Five Health Tips to Decalcify the Pineal Gland

decalcify the pineal gland to open the third eye (By Pao L. Chang)

The pineal gland is one of the most mysterious glands of the human body, because it has many mystical properties. Modern scientists define the pineal gland as a pine cone shaped gland located at the middle of the brain. It is responsible for producing melatonin, helping regulate sleep patterns and influencing sexual development. Modern scientists’ definition of the pineal gland is accurate, but they are missing some of the most important features of this tiny organ.

Besides regulating sleep patterns and sexual development, the pineal gland acts like an inner portal that connects us to other dimensions, such as the dream and spiritual planes. Some researchers believe that it has the ability to connect us to other dimensions because of its mystical properties.

Is the pineal gland the third eye?

When we look at the external of the pineal gland, it looks like a pine cone. However, if we cut it open and look at its internal features, it looks somewhat similar to an eye. The interior walls of the pineal gland are made of rods and cones that are similar to those in the retina in our eyes. These features of the pineal gland may be the reasons why ancient civilizations and spiritual teachers always associated the pineal gland with the third eye, mind’s eye or inner eye.

Another important feature of the pineal gland is that it may produce dimethyltryptamine (DMT). DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic chemical compound that can create hallucinatory effects similar to the effects of LSD. DMT and LSD should not be taken for long periods of time or in high doses, because they may cause damaging effects on the brain. The effects will vary depending on which type you are using.

Unlike our regular eyes, the pineal gland or third eye has the ability to see both physically and intuitively. The metaphysical properties of the third eye are most noticeable when we are asleep. Have you ever had an experience when you were about to fall asleep and started seeing your surrounding with a 360-degree view? This is your third eye being activated by your pineal gland. It is the all-seeing eye. This is why when you close your eyes and imagine hard enough, you can sometime see what you are imagining in your mind’s eye.

Benefits of a healthy Pineal gland

The pineal gland plays an important role in our physical health, because it regulates our sleep patterns and sexual development and protects our body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Besides being beneficial for our physical health, this mysterious organ is also important for our spiritual health since it is the gland that anchors our soul to our body. This allows our soul and body to bond and communicate. Without this bond, the body will die unless the body has no soul to begin with.

When we are more connected to our soul, our higher senses are more active, allowing us to feel more connected to the Universe and Creation. Our higher senses also make it harder for people to manipulate us. For these reasons, finding truth and inner peace become easier.

How to decalcify the pineal gland

Stop ingesting fluoride

One of the substances that does a great job calcifying the pineal gland is fluoride (sodium fluoride). Fluoride is very harmful to the pineal gland, because it disrupts the pineal gland’s natural functions by hardening its interior walls. Fluoride is also very toxic to the brain and other organs of the body.

The fluoride used for treating drinking water is not the natural calcium fluoride found in nature; rather, it is the synthetic industrial version, which is known as sodium fluoride. The natural version of fluoride (calcium fluoride) is not that harmful to us. It is usually found in the soil and spring water in very small quantities. The synthetic version of fluoride (sodium fluoride) is a hazardous waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

The name fluoride is a cover up term for many of the dangerous chemicals that make up fluoride, including arsenic, lead, aluminum, cadmium, fluorosilicic acid and even radioactive materials. If you live in the U.S., fluoride is commonly found in drinking water, fluoridated toothpaste and conventional produce.

To effectively remove fluoride from drinking water, you will need to use a water purification system that has a special filter called activated alumina (AAL). A water purification system worth checking out is made by Berkey. For more information on this water purifier, read my informative review of the Travel Berkey water filter system. Berkey water purification systems are portable and their black filters can be reused, making them great for emergency situations and camping. Reverse osmosis water filter systems are also great at removing fluoride. As for toothpaste, only use fluoride-free toothpaste.

Take an iodine supplement

Studies have shown that iodine supplement may help the body remove fluoride. An iodine supplement you may want to look into is NutrioDine. It is made of atomic iodine, a form of iodine that the body can easily utilize without the harmful effects of toxic buildups. I usually do not recommend taking potassium iodide because it can cause toxic buildups, especially if it is taken for long periods of time. For food, I recommend eating organic kelp because it is high in natural iodine.

