i’ve been in longer than i can remember. That day I went to the mall with a friend. I felt everyone’s energy as they passed. It was overwhelming. I then felt myself leave my body and had a grand mal seizure which i have never in my life had. i’m 28 years old. Since then, i have felt like I am a whole new person with much more purpose and much more empathy. I’ve noticed that the answers to people’s personal dillemas just come to me. i know the exact things to say to comfort people & know intuitively when someone is in emotional pain and needs support. People seem to gravitate toward me since then too. My dreams have become very vivid and intense. i’ve been having pain in my neck since then, but that could just be related to the seizure. My question it common to experience a seizure after opening the third eye or is it just a coincidence that I had that? if it is related, is it likely to happen again and how can I avoid it, as it was a very scarry experience.

  226.' no one says:

    i did it, im glad i did

  227.' kyle says:

    I don’t really see anything but I know things that i could not know
    these things come too me at strange times
    they pretty much telll/show me about things or people
    at first i was sure i was going mad but well most of the things where true

    “it feel like you remember something from long ago.”

    the problem is it is getting worse so i need a way too control it or i will really go insane

    now im trying too open my 3rd eye in Hope

    if any of you have idee’s that i could try plz say so i will try too post if there are more changes

    •' CaringOne says:

      Meditation. Acceptance and be One with All of creations and be understanding and become a SPIRIT that you are, also pray however you may. Pray for Help for any of your intentions or wishes etccc whatever it is. Ask and thank the Entities, Angels, spirits, GodS, spirit Guides. Etcc send out positive energy and One will recieve in return.

  228.' RisaRoo says:

    I originally did this exercise back in ’08. When I finished it for the first time I got a headache soooo incredibly powerful that it knocked me out. I woke up the next morning and everything seemed normal… but then as time went on it started with sleep paralysis and shadow figures, it tormented me…. I was not prepared. Then these hooded figures came around in my waked state and it gave me a break down. I closed my third eye because I was traumatised. I had one meeting with my spirit guides/angels, but aside from that the only thing that ever came around was dark and evil. I warn you… Seek spiritual guidance from local psychics, and other well informed people before doing this. if you are just some curious kid with no guidance doing this you will have trouble. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL…. if you can not manage it you may cast away your gift permanently. Learn to protect yourself from psychic attacks and study up on astral projection. Opening your third eye can become a gift but takes a LOT of guidence, patience, and wisdom. You will never be the same, so make sure the psychic person you turn into is wise and well grounded, and not confused and in fear.

  229.' CaringOne says:

    It is not good to demand entities. You dont want them to get mad and etc. ive been their, it is not the best choice. Never demand an existence that is unknown.

  230.' jessieo says:

    i did awakening I for two times and i felt a little of nausea and headache the first time now I have only a slight headache and I also couldnt tell if it was working while i was doing it so i chant THOH much more than 5 times is this bad?
    I also read all the conversation and Im not sure if I want to do this if it will harm me but i feel peaceful after doing, im 18 and i consider myself somewhat experienced but ive never seen or heard anything…I dont know if I may regret for doing this but what happens if i Only do awakening I and stop there?

  231.' ManWithAHat says:

    I’m sure this is torn straight from another website I know. Either way, glad it worked for you but do also remember the energies that come with this meditation. Yes it works and handled with care, even better but you may want to link the original source – Just so people know where the info is from
    (unless that’s the intention)
    Best wishes though, and I wish you good progress with you meditations. No malice intended, just a friendly guesture 🙂

  232.' ManWithAHat says:

    Exercise 1 will open your 3rd Eye and Exercise 2 will open the rest (of the mentioned above) and it really is that simple. Just remember to meditate on them if you want to strengthen the energies but otherwise, everything you’re looking for is on this page. 🙂

  233.' rude boy says:

    when i close my eyes is like im somewhere else ,but still all i see is black
    i want to open my third eye ,but im still scared ,im 16 years old

    •' Seomi says:

      Dude, I’m 16 years old and I totally feel you bro! Especially after reading these comments, haha. But just try I think you won’t regret it! 🙂 Maybe have someone keep prayers for you to be guided properly and be your back up for when you need it. Also keep your good spirit guides close to you. Good luck! 🙂

      •' randall says:

        Hey I just started this last nights I felt the tingling and everything but how much time till I can see things and feel it ?

    •' JD says:

      Hi Rude Boy, I’m certainly no expert on this, having just started myself but it is certainly in your best interests to push all thoughts of fear out from your mind and embrace anything that occurs. I’d also advise you to make a log of each attempt as it can act as a reference guide and help with reflection.

