Do Emotions Create Our External Reality?

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If the state of our emotions directly affects the reality that we experience, we can learn to modulate emotion to create the life that we desire.


It can be a sobering thought that our life does not happen to us but by us – especially if the life we are living leaves much to be desired.

“You create your own reality,” is a phrase popularized by the entity known as Seth who was channeled by the late author Jane Roberts.  In fact, Seth’s postulate of individual and mass reality creation was an idea expressed repeatedly throughout the volumes of material that was channeled by Roberts in the mid to late 70’s and into the 80’s.  A luminous and highly revered body of work so compelling that Yale University currently houses much of the channeled papers in their manuscripts and archives department at the University’s library.

Inclusive of this reality creation mechanism that Seth says we all inherently possess, is the idea that our emotions play a central role; acting as a conduit if you will, to the reality that we experience in the 3D.

Among some examples, Seth discusses the electromagnetic quality of thoughts and emotions.  In particular, the intensity of an emotion can actually attract a corresponding three dimensional depiction, interpreted by us as circumstances, places and even solid objects.  Of course, this explanation comes with the supposition that our physical reality is but a malleable construct, rather holographic in nature, not the inviolable solid matter that we assume it to be.  Given that this model may be a more accurate picture of our physical world, it would seem plausible that certain energetic patterns would attract a particular frequency or more accurately, allow us to experience that frequency, much like a specific channel on a radio dial.  If emotion is energetic in nature and energy creates the fundamental building blocks of our reality and we can learn to regulate our emotions, it is certainly reasonable to think that we can create our preferred reality as well.

Emotional Management System

In a recent conversation with Howard Martin of HeartMath, we discussed the integral role properly regulated emotions play in how we experience reality.  Howard believes that we are on the verge of living in a heart based world.  He contends that the heart is the “prime pump” of our emotional selves.

In our conversation, I had commented about the impression that the word emotion seems to indicate the process of being in-motion or movement.  In fact he agreed saying, “Emotion is an energy that circulates through our system and its energy is in motion within us.”  He continued, “Learning to better regulate our emotions represents the next frontier in our human evolution.”

This of course is a profound statement and one that might beg the question of how emotions could play such an integral role in our evolutionary process.  However, when you consider the fact that many of us assume that emotions are nothing more than states of mind that happen to us rather than by us based on external circumstances, we reduce this very powerful capability to nothing more than a reaction, and as a result deem emotion as something that we have no control over.  Rather, Howard feels that we must develop an emotional management system in order to regulate and thus generate the emotions we prefer.  Again, Seth’s explanation focuses on the idea that emotions are energetic and electromagnetic in nature, like everything else.  Driven by consciousness, emotions are not the result of external stimuli (unless we allow it) but rather are energy packets that we project out and our circumstances or how we perceive these circumstances are a mere reflection of the original electromagnetic quality of that energy.

Another well known nonphysical entity by the name of Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka conveys a very similar and insightful message: “Circumstances don’t matter – only state of being matters.”  By this he is saying that our circumstances don’t have any basis in and of themselves, except when we place attention on them (become emotional about them).  What is most fundamental to the material world (matter) is the state of being we are in as we experience our reality and that state of being is emotional in nature.

The “magical” underpinnings of emotion in ritual

It was many years ago (around the time that I became introduced to the concept of emotion as energetic in nature) that I reflected on the idea of the role emotion plays in ritualistic practices.  Whether in a more common place environment like church or deep in the caverns of occult practice throughout the ages, ritual has played a central role in manifestation of all kinds.

Many have witnessed miraculous healings take place in church or even the phenomenon of speaking in tongues (a process by which it is believed that an individual begins to speak in an ancient and unrecognizable language, often with the speaker emerging from an altered state, completely unaware of what they have just spoken.)  Additionally, many practitioners of magical traditions use repetition of words or movement, often in unison, to “conjure” spirits or even manifest objects.  When you look at the common denominator in these practices, no matter their cultural origin, one common thread seems to be apparent: emotion.

