Is Fluoride a Toxic Poison? Learn the Differences Between Natural and Synthetic Fluoride

Written by on October 10, 2013 in Hazards, Issues & Diseases with 35 Comments

Drinking WaterWhen it comes to debating about the toxicity of fluoride, there are a lot of controversial issues that prevent people from understanding how toxic fluoride is. What most of us do not understand about fluoride is that there are two main forms of it. The natural version of fluoride is known as calcium fluoride which is naturally found in soil. It is not that harmful to us. The synthetic industrial version is called sodium fluoride. This industrial version is a synthetic toxic waste known to cause cancer.

Manufacturers of sodium fluoride manipulated their data to create the illusion that sodium fluoride is not toxic. They then used this data to convince political leaders to allow them to add sodium fluoride into consumer products, pesticides and drinking water.

The term “fluoride” is a cover-up name for many of the toxic chemicals that make up fluoride, including lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, fluorosilicic acid and even radioactive materials. The pure form of sodium fluoride is so toxic that by just consuming a small volume of it could kill you. This is why fluoridated toothpastes have warning labels on them and fluoride-free toothpastes do not.

Sodium fluoride is even more toxic than certain forms of rat poison. Would you put rat poison in your drinking water or toothpaste? If you eat a lot of conventional food, you are poisoning your body with sodium fluoride due to the fact that it is one of the main chemicals in pesticide, insecticide and fungicide.

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The fluoride added to 90% of drinking water is hydrofluoric acid which is a compound of fluorine that is a chemical byproduct of aluminum, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapons manufacturing.

Hydrofluoric acid is used to refine high octane gasoline, to make fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons for freezers and air conditioners, and to manufacture computer screens, fluorescent light bulbs, semiconductors, plastics, herbicides, and toothpaste.

Here is proof that the industrial version of fluoride is a toxic waste.

Fluoride Spill Eats Holes in Concrete – Rock Island, Illinois

How to purify your drinking water of sodium fluoride

The most convenient way to remove natural pollutants and toxic industrial chemicals from your drinking water is to use a water purification system that can remove most of these contaminants. Reverse osmosis and activated alumina water purification systems are usually recommended for removing these toxins.

If you are interested in portable activated alumina water purification systems, I recommend the Berkey water purification system. For more information on this water purifier, read my informative review of the Berkey water filter system. Make sure you purchase the PF-2 fluoride filters along with one of the Berkey systems, because they are designed to specifically remove fluoride. What I like about this water purification system is that it is portable and is very easy to use. In addition, its black filters can be reused a few times, helping save money. Because the Berkey systems are portable, they are great for emergency situations.

I do not recommend buying cheap water filters from your local retail stores. These filters do a poor job removing water contaminants, especially sodium fluoride. I also do not recommend purchasing bottled water and filtered water from your local stores, unless they are purified with activated alumina filters or reverse osmosis technology. What makes bottled water not healthy is that chlorine is usually added to it after it is purified. In addition, the chemical called phthalates found in plastic containers can leak into the water. High doses of phthalates have been known to disrupt hormones in rodents, causing damages to certain organs and birth defects.


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Pao L. Chang is the author, editor and founder of and He loves to explore the mystery of alternative medicine, the science of consciousness, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry and how energy affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. His main goal is to help people free their minds so they can find inner-peace and their purpose in life.

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35 Reader Comments

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  1.' Emily says:

    Do you believe our government is adding this toxin to our food and water to slowly poison its people and cause health problems in them in the future?

    •' Luigi says:

      If government cares so much about my health; then, provide the citizenry with universal health care. Regarding sodium fluoride, why would our elected representatives spend our hard earned tax dollars on some alleged health remedy? We live in a capitalist economy; should I desire to have sodium fluoride in my water, I should be able to purchase it and add it to my water supply, not have it forced upon me; because, corrupt politicians have been bought off by industrial lobbyists.

    •' Luigi says:

      And do you believe, just because someone has been elected to political office, they somehow possess a modicum of ethical, moral, critical thought processing intelligence? Please, stop awarding these SHMOES an automatic PhD, simply due to their contrived station.