Eat organic food

Most foods that are not organic usually contain harmful synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. Many of these toxins are toxic to the third eye. To reduce the level of these toxins in your body, you will need to eat organic plant-based food. Organic foods are produce with strict guidelines; therefore, they are usually free of harmful synthetic chemicals and genetically modified ingredients.

The levels of nutrients in organic foods are usually higher than conventional foods. Many of these nutrients are essential for purging toxins from your body. Magnesium and calcium are two important nutrients for helping your body eliminate toxins, especially fluoride. To learn more about these two nutrients, read my earlier article.

Consume natural butter oil and cod liver oil

High-vitamin butter oil and cod liver oil are believed to be very beneficial for the pineal gland, because they help decalcify calcium deposits. One of the best natural butter oils and cod liver oils is Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Butter and Cod Liver Oil.

A guided meditation to decalcify your Pineal Gland

The Truth About Your Pineal Gland



About the author

Pao L. Chang is the author, editor and founder of and, two comprehensive blog dedicated to educating people about conscious living. He loves to explore the mystery of alternative medicine, the science of consciousness, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry and how energy affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. His main goal is to help people free their minds so they can find inner-peace and their purpose in life. He is also the author of two published books, Staradigm and Natural Weight Loss Secrets.

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  1.' JOSE says:

    interesante la informacion

  2.' jithin says:

    Health is the biggest asset for humans and its very expensive, need to be maintained properly. Proper diet with all vitamins, proteins and minerals, drinking more water, regular exercises are some of the methods for maintaining good health.

  3.' Jeremy says:

    Can you please cite sources for your claims on Fluoride damage to the pineal gland?

  4. Pao Chang says:

    Thank you Alcyone for the sources. The sources at the end of this article may be helpful too.

  5. Thanks for the extra info on healing the pineal gland. It really is shocking what toxins are in fluoride and how they give it such a nice sounding name.

  6.' Bodhi'Sattva says:

    Lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD, is just as safe as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT. I challenge you Mr. Chang to provide proof that LSD is harmful to the human body, because it is not. In fact, LSD and DMT are less toxic than Vitamin C.
    There are numerous ways Lucy and DiMiTri both help many people.
    I reference these reliable sources.

    • Alcyone says:

      I agree Bohi’Sattva. While I enjoyed Mr. Change’s article and think he offers some good suggestions, LSD is extremely safe physiologically and pharmacologically, and there is no lethal dose. However psychologically I feel it can be dangerous if used excessively or irresponsibly. Perhaps this is what Mr. Chang is referring to.

      •' ankh says:

        when nature provided a molecule
        why add another molecule
        like with those extremely dangerous SSRI molecules
        used by all the school schooters without exception
        killing empathy

      •' Sam Fox says:

        I don’t think LSD is so safe. It blocks serotonin, a neurotransmitter for one thing. LSD can lead to delusions of all kinds. For example, some have died thinking they could fly or it was OK to stand in front of a speeding vehicle.

        From my experience, and yes I am experienced, [you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout Jimi, & Eric, 🙂 ], LSD is a waste of time. And potentially very dangerous.

        You just never know what kind of ‘trip’ you’ll be taking & if you can get back….


        •' Dave says:

          Have you had any personal experience with LSD? It sounds like you haven’t… I’m sure abusing LSD or anything can have dangerous effects but when taken in a respectful and mature manner it can be a wonderful teacher and help us understand life and what we are.

    •' Gemma says:

      Hey that sounds really interesting.. is that true? I have always been scared of things like LSD as I was scared of damaging my mental health.. u have any more info? xx

  7.' charlotte says:

    This would be the first time I’ve heard that fermented cod liver oil or butter oil can decalcify the pineal gland. I find the heavy promotion of these products, on multiple blogs, for a wide variety of ailments, to be highly suspect.

    Can you provide some sources to back this claim?

