Capturing Spirit Faces in Photographs

Written by on June 7, 2011 in Spirits with 43 Comments
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Photo with spirit faces

Photo with spirit faces

Have you ever captured a spirit face in one of your photos?  It sometimes happens when taking pictures indoors or in dim lighting when the flash on the camera doesn’t work, which results in a longer exposure of the film.  It happened to me last summer when my boyfriend snapped a photo of me.

Until recently, I thought that my experience was unique. Then, I stumbled upon a YouTube video with Mark Macy talking about spirit faces and discovered that he had also written a book on the topic titled Spirit Faces: Truth About the Afterlife. On the video, Macy demonstrates that spirit faces can be captured using a Polaroid camera with the flash blocked.  By using a Polaroid, witnesses were able to see images of spirit faces develop before their eyes, without any possibility for the film being altered.

Since 2005, I have taken an annual summer trip to Mt. Shasta to fill my soul with the magical and loving energies of the mountain.  Last summer, my boyfriend Ross and I participated in an event called the Intiatic Journey through a group called Telos USA.  It was an amazing week in which we made many new friends, including a group of people with Telos Japan.

On the final night of the event, the Telos USA group and the Telos Japan group had dinner together at a local Italian restaurant in town.  I asked Ross to take a picture of me and my beautiful girlfriend Kyle from Australia.  As he took the picture, I noticed that the flash on the camera did not go off, so I immediately asked him to take a second one.  Once again, the flash didn’t work.

I knew the digital camera was not broken because I had taken many photographs that night.  A little frustrated, I took the camera to try and figure out what was wrong with the flash.  Upon reviewing the two pictures (see below), I noticed something strange with the first shot.  At first, I was not sure if Ross had giggled the camera because the image of my own face was totally blocked out and my head was out of focus.  To my amazement I could actually see two unknown images across my face slightly blending in with Kylie as well.

Photo #1 - with spirit facesPhoto # 2 without spirit faces
Curious about what I was looking at in the photograph, I loaded the two pictures on my computer so that I could see them enlarged and compare them side-by-side.  I was very surprised by what I saw.  The first photo appears to have the face of a male Indian warrior covering the right side of my face and the face of a very young Asian girl covering the left side of my face, with a beautiful yellow head scarf around my forehead connecting the two. Note that I was not wearing anything on my head. As I scrolled down the enlarged image, I also noticed a white, illuminated heart next to the pendant on my necklace (see the image below).

White, illuminated heart appears next to pendant

The following morning, as I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror at the motel, I saw my face begin to distort right before my eyes.  I became scared because the male Indian warrior was taking over my own reflection in the mirror.  Never in my life had I ever had such an experience. It freaked me out!  I yelled at the entity to stop what it was doing and left the bathroom. It never reappeared.

I’ve shown my pictures to many people. As expected, paranormal photographs bring out the skeptics and non-believers.  Many have said that I must have moved my head, or Ross shook the camera, or they cannot see the images of the two entities at all. However, in both pictures my shoulders were stationary and in focus.   Also, if I had moved my head really fast, my hair would not be neatly placed around my shoulders.

Mark Macy’s video presented a message that everyone has more than one spirit around them.  We all wear many faces in our lifetimes.  I feel these entities can be relatives of the past or incarnations of oneself.  Through mediation, I discovered that the two spirit entities are parts of my own soul.

Now, I understand that when I have these strange phenomenon’s in my life, I am being taught that the unknown is the known and the paranormal is becoming the normal.

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  1.' Mai-Li says:

    Update: I was told that these two entities were following me and wanted to present themselves to me by literally getting into my face–A way to show the other side of the veil so to speak. This answer does make somewhat sense to me because I do have another photograph where there is a white orb floating in front of me.
    Either way…I am glad they showed themselves.

    •' Mark128 says:

      You cannot talk to or see the dead. When you sit with mediums and they describe an event only yourself and a loved one would know of, you’re being tricked. I’ve had massive paranormal activity since (knowing I shouldn’t) I allowed a channeler to read my tarot. My life for an entire year was hell until I kept up the prayer. I have some scary pics of what looks like an infestation of the demonic in my kitchen window. Be careful as we are not supposed to dabble in the arts.

  2.' Dayanara Torres says:

    Hi this is very interesting to me because I see so many spirits, demons and much more in pictures and is so amazing.when i show others they are like no i dont see anything and then i point to them and they stay in aweeee

  3.' Suzie Estrada says:

    I see many faces in almost all my photographs that are usually taken at night.

  4.' Suzie Estrada says:

    What do these faces mean?

  5.' Prasani says:


    Hi there, I can totally understand where you are coming from

    For most of my life I have been quite spiritual and only recently I have been tuning in more to my spirit guides and meditating. When I capture photos of anything people that have passed on appear in my pictures. Angels in the clouds appear on my camera and children and men and women.
    I have been trying to search for answers to why I feel like I have been chosen to see this.
    If you would like me to show you pictures I can. In these picture these individuals are always smiling, I have tried communicating with them but they have not yet communicated back to me verbally.
    How do I go about talking to them.
    Can anyone help me

    •' Val says:

      The same thing happens to me. Do you have any information on why? And how to communicate? Or anything? Its very interesting to me. Im open to receiving but dont want to invite any bad in.