    •' Tammi Saywell says:

      Yes thats what they are doing. It culls us out as we are over populated

  2.' infowar90 says:

    I cant seem to find a good non-vague to the natural fluoride tea issue. Rooiboos, black and green teas etc.

    “The natural version of fluoride is known as calcium fluoride which is naturally found in soil. It is not that harmful to us. ”

    Most things in excess can be bad for your health. So moderation is the key. Yeah?

    •' Deus says:

      Water can kill you if you drink to much. Hell that’s why babies aren’t supposed to drink water for a couple years. Almost anything that is good for your health is deadly in excess and will kill you.

  3.' JTD says:

    Mr. Chang,
    Thank you for the well written explanation about the negative affects of sodium fluoride vs. the natural existing calcium fluoride. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the city stopped adding fluoride to the water years back. However, the city fathers want to add fluoride to the water again. There is strong resistance by the citizens of Albuquerque. I hope we’re successful in stopping this insanity. Good day and a good life. Is it a conspiracy? Probably. JTD

  4. In our local are have very big problem in water for that I’m trying to find the way to solved this problem. Your article really helped me very much and love to come again to read more new. Thank you!

  5.' mary says:

    Thank you for doing the comparison. This is why consumers and dentist are confused. There needs to be more information like this out there to educate. Of course dentist would lose a ton of money, no more fluoride treatments, so on.

  6.' Jordan says:

    Ridiculous. Just because there are “studies” and opinions posted on biased websites claiming things such as “cancer” and even birth defects out there from fluoride, doesn’t make it true. Yes I agree high doses of fluoride will obviously cause a degree of health problems (like too much of anything) e.g. dental fluorosis for developing children and digestion problems. But safe concentrations such as 1ppm for fluoridated water and the minor volume swallowed when you brush with fluoride toothpaste is absolutely beneficial to oral health and safely excreted by the body (as fluoride has always been a part of the human diet in natural water as Calcium fluoride). If you consider meta analysis and systematic reviewed data (such as University of York 2008) on fluoridation and critically think about what you’re reading on the internet, you’ll realise the fluoride isn’t harmful in safe doses and it’s something we should definitely endorse. And no mate as much as many would like to believe the government isn’t trying to kill us.

    •' Mark says:

      What are you talking about Jordan. Scientific studies show it lowers IQ. Scientific study shows it causes hypothyroidism, in fact Fluoride was suggested as a medication for Hyperthyroidism. Skeletal fluorosis is caused by Fluoride being ingested. every day of your life.
      What about the moral aspects, do you consent to unknown people medicating you against your will? Would a doctor give you medication without your consent? Would a doctor give a medication when he cannot control the dosage? Would a medical doctor give a medication to everyone regardless of their age and health condition? The answer to all of those is NO and to add to that Fluoride is not a licensed medication, it is industrial waste that contains arsenic and lead, yeah, you better wake up to what you are drinking, INDUSTRIAL WASTE, not purified pharmaceutical drugs

  7.' Jordan says:

    In the same way you’ve been using the google machine I’ve found “scientific studies” to show that fluoride does not “decrease IQ”.

    Like Dr Le Fanu famously explained association doesn’t mean a effect and can’t prove a negative “It should be remembered that any single piece of evidence by itself remains hypothetical unless it can be shown to be internally coherent and consistent with other evidence in the field” “Some of the opponents appear to cite references from scientific papers to substantiate their points they make but it’s often the case that the journals haven’t been subjected to accept system of peer review”. I’m just trying to say there is overwhelming evidence for 1ppm fluoridated water and no health consequences for people in society, children alike except mild dental fluorosis for 1ppm ONLY.

    Yeah I agree when you give a person ridiculous amounts of anything they will suffer health risks. However I am not disputing fluoridating water until supersaturation, merely 1 part per million approved by the WHO and countless experts from a variety of systematic reviews. Fluoride under these concentrations are renally excreted therefore the claims of severe health effects are not proven and false.

    I agree ethically people are simply afraid of Fluoride by reading about “bone cancers, down syndrome and IQ loss” and heavily dispute it. On the other hand in society we must balance individual preference against common good, taking into account hard tested evidence to make a credible decision. John Harris (Prof of Bioethics at University of Manchester) argues it doesn’t infringe on human rights as Fluoride is found naturally already…However you do have a personal preference is you so wish (like not wanting to drink or eat anything else). He even argues it’s unethical to not implement 1ppm Fluoride where practicable to do so due to the dental benefits and no harmful consequences.

