How To Access Your Psychic Ability to Read Minds


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You knew what was going to happen before it happened and the fact that you had psychic ability and could read minds surprised you. This experience of being right on with your intuition about things that haven’t happened yet is more common than you might think.

It’s possible that psychics don’t have any skills beyond what we possess ourselves. Psychics have simply learned to be excellent observers. With practice, you can learn to develop your psychic abilities so that reading someone’s mind becomes a powerful tool.

Predicting someone’s thoughts is easier the more that you know about reading people. In learning to detect the small, observable things that people do with their bodies and words when speaking to you, you can pick up on what is not being said.

If you could read minds, it would make your life much easier, so let’s explore how to access your psychic ability to read someone’s mind. Here are a few suggestions to practice with.



Hands in fists on hips, a furrowed brow and slightly downturned mouth are pretty universally understood as angry body language. If you were tying to read this person’s mind, their thoughts would sound like “I can’t believe you did that. I’m so frustrated with you!”

Now let’s try another one. If a person is resting their chin in the palm of one hand, has slightly pursed lips, and their eyebrows are raised slightly while they are looking up at you, what would you guess their thoughts would be? This is a typically bored posture, so their thoughts might be “I wish I was somewhere else doing what I want to do.”


An easy trick for determining what someone’s facial expression means is to mimic their face yourself. One your facial muscles repeat what theirs are doing, you can sense the emotion that they are feeling because you know what corresponding emotion goes with that set of facial movements.

For example, if someone is raising their eyebrows near the bridge of their nose and opening their mouth slightly, they are probably trying to plead with you for something that they want.

Withholding the truth can be seen in people’s facial expressions. One study found that when people are withholding their emotions, they tend to blink faster. The study also found that people who are hiding something have facial expressions that are inconsistent with their emotions, for example smiling when they are angry.

You can read more about how to tell if someone is lying to you here.


Ask yourself, “What aren’t they telling me?” The things that a person says are almost as important as what is left unsaid. Leaving things unspoken could mean that the person is trying to keep their options open or attempting to deceive you by failing to be specific. They could also be trying to be diplomatic by only telling you what you want to hear.

Lie-spotting author Pamela Meyer says that people will gloss over details when they are lying. For example, if you ask what they were looking at on their computer and they say “Oh just some stuff that somebody posted,” they are probably hiding something from you.


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  1.' Mya Neermur says:

    If y pray a lot then u develop these abilities

  2.' Dariusz Owczarek says:

    are you even for real.. I’m out of here..

  3.' Laura Asselin Puckett says:

    When danger is in the mist

  4.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    There is a technique of reading entire memories through looking into the eyes. I find it despicable.

  5.' Kym Berner says:

    I am a massage therapist and I often see and feel memories and emotions of clients. I have also known upon waking for the day, what will transpire with clients, ranging from needs to cancellations. Last week I dreamt that my new client called to say she didn’t feel good. When I was doing an intake interview with her she asked if I could help her with her sinuses as she was recovering from flu. Hmmmmm.

  6.' Walker Daniel Craig says:

    Mariah Martinez, you can read minds?!

  7.' Juan Van Zyl says:

    Most of the time, 90% when shit happens

  8.' Hazel Roe says:

    I have dreams and what I dream about usually happens, and I’ll think about someone then I’ll see them, and I sometimes think about something and it will happen

  9.' Adam Strickler says:

    My mom and I read each other’s minds all the time. Creeps people out

  10.' JB Clark says:

    What a crock! Really folks……if anyone (ANYONE) could actually read someone else’s mind things like passwords, PIN numbers, “top secret” clearances would be utterly useless! Don’t you think that our banks and governments would be doing something about this? LOL!

  11.' Arturo Hernandez says:

    Last year in the biggining of the NBA regular season it was about the 13 game, I knew that Golden Staye was going and winning the Finals, No one would of belived me, thats one in the top of my head

  12.' Suman Chowdhury says:

    Why it has to b a supernatural ability?? A human should and must have that ability to read the mind of his fellow human being.

  13.' Fatgirl Crookz says:

    Be careful. Telepathy can open you up to feeling all sorts of unwanted emotions.

  14.' Wolf Jackson says:

    Load of shit, even if it were possible it doesn’t mean it should be done, my mind is my own and I don’t want ANYONE inside of it.

  15.' Dwayne Johnson says:


  16.' Shakona Cheyenne says:

    All the time,

  17.' Cindy Schneider says:

    Yes, lots

  18.' Cindy Schneider says:

    I used to have dreams that came true like 5 years after the dream, to date, we all have the ability, some of us know how, usually people who are sentative, the mind is a powerful thing, my abilities came out strong when I had a psychic Break, I also will just something is or has happened, my Doctor told me by getting sick in the head bought out my abilities. Like trauma or a shock to your system. I do study Dreams and there meaning. And I know when someone is lying to me real good at telling if someone is good or bad,

  19.' Megan Janel Fagley says:

    I don’t want to know anymore… It’s usually disappointing… Unless it’s from God.

  20.' Megan Jenkins says:

    All the time

  21.' Raul says:

    I see ignorance is at an all time high, anything is possible if you prepare yourself for it, even stupidity

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