That’s an interesting factor to observe.  There is something about the act of repetition in particular, especially if it is a word or phrase, or even a movement that evokes a feeling, the more it is repeated, the more the intensity of emotion is present.  If emotion is an electromagnetic energy – a force that can transmit a signal of sorts from an internal antenna (the heart) into the ethers or field of all possibilities and the practitioner is consciously focusing on the desired result – emotion becomes a powerful agent in creating a manifestation in the physical world.  Seth says, “Each emotion and thought has its own electromagnetic reality, completely unique.  It is highly equipped to combine with certain others, according to the various ranges of intensity that you may include.  In a manner of speaking, three-dimensional objects are formed in somewhat the same way that the images you see on your television screen are formed, but with a large difference.  And if you are not tuned into that particular frequency, you will not perceive the physical objects at all….Each of you are transformers, unconsciously, automatically transforming highly sophisticated electromagnetic units into physical objects.”  He calls our reality a matter-concentrated system, and suffice it to say, the concentration (or intensity) of our emotions is the stuff for which matter is made!

Could it be that this is where the esoteric world meets the exoteric – the inner making the outer?  Perhaps this is the basis for ritualistic manifestation as we know it.

Now bringing this to a more practical application – how can we learn to be the conscious creator of our emotions in order to live a life that we would much prefer?

In my audiobook, Conscious Musings, I discuss the importance of heart based visualization as the foundation for creating a reality of our own unique making.  In one of my chapters, I give a simple illustration of heart centered intention: a little experiment in which I visualized having an iPad that I had been wanting for some time.  I simply spent a few minutes each day repeating the phrase “I love my iPad.”  But instead of just repeating the phrase, I felt what it would be like to have it and how excited it made me to finally own one!  The result of this exercise indeed yielded a surprise gift from my husband of an iPad, although he knew nothing of my fun little experiment!  Essentially, it was not the tangible manifestation that amazed me as much as the process of intensifying emotion, infused in the ritual of saying “I love my iPad,” that brought my desire to fruition!

When you think of the act of visualization, what you are doing is bringing in a scene that is desired into your mind’s “eye.”  However, it is not enough to merely think of something we desire, attach an affirmation to it and simply recite it repeatedly.  True, as we have illustrated above, repetition has its own magnetic effect, but the act of recitation of a thought, without the accompanying feeling becomes a mechanical and frankly ineffective process – unless you introduce the affirmation – the scene – with emotion! Remember, repetition can be a catalyst for emotional intensity and when that intensity reaches a peak, it sparks a physiological, psychological and even metaphysical condition.  That condition, in a dimensional construct which is highly flexible, permeates the field of possibilities and plucks the corresponding vibration from the “mainframe” and brings it into the world of appearances – decoded as circumstances, people, places and things.

Considering these provocative ideas, Howard Martin’s assertion that regulating our emotions will usher in a new frontier in human evolution, is highly conceivable and even attainable once we make the conscious decision to do so.  When we realize that we in fact create our own reality, without exception – all it will take is a shift into consciously regulating our emotions to attract the life we truly desire.

Listen to a short exercise given to me by HeartMath’s Howard Martin on how we can regulate our emotions and shift our reality for the better!


I’ve always found it fascinating and quite miraculous that when we focus our attention on a given idea, often we will receive a synchronistic “wink and nod” from the Universe validating such ideas.  Such was the case upon completion of this article.  The following morning while in the midst of reading Barbara Marciniak’s wonderful volume entitled: Earth – Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, I came upon this passage:

“Remember, love is a frequency, and light is a frequency.  They both exist as electromagnetic broadcastings of energy.  The whole planet is a Living Library that can be activated by adjusting the human genetic structure.  This is so because you as humans are the keys to the Living Library, and emotions are what allow you to read the information.”

Enough said!

Alexis BrooksAlexis Brooks is the author of Conscious Musings – A Collection of Contemplations About Life and Potentiality and the host of CLN’s Conscious Inquiry Radio Show.

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