    •' Mark fraser says:

      There is only good & evil & nothing in between, there are no such things as ghosts the HOLY BIBLE tells us that the dead no nothing until judgement day. These entities are probably demons trying to fool you & keep you away from CHRIST JESUS who is the only way & your only protection. Spirit guides are of the devil & anyone meditating to spirits is worshiping satan . Show your photographs as proof of GOD but remember proof of GOD is olso proof of the devil. Don,t be fooled by smiling faces the devil is the father of lies! GOD BLESS YOU

      •' Lotus says:

        As much as I believe in God and Jesus and the bible I also know that there are other truths out there. There is copious amounts of proof and research to show that we re-incarnate. Many many kids come into this life remembering thier past life and telling everything about it. Everything is good and bad just like two sides of a coin.

      •' Mary says:

        Hello do you know much about faces appearing in pictures?

      •' dave says:

        I am also a Christian , Pentecostal. There are spirits same word in the bible. Check out the story of Elisha where he says open his eyes lord.and as his eyes were opened he saw an army round about. A different dimension. the bible tells in one of the book of kings, Samuel was brought back to talk to saul. I have both seen and felt at least 5 spirits. Seen one lady, very very bad. The night I saw her around my ceiling 10 seconds. The lady on the other side of the wall felt like she was being choked that night.

      •' Mark128 says:

        Thanks for speaking the truth

      •' Jennifer Cronin says:

        Yes,Amen as I am a Christian as well. However, Our Heavenly Father does not command us to be ignorant or naive; there is always so much more to learn about the after life , the universe and a billion other gallaxies…we would be foolish not to have an open mind, a learning mind. By all means, I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God. How wondrous are ALL of his creations!

  6.' Prasani says:

    Hi there, I have always been quite spiritual all my life, only in the last couple of years when ever I take a photo of anything, I see people who have passed over in my photos. I see angels who appeared from the clouds in my photos. I can look at magazines , peoples photos and see ghosts. Why do you think they have chosen me to see this. How can I communicate with these people.

    •' Mark128 says:

      To trick you into thinking you were born with some special gift so uou begin the practice of witchcraft. Not joking

  7.' christy903 says:

    I actually have orbs amongst faces in my photos I feel presence.I’ve seen shadow people with red eyes,for almost 4 yrs I’ve had my spirit animal.I’ve had something pull my hair and shove me I’ve had dreams like I’m suppose to find something at a certain known location, but upon arrival I wake up.,I’ve had something hold me down while awake screaming only in my head,no one could hear me in reality… etc. ……. What does it mean????….anyone

    •' Mark128 says:

      I’ve had that many times. This is demonic and it’s a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. You can’t move you may even hear a low vibration. You have no spirit guide. When you practice the arts you open the door to negative entities. I’ve heard growls while paralyzed as well as had something large and black on top of me twisting my head all over the place. I couldn’t yell but I did say Jesus Christ and it stopped. Shadow people are not your friends rebuking them in the name of Christ is your only defense. Even if they wanted you to look for something somewhere, why in heavens would
      You want shit attacking you in your sleep? Scariest shit ever!

  8.' Mark Macy says:

    Hi Mai Li, while Googling “spirit faces” today for my blog, I found your picture, but didn’t remember taking it during my luminator sessions using Polaroid cameras. Then I clicked through to your article and realized why. I didn’t take the picture; your friend Ross got the spirit face with a digital camera. 🙂 It’s really a great example of a spirit face photo. A big thanks to your spirit friends for showing themselves, and to you for posting the picture. Mark Macy

  9.' kelsey says:

    lol this is ridiculous.. I believe in ghosts and spirits and capturing them on camera but this is just dumb. obviously the camera moved (or your head) and it gave the effect of multipe faces. and that “yellow scarf” is just your forehead being stretched by the shitty shot. and as for the “illuminated heart”, i don’t know what kind of hearts you’ve been looking at but that looks nothing like one. Are you being surrounded by spirits or is it just a camera effect? Relax.

  10.' Eric says:

    Did u take that pic into photoshop. I guaruntee if u mess with non destructive tools like vibrancy,contrast,threash hold,brightness you will see much more. Im surrounded by these entities its freaking me p ut but amazing. I have many pics to show. They show up more in mirrors and i. Motion blur turn brightness up and contrast down

    •' says:

      I have hundreds of photos on my phone that have faces…and you find even more…tons more sometimes…when you enlarge those photos. I’m not here to convince anyone . I know what I see. Zero doubt. What I love and find bond in many of you over….is that almost no one thus far is panic stricken, in fact…most of us are seeking how to best facilitate these spirits. Not for OUR sake…but for theirs. I am convinced it was no accident they selected empaths to reveal themselves to. Where I may differ with some here is my hesitancy to conclude they are spirits. They may well be. But I think there is equal probability they are a non-earth life form doing their best to come to us in a visual way our earthly specie might recognize….then choose empathy both because we aren’t skeptics and we typically don’t run away from things others might find threatening.