  8.' Aaron says:

    For real! I see Cod Liver and other fish oils mentioned on numerous health-oriented sites, when fish oil is extremely high in vitamin A, which is a fat-soluable vitamin, and in high-doses becomes a PRO-oxidant instead of an anti-oxidant..Supplements, vitamins, and other isolated and even broad-spectrum nutrients are potentially harmful. Our diets need holistic bio-diversity, not mono-cultural byproducts!

  9.' kundrata says:

    Who told you LSD has “strong damaging effects on the brain” ? CNN ?

  10.' Chemistry 101 says:

    Flouride is made up of a bunch of harmful chemicals? What? Anyone with a basic understanding of chemistry knows that’s flourish is just a flourine ion. Composed of only that element..

    • Alcyone says:

      Well first of all, actual sodium fluoride is comprised of sodium and fluorine. That’s two elements.

      The form of fluoride used in most municipal water supplies is sodium hexafluorosilicic acid, which is most certainly not just fluorine. I believe this is what was meant by harmful chemicals.

      •' Disappointed Chris says:

        I think Chemistry 101 was referring to: “The name fluoride is a cover up term for many of the dangerous chemicals that make up fluoride, including arsenic, lead, aluminum, cadmium, fluorosilicic acid and even radioactive materials.”
        Which is a highly inaccurate statement, given knowledge of basic chemistry nomenclature and familiarity with the periodic table. The use of unspecified “radioactive materials” feels like an obvious ploy to elicit fear amongst the readers; a manipulation tactic which I do not appreciate.

        Additionally, when sodium fluoride is added to water, it disassociates (separates). It becomes F- and Na+. Therefore, fluoride in water added as sodium fluoride is indistinguishable from fluoride in water added by calcium fluoride.

        I think perhaps Chemistry 101 was trying to point out that the author is being intellectually dishonest by misrepresenting information he obviously did not bother to research first. I would expect someone who is interested in the “science of consciousness”, to be respectful enough of science to actually perform the necessary background research.

        Disappointing, and definitely a factor in whether or not I’ll continue reading and how much value I can assign to the other information about the pineal gland’s health relayed in the article. Alas, we’re all crunched for time in this quick little life…

        I hope next time he chooses to phrase his articles in a scientifically accurate manner which respects the critical thinking ability of his intended audience.

        Other poorly phrased statements:
        “The synthetic version of fluoride (sodium fluoride) is a hazardous waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.”

        BTW, sodium fluoride is NOT listed on the EPA’s lists of hazardous wastes:

        I think we’d actually make progress towards stopping the insane amounts of fluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate being dumped into our drinking water if we spoke scientifically and accurately about it. It would become apparent that studies are needed to determine the long term effects of said methods of water fluoridation on the human body before any conclusions about the safety of this practice can accurately be drawn. (Exploring the effects of fluoride-water solution in the body is an insufficient test of the effects of a fluorosilicic acid-water solution at the same mole concentration.)

        I am in no way supporting the current practice of water fluoridation, nor am I suggesting that sodium fluoride is nontoxic. However, I’d like to remind everyone that even water is toxic when inhaled or ingested in sufficient excess. The question is the degree of toxicity, the concentration, and the long term effects of the actual application. Until we discuss the issue with precise and consistent language, nothing is going to change.

        Loving Kindness…

  11.' hikjaf says:

    mr chang is real idiot, sodium fluoride what? fluoride made of harmful chems? are you fucking kidding me, fluoride is element. also why dont you question if pineal is actually seat of soul, i tho you were supposed to question if you are open minded. lsd is dangerous? lol, your article is full of bs i cant even list them all, get out of your bubble

    • Alcyone says:

      You are mistaken. Fluorine is an element. Sodium fluoride is a toxic compound as defined by the EPA and OSHA, and is one of the primary ingredients in many rat poisons.

      I agree that LSD is not physically harmful, and is in fact demonstrably nontoxic, with no medically established LD50.

      Please keep comments civil and constructive.

    •' bev says:

      your disrespectful… and rude. Mind your own business if you can’t be mature and conduct a civil conversation. Go be ignorant somewhere else.

  12.' dodecahedonylicathromorphopod says:

    Mr. Chang is the man. He is brave for spreading truth in the midsts of adversity. This is now the age of aquarius. Eventually we will all come to know the truth wheras we passed the age of industry and technology. This is now the age of the mind. All our eyes will be opened and we will look back on these past times and wonder how we could have ever lived the way we did. Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Chang.