    And again yes arsenic is bad…10 parts per billion (ppb) is the natural concentration of Arsenic in water. Fluoridated water doesn’t contribute to arsenic concentration at all because fluoridated water means adding fluoride, not arsenic. You consume much high concentrations in apple and grape juice but that doesn’t stop you does it? Why because it’s all safe under natural low levels.

    So please everyone, stop listening to these “scientific studies” that haven’t been peer reviewed and consider the facts. 1ppm fluoride is safe.

    Jordan L, Fifth year Medical Student at Oxford University

    •' Stephen Chaffer says:

      You say 1ppm fluoride is safe. unfortunately has become intolerant to the excess Sodium Fluoride SF use (I have fluorosis of the teeth), I don’t live in Sodium Fluoride water supply, so where does the excess SF come from, the milk, bread, drinks (soft/alcohol) made in areas where they do, I had gum disease, used SF toothpaste/mouthwash, I went into hospital (SF water supply), no meds in my system, shower in the same room as the bed, showered, vapours heavier than the air, collected on the floor, covered the bed, after sleeping in this vapour that covered the bed, I could not read the clock face never mind remember a number, it effects the Pineal Gland that’s coated with Calcium (Calcium is what natural fluoride in deep wells attaches to, search: India, children with fluorosis, brittle bone). They paint the children’s teeth now they want to give them tablets with SF … without any tests

  8.' anon says:

    Anyone who thinks consuming fluoride is safe and acceptable should go ahead and lead by example. Feed it to yourself, your family and friends. But don’t try and force it down someone who doesn’t.

  9.' gilstamp says:

    No doubt these are the same flat earthers who believe that immunisation causes autism and that elevated carbon dioxide levels are not causing climatic change; who believe that the scientists who stuydy these things do not know what they are talking about and who will not accept the facts.

    •' Luigi says:

      when you imply flat earthers, you must be peering into a mirror. try to have the vaccinators admit the amounts of mercury and aluminum present in many of the vaccines they’re attempting to peddle ad nauseum.

      Just as big pharma and chemical giants like Monsanto and dow spend billions to prevent labeling foods containing GMO’s and listing possible health side effects of hastily contrived and manufactured serums, their, our corrupt representatives and you sir, have your collective heads in the ground.

  10.' Traci Frost says:

    That is totally not true. Thats why water districts throughout the world are removing this neurotoxin from their water supplies. Thank you

  11.' Traci Frost says:

    How you perceive things in the world doesn’t make it true. If you have heard of the vaccine injury compensation program that is supported by the US government that doesn’t back up your statement that vaccines are safe. Think about it.

  12.' tg says:

    u talk about ppl listening too these “scientific studies” that havent been peer tested [ is that like peer pressure ]???…. But YOU yourself constantly listen & refer too ” scientific stidies” yourself too prove how safe it is, well the facts are anybody can show u “studies” too prove what ever it is they wish too prove [ like yourself] its just a matter of who & what you/we choose too believe!! well here is a litte bit of comon sense proof that we may just of being lied too about such subjects, take into consideration that the amount of cancer bone disease down syndrom that have with out doubt have sky rocketed the last century whilst we all claim too be getting smarter and beating such issues could not be further from the truth!!!!

  13.' tg says:

    too gilstamp- u seem confused the “same flat earthers who belive that immunisation causes autism & that elevated carbon dioxide levels are not causing climate change” that last bit is wrong u tool, they also believe in climate change as REAL caused by carbon D!!!!!!!!! maybe u mixed that up by accident or maybe your just mess up in the head. is the game going too fast for u now grand pa????

  14. The water at my home has the similar problems. I hate fluoride in my water and it makes water smell and taste bad. Your article give me some ideas to solve this problem. Thanks for sharing. I expect to read more articles about water quality.

