A Guy Rode His Bike Through Iran, And What He Saw Will Likely Surprise You…

Posted by on November 30, 2015 in World with 56 Comments

Ed March rode his C90 through Iran

By Sophie McAdam | True Activist

A blogger and adventurer who travels the world on an old motorbike has just made a fascinating video about his experiences in Iran. Considering the vast majority of us have very limited knowledge of the country and are influenced heavily by negative media representation, it’s an insightful and much-needed look at the reality of life there.

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Ed March went to Iran as part of an epic trip on a Honda C90 from Malaysia to the UK. He admits he was nervous about going, but everyone who had been said it was a wonderful country. Ed decided to go for it, and it ended up being his favorite part of the journey so far. Basically, Ed quickly discovered that Iranians are amazing people. Everyone he passes wants to give him something for free: a pen, an orange, some food, whatever. They all smile and say hello, they want to know where he’s from, they invite him to eat.

“Everyone acts like your friend’s grandmother,” Ed says, shocked at the sheer scale of generosity and hospitality he’s receiving. “And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.”

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Positive portrayal of Iran (which looks like a beautiful country, too) is pretty much non-existent in the mainstream media. We shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Iranians are such warm and lovely folk, but years of misrepresentation have managed to persuade us otherwise. Ed, who has made a film about his trip, gives his opinion on why there is so much negative propaganda against the country. “Call me cynical,” he says, “but I think it’s so that when America does invade there’s not going to be any public resistance, because people have been conditioned to believe Iran is evil.”

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Do you agree? Please share this interesting slice of reality in Iran. Have you ever traveled there or to another Muslim country? Did you have similar experiences to Ed March? Let us know your thoughts below!

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56 Reader Comments

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  1. 10205534981830021@facebook.com' Ray Clause says:

    There were protests in 2009 against the current style of governing there.

    • 10201077784104120@facebook.com' Vinnie Vegas says:

      and your point is…?
      He’s not defending the govt but showing the nature of the people in this so called evil country.

      • uchar@dreamvision.ca' William Char says:

        People? I don’t see many… And as far as I saw, where are the women? Yes you can show of some sexy tops, but hell no you can’t call on that for them being free!!!

    • 10205534981830021@facebook.com' Ray Clause says:

      Slow down. I’m saying there are people who want peace. Since 1970’s the government is run by zealots.

    • 10207108803052722@facebook.com' Victoria Patenaude says:

      That’s the problem. Everyday PEOPLE everywhere want peace! All governments are run by idiots! Including America! I’m American, I love where I live, however, I do not love (or even like) the politicians that represent us. In fact, I am ashamed of them. They’re all a bunch of slimy snakes and do not represent who I am.

  2. 10207258887931131@facebook.com' Michael Hartigan says:

    its about the regime not the people –i suppose if he were on the wrong side of the government he might have a very different story to tell

  3. 778212755658707@facebook.com' Tucker Dread says:

    There is lots of misinformation about Iran . Glad that this blogger has shown a positive side.

  4. 10154197784408677@facebook.com' Ruth Walden says:

    wonderful, thanx for sharing 🙂

  5. 895734577129799@facebook.com' Melinda Caudle says:

    Judge not by what hear but what you see. Not everyone and everywhere is bad as they make out on TV. If they showed more good than bad maybe there would be more good in this world. And I’m sure there is more good than peoplet think

  6. 10207098822646223@facebook.com' Nichole Sunshine says:

    My hero!!

  7. 10153232498492011@facebook.com' Jordan Te Aramoana Waiti says:

    Behnaz Farzami

  8. 1083046611715008@facebook.com' Moussaoui Ahmed says:

    est vous rassemblé en paris pour traités une grandes phénomènes .qui tragédies cette planète est si nous dire cette planète au première catégories en dire nous les humains .
    est aussi les humains c est pas exactement vous les roi est les président est les cheffes des gouvernement ou les capitaliste aussi les peuple des humain toute la sociétés humain des humain .est les traitement des changement climatique pour toute les humain est les vivent .
    alors dans vous rassemblement qui ce que vous préparés a nous de les solution .
    nous besoin de l eaux
    nous besoin d un propre oxygène .
    nous besoin d une nature .est nous besoin totalement passé une vies en pisse .
    est ce que vous avez de c est solution a propos de vous réparation ?
    ou vous ici pour partagés les masse des dollars entre les gouvernement qui chargés son bonne de commande pour profitais cette occasion qui fabriqué l imagination .
    oui mes amies moi je sais que vous reviens d ici bien chargés de les service commerciale est de business .est le bute de les changement climatique il na pas dans vous mémoire .puisque ce sujets est un science est physique est naturelle .est y a un grandes défirent entre la science est les rédactions .la science est une vérités visuelle .est les rédaction est une images dans les rêve .vous peuple respiré toute les qualités des poisons chaque jours est vous imaginés les solution .est pour moi désolés mes amies vous qu un des monteurs .est je vous invite pour connais la vérités de les solution de c est phénomènes de A juste Z .
    _moussaoui ahmed
    fes morocco

  9. 10207108803052722@facebook.com' Victoria Patenaude says:

    Great post! Nice to see something a little more honest/genuine (than what we’re shown on the news) for once!

  10. 10201077784104120@facebook.com' Vinnie Vegas says:

    Iranians are amongst the most civilized, generous and respectful people on the earth. Something thr west does not want you to know?