  13.' Hillary E. Connell says:

    The manufacturing of humans is a total disgrace. These researches who are killing and harming us the poor and non-privileged, should be kicked. I am a human guinea pig. My x dentist drugged me time and time again. I have been given aviation drugs, malaria Drugs, hallucinogens have teeth breaking off, rotting, cracking. While under anasthic I was hooked up with a poozo. Sadly the government supports the research. Soon and very soon they shall fall like flies from their high places
    Hillary C

  14.' Saphira says:

    Does anyone know of any toothpaste that do not contain fluoride ? Maybe someone knows of a natural remidy ?

  15.' wowjustwow says:

    “Unlike LSD, DMT is safer and does not have strong damaging effects on the brain.”

    That’s completely false. Get your facts straight you moron.

  16.' Lisa says:

    Informative and I’ll take some advice, BUT, butter and cod liver oil ? Great , I’ll have a decalcified pin gland swapped for clogged arteries. Yeah, no , won’t be happening anytime soon.

    And what a shock, plugging Green Pastures brands. Nice try.

    • Pao Chang says:

      An excerpt from What Is Heart Disease? The Hidden Facts That Can Save Your Life.

      The conventional medical industry has done such a great job teaching us that heart disease is caused by high cholesterol levels. Its teachings are misleading and done to mostly benefit itself and its affiliates. If high cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease, then why do Eskimos have very little cases of heart disease?

      Eskimos consume a lot of whale and seal blubber; therefore, they have high levels of saturated fat in their bodies. The high levels of saturated fat also contributes to high levels of cholesterol. Because of their diets, Eskimos have very high levels of cholesterol, sometimes as high as 3,000 mg/dl. The conventional medical industry recommendation for cholesterol level is 200 mg/dl. Even with their high levels of cholesterol, Eskimos have very few cases of heart disease.

      …So what’s my problem? Quite simply, that cholesterol doesn’t cause plaque to accumulate on arterial walls. If it did, why doesn’t anyone ever have clogged veins – only clogged arteries? Think about that for a moment. If high levels of cholesterol promoted the formation of plaque and its accumulation on arterial walls, then why doesn’t it accumulate on the walls of veins? And the answer is – because the problem is centered in the walls of the arteries, not in the cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream.

      Something to think about when thinking about clogged arteries.

  17. For more information on how to protect ourselves from fluoride, check out

    It’s a community resource dedicated to decalcifying, detoxifying & activating Pineal Glands. Helping people open their third eye and thus connecting us to the great energy that connects us all.

    Love and blessings,
    Spiritual Scientist

  18.' Lisa says:

    Oh really Pao ? So these fat blobs are something I should emulate ? Yeah I always wanted to look like an eskimo These inuits LOOK like whale blubber, disgusting UN attractive people. No thanks, you eat blubber if you want , I’ll pass.

    And your heart disease myth , which is what it is , a myth. Heres what I found on your canada inuits.

    irst Nations people and Inuit face some serious health-related challenges, such as high rates of chronic and contagious diseases and shorter life expectancy. For example, 15 per cent of new HIV and AIDS infections occur in Aboriginal people.

    Compared to the general Canadian population,

    Heart disease is 1.5 times higher;
    Type 2 diabetes is 3 to 5 times higher among First Nations people and rates are increasing among the Inuit; and
    Tuberculosis infection rates are 8 to 10 times higher.

    So eat it.

    •' Ignorance IS bliss for some says:

      You seriously just segregated and insulted an ancient people with more of a deep connection to the earth than you could imagine in your pretentious immoral head of yours? Fat blobs and disgusting? You should re-educate yourself and maybe check out some sites that more reflect the type of person you are. Maybe some world star hip hop, or possibly, brainwashed anonymous. If you new anything of the residential school system set up by Canada then maybe you’d have an idea about the HIV and disease rates. Your viewpoints are just idiotic and hateful. Why bring that here?