  15.' RA says:

    Isn’t it obvious? On the other hand, this site advertises chakra balancing tatoos, which is the most astounding shit I’ve heard of…

  16.' T says:

    Actually, this is totally inacurate information. Let me expalin some things to you guys. Articles like these are written for people who have little or no knowledge of chemistry. They pry on the average consumer and use fear tactics or words like “would you put rat poison in your toothpaste?” or “Used in nuclear manufacturing” Did you know iron is used in nuclear manufacturing and sea salt is also found in rat poison. hmmmm

    Hydrofluoric acid is NOT a byproduct of aluminum or nuclear wepons. It merely is USED to HELP the production just like salt is used in the production of many many toxic items. Hydrofluoric acid actually comes from the decomposition of calcium fluoride. Then once it is hydroflouric acid, they add sodium bicarb to it which then the sodium binds to the fluorine creating sodium flouride.

    Did you know that flourine and chlorine are in the exact same column of the periodic table which means they are equally radio active!!!!! But wait, if you take chlorin which is extremely fatal and mix it with a metal substance we call sodium which is highly reactive in water and explosive, you get… wait for it… TABLE SALT!!! OMFG

    So there you have it. Also, when it comes to vaccines, its the same case, they use scary words like mercury to persuade there argument. Did you know ethyl mercury is found in organic foods and it is completely safe and inert??? Thats why it is used as a preservative in such things. Now if it was methyl mercury, that would kill ya.

    •' GetREKTfgt says:

      Table salt? really? You do know salt is NaCl, right? Not sodium, or what they’re using to make your lovely poisonous fake salt, KCl. Fucking sheep. As for your lovely mercury-fanboyism, here, look at this. Enjoy your brainwashed life.

      •' Holditrightthere says:

        Na is sodium. Sodium-Chloride you fool. Also the video you linked to talks about the element Mercury, not the molecule Ethyl-Mercury.

    •' Anthony says:

      Sodium fluoride IS rat poison, fool.

      •' Holditrightthere says:

        Did you know the drinking too much pure water can kill you. Did you know that nicotine is one of the most toxic things known to man, but in small doses it’s perfectly safe.

    •' Deus says:

      There is no talking to these kinds of people, they are ignorant and will argue with proven scientific facts. They will use peoples limited knowledge of science in general and through out words that the ignorant masses have a misunderstanding of being bad and use that to their advantage. The people that believe these things likely also believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy that the US gov. executed, that we never landed on the moon and it was filmed, that the government is hiding aliens, and that the Illuminati controls the entire world. These people are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to stupidity and ignorance, and are worse than bible thumpers when it comes to accepting things that are proven to them. Don’t waste your time, effort or energy on them. Let them ,hopefully, die off from not receiving vaccines, maybe then this world won’t be so populated by trash

    •' jrh says:

      The fact in is that vaccines do contain mercury and aluminum as is well documented by the manufacturers.

      You have fallen into the trap of equating injection into muscle tissue with ingesting a substance. The physiological reaction is completely different. This is before we even get to talking about differences in compounds.

  17.' C says:

    “The information on this site is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice of any kind…”
    Take everything with a grain of salt.

    •' Leah says:

      It really annoys me when people use quote the disclaimer as ‘proof’ of nonsense. Its an argument point that means nothing. Disclaimers are a sensible and necessary part of any blog on controversial topics or natural medicines for example. The FDA can prosecute if you appear to be giving medical advice even if you know a home remedy works. So it’s the law that makes this disclaimer necessary, nothing to do with validity, one way or the other.

  18.' Stephen Chaffer says:

    I live in a non-Fluoridated water supply: I went into hospital: after several months of gum disease: Sodium Fluoride (SF) Toothpaste/Mouthwash 4x day. The hospital was in a SF water supply, room had shower connected, no door, showered, read 6 ch. of my book, slept well, only to find I could not read the clock face nor remember the date or simple question my head had been drugged, yet I never had any drugs in my system. shower, water vapourises heavier than water covers the floor and then the unsuspecting person in the bed…SF in the vapours goes to the Pineal Gland causing havoc, BIPOLAR diagnosed a week later, Drink distilled water organic food you get better in weeks

  19.' Tony Antoniou says:

    Can anyone recommend a good quality toothpaste that is free of harmful chemicals?

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