      My first 10 days of logs are below if you are interested. These experiments were conducted in the evening about 9pm when heading to bed but throughout the experimentation, sleeping patterns have been disrupted and I generally wake up in the early hours now, quite awake and willing to experiment more.

      This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will experience what I have experienced and nor should you expect to but I’m still learning and finding the journey an interesting one.

      The reason for doing this is purely to expand my knowledge of the world in which I live and if possible, to help others through my experiences. I’m a bit at loss with the world; it can be very grey at times with so much violence, lack of empathy and corruption. Activating the third eye would, for me, be a way of seeking the truth and maybe even a bit of escapism from the norm.

      Day 1 Heavy pressure in head and a distinct throbbing. Feeling of another presence in room with me. A spray of white dots opening and closing. An expanding tunnel with a square symbol and triangle joined together. On opening eyes, could see both the room and the spray of white which also had darker shades surrounding it. Unusual that this brought tears momentarily to my eyes with a slight feeling of sadness. Most notably, I felt a distinct vibration in my head.
      This is all new to me. I haven’t really thought much about the dark and the possibilities that there could be other entities or planes of existence out there so this was quite an odd and interesting first attempt.

      Day 2 No more throbbing but heavy pressure remaining in forehead. More display of white dots with swirling forms. On opening eyes, noticed a bright, white eye-shape on the ceiling with what looks like a slow moving pupil. Also noticed a bright, vertical light on the wall to the right of my bed that would vanish for a while and then return later. Still unclear if this light is a result of a light going on and off outside. I did notice that these lights were only visible if I opened all eyes, rather than merely looking through my third eye which suggests to me that they are natural occurrences.
      On a side-note, while this is happening, I’ve been feeling extra hot in bed to the point of being rather uncomfortable. Also noticed I’ve been experiencing a few aches in the top left corner of my chest.

      Day 3 Waking hours I’ve noticed colours are more pronounced and prominent. Also, a sort of hazy, white aura will appear around objects while looking around, like a brief imprint. The ache in my chest is still there. Conducting some research I believe this may be to do with the different chakras in the body. The heart chakra may not be as balanced as I first expected. I’ve played some heart chakra balancing music I’ve found online and concentrated on that area during the day.
      This evening I was rather tired. Bit of a let-down. Didn’t really see much, other than the general white orbs and the on and off vertical light on the side wall of the room which I’m still unsure if it is an outside/ natural influence. Unfortunately, there was no bright, white eye on the ceiling tonight. I suspect these things take time so trying not to be disheartened.

      Day 4 Chest is much better today. No aches. In general I feel quite comfortable with the experimentation and more optimistic that there is something else out there, other than the material world. Conducting some research it appears that white orbs and bright lights are a relatively common occurrence. It is the general consensus that these are spirit guides. I’ll bear this in mind.
      In the evening, I noticed that the white eye appeared on the ceiling once again. Also, the white vertical strips appeared on the wall, but this time in a different place, a little bit closer to me. A bright white orb appeared next to the vertical strips and quickly darted to the left before vanishing. This was an unusual occurrence. I tried asking via thoughts for the spirit guides, if that is indeed what they are, to reveal themselves to me but either they didn’t understand or were unwilling at this stage; or they aren’t spirits and my mind is playing tricks on me.
      During this session, I drifted off into sleep a few times, but only briefly. I did see two flashes of brightly coloured landscapes during these lapses but can remember no specific details about them. Again, I was uncomfortably hot in bed.

      Day 5 Rather tired this evening after my early awakenings from the other few nights so I decided to go straight to sleep. I was awakened in the early hours again, this time in a dream state with a male voice within the dream telling me that if I wanted to reach enlightenment I had to continue with my meditations. Found this rather odd but it certainly woke me up and I experimented a bit more, drifting in and out of sleep during the process. Another dream phase added another male voice saying that I would be sent to the Nether in my next life to live the life of a hermit; found this most unusual but I digress, these were probably dreams – there was no visual element to it, purely a voice. In hindsight, living the life of a hermit certainly wouldn’t bother me – although, I’m not sure I’d fancy doing it in the nether; definitely not a guy who enjoys heat – much prefer the cold.
      During these moments of sleep I dreamt of strange flying beasts but the recollection is hazy and I don’t remember much about them. I did notice one unusual occurrence during my relaxation – the swirling dots and forms that continue to remain prominent during the meditations started to change into a long aisle similar to that of a church. It moved me down the aisle towards an altar with a depiction of two hands back to back with an eye between them. Other than that, nothing exceptional to note this evening. A white orb appeared on the wall to the right of me again but I’m beginning to wonder if it is light from outside. Oddly it was intermittent – sometimes there and sometimes not.
      I must make a note here that these visualisations are certainly not crystal clear. They are defined around specks of white dots and don’t last for long amongst the swirling forms.