      The fact that you’re here should mean that you’ve understood that everything is connected and you want to discover more, yet you despise certain races based on their physical appearance. You don’t understand anything. Go watch some more TV.

  19.' Cyan says:

    Dear Lisa and all,

    I know it is opposite to everything we have been told, but please read more on this topic….

    More medical doctors are beginning to “come out of the closet” on the true causes of heart disease. (It’s sugar and oxidative damage, not healthy natural fats–yes, including real butter)

    FYI, there is a lot of science and information not on the front pages on this topic. Check out this info:

    Dr. Lustig (UCSF)

    You might have some data points comparing native populations to Canadians, but I don’t think this data is reflecting a comparison of dietary fat alone, nor comparing traditional diets to modern diets. There are many other factors at play. Correct me if I am wrong.

  20.' Cyan says:

    And one more important study (the longest running study on heart disease to date), the Framingham Heart Study, has demonstrated that dietary cholesterol has no correlation with heart disease.

  21.' Andrea says:

    Eat organic food. That’s simple enough, but it’s becoming more an more difficult to find foods that are truly organic and toxin free.

  22.' Mark says:

    Sorry, You lost credibility when you said “…allowing us to feel more connected to the Universe and Creation”
    You cant present an article based on fact and evidence, and mention creation at the same time. Now who’s been “brainwashed”? hahah

    • Sounds like you’ve been brainwashed, Mark, if you find the use of the word “Creation” so intrinsically abhorrent. I don’t necessarily believe in a “Creator” as such, but I’m not about to discredit an article on the grounds that the author used a word I don’t like. The fathers of modern science were almost universally spiritual, many theists or deists, who believed in creation: are their works illegitimate because of their conviction?

      As it is, I’m relatively certain that whatever worldview you might subscribe to is quite easily destructible, and I would love to show you just how much any “anti-Creation” dogma (I assume that’s what you’re into) relies on unfounded – indeed, unsupportable – assumptions, just as much as “Creationism” might (not to say that the author is a Creationist – seems more likely that he used the word because it sounds nice). Seriously, try me : )

      Very good article, though I’m relatively sure that LSD is not damaging in and of itself, though negligent use might lead to short-term psychological damage. The same is true of substantial doses of DMT, however: just because it’s endogenous doesn’t mean we should go looking for the LD50! Treat everything with respect, and even the hard lessons will be easier to swallow ; )

  23. You should eat more organic foods and drink a lot of water.

  24.' Michelle says:

    Your what I refer to as an over educated moron…
    Planting a tree is Good…
    raping a child is BAD!
    Yes, Truthzonetvcom, THERE IS SUCH THING AS GOOD and BAD…
    People like YOU, spewing that crap, is whats wrong with people today.
    In terms you can better understand, doing what ever the hell you want is not always OK… for instance, those who put floride in the water are doing what ever the hell they want for their own personal reasons, and IT’s NOT OK! IT’s BAD!!!

  25.' lotus says:

    Well said. Quite fond that I found my way here tonight. I dare say you are the man, my friend! 😉

  26.' lotus says:

    What’s deal with Green Pasture’s? Are they a fraud? I’m truly interested as I’m literally planning on buying from them for the first time this week. And, yes, butter oil + FCLO. So, what’s the scoop?

  27.' lotus says:

    Weird!! People come on! The need for human interaction is so strong yet we are all blind to it. Why the banter? Such unnecessary negativity. “Free your mind, the rest will follow.”. Peace my brothers and sisters.

  28.' Rodrigo says:

    Where are you scientific proofs that calcium fluoride is harm for your pineal gland?
    Please don’t spread false information based on “conspiracy theorists” , they don’t even have a proof to confirm a lot of nonsense that they say.

