4 Billion People at Risk as ‘Water Table Dropping All Over the World’

Posted by on February 13, 2016 in Climate Change, Environment, Environmental Hazards with 26 Comments

cracked earth no water

By Andrea Germanos | Common Dreams

A new analysis reveals that global water scarcity is a far greater problem than previously thought, affecting 4 billion people—two-thirds of the world's population—and will be “one of the most difficult and important challenges of this century.”

Previous analyses looked at water scarcity at an annual scale, and had found that water scarcity affected between 1.7 and 3.1 billion people. The new study, published Friday in the journal Science Advances, assessed water scarcity on a monthly basis, more fully capturing the specific times of year when it could be an issue.

“Water scarcity has become a global problem affecting us all,” stated study co-author Arjen Hoekstra, a professor of water management at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

The study found that almost half of the 4 billion affected by severe water scarcity for a month or more are in India and China. Millions of others affected live in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Mexico.

The United States is far from immune to the problem, with 130 million people affected by water scarcity for at least one month a year, mostly in the states of Texas, California, and Florida. And among the rivers the study notes that are fully or nearly depleted before reaching their end is the Colorado River in the West.

There are also half a billion people who face severe water scarcity year round, the analysis found.

From study:

Direct victims of the overconsumption of water resources are the users themselves, who increasingly suffer from water shortages during droughts, resulting in reduced harvests and loss of income for farmers, threatening the livelihoods of whole communities. Businesses depending on water in their operations or supply chain also face increasing risks of water shortages. Other effects include biodiversity losses, low flows hampering navigation, land subsidence, and salinization of soils and groundwater resources.

The study concludes that “[m]eeting humanity’s increasing demand for freshwater and protecting ecosystems at the same time. . . will be one of the most difficult and important challenges of this century.”

The new publication follows a pair of NASA studies led by researchers from the University of California Irvine that showed that the impacts of global warming along with growing demand has caused the world's water supply to drop to dangerous levels.

“The water table is dropping all over the world,” Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said at the time. “There's not an infinite supply of water.”

“We need to get our heads together on how we manage groundwater,” Famiglietti added, “because we’re running out of it.”

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26 Reader Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you believe it!

  2. 10205736225381004@facebook.com' Dwayne Robbie says:

    Less people. Local greenhouses. Less consumerism.

  3. 10208931364976778@facebook.com' Bo Fodor says:

    lets keep peeing in clean water

  4. 10205688715682803@facebook.com' Steve Brenner says:

    Quit spraying chemtrails for starters!

  5. 982104758512264@facebook.com' Stephen Gorak says:

    Cali drought propaganda.”ride the serpent”jim carrie.

  6. 517708635069505@facebook.com' Moon Lilly says:

    no they turned all the water into oil and then realized after words that they can only use so much oil but food and water are necessity.

  7. 1224285537588389@facebook.com' Philip Odonohoe says:

    Fracking, stop it, ban it, make them pay to clean up their mess.
    Stop nestle robbing water for profit , “clean water is a rite”.

    • 1043598405690355@facebook.com' Val Emerson says:

      While i agree with you… Clean water is not a right… It is really a limited luxury.. It is not free… Tax dollars pay to maintain the drinking water throughout this country… What is well derived in home use still has tax dollars associated with it not to mention permitting… So actually the governing factions really control the water for the majority of this country.. Water plants are mostly run by technology requiring electric at the minimum and more problematic … Technology…without computer support many of the countries water supplies would also seize to operate…desalination is a very expensive pursuit and seen often as a last resort… While bottled water sales soar… Because people buy it…spring water that is being sold is depleting the supply of natural spring water..and ultimately will be even more expensive to drink..perhaps if drinkable water was not used to wash cars and shower.. Pressure wash and water lawns our supply would last longer…but to do this people must be willing to change how they view what magically comes from the sink or that ever magical door in the fridge… Nestle is only one part of this problem as is fracking… Ultimately ensuring that our children will have drinking water in 50 years with an ever increasing population , will hinge on changes made by everyday people …our schools should be teaching resource conservation aggressively… Blame is easy to assess and is widespread.. The larger problem is truly changing the mindset of the end users.. Spring water is meant to be consumed… But who consumes it and at what cost will never be as simple as going down to the spring for a drink… Even those pipes come with cost… The recent problem in Flint Michigan with outdated lead piping is just the first of many cities that will face the same challenge.. In Flint it was reported that a $100 dollar a day inclusion of another agent would have solved the lead issue without replacing the system…but Flint Michigan did not even want to incur that expense…clean drinking water is not a right in any document i am aware of… It is not free and it is a luxury that humans who are comprised of 80 % water must have to live…the worlds finite resources will always be a source of controversy and sadly war as long as we as a world consume and reproduce..

    • 1224285537588389@facebook.com' Philip Odonohoe says:

      Wow, nicely put val , I wud kinda agree with most of wat u said, but rite now I’m not going to get into any discussion as I’ve a good book in front of me ,so going to go straight back to that, appreciate yr point of view though, well laid out, we had plenty of rain here today(didn’t stop ), love it if California wud take some.

  8. 10207737770378971@facebook.com' Michael Young says:

    C(lie)mate change..

  9. 1684344925182239@facebook.com' John Evans says:

    Stop breeding, then there would be lots of water and food to eat.

  10. 10205578066991318@facebook.com' Jonathan D. Chouinard says:

    Desalinization plants for sea water into drinkable fresh water or recycle sewage water.

  11. 504801363025560@facebook.com' Nigel Lovett says:

    Good! population too large!

  12. 1111350382231959@facebook.com' Shiraz Arain says:

    inculding tibet

  13. 10207624270436227@facebook.com' Lise Lecours says:

    Anyone think what chemtrails are doing? Why so many trees literally fell during a windstorm? No water to anchor them. They are sucking our water away in order to sell it to us. Wake up. And then there’s cracking. OK. Don’t get me started.

  14. 1669859569904255@facebook.com' Leon Paul says:

    I was wondering if the ocean’s level of water is rising and the water on the land is drying up will this cause the land to sink or float?

  15. 10153770813677906@facebook.com' Matteüs Jøhann Roux says:

    So technicaly 4 billion people must die ?

  16. 2147835612023831@facebook.com' Sue Watson says:

    We could save the rain water but they choose not to ! No money made in that

  17. 10203579329643906@facebook.com' Vincent Tan says:

    Pray For Flood…

  18. 612534492220233@facebook.com' Karen Le Cussan says:

    Animal agriculture

  19. 938246679583949@facebook.com' Jul Shelton says:

    Stop eating meat, especially cattle. more water is used to grow crops to feed cattle than is sustainable

  20. 938246679583949@facebook.com' Jul Shelton says:

    One child per woman would decrease population by 50 percent in one generation

  21. 10153386085347864@facebook.com' Jason R Hnatiuk says:

    People need to die – were too stupid to figure shit out and then cry when the truth catches up to our lies

  22. 10204511426106245@facebook.com' Lisa Biba says:

    The same water that’s here now was here with the dinosaurs it’s called the water cycle. It never leaves the planet. You can divert it dam it but you can’t get rid of it. Somebody is controlling it .

  23. 1531571513804200@facebook.com' Barry James Hampshire says:

    Stop panicking, drink beer instead

  24. Nucles100@mail.com' Anthony P. Walker says:

    This is alarming news but nobody is taking it seriously. That day is not far when clean, drinking water would be a luxury.

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