      Day 6 Feeling rather disappointed and silly this morning. I decided last night before heading to bed to cover the windows completely to prevent any light entering the room. Lo and behold, I didn’t see any white orbs hovering on the wall or ceiling near the bed. The human mind, as complex as it is, can often be misleading in its interpretation of oddities. So, I feel as though I’ve took a step or two back this morning. There have been no white orbs in my room; perhaps it was just wishful thinking. I did feel the heavy pressure in my head again and I jolted awake a few times on drifting to sleep. The spray of white dots did return and they continued to twist into unusual patterns ; the most unusual being what looked like ramparts. But, there seemed to be no meaning to its randomness and I’m quite at loss as to what I’m seeing and I not even certain if this is a spiritual journey or if I’m just seeing retinal blood vessel reflections. On the subject of the latter, I would expect to see more colour.
      Will be interesting to see what the affect of consuming alcohol has on these evening meditations as I’m going out tonight to partake in a few ales.

      Day 7 Alcohol certainly didn’t help me meditate – I think I was asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow, despite my attempts to utilise my third eye. However, I was jolted awake at 3am (the usual time I get stirred from my slumber since starting out on this experimentation) and decided to try and focus on the meditation. Although nothing spectacular happened, I did see the most graphic display of twisting shapes and spray of white specks. This time I was going at full speed through this twisting tunnel but on reaching the end jolted awake from my meditation – so goodness knows what was at the end. A little at a time. I do have a bit of a tender head this morning; I’m assuming this is from the alcohol and not the meditation.

      Day 8 Slept through. Couldn’t even meditate without falling asleep; the early morning awakenings obviously taking their physical toll.

      Day 9 An extremely long meditation – couldn’t sleep, even though I was tired. Eventually, the whole room was shrouded in pale white with only the darkness above and to the two sides of me. Definitely the most visual display of flashing and twisting imagery I have experienced yet, though still no visions filled with colour that some people seem to see when setting out on this path. I did see one image of a triangle with the eye inside. The eye is now always there when I concentrate on it. It is always in front of me hovering there in the gloom although there is no colour and its outline is white. It even blinks from time to time. Very odd experience; unusually, I don’t feel the slightest bit of panic or fear, just comfort. My right ear also made a lot of popping sounds tonight; perhaps attempting to tune into another channel / dimension? Interestingly, I also heard whispering or low talking – this wasn’t clear and I couldn’t make out what was being said. I’m hoping that in time this will become clearer. Overall, an interesting evening and I feel closer to the third eye than ever before. From a logical perspective, if this is purely a trick of the mind, I see no harm in it if it makes me feel better in life. On a side-note, I did feel the presence of something in the room with me. Also felt something touch my hair.

      Day 10 Swirling black with white dots again – this time more lilac shapes drifting from time to time like spirits flying through the sky, twisting here and there. A few times I opened my eyes during the meditation and noticed an unnatural darkness behind and above my head; not sure if this is just the natural shades of the room or an opening to another dimension (well you have to remain open-minded). The rest of the room was still in darkness but a softer shade. The only issue is, I don’t know what is supposed to happen now. Is my third eye completely open or is it still only partially open? What I’m hoping for is communication of some kind so that I can voice questions. Regardless the meditations are comforting and enjoyable; always with a sense of oneness and belonging so I will continue them each night.

  234.' robin says:

    Always have wanted to open my third eye spiritially strong im ready to take it to the next lvl wat would be the quick way

    •' CaringOne says:

      Is to focus on your Pineal Gland (third eye), and to be able to meditate and to be able to control and observe the breath and to be able to feel your energies and also to stay awake and conscious while the 3d eye meditation practice is in process and be conscious and awake during the closed eye meditation of focusing onto the 6th chakra and also to be able to feel the Cosmic energy going through or coming into your physical body and your etheric body to recharge and cleanse to feed and expand your self consciousness and awareness and to obtain and expand your knowledge and etcc. Good luck to ya. Namaste

  235.' robin says:

    What would be the fast way

  236.' sel says:

    Its nothing with demons or ghosts right…?
    I just wanna be save and not die early ’cause
    im to young to die.