  29.' kurrent says:

    Sodium Flouride bad, Calcium Flouride is natural and is ok.. More alkalized water and fruits, more meditation(yoga and breathing techniques), more organic foods and superfoods, more daily vitamins..turmeric..spirulena(Hawaiian)…chlorella..seaweeds..omega3,6..Fish oils..iodine supplements..try rat fish oils, cod fish oils, natural butter oils, research leugol’s, research Zeolite, more exercise, more love, more laughter, more sharing, more giving, more foregiving, more sun exposure(not too much)more positivy,less negativity, less processed foods, less raditation exposure(less computers, televisions, smartphones)no GMO ingestions, no gossiping, no bad thoughts, always caring and give compassion. That my friends is a start and a way to decalcifate our pineal glands. A start of a diet we should share and take more of. Everyday may have hurdles but it is a test we can achieve. KEEP POSITIVE KEEP CALM

  30.'   says:

    Try some tamarind. It contains compounds that have an affinity for the flouride ion. Probably makes the pineal more pliable and conducive to DMT release. Been taking some for a number of years now. No OBE experiences yet, but helps me remember my dreams practically every night. Worth a try. You can find some at just about any Asian grocery store, or regular grocery stores where they sell the Goya brand of frozen juice pulp. Enjoy.

  31.'    says:

    Edit: Correct term is “fluorine ion”, not flouride ion. BTW, knowledge of tamarind’s usefulness has been around for thousands of years and probably the reason it has been cultivated extensively in Africa and Asia. Root words ” tamar” “hindi”. Read up on it:

  32.' will says:

    Be wary of big media. Anything with commercials or adds… we need to all come together though. Form a community. Whats goin on in the world is crazy. What can we do to better our situation?

  33.' will says:

    Lotus how can I reach you friend?

  34.' will says:

    Mr chang is def the man. Truth to his words… think I might stick around the site to learn a thing or two. What do we do to change what’s goin on in the govt? How can we bring eachother closer and find a solution? These people should be thrown in prison for the billions of murdered throughout history.

  35.' Robert Jeffrey says:

    Baking soda will clean your teeth just as good as a fancy fluoride tooth paste, you can even add citrus fruit juice to the baking soda.easy dimple and inexpensive be ware of baking soda that contains aluminum.I use arm&hammer but I’m sure there are other brands out there

  36.' Robert Jeffrey says:

    Yes I agree we should find a community free of toxicity and full of vibrant life I am having trouble living this way in such a toxic environment

  37. Most people’s pineal glands are damaged and calcified, and an unhealthy pineal gland will shorten your life. There is a book on this subject called How to Heal your Pineal Gland to facilitate Enlightenment, optimize Melatonin, and Live Longer. Namaste.

  38.' Alex says:

    There is a special peptide supplement for the pineal gland

  39.' 3rdEyeBlind says:

    Hey buddy what part of “The form of fluoride used in most municipal water supplies is sodium hexafluorosilicic acid, which is most certainly not just fluorine. ” ; did you miss ? Look at the research and actually learn something. The education system is part of the machine.

  40.' BlackIodineVisionTele says:

    i’m glad to stumble on this article…my 3rd eye opened up and realized there is some really interesting hidden meanings in a lot of Sandler movies

  41.' Chris Becker says:

    “The name fluoride is a cover up term for many of the dangerous chemicals that make up fluoride, including arsenic, lead, aluminum, cadmium, fluorosilicic acid and even radioactive materials.”

    ^^^ That is the most ridiculously stupid and utterly, provably false assertion I will see on the internet today, hands-down.

    Making assertions like this in the absence of ANY reliable information to support it hurts your credibility.

  42.' Rodney says:

    I totally agree. This page is about sharing infomation, so if you’re not interested in what the author is conveying then I think most of us would agree that you’re free to leave and stop reading at any point……

  43.' Jayne says:

    I think it was colgate that bought them out 2014.
    No more Tom’s for me!

  44.' Gavin says:

    Dr Chang, I have come across numerous articles involving placing a magnet on the 3rd eye region to help activate the 3rd eye. Mention has been made to not do this overnight, but only during the day. Are you maybe able to advise on this and also can it do any damage?

  45.' Robert Wilson says:

    It is really a mysterious gland of our system. I like the whole idea of this blog it has almost everything regarding pineal gland. I know now that it can get decalcify due to tap water and vegetables in which more pesticides used. To decalcify pineal gland we can use pineal cleanse.

  46.' david says:

    Your email address will not be published.

    Really? I may be slow but it appears to me that every single persons email here has been published.

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