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By Omar Cherif
Egypt EnragedIf I’m writing about and sharing such news on my Facebook wall and other groups and pages, I might as well publish it and let more people know about what’s really happening in other parts of the world. Even though this video was shown on CNN and in other newspapers, I doubt you will hear much about it in any mainstream media. The only reason it’s been covered is because it has already been viewed LIVE by millions of people. CNN apologized later about the graphic nature of the video and never explained what happened afterwards or the full story.

The below footage from Egypt yesterday shows a protester, Hamada Saber, being brutally beaten and stripped naked by the police forces surrounding the presidential palace where an anti-Morsi demonstration was taking place. The footage that looked like the Rodney King scene from 1991 Los Angeles was viewed live on the cable channel Al Nahar. Afterwards, you could see the officer receiving a phone call ― probably his superior telling him that the whole world is watching. So, after ALL this, he opened the door and let the poor guy go!

Later at night, his wife and mother of their two teenagers called a TV station from the hospital and said that her husband is completely fine and dandy, and that there is nothing wrong with him! She also elaborated that the police, the Minister of Interior and some Human Rights officials have been oh-so helpful and extremely cooperative. The sadly funny thing is that we could hear in the background someone telling her what to say as she was struggling to sound natural, even giggling at some point. The reporter himself said that she obviously must be surrounded by “them.” With a little check, the station found out later that the mobile number she called from belongs to a police official. Surprise!

But the real tragedy is that today Saber himself appeared on national television claiming that some “anarchists protesters” did this to him and that the police were actually the ones who saved him. I watched the short interview and the poor guy looks like he’s been seriously blackmailed, threatened, or otherwise coerced. He couldn’t even reply to simple questions without stuttering, and his story didn’t make any sense. I mean WE SAW THE VIDEO.

Meanwhile, his brother, son, daughter and neighbour were each separately interviewed, and they all said that he and his family were threatened and told to never open their mouths about what truly happened. Of course this caused an uproar within the anti-Morsi revolutionists who were shocked by this reaction, and many, including myself, accused Saber of cowardice.

Then when writing these lines, I couldn’t help but think about it from this simple man’s shoes. For a 48-year old father to be publicly humiliated and inhumanly attacked in such a way and for him to deny all that in front of the cameras and the whole country, the price must have been too high. Especially coming from a pro-revolution protester, which I believe he is. Maybe they threatened to put him in jail because they found some drugs in his pockets; something the Egyptian police are famous for. Actually, this happens everywhere to varying degrees, but in Egypt specifically this was the story told when Khalid Said was killed by the hands of the police informants which sparked the uprising of the Egyptian Revolution on 25th of January 2011. Or perhaps they threatened to abuse or kill Saber’s family members. For now the details are still unknown, but Egypt has been enraged as the story unfolded in this bizarre yet expected way. What did we really expect from the poor guy?

On the brighter side and in a clear display of the generation gap, both of Saber’s children refused to be intimated by the threats and told the media what really happened. A generation bred to live in fear for 30 long years under Mubarak’s rule cannot match a generation that witnessed the January 25th revolution and the immense power of the people and what it could do. You simply cannot, and you should not, blame the young for having a simple dream to live in dignity and freedom.


After failing in his last debt reduction trip to Germany while showing much discourtesy to say the least, Morsi and the confused Muslim Brotherhood are currently living their worst nightmares. And as usual when panicking, ridiculousness ensues. A cleric on some Islamist channel was trying to preach that Saber was “armed and dangerous” and that he had already injured four policemen before they caught him. Another Muslim Brotherhood figure said that Saber is a pro-Morsi protester who was around the presidential palace to protect it. Seriously, he said that. A third accused him of being a terrorist who was throwing Molotov cocktails on the palace. All at once. Excuses, excuses, and lies… But again, we did see the video, and no human being should be treated like that, ever. It’s against the law, against the religion they preach, and against humanity. Whatever the given pretext may be, this violent, thuggish, and criminal behavior simply cannot be accepted.

Some people ask why are there still protests in Egypt after two full years of revolution and after the installation of a democratically elected president. Well, this video illustrates exactly why. Nothing has changed, only now the fascistic dictatorship is wearing a religious coat or a bearded Jallabeya.

We’ve seen it happen with all tyrants in history, and that’s why I strongly believe that the end of this brief chapter is near for Egypt. Let us remind ourselves that Mubarak is imprisoned for life because he didn’t give orders to stop the killing while Morsi was bragging on T.V that he did give orders to “deal” with the “outlaws.” Once again, the orders killed more Egyptians in those last six months, and it’s only fair that the president of the country should be held accountable for the spilled blood, and that he must go back to the same prison he somehow escaped from on January 28, 2011. And this was Mubarak the fighter pilot with all his might and after 30 years of reign, and who spent 20 years servicing his country before any corruption. Not a second-choice back up who lacks the simple, yet much-needed adroitness to become a politician, and who, in such short time, declared himself Pharaoh with unlimited powers backed by a tailored constitution.

It is clear to almost everyone now that he is being puppeteered by his M.B supreme guide Mohamed badie and his right hand Khairat El-Shater. The latter being the original presidential candidate of the Brotherhood who got disqualified because of his double American nationality. It is also worth noting that all of Morsi’s five children have American passports. What a surprise!


And that is, ladies and gentlemen, the regressive, recessive and oppressive regime that Hillary Clinton and John McCain were recently praising. The same pattern we are seeing from the West with Mubarak is the same we have seen time and again with other dictators until their falls became inevitable.

The US currently gives $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt — military aid that is used to purchase the tear gas, the fancy new police gear, and weaponry being used against the pro-democracy freedom seekers.


…All of which is made, you guessed it, in the good ol’ U.S. of A.: self appointed Leader of The Free World.

Rise and shine people, for we all know deep inside that this is not what life should be like. We must keep the mutiny and the revolution alive. It’s our time to evolve.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
― Martin Luther King Jr



Just one day after denying that the police assaulted and threatened him, Hamada Saber confessed to various interviewees that indeed it all happened as well as he apologized to the revolutionaries for falsely accusing them of attacking him. The reason why he came clean was because he lost the respect of his family and children, the sobbing 48-year old man explained to Al Nahar channel. Also because of some revolutionaries who visited him at the hospital and encouraged him to say the truth. A happier ending to this sad and shocking tale.



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