    •' Mark128 says:

      Just did that with my camera and I see an infestation

  11.' Cherrybomb says:

    I was looking for answers regarding seeing spirits the same ones most of the time in all my videos or pictures where ever i go they appear i love taking pics of myself a lot i guess i have adangerous job n hope that if n when i die my kids will have so many pics of ne they will always have me around them well adter noticing this i guess i will actually still be here. Idk but this stiff is real idk wth is photoshop but i can prove spirits are reali just wonder if im die soon and if thats why they are revealing themselves so much anyway i hope they are ok & im pray for them i gues they are lonely sone of them show me hiw they died its a trip but im not bs’n dont need to they are here they are real and i guess they want ppl to aknowledge them n maybe they werent ready to die! Peace be with their souls.

  12.' Sandra says:

    Hello everyone.. I recently took 2 photos of myself and one I can clearly see a man on my right leg.. I can clearly see his face, eyes ears and hairline.. Creepy .. And on the second photo I see a woman it appears to be some kind of angel , wearing a long dress with one arm above her head an the other by her waist.. I don’t know what this mean.. Any help

  13.' Sean says:

    My partner took some photos of a tree that was lite up by a flood light while we were camping. The place was morton Island in Australia, the photos where taken with a mobile phone that had face recognition turned on.
    There were numerous faces captured by face recognition which seemed to be of indigenous appearance and they appeared in a number of photos that where taken.

  14.' sarah twigg says:

    Hi. I need some help and advice. Recently me and my partner have been seeing faces and animals in some photos we have taken. I see more in the selfies of myself. It is terrifiying me and i dont know what to do about them. Any confirmation or info would be really appreciated.

  15.' Charlene savoie says:

    I have a picture of the devil that formed a head out of a. Plastic bag!

    •' Jm says:

      I have thousands of photographs including one like This. Its totally accurate that we are capturing a different frequency and hence entities in realms we don’t see with the eye tho noa I can also do that.

      •' Shon Waltz says:

        I took a picture with no filter on it Uno Flash I should have took a picture of whatever I was aiming at there’s no chairs there’s no wall there’s no object it’s a blue and white shadowy picture would a person lying in bed with a demon hovered over her coming out of a porthole with a red outlined entity watching from a far below and up top some horned Damon almost like a puppet master what is weird is the camera said there was no filter on this new app on it and the camera should have took a picture of whatever it was pointed out instead this picture came up

  16.' Johnathan Morris says:

    So what device do you have for reading the magnetic/electronic effect of these “spirits”. Just because you think you see something doesn’t mean it’s imperical evidence. Just means things can look like things if you let them.

  17.' Johnathan Morris says:

    And I mean come on what useful information does this article hold. Literally filled to the brim with ads. “See these ghosts? Now buy this shit yo balance your chakras”

  18.' Shon Waltz says:

    In fact if you’re interested in seeing the photo which will blow your mind like I said there was no app no filter and it didn’t take a picture of what it was pointed to like a chair or wall excetera the bluish Shadow e picture of someone lying in bed with a demon kneel down over her holding on to something that’s buying her coming out of a portal with a outline of a red entity watching and up top a horn demon almost like a puppet master present this is what picture came up if you’re interested in seeing it email me at it will blow your mind if I can also send the details to prove that there was no hockey filters or apps on it exposure tricks or whatnot I’d send that to Shon Waltz at

  19.' Sharon says:

    My son died in my house and I took some pic,saw him in many,then I saw many others,i have pics of the man in the moon,angel,satAn,im scared,will never take another

  20.' graciela says:


  21.' mark says:

    I have made videos on my phone of a mirror in my house. this mirror is messed up. in every video there are entities in the mirror , some with long green faces with sharp teeth, some dark shadowy creatures with bright red glowing eyes and a lot of the time we just see what look like other people but the freaky thing is some of the time the ones that look like people have tried to communicate with us. there have been times when a lady was banging on her side of the mirror trying to shout to me and I got all this on video. any help would be appreciated. thanks

    •' Tammy says:

      My aunt passed away almost 4 years ago the house she lived in is now mine I started taken before and after pictures I went back latter to look at them there was a orb above my head in the back yard and lots of skulls everywhere inside and out I have pictures of people from the 1700 century and on a tree there was a skull that lit up with faces on it and words or letters above the skull I started to search the meaning of the words and the history of the house I also have pictures of crosses I found out that the whole area was a Indian grave yard back in the 1600 not the 1700 back then people didn’t have different beliefs and they didn’t believe in death. there is a story like no one would ever believe but I do just like it says the dead will be walking along us towards the end of the world this house is full of Angels skulls and people dressed like back in the 1600 and 1700 and carrying swords they are called lost souls because back then they didn’t believe in death.

  22.' Ray says:

    Explanation: When you don’t have flash on, as said in the article, the exposure takes longer when taking a photo. If someone moves, then you’ll see their face or body blur. This will happen in low light/dim light settings. Also, it looks like the person taking the photo moved or just doesn’t have steady hands, and that’s why the gal on the left is a bit blurry. I am not a skeptic of the paranormal, but as a photographer, these types of photos happen for these reasons. Try it out.

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