  237.' TheOneWhoHides says:

    if anyone could help me that would be wonderful…. so i have no idea if believe in god or not. i’ve had experiences with ghosts however they were always short and could be disregarded as coincidence. ive been practicing with telekinesis and things like that and had success. actual success whether you believe me or not. i want to open my third eye and for the simple purpose of gaining more knowledge and experience for myself. to be more connected with myself and the world. if anyone could tell me what they have experienced and what could happen from this that would be wonderful. all i want is knowledge and to make myself into what i would like to be. thank you for your help.

    •' Rifter says:

      After doing awakening 1 i’ve not had any negative experiences. On the first three days i felt i had more energy and was much more positive. However since you bring up ghosts be aware you will get more sensitive to such things but since your frequency of thought should be rising to a higher plane you should be better able to handle such things much better.

      The nightmares i get when there is a dark presence near do not face me nearly as much as they used too.

  238. What’s up i am kavin, its my first time to commenting
    anyplace, when i read this article i thought i could
    also make comment due to this sensible piece of writing.

  239.' SirJason says:

    hey im Sirjason and i need serious help opening my third eye i keep trying but its not working. can someone guide me. or tell me a different way

    •' Ryan says:

      one way to help open your third eye and keep it open is to eliminate all harsh deadly chemicals from your body such as deodorants and toothpaste and the water you drink everyday is a big one get a fluoride filter for your home, the fluoride has a huge effect on closing and breaking down your pineal gland, after years of fluoride use it looks like a smokers lungs all black and shriveled up. Also learning mantras is a huge part of moving through astral planes and becoming lucid, EGO probably the single most important thing of this process, best advice is lose it and fast, you are a divine being as well as others are too, before race and religion remember we are all human beings on this planet trying to figure out the truth of our creation, don’t look to christian views that much, because it is a religion based on the fear of god and our divine creator look towards views of love such as Buddhism for one you will find the truths about our lives through your study of meditation. Bill Hicks says it best: “Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration – that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.” You can do anything you imagine please pass on the message i have passed onto you, love to all on this page for opening your eyes to the truth

      •' Mk says:

        I tend to disagree with what you just said. I am a huge Christian, and my best friend is atheist. We get along just fine, and my love for him isn’t from a fear of God. I love God for what my life is. My existence is reason enough. I enjoy meditation and want to open my third eye to be a more active part of both realms. Do not knock Christianity simply because some choose to abuse it. To be practice an open mind state you sure are closed and pinned up with aggression.

  240.' dez says:

    Hy I’m dezchelle *̩ want to open ☺мч* third eye but Ii don’t know how …in ☺мч* house *̩s happening strange things and *̩ don’t know why this one time ☺мч* aunt laid in ☺мч* bed and the bed starts shakiking and when ☺мч* best friend was at me the lights and every thing was of & there was stading like this thing there but ii want to open ☺мч* third eye but don’t know someboddy plz help ☺мч* I’m convused ????

  241.' dez says:

    Oddbod help me please

  242.' Ainigma says:

    Dear Oddbod, I would like to have private contact with you, please.

    •' marvin says:

      Please help me i dont know if im doing it right. . .when i meditate i can’t see anything but my forehead tingling and i feel the pressure on my head but nothing to see sometimes i feel like theres a finger push to 3rd eye. . And I’ve done the awakening 2 weeks ago. . .

      •' Ryan says:

        your focusing to much on wanting the feelings and the the vision of your chakras, relax and clear your mind of everything in this moment look at your third eye when meditating, you will feel a god awful pain like pressure build up and you will begin to see red going through your chakras up to purple I,ve seen even a white with bluish undertones which is not on the chakra levels and was visited by a being who told me that we are one everything is one and showed me a place of relaxation and serenity i felt like i was being electrocuted when it touched my shoulder but a deep relaxing feeling

        •' marvin says:

          Onetime i see the sky full of stars and on the leftside i see a tower pinned to the sky. . Is it my 3rd eye is opened but not yet functioning? Or it is awakening stage? Thanks for the reply. . .i really need help on working in my 3rd eye

          •' Ryan says:

            It may very well be your third eye is already open I’ve honestly went through stages where I’ve learned all that i can from it and i had a block no matter what happenedi couldn’t meditate and have an obe or even see my chakras, it is something to take to open your third eye but it is also something to lose the fabric of what is the reality you create to what os happening around you, people do lose themselves into the ideas and vast world of this great thing, and what i mean by that is simply that as a society we haunt evolved enough yet to accept the idea of anything we imagine can come to life, we are still very controlled and conditioned by the masses that don’t want us to know we are divine beings, i can help you as far as i know and as far as you are willing to learn and understand the astral world, this really is a life changing thing to open your third eye because once you do you won’t table to look at the world the same way again. Not in a bad way but just seeing it with the binders off for once you can contact me by email

  243.' Exo-kris says:

    I want Ta Have A Third Eye ! Now Can You Teach Me ?? PLease ?? Teach Me The Easy Way ! Plsss

  244.' logo says:

    Im not scared but i don feel my third eye very well

  245.' Anthony says:

    I felt tingling and a small throbbing sensation in my forhead moments after completing step 1 on the first day. Am i on the right track?

  246.' Tone says:

    Can someone please help me by explain to me in detail how to make the mantra sound “thoh” I feel like I’m doing it wrong.
    And how come I hear about people having terrifying experiences when they open it. is there a way I can avoid having bad experiences so they can just be blissful?

  247.' C.van Dam says:

    Dear Shaylah,You write “mines”:so there are two? If so,then the right one is the pineal and the
    left one the parapineal.
    If your pineal/parapineal stalk muscles become stronger they don’t move any longer all over the place, but you can direct them.

  248.' Natu says:

    Hi, I have previously experienced the actual vision of the Third Eye but had somehow dropped out of the wonderful feeling. Attempts to repeat this experience were fruit less until yesterday when I came across this article by chance. As I did the Awakening 1 exercise I immediately recognised the sensation in my forehead and have since had a brilliant sleep last night and good day today. Again, today as I was doing the Awakening 1 exercise I tuned in straight away. What I want to ask is: Is it ok to do this Awakening 1 exercise on daily basis or does one have to stop after three days?

  249.' Landru says:

    Works!! I have ideas that I did not b4…thank you sirs. I wish all of humanity knew this. Makes school obsolete.

  250.' Dave says:

    Hi. I just wanted to let readers know of the associated dangers of experimenting with third eye activities. The spiritual realm is abuzz with activity.all kinds of wonderful and downright evil beings. I know firsthand that beings can see the third eye vortex spinning and being used. This use will attract BOTH types of entities. Please remember to protect yourself, partner and at least your room. Golden light works for me.imagine bright , strong colours. White no longer works for me. So many people do not realise entities will also look for weaknesses in family members as well. The 3rd eye is a wonderful tool to experience the next realm.happy travels

    •' Ryan says:

      Im sorry you’ve been misinformed you cannot be hurt or taken over by demons in the astral plane or any higher plane you can come in contact with beings of love but ive never come in contact with a demon, i have been doing this for 15 years now and never once have i come in contact with a demon ever or anything that has wanted to hurt me, you have to go into this with relaxation and love,

  251.' Sam says:

    Hi Oddball,
    I read your comment May 3rd 2013 and understood your experience quoted, “Seven or so years ago I had a full blown spontaneous Kundalini awakening without any idea of what was happening or what any of the experiences meant.”

    I have no experience or knowledge of Kundalini and even less understanding of Chakras. I come from a deeply frustrating man made christian experience that I subsequently rejected over time as a ideological form of enslavement and limitation.

    Gratefully, over the last 2 years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge that has been… expansive, fulfilling and challenging. I am grateful! For example, one night around 5 months ago I lay down in bed and immediately sensed and responded to an intense inner flow of the ‘spirit’ up and down my body. I started to give thanks to Infinite Love, Joy, Peace. Interestingly, I felt to draw out each word – Jooooooyyyyy, Peeeeaaaccceee, Looooovvvvveeeee and sensed a burgeoning LOVE in my heart for GOD.

    All of a sudden while enraptured – a ‘being’ moved across into my line of vision from the right… I sensed but did not see another being standing to the left. I stopped my Praise of GOD and got a good look at it. I was curious and not frightened in the least of it or anything else. How could I be when Praising GOD! What I felt was a lesson about prayer and meditation that I needed to learn – I now understand what GOD wanted me to learn.

  252. Just a night or two after Awakening I I had this strange crackling in my head upon rising. It was like something was breaking up in my head…calcification perhaps. I have had some great results with this. I am on to awakening II and immediately feel the shift. Thank you for this post. Sat Nam.