  11. 10153407959172950@facebook.com' Richard Ofthefamily Clark says:

    Great Video sir. Thank you. :-))))]

  12. 1660807447509857@facebook.com' Samuel Gideon says:

    Is that a bike??? If yes, I support putin

  13. 10207567477364235@facebook.com' Brian Bartholomew says:

    Yes we need to bomb them immediately! They give away free stuff, that is anti capitalism. So they are terrorists and communists! Nuke em now!

  14. 1049100411781356@facebook.com' Ellie Keller says:

    every country has its beauty and wonderful good kind and caring people. hard working people just like most Americans. Sad that all people do not see how we mostly are the same. Politics brings disinformation so we stay divided with war and hunger in every country …needs to change for the good.

  15. 1642790559292956@facebook.com' Max Steinle says:

    Thanks for sharing your fantastic experience’s in Iran. It sure looks like a fun place to visit and get to know the people.

  16. 975230605849010@facebook.com' Katy Bac says:

    I think it would have been a very different video if it was a female

  17. 1232971600062823@facebook.com' Rick Lashley says:

    Before the take over by the Mullahs ,Iran and US were friendly. It was after the Ayatollah took over and the radical government put in place hating the West, things fell apart. The people of Iran are pretty decent and would rather be more open to the West. In fact they attempted a couple of uprisings only to be smashed by the government in charge.

  18. 1298879186901215@facebook.com' Deanna Dokken says:

    I for one would never never go there!!!!!!!! Ever !!!!!!

  19. diamondjeanie@hotmail.com' Jeanie Diamond says:

    Thank you for showing us this side of Iran and its people. I have a very good friend who is Iranian and she, her sisters and her mom are all just wonderful people…very generous and kind; not at all like what we Americans have been led to believe. And that countryside looks so beautiful too. Loved this video; thanks for sharing!!

  20. 1638685339707219@facebook.com' Ryan Harvey says:

    Maddie Green interesting 🙂

  21. 10153062474907791@facebook.com' Mery JJ says:

    iran is an amazing country w amazing people

  22. 10205737547101582@facebook.com' Gary Lilly says:

    This was really amazing. So, why am I not surprised? Oh yeah, I’m not programmed. 😉

  23. 470185079819312@facebook.com' David Middlemiss says:

    This Is The Call To Stand
    Every Country, Each Citizen, Promised Peace At The End Of Each World War, at The End Of Every War,

    We Must Honour Our Promise



    Our Enlightenment Is Empowered By Pure Unadulterated Gratitude

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    Terror is a False Fear Of Seperation, That When Our Memory Is At Peace
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    Thank You Thank You Thank You

  24. 10153669446730726@facebook.com' Stephen Curtain says:

    Jennifer Chandler

  25. 1505109289818509@facebook.com' Anvar Uz says:

    Good post, not at right time. A three year old video, when relations between US and Iran were not like today.

  26. 10208192369715420@facebook.com' Paul Watkins says:

    I’ve wanted to go there for many years. A fascinating country, from all accounts. Also, the overwhelming number of people are under 40. What a shame it’s run by despots. Like many countries, including my own.

  27. 10207917186665240@facebook.com' Hiromi Kondo says:

    I met the family of the Iranian traveler in India,they are very cheerful and friendly,open hearted people,we had a good time,i like them very much! they said that you are welcomed come to Iran anytime,I want to visit Iran sometimes 🙂

  28. 10203619060277319@facebook.com' Eric Arcos says:

    Awesome ride…

  29. 10153079468992133@facebook.com' Cory Day says:

    Nate Robert

  30. 10205333311989033@facebook.com' David Thrasher says:


  31. 413294172213240@facebook.com' Meer Nazeer Ahmed says:

    Iranians don’t hate the west,they hate the way west treats them.West,dominated by America wants the world to treat them as their masters.It is not possible.The Islamic Republic of Iran has been facing terrorism created and sponsored by the West.That is why the media dominated by the West has been lieing about the most peaceful and beautiful nation.

  32. 10205440162219203@facebook.com' Brian Dalton says:

    their tourism industry has really picked up lately, with hoards of Americans tourists

  33. 10105739622013408@facebook.com' Ashley Riley says:

    Tariq Hussain

  34. 10153367382565892@facebook.com' Melanie Webb says:

    great vid…really enjoyed it!

  35. 546458832177525@facebook.com' Temmi Jin says:

    dejlige mennesker Julian Tafreshi ?

  36. 10207008970210220@facebook.com' Daniel Horn says:

    Nick Wuksta is that you

  37. 979499052089832@facebook.com' Angela Mumford says:

    Amazingly empty roads..

  38. 993932247336547@facebook.com' Cheryl Rees Heaslett says:

    Mehr Banki

  39. 903746586360994@facebook.com' Andrew Farr says:

    This is another tale of muslim Iran no media talks about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFE3uXiWpNU

  40. 961547120551300@facebook.com' Hank Lee says:

    I agree that the US tries to vilify certain countries. I remember as a little kid hearing bad things about Russia. They are the nicest people. Haven’t been to Iran, but have worked with some Iranians and they were very nice and extremely courteous.

  41. johnsampson.windhoek@gmail.com' John Sampson says:

    Here’s a guy who just enjoyed the country and it’s people. That’s all. That’s all we ever want. We’re not anywhere to solve the perceived political problems of any country.

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