  253.' marvin says:

    I Need help. . .everyone’s advice will help me. . Last night i medidate on my 3rd eye while listening on hemi sync. . After 20mins of medidation a flash of light hit my face and my whole body. It gaves me a goosebum to my whole body. . . .and i continue to medidate. . .after a few minutes another flash of light hit me but its was so very very very bright white light and so powerful after it hits me i feel electricuted and my fell my body are numb. . Cant feel anything on my body and i feel like floating and moving straight very fast. . .this is my first time to experience this phenomena. . .it was grey all around me and its like raining. .

    Any expert here can explain it me ? Please guys i really appreciated many ideas

    •' fourteen says:

      Hi there, I dont know what to say about that, but while were on the subject of people-answering-people Id like to mention that I have had an “out of body” experience once. My spirit felt like it was moving in a hula hoop sort of motion. The whole time I stood still and my eyes were widened. I couldnt see anything for a split second. Please explai what it could be or mean

    •' mr. ray says:

      my friend. you have gone to limbo.

      •' marvin says:

        What do you mean out of limbo? Sometimes i see the universe clear. . .it like im there im floating. . .and my sense is awake while im sleeping. . .and when my eye are closed i cant the entire room. . .and the sky with stars. . .its like im in the roof watching it. . .and my forehead tingles every time im focusing on something specially while reading. . Please give an advise or tell me what it is. . .

  254.' Maria says:

    Okay, there are things that I am not understanding while I’m conscious, like I always feel like I’m dreaming of those who have passed are trying to pass a message, I’ll take it on board as a warning or a positive message.
    I don’t remember doing any of the above, but could this mean I’ve possibly at some point opened my 3rd eye…??

  255.' fourteen says:

    As I was reading one comment I realized I was experiencing the same thing. When I close my eyes I feel like Im somewhere else. I then questioned the situation. Im not the best at drawing but as I was doodling one day I decided to draw what I felt. I drew a dark straight hallway, and at the end was a well. Just a round well, made of stone. It was black within. On the left side of the well is bright and has a large green tree. On the right of the well, it is a large tree like the other one, except this one was black and had no leaves. It was a dead tree. I dont really know what this means. But when I close my eyes.. I see that hallway and a somewhat hazy well. Please someone tell me what you think it means. Thanks.

  256.' mbello says:

    do i have to be a religious person to open my third eye?

  257.' TC says:

    Hi I’m TC. I’m 15 years old and I’m trying to open my third eye possibly to become a medium to communicate with my grandparents. They died in my house when I was 2, and I really want to get to talk with them. However when I tried this exercise, I experienced nothing. I have braces and my special toothpaste contains a even higher concentration of fluoride than normal toothpaste. could this be why I am not experiencing any results? Would it be wise of me to wait to perform the opening of the third eye until my braces are off?

  258.' Alex says:

    Please help me i tried the exercise but i don’t feel the tone vibrating in my third eye. Can someone give me some tips, please i really want to open my third eye.

  259.' matt says:

    yoo ive got a question to whoever has an answer, i performed awakening 1 and now ive let time get away and havent performed awakening 2 within the 10-14 day time slot, its been about 20 days id say. will awakening 2 still have an effect on me now that ive waited for more than 14 days? thanks in advance to any useful replies , one love

  260. Your outlook in how we conduct our actions most often changes our viewpoint. Sometimes good and sometimes this change is bad but it is our point of view that exerts the most control the way we feel.

  261.' Auguste says:

    Hi,does seeing auras,well I can see them,but after looking at the person for about 60 seconds,the white halo that first appears after looking at it it disappereaf right after but now I can see it without it dissappearing, and does seeing something very similar to stoic and for example I see something with a corner of my eye but when it disapers I can also see white or some other coulors but when they dis shaper.does that means my third eye is already activated?

    •' CaringOne says:

      Yes your pineal is activated, i have this all the time where something is there n i turn away or the object moves but its shadow or the aura stays in place in thin air nd if i focus on them it goes in colors.
      Able to see auras n other existences yess, i suggest candle flame meditation techniques to improve your born abilities more n more train your abilities n ull go farr..
      Not too many people have these, u must be from 17-26 well anywayss im 21 myself nd lately ive been going into sleep paralysis intentionally nd will have the courage to have an out of body experience in the astral planes n other realms n dimensions n other existing realities n etcc good luckk n happy travels!!

  262.' Rob says:

    Hello Oddbod,

    I would be interested in discussing with you in private, my email is, thanks.